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Telepathy Shoujo Ran

Alternate title : The Telepathy Girl Ran

Studio : TMS Entertainment

Length : 26 Episodes

Year : 2008

Genre : Mystery - Supernatural

Synopsis :
Ran is a middle school student who has telepathic abilities. Unfortunately, she also seems to create ill fortune in the people she comes into contact with. Luckily her peers are able to understand and support her; this includes her family, her childhood friend named Rui and a transfer student named Midori.

Ran soon finds out that the transfer student, Midori, also has telepathic powers. In addition, Rui seems to have to have the ability to neutralize psychic powers (which explains why Ran is unable to read his mind). The three young students find themselves involved in mysterious and dangerous situations where they must team up to resolve these strange events.

Added : 2008-06-26
Synopsis by : Himitsu
Last update : 2011-11-08
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Score : 5
Number of reviews : 2

Link(s) :

Official #1 : NHK's Telepathy Shoujo Ran Website (Japanese)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Chara - Aoi Kakera

ED1 : onso9line - Polaris no Namida

Release(s) :

2008-12-31 -- Episode(s) 26 by m.3.3.w. BT Link
2008-12-31 -- Episode(s) 26 by m.3.3.w. BT Link
2008-12-31 -- Episode(s) 25 by m.3.3.w. BT Link

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 Isozaki, Ran Ayase, Rui Naha, Midori Ito, Saeko Ohara, Momoko

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Posted by : GaileOxstain
Posted on : 2014-04-12        

There are plenty of excellent supernatural and mystery series out there. Telepathy Shoujo Ran combines both elements, neither of which however are executed properly. What seemed like a good idea on paper just didn't translate well onto screen, resulting in nothing but lost potential.

Ran is a young girl who is just going into her first year of middle school. Her happy and carefree days would have continued as they always have, had it not been for the fact that she starts hearing voices inside of her head. Suddenly, a polite transfer student named Midori comes to class and then proceeds to confront Ran...on the telepathic level. Turns out that Midori possesses psychic powers, and Ran too possess such powers of ESP. While Ran has had a happy and supportive life up until now, Midori has known only abandonment and misery ever since her parents found out about her strange powers and fear her as a monster. Ran and Midori clash over their inverse faiths in humanity, but after a third unknown esper ends up kidnapping Ran's boyfriend Rui for his own psychic altering abilities, the two end up working together in order to face off against their new foe. Once the trial has passed, all three of them manage to form a prickly friendship and end up using their powers to solve supernatural mysteries that come their way.

The first 3 episodes of the series feel somewhat misleading. I honestly expected the series to grow into a story able a young girl coping with her new supernatural powers and the pain and rejection that comes with it. And while it did seemed to take that direction for a while, once Ran and Midori bury the hatchet, the series becomes more of an investigative series to the point where I think "Telepathy Detective Ran" would have been a much more accurate title. The episodes typically fall under one of two categories: the two part psychic detective cases, and the daily life episodes.

The two part psychic cases typically involve Ran and Midori getting a telepathic distress call from some sort of ghost or supernatural entity and them having to investigate and solve their troubles. Rather than use their powers to shortcut any chance they get, the group takes the more proficient route and does some good old-fashioned detective work before jumping head-long into the thick of things, which at the very least keeps things interesting and prevents cases from being too short and boring. But at the same time you have to scratch your head at why they still don't use their powers even when their lives get put in danger or get stuck. At many points in the series the girls could have easily pushed their hostile attackers away with telekinesis or use their powers free themselves out of tight situations, bit instead seem more than content to just take their blows as if they don't possess such powers. Some of the cases are also a pretty dark in nature what with several cases involving murder plots and even dangerous cults. And while the danger element does add to the entertainment, you have to wonder why Ran and Midori continue to involve themselves in these cases, even in spite of moral obligation.

The day to day episodes however are just that, day to day episodes. Most of them involve Ran, Midori, and Rui's school lives while other focus on smaller social problems among their classmates. These episodes are decent to watch, but never quite manage to entertain.

The plot as a whole honestly doesn't have a whole lot of continuity and seems to lack a consistent overarching theme. The cases have little to do with each other, and the series as a whole is more of an amalgamation of stories rather than separate parts of a single plot. The ending and final case were also not carried out all that well and seem to have only vaguely address an overarching theme of humanity's intolerance and impudence to others they do not understand.

I found the entire cast of Telepathy Shoujo Ran to either be generic, underdeveloped, annoying, or all of the above.

