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Princess Mononoke

Alternate title : Mononoke Hime

Studio : Studio Ghibli

Also involved: Telecom Animation Film Co,, Ltd.

Length : 1 Movie

Year : 1997

Genre : Fantasy - Drama - Adventure - Romance - Action - Supernatural

Synopsis :
It's coming from Gihibli, so you know it's going to have great animation, and story, here's what you can expect: Protecting his village from an evil spirit, our Hiro Ashitaka is inflicted with an incurable disease. To try to discover a cure, he leaves the village to journey the countryside, coming across other humans at war with the forest gods. As he comes across friends on both sides of the conflict, is there anything that Ashitaka can do before both sides destroy each other? Another great Ghibli film that should NOT be missed by anyone looking for good action, and enchanting story, and great characters.

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Synopsis by : Specky
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Score : 9.26 Ranked #7 by users
Number of reviews : 69

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Gods and Demons - A Princess Mononoke Fansite (English)
Official #2 : Miramax Film's Princess Mononoke Website (English)
Official #3 : Vivi's Little Mononoke Hime Fansite (English)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Joe Hisaishi - Ashitaka Sekki / Legend of Ashitaka

Release(s) :

2017-07-08 -- Episode(s) 0 by Prof. BT Link
2017-05-30 -- Episode(s) 0 by Thora. BT Link
2017-05-19 -- Episode(s) 0 by $tore. BT Link

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Miyazaki, Hayao

Executive Producer
Tokuma, Yasuyoshi

 Ashitaka San Eboshi, Gozen Jikobo Moro 

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Posted by : ErwinRommel
Posted on : 2010-04-24        

After ten years, Miyazaki has finally delivered what he considers to be the true Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind. He hated the Christ-like ending as being too arbitrary and he rectified it here in Princess Mononoke. With a more Japanese flavor this film has a plot and cast of characters that are identical to his first film. Familiarity is not a bad thing as the quality known to Miyazaki remains. Highly recommended

Fundamentally, the personality of the cast is basically the same in the two films. Instead of Ohmu insects we have the wolf and boar tribes. Nausicaš is replaced by San and Asbel is now Ashitaka. A difference between the two films would be the more mature tone each character has in Princess Mononoke. San, also known as Princess Mononoke, hates every human and appears to have no compunction in drawing blood. The same can be said about Ashitaka as he sees many redeeming qualities in humans but can coolly decapitate another person. Miyazaki had no reservation about making the characters try to kill each other.

The darker tone is carried over to the story. We have our Princess Mononoke trying to stop the death of her precious forest by killing the humans. Environmental themes are incorporated with Japan's ancient animist beliefs. The animals can communicate with each other and with humans. As beings connected to the forest they attempt everything, including war, to protect their home. The environmental theme tends to devolves into the us-versus-them mentality where there is no middle ground until the end. Either the humans will die or nature will.

Princess Mononoke is a great, albeit darker, take he did previously with Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind. This is an excellent film that should be watched by mature fans of fantasy.

Hence, 9/10

Posted by : mstice
Posted on : 2008-07-11        

Story: 10/10- Mononoke has an interesting, well-developed plot. It plays heavily on Miyazaki's recurring theme of man and nature, and I believe it's his best work in that regard. The characters are multifaceted and original. They made you cheer when you were supposed to cheer, jeer when you were supposed to jeer, and gasp when you were supposed to gasp, all without becoming two-dimensional.

Art: 10/10- Mononoke may be Miyazaki's most visually stunning movie, and definitely possesses the most breath-taking nature scenes that he is so famous for. The fact that the animation is so good even by today's standards (even though it was made over a decade ago) really speaks of the movie's quality.

Music: 9/10- Great music. It has powerful swells, cute, quirky filler, and intense, suspenseful breaks. The imagery and action was beautifully complemented throughout the film. Its only drawback may be that it relies a little heavily on the budget size of a Ghibli production.

