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Ninja Scroll Movie

Alternate title : Gekijouban Jubei Ninpucho

Studio : Madhouse Studios

Licenced by : Manga Entertainment

Length : 1 Movie

Year : 1993

Genre : Romance - Fantasy - Action - Mature - Historical

Synopsis :
A terrible plague kills off all of the people living in a village and the local lord sends a team of ninjas to investigate. They find more than they were looking for and out of the events that follow, there is only one survivor, Kagero, a female ninja ( you can imagine why she is left alive ). Jubei a masterless ninja wandering the area happens to stumble upon her and helps her to escape. Drawn into an evil conspiracy, Jubei and Kagero must fight against all odds to stay alive...

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : Kaiser
Last update : 2014-01-11
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Score : 9 Ranked #31 by users
Number of reviews : 28

Link(s) :

A-Source #1 : Ninja Scroll TV

Song(s) :

ED1 : Ryouhei Yamanashi - Dare mo ga Tooku de Ballad wo Kiiteiru / Somewhere, Far Away, Everyone is Listening to a Ballad

Release(s) :

2012-07-24 -- Episode(s) 1 by Anime-Fansubs. BT Link

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Seiyuu [View Complete Seiyuu Data]

Kawajiri, Yoshiaki

Original Work
Yamada, Futaro

 Kibagami, Jubei Mushizo Utsutsu, Mujuurou Shijima Benisato Tessai Himuro, Genma Yurimaru
 Dakuan Kagero Zakuro

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Posted by : bisiph
Posted on : 2009-08-11        

Ninja Scroll: a fantastic anime!

Dive into the world of the samurai feudal system, where the very limitations of death can be stretched and sometimes broken. Fantastic heroes, unique villains, and a gripping plot make Ninja Scroll one of the best around.

While having a strong male protagonist just seems to be the norm these days in the anime world, when you couple that with a independent, competant (and likable!) female protagonist and the story becomes infinitely more interesting.

Ninja Scroll not only has some incredible visual qualities, but the in-depth story keeps the viewer on the edge of his/her seat throughout. Whether it's facing villains who have bodies that are virutally inpenetrable, a silk-string weapon that can choke or electrocute anyone even from miles away, control over bees, emanating from his back, or a blind blade master- Ninja Scroll delivers in regards to providing action-packed drama that brings the viewer into the story in big ways.

The love story between the two main characters also goes way beyond the usual "guy-meets-girl, they fall in love, the end" paradigm. Loyalities, allegiances, priorities, and physical restrictions all contribute to the emotional story that both characters wrestle with throughout Ninja Scroll.

In summary, the visuals are stunning, the story is gripping, the action is amazing, and the soundtrack (music and dialogue) add depth and distinction to what may be one of the anime world's best productions to date.

If you're new or old to the anime scene, Ninja Scroll is for you.

Posted by : illu
Posted on : 2009-07-02        

Storyline: I thought the storyline for this movie, how the turn of events happened mixed with magnificent character development, was good, although there's one thing that concerns me, which is the fact that I counted how many "people" Jubei fought - and yes, it was 8, but I was confused because I didn't think that one of the guys was a demon. He came at the most random time, but his "entering" dialogue, so to speak, made it flow lol. So with that said, the people that made this movie either screwed up majorly or that one guy really was demon. I also payed attention to the fights and I don't know if it could make or break this movie but I like more than half the fights - Jubei got lucky and it was not all his doing, which, I add, the director fit in in a very slick way so even though it was luck I admired it.

Animation: Of course everybody can agree this movie's animation was excellent for its time and I still think it is visually stunning compared to animation nowadays .

Music: I thought the music was what it needed to be, which was that old school feel. Obviously it has all the sad and the dark moments, which also leads into that character development (know what I mean?) and that's all I know how to explain the music lol

Character Development: Jubei and Kagero are the main characters in this movie and I enjoyed watching both of their transformations throughout the movie; it was a real joy to watch them be kind of against each other and then grow fond of each other. Very well done.

Overall: this movie gets a Big 9 in my books and the fact that I had one concern is the reason for the score I gave it and maybe I'm crazy for even having that concern, but it's still there. I recommend this to anyone to watch and not just anime fans.......peace.

Posted by : Naama
Posted on : 2008-08-18        

With all do respect for this movie being a classic and all, I found it very amateur.

The action scenes lack excitement, like the scene with the monster who is using the shadows as a hiding place, that fight was over in less then 10 seconds and so were most of the fighting scenes.

The characters were boring, there was nothing very special to any of them, it was very insulting when you found out the two of the main characters need to make love in order to save one of them that was pretty dumb.

Maybe a bit superficial but it is also important to have an attractive characters which this movie also lacks.

