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Asu no Yoichi!

Studio : Anime International Company, Inc.

Length : 12 Episodes

Year : 2009

Genre : Romance - Comedy - Fan Service

Synopsis :
Yoichi grew up in the mountains learning martial arts from his father. One day, Yoichi is sent down from the mountains to live with the Ikaruga family, because Yoichi has grown more powerful than his father and could not grow any stronger staying there. As Yoichi never learned of city life, he got into trouble with many city folks. And by coincidence, he got into awkward situations with the Ikaruga sisters who were in town planning to receive him.

Added : 2009-01-10
Synopsis by : du5k
Last update : 2009-03-15
Last update details : Seiyuu modified
Score : 7.5
Number of reviews : 2

Link(s) :

Official #1 : TBS' Yoichi! Website (Japanese)

Song(s) :

OP1 : meg rock - Egao no Riyuu

ED1 : Aki Misato - Life and Proud

Release(s) :

2014-08-27 -- Episode(s) 1-12 by TsUNDeRe. BT Link
2014-08-27 -- Episode(s) 7-9 by TsUNDeRe. BT Link
2014-08-15 -- Episode(s) 4-6 by TsUNDeRe. BT Link

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Seiyuu [View Complete Seiyuu Data]

Kujo, Rion

Original Work
Minamoto, Yuu

Ishii, Yumiko

 Karasuma, Yoichi Ikaruga, Ibuki Ikaruga, Ayame Ikaruga, Chihaya Ikaruga, Kagome Washizu, Ryou Torigaya, Keita Tsubame, Tsubasa
 Takatsukasa, Angela Saginomya, Ukyou Saginomya, Sakon

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Posted by : du5k
Posted on : 2009-04-05        

Being made from my favourite underrated manga, I had high hopes for Asu no Yoichi. Even though the story in the manga isn’t unique and it had repetitive boob-grabbing moments like in Love Hina, it has Ayame, a very well-designed tsundere character who’s voiced by Tomatsu Haruka, a promising new seiyuu. It even had Rina Satou, one of my favourite seiyuu!

Well, but despite that I kept trying to high-rate this series, it had its flaws. Other than the Love Hina-styled ecchiness, it had the "main character always saves the day with imba moves and cheesy lines" syndrome, and the story is nothing really special. I also find Chihaya’s talking style incredibly annoying, even though shes’ voiced by the same VA as Nanoha.

Asu no Yoichi sells mainly on character designs, particularly on Ayame, who I feel is a much better tsundere character than most nowadays. The four sisters also have rather distinct and attractive appearances, which scores extra points. Other than that, Asu no Yoichi had much better animation quality than most series of similar genre.

The OP and ED songs are pretty good too, though they’ll take a while to get used to.

If you’ve enjoyed harem comedies, I would recommend this as one of the better ones.

Plot-wise: Above average
Story Style: Above Average
Production Quality: Good
Value: 7+

Posted by : NatureDragon
Posted on : 2009-03-29        

Storyline/plot: 7/10
Asu no Yoichi! The main focus was the relationship between the Yoichi (Samurai) and the four Ikaruga sisters. The plot started off quite good (especially for the 1st episode which was exciting and really funny) but ends off too quickly. The main villian's intentions were rather plain and too simple, thus decreasing the value of the plot. The incidents/events that happened were great in showing off the care, concern and love between the characters. I believe that there is much more potential in the plot if more details and history of the characters were explained. This anime would probably have a better storyline and ending if it was a little bit longer.

Character dvelopment: 8/10
Each character seems to have been given one episode to show their unqiue personalities. The emotions shown were pretty good. The characters are simple to understand and it was quite surprising for an anime of this length to focus on so many characters.

Songs/Music: 8/10
The opening song "Egao no Riyuu" by meg rock was quite good. The ending song "Life and Proud" by Aki Misato was slow, a little boring but still pleasant.

Graphics/Animation: 8/10
Character design was good as all the characters came in different shape and sizes. Facial expression were good and showed great emotions. The visions by Washizu (Wa-san) and Tsubasa were very funny.

Overall: 8/10
This anime contains a good balance between romance, comedy, and martial arts. The use of fanservice, at times, adds on to the comedy level. One thing that I really don't understand is why Torigaya became smaller, shorter, younger by every episode and even changed dramatically at the end. There were also many glaring missing information that should have been given which could have increased the value of the plot. The ending was way too quick too. All I can say is that I did enjoy Asu no Yoichi despite the flaws as it was funny, filled with interesting characters and quite emotional at times. It could have been much better if the series was longer so that the ending would not have been so abrupt.

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