Ran is your copy and paste pure-hearted and faithful girl who always remains happy and naively optimistic in the face of adversity. She can get annoyed pretty easily, especially with Midori around constantly pushing her buttons and trying to tease her. Though the relationship goes both ways in that regard.

Midori on the other hand had many more facets to her personality...too many in fact. At first she comes across as a cold and heartless individual who has no faith in humanity, but once she and Ran form a scrappy friendship, she shows several other personas including a stuck up high class girl, a Kansai tsundere, and a love-struck idiot whenever she is around Ran's brother Rin. The way her personality bounces around like a super ball makes it annoying hard to figure out exactly who Midori really is. I also don't like how her conflict with her parents is mentioned several times in the series yet the problem gets seemingly resolved far too quickly with just a simple phone call.

Rui is Ran's classmate and boyfriend who functions as the mind of the investigative group. He has a calm and trusting demeanor and is almost always the one who does most of the technical legwork on the cases themselves. However, his presence is down-played significantly because he doesn't possess the same kind of powers as Ran and Midori do, and as a result he is pushed off to the side most of the time. Which is surprising considering he does actually seem to possess some kind of power that allows him to nullify or amplify psychic powers, which begs the question why his powers weren't used to their fullest potential during particularly dangerous moments in the series.

The last notable character is Ran's older brother Rin. He is one of the few people whom Ran confided with over her powers, and he personally finds her powers to be awesome. But the fact that he doesn't take what he is told with even the slightest grain of skepticism really speaks to how much of an idiot he is. While he does help out with the cases and functions as a default chaperon for the group, his pure heart of justice is even more naive than Ran's, resulting in many stupid, annoying, and air-headed moves on his part.

The overall design of Telepathy Shoujo Ran is a throwback to late 1990's art styles, so your tolerance to the series art and animation will be heavily dependent how well you can take old nostalgia. The overall style is also used in series like "The Daughter of Twenty Faces", though I have to say the latter does the art and animation much better than the former.

Music/Openings Endings:
Sadly, neither the opening nor ending music number are particularly memorable and will more than likely encourage you to just skip to the content and previews. The opening did not flow particularly well and the singer sounded rather unmotivated. The ending was a little better owing a bit more homage to early soul music.

Final Analysis:
I think I'll just stick to Zettai Karen Children as far as psychic girl shows go. Sure the series was a tad inconsistent and strange, but at least it was an entertaining ride unlike Telepathy Shoujo Ran which barely held my attention with its story, annoyed the heck out of me with its characters, had a hit or miss retro animation and art style, and had a lousy musical track. Telepathy Shoujo Ran could have been a great series had it chosen to follow Ran's evolving powers and teetering social life in the face of a less than understanding society, but instead we got a half baked supernatural psychic detective series that doesn't even come close to mastering its craft in either genre. There are much worse series out there, and the show itself isn't too bad, but its still a far cry from great or memorable.

That's why I'm giving Telepathy Shoujo Ran 3 psychrometric clues out of 10.
The card you're thinking of 4 seconds from now is the Jack of Spades

Posted by : Molenir
Posted on : 2009-05-21        

Telepathy Shoujo Ran, is about a girl who develops superpowers. The ability to hear other peoples thoughts, as well as to control her environment to a certain degree. She also runs into another girl her age with the same powers, but with a much darker bent. Midori is a girl who has come from a very bad background, and in meeting Ran, the differences between them causes a great deal of conflict, and eventually a deep friendship.

The artwork in this show is decent, but far from outstanding. I'd rate it average at best. The OP and ED are very good, particularly the OP which somehow despite being extremely different had such a laid back feel to it, that it contributed to the overall feel of the show.

Overall, while I enjoyed this series. I initially was turned off by how dark the story seemed at the beginning, however after watching awhile, it became more slice-of-life and episodic, while maintaining the supernatural elements. It also lost much of the dark overtones that it began with, and instead became a fun, entertaining show. It remained that way, pretty much up until the end, when the creators apparently felt the need to build to a climax. Unfortunately, the climax they came up with was so pathetic and lame that it was hard to watch the final 2 episodes. All about how mankind is destroying the world etc. If you've watched much anime, you've heard it all before. I pretty much just fast forwarded through them rather then watch the pathetic moralistic story they were shoveling. After the climax though the ending itself was good. Apart from the final 2 episodes, I really did enjoy this series. While its certainly not my favorite, it was enjoyable enough to watch all the way through, and perhaps to watch again another day.

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