The only thing worth watching in this this movie is the almost raping scene, it was quite disturbing, in other words, pretty damn good.

Posted by : MoBoss79
Posted on : 2007-03-28        

What can I say about Ninja Scroll hat hasn't been said before! Ninja Scroll was the first anime I have ever watched and is the sole reason why I am addicted to this genre!

What's good about this movie is the fact that you can watch it today and still be awe inspiring! The animation sequences were great, dark at times , but great never the less!

The characters were fully grasped in the short amount of time that they were in the movie and you wish there was a seperate backstory anime from the actual anime! Jubei rules!! Finally the fight scenes, OOHHH the fight scenes definately set the bar for all animes, PERIOD!!!

The only bad thing was, oh yeah, there were no bad things about this movie!!

Smack anyone who says that Ninja Scroll "The Movie" was't good!! There is a reason why it won so many awards and is still sought to be continued in the right manner!!

Posted by : natopa16
Posted on : 2007-02-19        

If you know someone who isn't into anime but loves gritty action movies like Kill Bill, this movie will make a strong case as to why they should convert.

Brutal, uninhibited violence is the name of the game, and man does it do it with style. When I was 13 this was easily the most violent movie I had ever seen, and definately the first time I had seen a rape scene. Honestly this movie is not for the squeamish; blood pours by the gallon, non-stop.

The movie easily stands up with the greatest live-action kung fu flicks and will not dissapoint you as long as you aren't expecting anything deep or introspective.

Posted by : batousaijin
Posted on : 2006-01-13        

Ninja scroll, the movie that changed the anime genre forever. With a captivating story, intriguing cast of characters, painfully good animation, and moving musical score, this is the anime of all anime movies.

Story: An entire village of people dies overnight. Some think it's the work of a plague and stay away. One team of ninjas decides to investigate, but is slaughtered by a monster with incredible power. One female ninja, with an unusual talent, named Kagero survives, and is saved from a fate worse than death by a masterless ninja with an almost too caring heart named Jubei. It's up to her and Jubei to stop a sinister plot from overthrowing the very Japanese government.

Characters: Jubei is most likely an adaptation of the historical master swordsman, because the Ninja Scroll character's sword skills are unmatched. The rest of the characters have their own unique abilities, but there won't be any spoilers here.

Animation: As I said before, the animation is painfully good. The mind boggles as some of the more memorable scenes unfold in true anime style.

Music: Subtle yet powerful, the music controls the mood from the background without being obvious.

This classic of anime cinema is a 10 through and through. Anyone who sasys otherwise is smoking something.

Posted by : van_maniac
Posted on : 2005-10-29        

Art: 10/10
Storyline 10/10
Music 9/10

I basically fell in love with this movie, it is dark, sad, romantic, and action-packed. It holds every element a great anime has and more. This anime is for all types of anime lovers it has a bit of everything, so if you don't like the action you will like the impossible love or the comedy. Yes it does have a bit of comedy deep in its dark story.

The art is beautiful and not your normal big eyes and skimpy legs type of art, which is also good. But this anime is more realistic, not just in the art but in the colors and the way the story flows. I have seen this anime a few times and I would definitely buy it for myself, and maybe a friend.

A must see movie!!!

Posted by : ariq
Posted on : 2005-10-09        

This movie was ok.

Based on the reviews I read, I thought it is going to be a somewhat amazing movie, but it kind of failed to amaze me.

good side: 1. Action is great!
2. Love the blood and violence!
3. Music is great
4. Bad guy looked cool
5. Animation was pretty good

Bad side: 1. Flat story in my opinion
2. Ending was not that satisfying
3. I hated the romance in this show because of the occupation of the female lead.

In conclusion, the strogest point for this movie is the action, but what good is action when there is not a good enough of a story to support it? The romance was not even that solid (that is what I thought.) Go ahead and watch this movie if you are looking for lots of blood and action, which made me like a lot of this show, but the story just could not support it enough.

Final score 7/10

Posted by : Shirip3np3n
Posted on : 2005-09-12        

I watched this when I was in high school. It was my first taste of pure, unadulterated violence; the "reality" of anime where doe-eyed people don't exist, where there aren't exactly friends along the way who will help you save the day. Kawajiri-sensei gave me a good kick in the arse and my general view of anime was never the same again.

Ninja Scroll is one of the most stylistic action titles in the history of Japanese animation. Fluid and uninhibited, it shows you how ninja like Kibagami Jubei earned notoriety. If you're into uncensored yet "tasteful" hacking and decapitation like me, this is one movie that you shouldn't miss. I won't compare because it doesn't compare - they don't have to! Kawajiri-sensei makes a fine blend of history and mysticism in this title, as well as intrigue. There isn't bright and noble notions; just the basic premise of good and evil and having to make the choice in order to survive. It's an anime with less talk and more action; where techniques are clearly seen and merely identified in numbers.

