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One Piece

Studio : Toei Animation

Licenced by : FUNimation

Also involved : 4Kids Entertainment

Length : Unknown

Year : 1999

Genre : Action - Adventure - Comedy - Fantasy

Synopsis :
"One Piece." The pirate who finds this legendary treasure will be called the Pirate King. It is located at the end of the Grand Line, a dangerous strip of ocean with a countless number of islands.

Monkey D. Luffy. A boy with a huge aspiration - to find One Piece and become the Pirate King! Luffy has eaten the "devil's fruit" which is known to give mystical powers (in his case, a rubbery body!).

Together with his small crew, Luffy battles numerous villains along the Grand Line, a dangerous strip of sea, and overcomes many obstacles in order to reach One Piece!

Additional Notes : This show is now licensed by FUNimation Productions after the license of 4Kids Entertainment's expired.

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : Chikage_Shampoo
Last update : 2010-08-24
Last update details : Seiyuu modified
Score : 8.92 Ranked #38 by users
Number of reviews : 71

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Fuji TV's One Piece Website (Japanese)
Official #2 : Funimation's One Piece Website (English)
Official #3 : Toei Animation's One Piece Website (Japanese)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Hiroshi Kitadani - We Are!
OP2 : Folder5 - Believe
OP3 : Babystars - Hikari E / Towards the Light
OP4 : Bon-Bon Blanco - Bon Voyage!
OP5 : BOYSTYLE - Kokoro no Chizu
OP6 : D-51 - Brand New World
OP7 : Straw Hat Pirates - We Are!
OP8 : Tackey & Tsubasa - Crazy Rainbow
OP9 : 5050 - Jungle P

ED1 : Maki Otsuki - Memories
ED2 : Maki Otsuki - Run! Run! Run!
ED3 : Tomato Cube - Watashi ga Iru yo
ED4 : Suitei-Shoujo - Souchinosuke / Agreement
ED5 : Ai-Sachi - Before Dawn
ED6 : The Kaleidoscope - Fish
ED7 : Takako Uehara - Glory - Kimi ga Iru Kara
ED8 : Janne da Arc - Shining Ray
ED9 : Ruppina - Free Will
ED10 : Ruppina - Faith
ED11 : ZZ - A to Z
ED12 : Shela - Tsuki to Taiyou
ED13 : Aiko Ikuta - Dreamship
ED14 : Tackey & Tsubasa - Mirai Koukai / A Future Voyage
ED15 : Asia Engineer - Eternal Pose
ED16 : TRIPLANE - Dear Friends
ED17 : Dong Bang Shin Gi - Asu wa Kurukara
ED18 : Delicatessen - Adventure World

Release(s) :

2017-11-26 -- Episode(s) 815 by Erai-raws. BT Link
2017-11-26 -- Episode(s) 815 by Erai-raws. BT Link
2017-11-26 -- Episode(s) 815 by HorribleSubs. BT Link

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Shimada, Michiru

 Luffy, Monkey D. Zoro, Roronoa Nami Usopp Sanji Tony Tony Chopper Nico, Robin Franky
  Hancock, Boa  Brook    Nefertari, Vivi

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Posted by : joem20
Posted on : 2009-04-12        

this story started when a young boy, luffy met a strong pirate, Shanks, and was encouraged to be a pirate. Luffy promised to himself that he will be the pirate king and get all the treasures left by Gold Roger named One Piece. As the story goes, he find strong nakamas, each with different personalities and dreams to achieve. However, they must fight other strong pirate crews in able to survive in Grandline and get One Piece.

The animation is maybe out of date but still not too bad like others always saying. The quality is constant and the fighting scenes are great, especially in the fights where strong people like Shichibukai and Marine Officers are involved.

The Music is awesome. Each OST's are enjoyable to listen and even the music inside the anime are appropriate to each scenes. I always find myself crying when there is drama because of the bacground music.