Overall I feel that this is Miyazaki's finest work. It's an incredible movie that speaks volumes of Studio Ghibli's talent.

Posted by : Gen3s1s
Posted on : 2008-06-21        

This is just an incredible movie, but it's one that lacks feeling and emotion that so many other Studio Ghibli movies have. Though warmth may have disappeared, creativity is still there. Princess Mononoke, however, contains a new world with a large amount of amazing creations for you to see, which is what makes this movie a definite Studio Ghibli favorite.

The story is interesting even though it's boring at first. The movie takes a while to take off, but stick to it and you won't regret it. Yeah, it's pretty common, what with the whole good guy's VS bad guy's crap there is. However, the plot is so much deeper then you'd think.

The characters are pretty mundane, although they each have their own minds. They're actually all pretty much like well... normal people. This is probably the reason why I can't consider these characters a strong point. They all stand out from one another, but you can't exactly pick a favorite.

The animation is pretty shady. I've seen Studio Ghibli's earlier work, and I can safely say that this one could be better. Character designs are average, apart from the princess in terms of character design. She's the only one that stands out.

To sum up, I usually expect so much more from Studio Ghibli, so I was pretty disappointed when I watched this. It’s not bad, but it's not great either. I recommend this anime, but I find other Studio Ghibli movies so much better.

Posted by : firedroplett
Posted on : 2008-05-09        

A Ghibli Classic.

As with all movies by them, the animation is simply amazing. Smoother than most computers can keep up with, so I suggest if you want to watch this movie, buy it legally.

The characters are well designed (the artwork is absolutely beautiful) and well developed story-wise. The hero, Ashitaka, is someone any boy could look up to (even though he's animated) and the story is well planned, well put together.

The anime has deep morals, something everyone can learn from, and enough suspense and action for kids who don't understand yet.

This anime is definitely one of the best out there. If you've not had much experience outside the sailor moon/dragonball z stuff on cartoon network, this is a good movie to show you how amazing anime can really be, to show you that cartoons are not just for kids.

10 out of 10.

Posted by : jayou521
Posted on : 2007-12-16        

Princess Mononoke. Another classic from Hayao Miyazaki.

Before watching this, the only other Miyazaki film I had seen was Spirited Away. That was my favorite anime at the time. After watching Mononoke, I found a new favorite.

I think the english dub of the film is one of the better ones out there. Their choices for voice actors and actresses were good for the film.

The animation was superb, as was the music. The strength of Mononoke lies in the story. I really felt connected to the characters. When Ashitaka was searching for San, I felt the sense of urgency with which he was running. I was practically jumping up and down while rooting for him to reach her.

The ending was definitely different from Miyazaki's other films, but then again, I feel that you have to look at this film differently. It was something you would not expect and I feel it is a good thing.

Princess Mononoke is definitely one of my top five anime of all time, and my favorite anime film. If only they can give it a Disney release like they did Miyazaki's other films

Posted by : Himitsu
Posted on : 2007-12-15        

Whenever I introduce myself to anime fans, once in a while, I'd get someone exclaiming, "Hey, there's a San in Princess Mononoke!". Of course I had to watch this eventually. Well, also because it's a Miyazaki movie.

Probably never a good thing to compare to other works, but this movie wasn't as enjoyable as I expected. There was no "warmth" or lingering good feelings when I think about it (I call this the "Miyazaki feel"). The ending was very dissatisfying, and the characters learned nothing! It's back to square one, and the problem they faced would just cycle again.

I found the dub horrible, but funny at the same time. I especially liked the monkey-esque creatures. There were some dubbed in quotes that were quite giggle-worthy. The one I remember was a wolf saying, "would you like me to crunch his face?" - or something of that sort.

Was it just me? Or did some music scores resemble music from The Lion King?

