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Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind

Alternate title : Kaze no Tani no Nausicaš

Studio : Top Craft

Also involved: Studio HIBARI

Licenced by : Buena Vista Home Entertainment

Length : 1 Movie

Year : 1985

Genre : Science-Fiction - Adventure - Fantasy

Synopsis :
Nausicaa is a princess of the Valley of the Wind.. a small enclave protected from the poisonous pollen of vegetation from the waste lands... they live somewhat in harmony with their surrounds keeping to themselves and away from the many giant insects that inhabit the wastelands until one day a mysterious plane carrying a secret cargo crash lands in their lands.

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : Kaiser
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Score : 9.17 Ranked #12 by users
Number of reviews : 23

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Song(s) :

OP1 : Joe Hisaishi - Kaze no Tani no Nausicaš / Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind

ED1 : Joe Hisaishi - Tori no Hito / Birdmen

Release(s) :

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Original Work
Miyazaki, Hayao

 Princess Nausica√§ Lord Yupa Prince Asbel Princess Kushana

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Posted by : ErwinRommel
Posted on : 2010-03-21        

Hayao Miyazaki films are a feast for the eyes. Nasicaš of the Valley of the Wind, although a bit aged, is still great. Perhaps Miyazaki has always tried to imbue a sense of environment responsibility in his darker films that this anime resonates far more. With superb storytelling and mesmerizing characters this is a movie any self-described anime fan shouldn't miss.

Miyazaki's portrayal of nature is a unique one because it is a character of its' own. In documentaries it is usually seen as some frail creature that is defenseless without human guardianship. But, in Nasicaš of the Valley of the Wind nature is always powerful, and (rightly) antagonistic of humans because of machinations done by the latter to the former.

Nasicaš, the beautiful and strong princess of the Valley of the Wind has kept her faith in humanity even though they cause her much grief. Thus, her struggle to understand human tragedy becomes visceral when all she saw are desperate people choosing between utter destruction of nature versus utter destruction of each other. Superbly animated, the intensity of her expressions and raw emotions when confronted with sadness is so rare in anime.

Is there an anime that can compare to a Miyazaki film?
Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya...hardly
Seirei no Moribito...possible
Miyazaki sets this bar far too high in the anime industry. What gives Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind and other Miyazaki films such longevity has to be the simple story that any person can understand: treat nature with respect. With majestic backgrounds -even by today's standards- the story details the life of humans cohabiting with a new but toxic forest that plague a post-apocalyptic world. If nature turns against humanity should we adapt to it or destroy it? Miyazaki does not shy away from this debate and it livens up the characters; resulting in a breath-taking climax. The only weakness in the plot is where the movie tries to raise Nausicaš as a Christ-like figure; it is sheer overkill.

When Miyazaki's films are released in North America, it adds a bit of poetry that Disney, the king of all forms of animation, is the one to do it. Extraordinary cast, story, animation, and music the film is deserving of a 10/10

Posted by : Himitsu
Posted on : 2008-11-08        

Wow. I never would have guessed that this movie was produced in the 80s. It was gorgeous! I have always been interested in watching this movie. I have regularly seen Nausicaa as one's favourite female character, and I can see why. Nausicaa is very likeable, she holds traits that is rarely seen in other characters. She's strong minded and is all-around caring. I'd love to see her character in more anime.

The other (obvious) reason why I looked out for this title was because it's from Hayao Miyazaki! Definitely jumping in on it. Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind is certainly one of the best. His works are always refreshing, adventuresome, beautiful, and thought provoking. His works are quite intelligent, never stupid. Even before this media-driven "Green Earth" craze in today's world, Miyazaki approached these environmental topics two decades ago.

I think the best thing about this movie was THE MUSIC. Joe Hisaishi, you are incredible for composing such excellent pieces. When the monstrous bugs showed themselves, the music sounded very RPG-esque. I loved it! There were also dramatic pieces that had a classical music appeal. There's an abundance of praise-worthy melodies in this movie, and of such variety. Such great work for his debut.