The trickiest thing about this title is it is a historical one. A lot of viewers tend to have preconceptions about old Japan (how it should be, yada3x); thus leading to a lot of confusion and misunderstanding. Ninja Scroll is a brilliant exercise for the mind, as it takes you beyond and lessens your inclinations or biases.

And if you're just damn tired of great fighting techniques that you don't see at all or disguised as brief flashes of light or what have you, or you simply want to test your tolerance for sex and violence, I highly recommend Ninja Scroll the movie and its TV series.

Posted by : MrSentimental
Posted on : 2005-09-04        

Some of the best Anime action scenes ever! The intensity and crazy action jump-started my interest in the more action oriented Anime! This was the first Anime that had me thinking "Woe! I've got to get more of this stuff!

Posted by : glidedream
Posted on : 2005-06-17        

I don't understand why everybody likes this anime so much. It's an ok story, with some decent characters, and a lot of good action scenes. Other than that, it's hardly a classic.

The story line is really not that good. It feels like a bad US action movie flick directed by Michael Bay. The romance aspect is laughably shallow, with a girl going from hating the main character to falling in love with him in a span of twenty minutes. The characters really aren't original or interesting because they're all so cliched. The girl is the standard independent woman stuck in a world that won't accept her, the government official who looks out for himself, the little imp person that forces the main character to go on the mission for selfish reasons, and a villain that won't die make up a weak cast. The background music isn't anything to write home about, the animation is little else besides blood, and the voice acting is really melodramatic as is befitting such a movie. The main character is nothing more than a great fighter with a vengeance streak. The only thing that makes this anime good at all is the great action scenes, which I did enjoy quite a bit. Still, this anime just felt like a blood and guts and sex movie with a contrived plot and flat characters. Watch it if you're into action or you're bored. Still, this doesn't hold a candle to Samurai X.

Posted by : sellmaru2004
Posted on : 2005-06-11        

Ninja Scroll? Probably the best anime title before Rurouni kenshin. I remember my friend telling me about it before where anime VHS where common. It's starts off with Jubei, a samurai with a dark past which haunts him, until that unexpected event which brings everything back to him. The anime has great storyline, old style but wonderful graphics, awesome antagonists which leaves the viewer speechless during the fight scenes. Too bad the that person died, I feel that the person should have lived. Overall, this is an old movie that would really be exciting to watch, because it has a little bit of everything, if you know what I mean (hehe)...

Posted by : rurouni77
Posted on : 2005-06-09        

Ninja Scroll was a classic anime masterpiece ~beautifully choreographed. I enjoyed this movie thoroughly because all characters were uniquely defined in each of their characters. The story is deep and meaningful, and you gotta love the scenario where one cool mysterious guy takes on a group of elite. Where each and every elite, has a really unique technique as well as character. This movie is a must watch if you're an anime lover, especially of action, but be warned, you should at least be 18 years of age.

Posted by : Umar-chi-Ramu
Posted on : 2005-05-10        

If anyone is interested in anime based on a ninja, samurai, and fighting - I would recommend Ninja Scroll. This is a great anime to watch, it's full and twisted. Ninja Scroll is also filled with breathtaking fighting and unique characters. Such as an old-man that can disguise as a tree branch, a guy who can produce electricity, a guy who can attach himself back after being cut in half, and let's not forget to mention a deadly poisonous woman. This story focuses on the main character, a travelling swordsman named Jubei who then is forcebly hired by a mysterious old man. He then is joined by the last survivor of a clan, a girl named Kagero who has a body full of poison. Together, they must stop a underworld and darkness group led by Jubei's enemy. It's good to have this anime as one of your collection.

Posted by : tenkouken
Posted on : 2005-04-22        

Yay! If there's one anime that I really like, it's Ninja Scroll!!!! An enigmatic ninja-for-hire with guts that will put John McLane to shame, a lady ninja that's deadly in bed, an old man who can turn into tree branches, and a bunch of gold-digging demons in a plagued village - these comprise what could be called a very action-packed and gut-wrenching movie.

Uhm.... Seriously, Ninja Scroll is one of my most favorite anime because of its story, the character development (especially for Jubei), and of course, the cool fight scenes. The battle at the ship is the best I've seen there so far. Of course we have our share of lots of gut-ripping, head-slicing, bone-crunching, and a bit of boning on the side.

Hopefully there would be more anime that could present a powerful plot and story the way Ninja Scroll did. For action fans out there, this anime is a good start for you.

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