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Koihime Musou

Studio : Dogakobo

Length : 12 Episodes

Year : 2008

Genre : Adventure

Synopsis :
When Kanu was young, her family and their village were wiped out by bandits. As she grew up, she saw more and more of the world, and how so many other families were torn apart by war, disease and other things. And so she sets out on a journey. A journey to find the answer. Not an answer to why life is fair, but rather a journey to find the path, that will change the world.

Along the way, she becomes well known for hunting down bandits like the ones who killed her family, and meets and adopts Rin-Rin, a young girl who like herself, lost her family to bandit attacks. Together these warriors and other companions will seek to change the world.

Added : 2008-07-10
Synopsis by : Molenir
Last update : 2010-06-29
Last update details : Link added
Score : 7.33
Number of reviews : 3

Link(s) :

Official #1 : MMV's Koihime Musou Website (Japanese)

A-Source #1 : Shin Koihime Musou ~Otome Tairan~
A-Source #2 : Shin Koihime†Musou

Song(s) :

OP1 : fripSide - Flower of Bravery

ED1 : fripSide NAO project! - Yappari Sekai wa Atashi Legend!!

Release(s) :

2014-08-06 -- Episode(s) 3-4 by TsUNDeRe. BT Link
2014-06-24 -- Episode(s) 1-2 by TsUNDeRe. BT Link
2013-02-19 -- Episode(s) 0 by Re-Done. BT Link

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Character Design
Oshima, Miwa

Oshima, Miwa

Series Composition


 Unchou, Kannu (Aisha) Ekitoku, Chouhi (Rinrin) Shiryuu, Chouun (Sei) Mouki, Bachou (Sui) Koumei, Shokatsuryou (Shuri) Kanshou, Kochuu (Shion) Moutoku, Sousou (Karin) Honsho, Enshou (Reiha)
 Bunshuu (Iishe) Ganryou (Toshi) Son, Syoukou (Shouren) Chuuei, Toutaku (Yue) Bunwa, Kaku (Ei) Chuukou, Kyocho (Kii) Housen, Ryofu (Ren) Genjou, Kakouton (Shunran)
 Myousai, Kakouen (Shuuran) Bunjaku, Junniku (Keifa) Chuubou, Sonken (Renfa) Hakufu, Sonsaku (Sheren) Kouken, Shuyu (Meirin) Hakukei, Kousonsan (Pairen) Riri Chouryou

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Posted by : du5k
Posted on : 2009-01-17        

I got attracted to Koihime Mosou with its fanciful character designs, the chibi screenshots taken by bloggers, the many praises from its fan base, its many ecchi scenes, and most particularly, its plot outline - which I hoped to be somewhere along the lines of Asatte no Houkou, Seirei no Moribito and Kurenai, which developed heavily on the relationship of an adult and a kid. I hoped Koihime Mosou would be something like that since I've greately enjoyed the 3 titles I've mentioned above, but to my great disappointment, the whole plot of Koihime Mosou is incredibly simple.

Kanu meets Chouhi, become sworn sisters, meet a bunch important people related to the war, fight a bunch of bad guys on their little adventures... and that's it, really. All the while, we have no idea where they're exactly travelling to. I know that this series is pretty much a way to expand the title from the game, but without a real plot, the whole series just feels too filler-ish. Maybe I should have known that when I see it animated by a studio I never knew and its characters voice by a bunch of VAs I've never heard of.

I find that a big problem in watching this anime is remembering their names. The names of the characters are all Japanese version of the characters from Romance of the Three Kingdom, but the literal translation makes a lot of them sound too similar. And there are just too many characters in the series. People who played the game might appreciate that almost every character gets a chance to show up, but it gets confusing for those who don't.

Despite their fanciful appearances, I feel that the characters don't have very in-depth personalities. With the setting of each of the filler episodes, you can quickly tell the development of the plot and what kind of the characters will play in it. It's just too predictable sometimes. I find the comedy rather weak too... I blame the timing of the jokes.