You won't lose Miyazaki's creativity in Nausicaa. Its wild vegetation, flying aircrafts, and... huge bugs! I would sometimes cringe at the creepy crawlies, but the story was really endearing that some of them became cute.

Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind contains powerful characters and powerful messages. It has great adventure. This movie is very good.

Posted by : Gen3s1s
Posted on : 2008-06-22        

This is one of Miyazaki's best works in my opinion. It's another beauty and it definitely has a lot of other elements that make this stand out from everything else. The first time I watched this was when I started to take an interest in anime, and I found it so incredible it's ridiculous.

I enjoyed the story. I mean, granted, it was a little predictable but it was enjoyable nonetheless. I still love the worlds created by Studio Ghibli and they've never stop to amaze me. Every aspect of the story is unique. It's nothing short of brilliant.

The characters, well... I neither hate nor love them. There differ from one another and they all have their own ambitions. I can't really talk about this in a positive light. Studio Ghibli may be great at creating new worlds but, they fill it with characters that are somewhat the same as all the other movies they've created. I grew a little tired of seeing them but, hey, they're still great, I suppose.

The music a little bit of a downer. It hardly stands out. It's noticeable but, it doesn't do much to enhance the movie or degrade it for that matter.

The animation was astounding for its time. It's filled with wonderful character animation and, the movie holds some amazing scenery (especially at the end). The character animation makes the characters personalities stand out with incredible attention to detail the same thing goes for animation throughout.

In total I loved this film. It holds the warmth you'd expect from a Studio Ghibli movie and it has a nice plot to go with it. I totally recommend this, you won't regret it.

Posted by : HeyZeus
Posted on : 2008-02-10        

I find this to be Miyazawa's best work. Due to its setting of 1000 years in the future and a scarcely populated planet, many cultural depravities were eliminated and thankfully food for the most as well. Unlike his newer movies, food- except for crops- was not much of a show in this one. Other than that he has his land and air travel that make his movies so freeing within the imagination of the viewer, his size comparisons that make a great watch for children, and as thankfully always(as far as i know/can remember), a heroin. Another upside to this movie in particular is that the voices in both language are a good set. Not to say that the others were not at the least decent or Great choices(Kiki's was great too), but that it was nice for myself as a Star Trek/Patric Stewart fan to have himself for the role he played. The voice actress for Nausicaä was a great match up as well, and as i found out later the voice of Shia Lebouf wasn't bad either.

Animation:10/10 A splendid Display of colors and changes of colors. The details though possibly confusing(thought there was a blooper or 2 for a while) were almost if not always well paid attention to. His fun looking mustaches are a personal favorite :). As previously mentioned his style doesn't change much and I would not want it to. The way the animation is in this film leaves one able to feel more comfortable with the exception of one seen, in contrast to his newest movies like spirited away and Howls Moving Castle and his use of oozing.

Music:10/10 Sadly I do not remember music very well but i do remember the could be said 'theme song' playing at the end. The song kept the mood of the film as his songs usually do, and a good mood at that. The tune was catchy and i find myself wanting to sing it as i remember the song.

Story:10/10 He shows a resilience of humans and the earth itself after a travesty wrought by mans evil deeds. Theres a struggle for survival met with hope, a resurgence of stupidity and a positive end to large conflict as demonstrations of what should be. Having the jungles toxins the byproduct of the previous war and the forest a concentration that purifies the land is one of my favorite parts of the movie because our world itself is too polluted and is largely in part due to the leaders, whereas Nausicaä is a devoted leader who's people love her. Something we could do with.

Character Design: 10/10. Right from the start he sets up a character to aspire to when Nausicaä calmly waits as the squirrel like animal bites her in fear and upon such a display of safety calms down and befriends her.
The villainess shows both cruelty, and then humanity upon defeat whilst displaying cunning in the middle.
Lord Yupa's role as the living legend is another role to aspire to. This case in the form of skill and reputation. His number of characters with much character wasn't large but there was something to see about all of them from comments prejudices or acts.