The characters was developed perfectly from the old days until now. I like the way that each pirate crew has a dream to achieve and they can only reach it when they get along with Luffy and travel to the ends of Grandline

Overall it is an epic tha many can enjoy. Even it is a long series, you will still wanting for more.

Posted by : xaerox
Posted on : 2008-12-19        

I started following the One Piece series only recently and have to say I was thoroughly surprised. Having watched the mainstream series of Bleach, Naruto, etc... I never really bothered with One Piece due to its art, screenshots, and plot. For a while I ignored the series just based on these two factors; however, I did try an episode and was suddenly glued to its story.

The animation is great in this series; what I love about it apart from its constant humour and laughs is the consistency on the quality. Fillers are made with the exact quality as the main story episodes, which I love especially when others such as Naruto reduce their quality immensely, which I feel was a shame.

Storywise it follows a young pirate, Luffy, who hopes to achieve the top by being the pirate king. The series follows Luffy on his journey towards his goal as he meets new people and crewmates on the way. With so many characters in the series, it offers everyone a personal favourite due to their unique looks and personalities.

Overtime you will come to love their extreme animation which fits with the characters personality well and the music inside is great as well. At times you feel the story just goes slow but it will pick itself up from time to time. Overall, it's a must see anime series as I feel it's one of the best out there at the moment.

Posted by : sheepcong
Posted on : 2008-07-06        

Marvelous. it gets the viewer wanting for more each time. It's funny and yet mysterious and exciting at the same time. It definitely never fails to make me enjoy it.

Most of the characters are carefully thought of, and would make us enjoy all of them. Some are cute, some are funny, some are cool, and yet some are just simply lovely.

Maybe due to the number of episodes, there's also a number of OSTs. And all of them were great!

It was good compared to manga. I heard complaints that the manga of One Piece is difficult to understand, but not the ANIME!! It was clear, and fun to watch!

This is definitely one of my favourite series! I easily give it a 10/10. It's hard to find such a funny yet successful anime! I love it!

Posted by : Fish13
Posted on : 2008-01-21        

The thing about One Piece is, all the characters are thoughtfully developed and so is the storyline on a grand scale.
The viewer is left with mysteries along the way, and the flow of story is fast, purposeful and meaningful.

I love how each character has a sad story behind their "dream" and how they are trying their best to reach their goal. It is interesting that most of the characters never dreams of being a pirate yet all have a reason for being on the boat, to fulfill their dream. It all falls together so perfectly, and through problem after problem, they work on it together as they experience mountains of adventures.

The animation is odd, especially at first but in time you get used to it and at times it can even be great, the sound is pretty good

This is currently the one shounen anime I am watching, used to watch Naruto and Bleach but they just became boring, while One Piece always leaves me wanting more and is never boring (well except for a few fillers, but there aren't that many)

All in all one of the most epic stories ever told including Berserk (the manga), Monster, 12 Kingdoms, ect packed with action, humor, drama, well all in one :)

Posted by : Lightningcount12
Posted on : 2007-12-31        

I have to say One Piece is one of the most overrated anime of all time.

The Good: One Piece was somewhat interesting at the start, with the pirate action anime theme grabbing my attention. The Alabasta arc was actually kind of interesting and enjoyable at parts. Zoro (or Zolo for those who watch the English dub) is a good character with an interesting background. His 3 sword attack style is pretty cool and usually makes for a good fight. Sanji is also cool to watch in a fight with his kicks. Smoker (or Chaser) and Teshigi are also good characters.

The Bad: When there is an overrall plot to advance, finding One Piece, it would be nice to see the story make some progress to finding the damn treasure. Instead it seems like the story gets caught up in other, endless, plot lines and forgets the main character's goal. Speaking of the main character, Luffy is probably one of the worst and most annoying anime stars. He is just too much of a goody-goody and idiotic goof off to be taken seriously as the lead role. Most of the other characters in this anime are also fairly plain or downright unbearable to watch. I get the whole "follow your dreams" theme but it has been done better and in a more interesting way. The music is nothing to brag about, and its bad sign when such a long running series does not produce a huge hit (while Naruto, Bleach, and D Gray Man constantly produce great OPs and EDs). The art is pretty crappy, even when compared to the '90s. I do not like the character design as it only contributes to how stupid the characters seem.

