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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Alternate title : Hagane no Renkinjutsushi - Brotherhood

Studio : BONES

Licenced by : FUNimation

Length : 63 Episodes

Year : 2009

Genre : Shounen - Drama - Adventure - Action

Synopsis :
The Elric brothers, Ed and Al, are the sons of a skilled alchemist, who abandoned them for reasons unknown in their early childhood. After the death of their beloved mother, the brothers decide to use alchemy to create her again, but their experiment goes awfully awry. It costs Ed an arm and a leg, while Al loses his entire body; his soul remaining bound only to a suit of armor.

Despite their failure, the two of them decide to keep on pursuing the ways of alchemy, this time to restore their bodies to their original form. In a quest to increase his knowledge and skill for his sake and his brother's, Ed id fitted with metal prosthetics to replace his lost limbs and joins the ranks of the State Alchemists wandering through the land. Officially designated as the Fullmetal Alchemist, Ed and his brother embark on many different adventures in a world full of dangers...

Additional Notes : A remake of the original series, designed to follow more closely the original work than the first animated version.

Added : 2009-02-09
Synopsis by : leoxjm
Last update : 2012-05-01
Last update details : Song modified
Score : 9.67
Number of reviews : 3

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Animax Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Website (English)
Official #2 : FUNimation Fullmetal Alchemist Website (English)
Official #3 : Official Hagane no Renkinjutsushi Website (Japanese)

A-Source #1 : Fullmetal Alchemist

Song(s) :

OP1 : Yui - Again
OP2 : NICO touches the Walls - Hologram
OP3 : Sukima Switch - Golden Time Lover
OP4 : Chemistry - Period
OP5 : SID - Rain

ED1 : SID - Uso / Lie
ED2 : Miho Fukuhara - Let it Out
ED3 : Lil'B - Tsunai Da Te / Tied Hands
ED4 : SCANDAL - Shunkan Sentimental
ED5 : Shoko Nakagawa - Ray of Light

Release(s) :

2017-06-21 -- Episode(s) 1-64 by ShadyCrab. BT Link
2016-11-20 -- Episode(s) 1 by -__-'. BT Link
2016-11-19 -- Episode(s) 1 by -__-'. BT Link

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Posted by : Himitsu
Posted on : 2013-02-27        

The original FMA was really good, so it was difficult to believe that a re-do would be any better. As you all probably already know, FMA: Brotherhood is gold. It is great in so many areas. In fact, it excels in pretty much all areas. I didn't see decline in any area and it pretty much does everything right.

What was pleasingly overwhelming was that you find that everything connects and has so much depth. The mangaka is simply so clever. A lot of things happen at once but you're always eager to find out more. The story and direction was a very intruiging web as well. Even if the Elric brothers were to secure their bodies and tie up the main story, so much more is happenning.

Great selection of openings and endings but I ended up skipping them anyway since very eager about watching the anime. The art and animation was also visually pleasing.

Lots of characters here. They made sure to make every character interesting though. Unfortunately, by making characters interesting, it is pretty much impossible to give them the depth and backstory they deserve - at least not for all the characters. Only a few characters have some spotlight. Personallly I found that there were WAY too many characters and WAY too much going on. Sometimes they would move from scene to scene and I say something like, "oh yeah, I forgot about this part of the story".

I just want to make a few comments here on things I wasn't too crazy about. However, one should note that these things are not significant nor did they interfere with my overall enjoyment on the show. At most, they were funny in a tiring way. For example, FMA: Broterhood doesn't really let the audience create their own conclusions, kind of draws the picture for you. You'll see this through their descriptive dialogue. This anime also suffers from the talking too much while in the air or in midst of an attack, it needs to go both ways, the person cannot be just standing there! Also, there were lots of events where they could have used alchemy to ease their situations. Most of these issues derive from me not being the target audience. It's shounen afterall.

Anyway, a very appealing anime that has a very clever script. There is no anime like this one out there (yet). It has everything: action, adventure, great story, great characters, and heart. You'll be entertained from the beginning to end for sure.

Posted by : Kimmie-chan
Posted on : 2011-12-05        

I'm a little surprised that there is only one review written so far for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood considering how popular the first anime series and manga were. I actually haven't seen much of the first series nor have I read the manga - so I shouldn't be too biased about FMA:Brotherhood.

The story is very intriguing - starting off with the Elric brothers in search for the Philosopher's in hope that its powers will bring back their bodies which they loss in attempt to revive their mother back from the dead. As the story progresses we find out that there is so much more to Philosopher's stone. The first couple episodes were a little bit slow for me, but once we started rolling and found out more I was easily hooked. I'm very glad that I had all of the episodes and could watch it all essentially in one hit. I think it would have been really agonising to wait for each episode each week.

For the characters I thought they did a good job fleshing out the main characters, I certainly enjoyed the back story of Roy and Hawkeye the most (wish they'd give us just that smidge more). I also felt that all the side characters were all quite memorable and no character felt unnecessary. Also I think it's worth mentioning Alphonse is pretty cool too, he seems a bit neglected in the fandom.

Music was OK in the series, I found myself just skipping the opening and the endings to get on to the next episode as quickly as possible. Although I did enjoy that sometimes they'd play snippet first before the opening and just starting off with opening other times, it varies it up a little bit episode to episode. The background music was good, nothing really memorable though.

For animation it was pretty good stuff, no real complaints I thought animation was consistent, the chibi forms were cute, Armstrong's sparkles were entertaining, fight scenes were fluid. My favourite scenes were when King Bradley fights, that man knows how to kickass.

All in all, great story, great characters - easy recommendation for anyone who enjoys anime really :D

Posted by : Den8383
Posted on : 2010-12-01        

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood follows closely to the manga written by Arakawa Hiromu sensei as compared to the original Fullmetal Alchemist released in 2004. This is not a sequel to the 1st season but a new re-iteration of the manga.

The story revolves around two alchemist brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, whom after the death of their mother, tried to revive her with the art of human transmutation, a forbidden form of alchemy. In that process, Edward lost his leg leg and Alphonse lost his whole body in an equivalent exchange for their mother's life. The result was a creature that was not even human. In a bid to save his younger brother, Edward sacrificed his right arm and managed to affix Alphonse's soul into a metallic armor suit that was in the vicinity.

Then on, they traveled the country trying to obtain the legendary Philosopher's stone, which was said to grant the user limitless power and with that, hopefully they'll be able to get back their bodies.

Along the way they encountered many people and events, learned the truth behind many of the abnormalities and eventually facing the greatest threat the world had ever known.

This time round, the story feels tighter and more action orientated with a consistent and intriguing storyline. It only bears similarities with the original broadcast at the beginning quarter of the show and after that, it's a brand new story. That is to be expected as when the original broadcast in 2004 was released, Arakawa sensei had only finish the first few volumes of her work and Bones studio had to come up with an original anime story plot and ending. That is not to say that the original was inferior to this one but just different.

I liked both series but I must admit that the 2nd season is much more interesting with multiple twists and a deeper plot. Characters are well elaborated and personally, Winry, whom I thought was too sidelined in the 1st season had a much bigger role in the 2nd season which does her more justice this time round.

The music composed by Senju Akira was excellent and was in tandem to the show as a whole.

Overall, this is one of the best shows around, with a deep and interesting plot and with a bunch of excellent casts in the show, coupled with an overhauled beautifully animated graphics, this is a definite five stars out of 5 show. For those new to the series, fear not as this season can be watched without any prior knowledge from the previous one and for those who enjoyed the original series, this is a MUST watch, trust me, you won't regret it.

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