Overall rating is a 10/10 I shall watch this movie again today or tomorrow (from each time i read this review)

Posted by : chuckles
Posted on : 2007-03-31        

OMG... Another masterpiece... The first time I've seen Nausicaa of the valley of the wind is when I was around kindergarten and it was still in betamax. Since i was little it was one of my favorite shows. I didn't see the show again until somewhere around mid~late of 2006 and to my surprise this was very much alive and watching it was a very nostalgic feeling.. Thank you internet.

The animation... Well, I can't complain cause it was made in the 80's but I wouldn't want it any other way. The characters and the setting are drawn very nicely. It's like an antique car never dulls and when people see that they say wow...

The story is set a thousand years in the future where giant bugs and poisonous plant covered the world except for a valley which they called the Valley of the Wind and it's princess Nausicaä.. It's very captivating and somewhat alluring. To be honest, I've watch this show for about the 10th time in my life now.. That's how good the story was... It's like Princess Mononoke meets bugs.

Bottom line: A must watch masterpiece.

Posted by : HartCeas
Posted on : 2007-02-25        

A vision of a post apocalyptic world, where everyone should be working together but is not, warring in order to receive the best land, the best things, and for the worst intentions. This story chronicles that of Nausicaa, a young princess of a city, placing the safety of her tribespeople before herself, in a place where you should place yourself above all.

The tone of this story is interesting, focusing on the realm as well as Nausicaa, and her strange abilities to calm the bugs that follow the sea of plague.

Story:9/10 The story was a wonderful piece of work, finding a way to distribute a fantasy element amongst that of a post-apocalyptic world of technology.

Music: 10/10 Following up on the story is a wonderful music, detailing in a wonderful way, the story of this place.

Character: 6/10 The characters could have used more development, unlike the world.

Overall:7/10 Not his best work, certainly, but certainly not Miyazaki's worst.

Posted by : TheLoneBrit101
Posted on : 2006-12-10        

Why is it that all of Studio Ghibli's films have to be so up-liftingly good? Will there ever be a poor quality film coming from that studio? I think not, simply because all the films are able to captivate the audience's attention and play with their emotions as each individual scene comes into play.

The artwork was exceptional and really brought forth the required atmosphere.
The story, though ultimately predictable, was able to get across the neccessary messages, and kept its orignality.
But what really stood out for me was the music, which clearly set the mood for each scene and when needed, got my blood boiling as the excitement kicked in.

Overall, definitely something worth watching, despite it being aimed at children.

Posted by : Faebinder
Posted on : 2006-11-05        

It was a very good animation, especially considering its time. Once again we have another post apocolyptic setting by the famous director Miyazaki, Hayao. Those of you who watched Future Boy Conan back in the days will recognize the similar drawings and setting style.

Animation: 9/10. Perfect animation for a none action anime. The drawings were crisp and well done, especially some of the background scenery.

Music: 8/10. It's the same good quality of what you expect made by Joe. However, there was nothing special about this one that stood out for me. The pieces were not enhancing nor worsening the animation.

Story: 9/10. With the exception of the predictable ending, I have to admit I enjoyed the story. The setting itself just impacted the story very strongly and you cant help but get interested in the situation. This is anime was a notch better than Spirited Away mainly because the story was not bizarre. Great Work and I think most viewers would enjoy the flow. There was one hidden plot that was predictable half way through the movie.

Character Design: 10/10. I liked all the character setup. There was nothing lacking about any of them. The evil guys got their screen time equally and so did the heroes. The drawing was typical to Studio Ghibli style.

I highly recommend it, especially for younger audiance.

Posted by : Mesousa
Posted on : 2006-09-28        

One of the Hayao Miyazaki films, no matter wich one you watch it will be good and this anime is no exception. He knows how to make a movie with absolutely no action and make it a classic. This one does have action in it and it has good visuals and story.

the story is about a world that is polluted with some wierd pollen that kills you and a princess of the valley of the wind who ends up being caught up in a big battlewith these alien creatures and humans. Its a strange story but it really captivating.