Overall, this anime is just not very entertaining. I stopped watching shortly after Alabasta because it just seemed to make no real progress and continually got weaker by the episode. The characters also continually got more and more annoying. If you want to watch a long action anime there are better ones out there (Naruto, Yuyu Hakusho, or Bleach). One Piece is just a neverending story that should have ended long ago.

Posted by : jajajajaja07
Posted on : 2007-08-14        

First of all, I just want to say that people should NOT rate this anime based on the crappy 4kids version; please don't, it's just idiotic.

Story: The main story is about a boy who wants to be the Pirate King, and gathers a few crew mates in order to fulfill that dream, which is a simple story; what makes this series really great is not the main story, but the many different stories of the many different characters. Most, if not all, stories in this anime are sad stories, which I prefer over happy ones; a well developed sad story is just more interesting than a well developed happy story, in my honest opinion. I must admit, the first episode just didn't catch my attention; however, once they got to Zoro, I just had to see what was going to happen next. Basically, this series becomes really epic, in terms of story.

Characters: Almost all characters, main or minor, are well developed; most have sad pasts, some more tragic that others. Unlike the 4kids version, the characters get really bloody, and they swear a lot (especially Sanji, who is always willing to make a sh***y meal). The type of comedy this series uses involves stupid antics/characters and rarely gay moments.

I would like to describe all the crew members, but then I might spoil it for those who haven't watched this series up to episode 300+. The villains, all of them, are just evil; it's like all they know is torturing, killing or enslaving, though most do it in some well throughtout ways (Crocodile having the most well thought out one, in my opinion); just shows that the villains in this series are as intelligent as they are ruthless.

Songs: The opening and ending songs, in general, just keep getting better as the number of episodes increase; in-episode songs are alright, nothing to outstanding, but nothing average either. They just set the mood very well.

Animation/Artistic Design: The animation isn't bad when you consider the nature if this anime; the characters are silly, therefore the animation should match the characters, which it does; though the characters can get very serious, but that's only when they're fighting, and they don't look that bad at all when they're serious.

Overall, I really enjoyed this series, one of my favorites; as said before, this series is epic already, and its not over yet.

Recommended for people who like:
1.) pirates
2.) creativity/originality
3.) sad, emotional stories
4.) sad, emotional, stupid, and WEIRD characters
5.) bloody fights
6.) a series based on the quality of the characters and stories, with less emphasis on more realistic, "nicer-looking" designs.

Posted by : PsiKro
Posted on : 2007-07-26        

One Piece is about a boy who dreams of becoming the pirate king. It sounds lame - and it is. The story isn't what makes this anime fun to watch. It's the characters and the growing bond they share as they traverse the oceans and come across villains and creatures. It is the story of trust, friendship and loyalty that will draw the viewer in.

Story: The plot is very simple. A boy wants to become pirate king. To fulfill his dream however, he realizes that he needs a boat. A crew. A vessel and a crew who will help him attain his goal. Normally I would give such a story a 6/10. But this simple story presents the theme of friendship and trust so strongly that I cannot give it a low score. As Luffy's crew slowly grows, each of the characters becomes attached to their quirky captain, as well as each other. It is because of this theme that plot events such as the loss or gain of a crew member, betrayal and separation of the crew can cause the viewers to become teary eyed. It is because of how strongly their bond is portrayed that the viewers can laugh and grin when their bonds of friendship allow them to become triumph as they slowly sail the Grand Line. 8.5/10

Animation / Art: The animation and quality will seem poor to the viewers at first. Of course, much of it has to do with the series being so old and the animation style changing throughout the years. But as the series develops, it becomes consistently better. Although the characters and backgrounds are not drawn with amazing detail and some of the fights are simple 'flash' hits, the unique (very unique) characters make up for it. 7/10