The events that occurred were a bit scatter-brained. Perhaps they didn't want to have a dichotomous good and bad side, but I still had trouble with Ashitaka's character. What was his motive exactly? But all-in-all, Princess Mononoke had excellent animation (especially for its time) and great creative imagination. The story was an interesting outlook which covers an important topic: value of the environment. However, the execution of such story was... not extraordinary.

Posted by : nickofsatan
Posted on : 2007-09-16        

If there was one work that I think defines the ability of animation, this would no doubt be the one. But, that is not why I think Princess Mononoke deserves a ten.

Any way you look at it, the basic structure of the story and characters is relatively generic. All the characters are pretty much good or evil, and the romance portion is nothing out of the ordinary. However, with the abilities of Miyazaki and modern day animation, this generic idea has been transformed into a great work of art.

Both the music and the animation are excellent. The music definitely stands out as one of the best ever. It was very clear and deep at the same time. The animation was very balanced, working well on both color and detail.

But what makes Mononoke Hime stand out is the amazing manner in which high class animation has made the movie much more striking and profound than were it to be in a live action format. The detailed depictions that would pass us by in a normal movie are flawlessly passed on to the viewer in animation. It's not the large moments that do the work, but rather, the smaller ones that do not clearly enhance the plot. It was these small moments where I could almost fall into the characters shoes, sympathize with them, laugh with them. The complexity of emotion could be fully collected and was very memorable. To me, there did not seem to be one climax, but instead, a fluid sequence of events that weaved its way through time.

And of course, none of these things would have been brought out without the exemplary work of Miyazaki. The two ideas that he enforces best are strongly present throughout the film. First, all the characters are undoubtedly genuine. Second, the setup was very coherent. These two elements combine to create the aura that really defines his work.

Definitely a must see film.

Posted by : Leuconoe
Posted on : 2007-09-11        

Such is Miyazaki's (well-deserved) reputation in the west that it's hard to review this film with an open mind. Princess Mononoke is a very, very good film, but it's not a great film. That at least is my considered opinion.

The film itself is itself, like certain other Miyazaki works, about an open-minded individual thrust into a bitter conflict. The valuable iron ore underneath a forest has drawn the attention of humans, led by the intelligent Lady Eboshi . Opposing their intrusion are the forest's deities, and the eponymous Princess, a ferocious warrior girl raised by wolves. Enter the film's real hero, Ashitaka, an outsider seeking a cure for the curse he's under.

Ashitaka is one of the film's best points - a young, courageous warrior who seems more mature than many of the characters older than himself in his restraint and self-control. Said other characters are also all very well done: from the compassionate but ambitious Eboshi to the feral vulnerability of the film's title character, they all feel very convincing.

As you might expect, the animation is top-notch throughout - indeed, I won't waste superlatives describing it, as the other reviews here do it justice themselves. My only criticism was that the design work seemed to lack either the startling, visionary quality of Nausicaa or the exotic vibrancy of Howl's Moving Castle - but this is very much my own subjective feeling.

The plot is a mixed bag. It is to be commended for its refined moral sensibility, with its lack of a true villain (I noted the convincing nature of the characters above) - this is very much a story of conflicting agendas, of evil acts rather than of evil people per se. However, the actual story itself failed to convince as much as the characters did, never quite raising itself above standard adventure fare mediocrity.

This weakness in the plot prevents the film from becoming quite the compelling experience that a truly great work is. This is a good, enjoyable film with great moments (my favorite being our first proper sight of the Princess), but not quite truly great.

Posted by : falls
Posted on : 2007-07-20        

Some call this a masterpiece but I think even that is selling it short. This anime should be considered a world treasure. This is not only something you should see for yourself, it's something you should buy for your collection, even if you don't buy anime you should still buy it. Thats just how good it is.
10/10 Overall every aspect of it just blends together as a top quality anime. rarely does an anime have strong traits in all categories but this one does.
10/10 for visuals, they use amazing color and pattern techniques along with beautiful scenery. Its basically moving art.
10/10 for characters. All original character archetypes. No characters will remind you any common cleshy characters and other anime. Also the characters changed and grew as the story possessed.
10/10 for music. The music was more classical than modern. That isn't a bad thing though, it's beautiful music and matches the movie like none other could.
10/10 for plot. Completely original story line. The story's plot is prince Ashitaka attempting to quell everyone's hatred. No spoilers thats all I'm going to say.
This movie is on the must see list for any anime fan, no matter how into anime you are.