Animation-wise, the characters are (like I said) fancy and the backgrounds are fairly detailed, but the animation isn't very smooth. The animation isn't good enough to make the action scenes enjoyable. I usually enjoy chibi moments in anime but I don't think they are inserted in the right places in this anime. Music-wise, both the OP and ED irritated me, somehow. I didn't really notice BGMs worth noticing, and the VAs are just average.

I can point out a lot more things that I didn't quite appreciate but you should get what I mean - Koihime Mosou is adequately enjoyable, but didn't quite make it to a "worth watching" selection.

Plot-wise: Pass
Story Style: Average
Production Quality: Average
Value: 6

Posted by : Himitsu
Posted on : 2008-10-25        

I really enjoyed Koihime Musou. There were tons of characters (all female cast) and they all had some marker trait to them. The breast sizes were distracting, the story background was weak, but the yuri scenes were delicious!

Unfortunately, I don't know anything about Romance of the Three Kingdoms. This anime is based on this ancient novel and I feel I'm missing out on some potential captivation. Well, I know that a lot of media makes reference or reiterates this historical novel, so I might have seen it in a different form somewhere else, a more modern one.

I do agree with Molenir. This anime is mostly fluff. But fluff can be fun too! Not as much teasing of "situations" like in Strawberry Panic, I found that the choice of words and motions were tastefully rendered (except when they would have those childish competitions). I could complain that there weren't enough, but I won't do that because this is probably the best one so far.

The costumes were awesome. They are colourful, sometimes flashy, but they are unique. You would think that all that loose material would hold back on their fighting. I'll just pretend that these girls are such awesome warriors that their skills surpass any bandit. I'm not much a fan of the chibi scenes, it takes away the time of mesmerizing the characters and their designs. Well, only the female cast. The difference between the male illustration versus female is very glaring. The male character designs are very plain while the females are illustrious.

Chibi scenes are welcome for the ending. The ED portrayed each character in a few seconds well. The lyrics were fun and I would often watch it since you're introduced to new characters almost every episode (the story is in arcs, it seems). The OP seemed long and typical, but the song is good.

It's an eventful adventure with Kannu and Rinrin. The action is coupled with great sound and visuals, the girls are cute, and there were some good voice overs. My favourite character would have to be Sei. Nothing deep about this anime, it's very light, but fun.

Posted by : Molenir
Posted on : 2008-10-24        

Romance of the 3 Kingdoms, is a historical novel based on a time in China that was one of the bloodiest periods in history. It has had numerous spinoffs, including books, animes, dramas, and games. One of the better known recent animes based on this is Ikkitousen. Many of the characters of some of these spinoffs have become more famous then those from the Novel. Koihime Musou is an anime loosely based on Romance of the 3 Kingdoms, taking 2 characters Kannu and Chouhi, changing their genders, and taking them on a journey through a land torn by strife.

In fact almost every character has had their gender swapped. And with some hints of romance between the characters, a bit of Yuri fanservice has been thrown in. Basically what happens, is the 2 main characters on their journey, meet many other well known characters from the story. Taking part in the momentous and tumultuous events taking place around them, all the while trying to help maintain peace, and justice in the land.

The anime, while fun, is of course merely fluff. As should be obvious from the fact that the characters all became girls. Speaking for myself however, I found I enjoyed it a great deal. Watching Kannu fight off a bunch of guys was simply fun. Having basically all the leaders, and main characters female, made even more enjoyable.

I mentioned that this story is loosely based off another one. You don't need to know anything about that story, to enjoy this anime. It merely adds a bit of spice to it, if you do. The OP was fun, while the ED, was even better. The animation was while not outstanding, quite well done. The characters were all enjoyable to watch.

Overall, if you're looking for a serious take on this story, keep looking. If however you're looking for a couple hours of fun, and don't mind a bit of fanservice with a slight dose of Yuri, then this is definitely for you. Having watched it once, I could see myself watching this again, in a year or so. I definitely recommend this show.

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