Music: I believe the background soundtracks and openings are one of the stronger points in One Piece. Some of the opening themes are iffy, but as the series progresses I found myself enjoying all of them. The background music is also very capable of strengthening suspenseful or triumphant moments. There is just something about it that fits the story of pirates sailing to sea so well. 8.5/10

Overall: Although the story and animation are a little below par, the entertainment and themes that come with it are enough to boost my opinion of this anime. The themes of trust and friendship are something I always admire. So I give this a 8.5/10.

Posted by : grfgonza
Posted on : 2007-04-17        

ONE PIECE!!! The story about a boy named Luffy who wants to be the king of the pirates. I know what your thinking this sounds silly. You know what it is, but the object or goal of the story isn't the intresting part. The Journal is what makes this anime so great. To start the story you run into a sleepy eyed kid who makes the claim he wants to be pirate king. Everyone reacts the same way this kid is crazy. As the stroy progresses you start to have faith in this kid. This anime has it all. You will be sad, happy, excited, surprised and even confused. This anime is non-stop roller coasters ride that you will enjoy.

Story 10/10
The story sounds simple but you soon find out Luffy's back ground, and his crew. Luffy and his crew mates all have rich and involved story lines. You will soon start to have an attachment to the Luffy pirate crew. You also start to find out why they all follow him so loyally.

Animation 8/10
The art design is what pushed me away at first. After the initial shock it starts to grow on you and even start to like it. The animation itself is smooth and fluid and the fight scenes are awesome to watch. The movies also present better animation than the series.

Music 5/10
The music is nothing to write home about. It isn't bad, but it isn't great either. The music does it job in keeping you or placing you in the mood in which the anime is going. But there isn't anything memorable here.

Overall 9/10
This is one of those anime that you maybe iffy about watching. I would say watch the anime and you will be pleasently surprised. It has a rich and rewarding story. That keeps you involved and wanting more.

Posted by : Ace49
Posted on : 2007-04-14        

ONE PIECE!!! The story about the boy going to be pirate king!! This anime is one for the books. It is simple yet breath-taking. It gives you a range of entertainment: comedy, action, adventure, fantasy and is amazing. Unlike some other anime titles, One Piece is something you can watch about 4-5 hours in a row cause it always guarantees you action and adventure.

Story 10/10
The story is simple just complexed by so many interferences by pirates and marines. The ever going battle with Luffy the pirate and Smoker the marines is thrilling. One Piece is not exactly the story of Luffy, but his whole pirate crew who keep helping each other to reach their Own GOAL and not just the captain's.

Animation 10/10
It has it own unique character take example Nami who loves maps and MONEY and Luffy who loves MEAT.

Music 10/10
The music was always good and gets you excited for the episode.

Overall 10/10
I though this anime was extremely goods and it always leaves you with an major "IMPACT".

Posted by : MoBoss79
Posted on : 2007-03-28        

One Piece can be a classic anime series that can be compared to the likes of Dragon Ball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, and of course the Gundam Series.

What's good about the series is that it fills your sense of adventure. Who dosen't want to travel and cause trouble along the way? The series keeps the main characters at a good size to follow and leaves room for various side characters to come and go. Even the villians are cool to an extent.

One Piece mixes in action with comedy and wackiness to keep you from being bored from the story. The animation also compliments this zaney series.

The only thing I found wrong with One Piece was the fact that Luffy can be at times annoying, but in his defense, that is what makes his character enjoyable as well!

One Piece is a great series to watch amongst friends because everyone will have a favorite character and different views as why the series is good. So , call up the buddies, sit back and enjoy One Piece!

Posted by : Froman4
Posted on : 2007-03-11        

I am a big fan of both manga and the anime. One of the reasons that I believe that the anime is good because it stays for the most part faithful to the manga (The manga can be found at OnePiece V2 at .