Posted by : solidsnakex
Posted on : 2007-06-27        

You never really watched a great anime if you missed this, I’ve watched this over and over again and it never once stop to fascinate and interest me. The Plot is one of the greatest i can say in the movie industry in my opinion. I cant find any other movies(or you may say i didn't watch them if there is) that tells an interesting story yet at the same time depicts some other issues in the real world we are actually facing right now. And not forgetting the may not see Naruto and Bleach style's of fighting but the action scenes are as good as them in their own ways.

Though the designs for the characters are the same old Miyazaki's style but its has its own pros in it. And this style of designing only belongs to Ghibli Studios. The characters really have the costumes and faces and traditions of the ancients, and the presence of nature spirits, yet you can still see the technology of humans mixing in around with it.

The music....2 thumbs UP!!! The soundtrack at the beginning of the movie really captures me and really follows up to a great movie. The ending theme will really leave one...feel that you didn't have enough from the movie and want to watch it again

Overall, this is a great movie for those who have not watch Miyazaki's films or those who likes his other films like Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle. It's exactly like them, filled with supernatural beings, action, love and romance. And not forgetting the cute things.

Posted by : Natewolfman
Posted on : 2007-05-31        

Plot (10) - This is one of the more uniquely realistic plots ive seen in an anime, and unlike others its not all about the fighting and the drama and the awesome scenes, this movie also depicts more relivent issues to current thoughts, such as the over use of natural resorces.

Characters (9) - This was actually my favorite thing about this paticular movie, every character, was human... there was no good good or bad bad everyone had good and bad qualities, thereby makeing none of them someone you hate nor someone you could fall in love with... they were very human, the only reason i dont give this a 10 is that the characters dont develop much, although in the time frame, its understandable

Music (9) - the music was a good compliment to the rest of the movies feel, each scene was expertly chosen to find with the backdrop

Animation (9) - The character designs were great, and the background images were amazing, though there were some points when i felt that it slowed down a little bit to much, not saying this should deter anyone, because the quality is one of the best ive ever seen!

Posted by : Xristyan
Posted on : 2007-05-23        

This movie is definitely something every anime watcher should have watched at least once. Miyazaki’s work is a cut above the rest. It branches away from the mainstream and goes into a whole new level of animation that would redefine your outlook on the word fantasy.

Story (10) Simply put, superb. The views expressed in this film are deep and timeless. Whether it is a decade ago or at the present you are able to relate to the message of the film.

Animation (9) Ok, so maybe the art is not as good with all the CGIs popping here and there. But come on, this was made a decade ago. And with the overall movements of the characters you got to admit that this was done with great detail and deserves praise. I would like to point out those little quirks the characters do those little details that are usually neglected in animation but are very much part of a persons movements and behavior they were noted and animated with great detail.

Characters (9) This movie managed to distinguish every single character and made it worlds apart from the others in the movie. Each one was created unique with their thinking, views and behavior. Character build-up and development was well done considering there isn’t much time to do that in just over an hours worth of film. One thing to note is that it seems there is no definite bad guy in the film

Music (9) The background music complemented the whole film quite well, nothing really stood out for me but at least there is nothing bad to point out.

If anything else I was entertained with those little forest spirits and their clicking heads. A must see movie.

Posted by : sssl0202
Posted on : 2007-05-01        

Princess Mononoke is another anime movie by Miyazaki.

True to his nature of movies, Princess Mononoke is a movie that defines the word 'fantasy'.