Character design:
Hayao Miyazaki has a destinct art style even with this movie. In my personal opinion the character design is great. (I love Miyazaki's art style). I cant really judge in this part because it will be bias.

this is a title you must see for all those who like story in their anime. It gets 10's in story, visuals, character design, etc. etc.

Posted by : ironstove
Posted on : 2006-08-17        

Well considering that this was one of the first anime movies that I ever watched, it left a good impression on me.

The character Nausicaa is fairly predictable and the characters are simply framed. no real complex character is found throughout the story and the plot is basically a "let's save the insects and live with love and peace" vs "let's kill all of the insects since they're a bother and it's faster."

Basically, a kid movie and nothing more. I think that Princess Mononoke was a better movie than Nausicaa, but that would also fall in the kid's genre in my opinion despite the fact that there was definetely more gore. For those that are looking for a deep message type of movie, don't bother watching this film. Nothing in it will suprise you except the ridiculously overpowered fire golem thing that only had about 5 minutes of fame in the movie. When I saw that thing in action my jaw dropped and all I could think was "WOW they made THAT just to kill insects.... What a waste of money."

The graphics are astounding despite the predictable storyline and so is the music as expected from a movie made by hayao miyazaki. There were other films I enjoyed from him far better than Valley of the Wind (I tend to enjoy an anime with an ambiguous or well transitioned ending) like Porco rosso. There were several unexplained holes in the story which I let go since it was after all a kid-level film.

I recommend this movie only for younger viewers and not for anyone that is mature enough to enjoy and interesting plot.

Posted by : mangaddict
Posted on : 2006-08-05        

Just as you'd expect, a brilliant Miyazaki film. The main character of the story is a selfless pacifist and for some reason the only decent looking girl, as usual (except for spirited away) and pretty much all adults are imbeciles. It's a story once again about a war between humans and nature (I wish humans would be portrayed as the good guys once in a while). To me the story was predictable partly because it's in perfect archetype format and partly because I've seen just about every Miyazaki film.

The plot was a little bit overcomplicated. It was a simple film at heart that was tweaked just a tad too much. The whole fire giant thing is overrated and didn't play it's part in the movie. Also, I don't know what to think of that prophecy because it was said that a man would restore peace, not a girl.

The ending is as beautiful as expected but it wasn't thought through very well. Nausicaa calmed down the beasts of the toxic forest and saved the village. So what? Has everyone completly forgot about the toxic jungle and the fact that it's existence was killing all the humans on earth? I guess so.

Overall, brilliant, beautiful, but not synchronized very well.

Posted by : Sean_ODuibher
Posted on : 2006-05-17        

I have to say, though Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli are brilliant, this did not leave me as happy as I had expected it would. Oh, sure, it is really quite good, but in the end, I was relatively dissappointed as I was comparing it to the manga. However, on its own, it makes quite a good film, though not Miyazaki's best.

Animation: 10
For a hand drawn work from 20 years ago, this truly is a remarkable piece of art. The coloring and sheer detail of the backgrounds were spectacular. The characters, too, were very well done.

Music: 9
The music in this work was well chosen. Everything seemed to move together in the story, with the music fitting in with every change in plot and mood.

Characters: 8
The character development was alright. I felt that they were underdeveloped, perhaps a result of not have enough time in a feature length movie. I might also be prejudiced from the manga, but I left the end feeling like so much of the character's roles and motivations were left unstated. Oh, certainly there were various reasons given throughout the film, but I felt that something was missing from the entirety of the context, not just the microsm in which the film is set.

Story: 8
Again, I am probably prejudiced by the manga, but I felt that, as with the characters, the story was missing a feeling of fitting in with the whole world. Also like the characters, in film reasons were presented as to why things happened, but I could not escape the feeling (brought on by the manga) that there was so much more left untappped, like the forest.