As far as the soundtrack goes, it is pretty good and the opening song is pretty good and gets stuck in your head. The soundtrack for the scenes is also very well organized and the song matches what is happening in the show at that time.

The opening itself is also very good. It also changes to include every time a new character is added to the crew.

Another reason that this anime is good is because it has an in depth plot, but it is not too hard to follow. The anime also does not cut out things that happen in the manga, like some other anime's do. There is also very good character development.

In conclusion this is a very good anime that is well produced and well made. I recommend this anime for fans of the manga and for others who like action packed anime.

Posted by : enhancer
Posted on : 2007-03-06        

*I write this review having only watched the American version*

I was interested in this anime at first, as i have always been interested in stories involving pirates, so when i first began watching this, i was quite enthusiastic. My high hopes were quickly shot down, however.

Story: I watched only a few episodes of this anime, as i was sick of the kiddy storyline, the annoying voice acting, and such other things, but the storyline just didnt appeal to me as one that a TRUE pirate would do. The main character had no element of pirates as i love them, and his ambitions seem like just a dream that he suddenly wishes to pursue.

Sound: The theme song, when i first heard it [the american one, keep in mind,] completely killed my enthusiasm. It was terribly annoying sounding, and as others have said, like an old man attempting poorly, to rap. I hate rap now.

Characters: I watched few episodes, but the characters seemed quite unrealistic, considering they were pirates. I had not had a chance to judge character development, but they seemed to start out quite bland.

Animations: The animations are pretty fluid, however there couldve been more colour. However, it gets the job done.

Overall: Kiddy storyline and a terrible opening theme could deter many from the series. I suggest watching the Japanese version, as i hear it is much better, however, i for one will never again watch this anime.

Posted by : DTechnolife
Posted on : 2007-01-15        

One of THE BEST anime for me !!!! I don't care what other people say about it!! .... but for me its a really cool anime ... I got addicted to it because of its humor and plot! You really don't know what happens next so you got to imagine... its a nice way to boost up once imagination. It's not like those other anime that its really easy to predict what going to happen next! And the revelations of the characters are done in a way that you don't really know all of the things that are about a the character... for instance shanks... not much has been said about him, only that he lead a very strong group of pirates or about the world government!...... And there are so much characters in one piece that give very little description about themselves which make you think about who they really are in the story.... I think this anime would go down in anime history as one of the greatest!!!! :D.... Oh and by the way.... I read some reviews here that say its not a great anime because no one ever bleeds and that guns and knives don't really matter because the only things that injure a person is the fists..... Well, excuse me for telling these people didn't really watched the anime thoroughly and that they shouldn't have made the review.... and also its mostly for kids so there shouldn't be much blood!!!!!


Posted by : unknown1003
Posted on : 2006-09-23        

This anime is about pirates and it is promising to give the audience loads of actions. It is really an interesting anime that has action, friendship, pirates and many more.

The characters are easy to tell apart because they all have different looks, styles of fighting and personalities. The characters' powers are the main thing, it brings the viewers the urge to know what powers does the characters have within them.

The music is just so exciting and catchy that it makes the anime sound and look so cool. The music suits the scenes of battle marvellously, it gives the people who's watching seeking for more and more actions.

Posted by : Hex
Posted on : 2006-09-21        

One Piece could be easily defined as a modern day epic. Although I am not going to say it rivals the classics written by Homer, it is certainly an extremely entertaining story of a young pirate and how he achieves his dreams.

Although some might say that One Piece is an anime for those who prefer childish humor, I believe any one who watched it for entertainment would thoroughly enjoy this engrossing storyline with its tactful humor, dramatic tragedies, Light hearted but captivating action, and above all else the wide range of unique personalities.

I will admit that sometimes the story arcs can drag on a tad sometimes, and the constant dialogs during action scenes can sometimes be annoying when you just want to see the bad guy get completely crushed, but thats a common problem with most shows.

Note: This review is based off seeing up to episode 272.

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