Princess Mononoke does excellent job of setting the mood somewhere between fairy tale and fantasy genre. The world of Princess Mononoke is mysterious, dark, and bright. It isn't dark enough to be your usual fantasy genre like Lord of the Rings, and it isn't light hearted enough to be your usual Disney fairy tale, but stays somewhere in the middle of it.

While the mood settles somewhere between fairy tale and fantasy genre that we are often used to, Princess Mononoke does more than than that. Like rest of Miyazaki films, it defines fantasy genre by breathing life into the wonderfully imaginative fantasy world he creates. All the mythical creatures are introduced in a way that seems very natural and in mysterious fashion while the plot is never swayed away from it's mysterious and magical nature. Although some of the action sequence is brutal, it doesn't seem just brutal because it manages to breath that magic of fantasy into it by adding that sense of noble courage into the battles and sense of heroism with it's music, beautiful art work, well planned plot and pacing.

The reason why Miyazaki films are loved by many is because they are very unique. Not the plots, nor characters, or anything in that nature. His films are unique because they set off unique mood you simply cannot find in other movies.

It is refreshing like morning dew in the wilderness, but also mysterious like the world hiding behind the closet (metaphor to The Chronicles of Narnia, not homosexualism)

However, Princess Mononoke does separate itself from usual Miyazaki film in number of ways. Princess Mononoke does have more than usual amount of action sequence than most Miyazaki films. In fact, it even has full fledged war scenes and for a movie that seems to be made for family viewing, it is quite gory and brutal. Expect to see some human heads roll in this anime.

Another noticeable difference would be that Princess Mononoke has the touch of romance involved. It is also where that small flaw of nearly flawless movie comes in. The romance is needed for the plot, but the way it is portrayed, I have to say is rather bit awkward and lacks development. The feelings of two people are never shown very well and often feels like it is rather forced romance for the plot.

With beautifully animated world, characters with realistic but strong personalities, mysterious setting, and great pacing makes this one great movie to watch to everyone. Yes that includes your children (although some parents might be turned off by some of the brutal scenes in the movie, however Princess Mononoke does great job of making it seems not as brutal as it sounds so to parents, I advise you to watch the movie on your own first and then decide if they are right for your children). It is great family movie and a copy of it should be in every home just in case your friends bring over their kids, or for your date, or just to watch it alone. It is great for every occasion..., except for those moments you want to be stupid, like Borat moments.

Posted by : Nandedaro
Posted on : 2007-04-28        

I have to give a huge compliment to this anime. I had kind of come to a point where I didn't care about watching anime anymore and then I went to the theater to see this and it single handedly brought my interest back to anime again. Actually i payed to see this three times in the theater actually. It was spectacular!

plot[9] I really enjoyed the plot. and i felt that things moved smoothly from point to point...issues weren't dragged out too long and the ending had closure.

animation[10] It was great. that and the rating is all that needs to be said.

music[10] I really was captured by the music more than normally when i watch anime. It is all classical and was really really good...a nice change from your typical J-pop. I even went out and bought the soundtrack for this one.

overall[9.8-10] This is a classic animated movie and I believe that anyone who is an anime fan needs to see this.

Posted by : jamesabc
Posted on : 2007-04-18        

This anime moive is about a prince named Ashitaka, who while defending his village from a demon gets infected by a curse, and has to leave the village is search for a cure.

I really liked how the whole anime was put together, especially how Ashitaka acts like a proper leader while trying to stop people from hurting one another.

The scene in the forest where there were those Kodama's (white things) suddenly appear out of nowhere all around ashitaka and princess and start making a rattling sound with their heads is on great part of the anime, as it includes some of the japanese culture.

The music is really greatly suited for the secnes that happen, some of the sad music is beautiful and is really good to listen too.

I dont normally like animes where there is strange storylines consisting of talking animals and ugly monsters, but the quality of this anime over came that, and i really enjoyed it. Its sad at the end but thats how the anime was meant to be.

For me this is a 9/10 anime.

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