Viewing the film objectivly, it stands very well on its own, with a story better than almost every Hollywood movie I have ever seen, though that isn't saying much. If you do like the story, please read the manga. The film doesn't really give anything away for the rest of the story, which is very expansive. From the midpoint onward, the film deviats almost entirely from the manga story, which incorporates many more characters and plot elements.

In the end, this is quite a good piece of animation.

Posted by : fresh_no_concept
Posted on : 2006-02-28        

Continuing my Ghibli movie spree, I took a look at one of Miyazaki's first attempts at directing (Lupin III aside); and a movie created on the year I was born. Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind certainly is an ambitious debut for Miyazaki. I certainly prefer his later works as they are less heavy handed in the messages conveyed and more just about the fun characters and their stories. Nevertheless, Nausicaš deserves attention because you see the beginnings of a master in the making.

Certainly, the story of Nausicaš requires a little more brain work than other Miyazaki movies. It's also not as light hearted as the rest of his work. There is one thing that this story does better than the others though, and that is to keep a steady and fast pace throughout the entire duration. Nausicaš involves herself in many struggles between the warring factions of her land as well as the natural threats that continue to present themselves. There is an obvious environmental message conveyed as you get deeper into the movie, but there's even some religious references strewn about here and there, especially in the end. I was certainly in awe by the end of it all.

The characters here weren't exactly as magical or lovable as the usual Ghibili casts, but I think Miyazaki was only getting into the groove in terms of original character design. Of course, Nausicaš herself commands the screen. She is your typical heroine with her emotional baggage, but she deals with it quite fast and focuses on the tasks at hand; always an admirable quality. The silent assasin/expert swordsman, Yupa, is also pretty interesting. Unfortunately, that pretty much sums it up in terms of standaout characters.

Once again, Ghibli continues to impress in the animation department. I also began to notice a trent in the earlier Miyazaki movies afer viewing Nausicaš. Miyazaki has an affinity towards flight. Aerial scenes flourish in his movies and Nausicaš is no different. And oh, are the aerial scenes beautiful. Nausicaš and her glider are truly a sight to behold, no matter how many times I see it. Mr. Hisaishi continues to impress with his wonderful music compositions. The piece containing the lone child voice is certainly memorable and perhaps even a little haunting in retrospect.

Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind is certainly a movie worth watching. The exhilirating pace will, no doubt, grab your attention. Also, like all Miyazaki films, it is just some kind of wonderful. It's really getting progressively harder to review his movies because I'm having a difficult time in writing variations of the same message: Miyazaki movies are good and should be watched by all.

Posted by : novabomb
Posted on : 2006-01-15        

Yet another great masterpiece of Ghibli. 9/10

This story is very symbolic in its own way. Gives the message of how important enviorment is. I must admit this story was quite touching, even though it had a different theme, the romace in it was also very well.

Characters, absolutely great. All of them had a specific goal, and they all fought to achieve it, very inspiring personalities from all of them.

Music, awsome. Opening song, ending song grabbed my attention right away, and the themes in the middle also fit very well.

Animation, taking into consideration when this movie was made, the animation was supurb. Graphics flowed nicely and all the characters were drawn really well.

Overall 9/10, another proud presentation from Studio Ghibli.

Posted by : rurouni77
Posted on : 2006-01-14        

The 1st of many of Miyazaki's Masterpieces.
One question for Miyazaki~ Where does he get his ideas from?
His imagination is stretched beyond the limits as he portrays a very peculiar(in a fantastic way) type of setting in the film Nausicaa and the valley of the wind.

The storyline is so original and creative, that the movie felt like a dream. I think this is what his aim was as well, as I notice with other movies he has made such as spirited away. The most effective way he achieves this dreamy setting, is through the use of brilliant animation (especially scenery), which I give a 10 out of 10. His animation still astounds me, as it makes the impossible look so real.

The storyline is also very unique and pure, and it really absorbs you. From the moment it starts to the end, it was enjoyable.

Sound use very good, with the use of exellent background music at times to set the mood a 9.5 out of 10 for me.

I recommend all people experince this new movie, as it gives you a very different taste from 99% of all the other anime out there.

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