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Studio : Madhouse Studios

Length : 12 Episodes

Year : 2011

Genre : Adventure - Action

Synopsis :
Phoenix perishes and X-men members: Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine, and Beast are reunited under the supervision of Professor Xavier. He informs them of a mission to investigate the abduction of Hisako Ichiki a.k.a. "Armor". During their exploration they encounter an anti-mutant group deemed "U-Men". The U-Men are set on strengthening their team by stealing organs from mutants. While this is an incredible threat to X-Men and their purpose of protecting all mutants, they also find that the U-Men are connected to the disappearance of Armor.

Other Notes : based on the Marvel superhero comic of the same name.

Added : 2011-03-28
Synopsis by : Himitsu
Last update : 2011-05-05
Last update details : Modifyinfo
Score : 7.5
Number of reviews : 2

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Animax X-Men (Japanese)

Release(s) :

2011-08-07 -- Episode(s) 1-12 by Weapon+. BT Link
2011-06-26 -- Episode(s) 12 by CommieSubs. BT Link
2011-06-25 -- Episode(s) 12 by Weapon+. BT Link

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Posted by : MrSentimental
Posted on : 2012-04-08        

I wasn't sure what to expect here, but the enthusiasm from the initial review had me interested. I had been really into the X-Men & related Marvel comics starting in the late 80's/ early 90's, and I always thought the live-action movies were very well done.

I was initially wowwed by the artwork! It was pretty cool! It brought me back to the enjoyable styles from some of my favorites like Rob Liefeld, Whilce Portacio, & Jim Lee who worked on the New Mutants, X-Factor, X-Men, & Uncanny X-Men comics in the 80's & 90's. Great stuff! But unfortunately, things didn't go so greatly from there.

The story seemed to depict the characters' mutant powers accurately enough. Jean Grey dying? Well, I've lost count on how many times that's happened in the comics. I'm pretty sure Mastermind was an X-Men villian at some point in time. The whole "son" plot seemed like the old "Proteus" storyline in the comics to me. The whole mutant accelorator thing had to have been done somewhere in the comics. So, all of these details worked.

I found though that the characters here seemed to lack... ...character. The characters in the movies, for example, seemed to have more caring, warmth, and humor. They had their tiffs with each other and were serious, sad, and kicked butt when needed. There was really just seriousness in this Anime series. And I found the action sequences and plot progression to be somewhat random and things did not always make sense. I was doing my share of head scratching. I didn't find the little girl character to be all that interesting. I was imagining that this might have been a Saturday Morning Cartoon show or something like that. You know, something for the younger audience. I figured that would explain why the creators did not feel they had to work too hard to make the action and characters of better quality.

I really did not like the sound quality here. I watched Japanese language with English subs, which I typically do prefer. All the male characters sounded the same. Deep, throaty, and serious voices. They all sounded like they should have been X-Men Samuriai or something. The roars from the monsters were cheap. The background music was always serious serious serious. It was really starting to grate on me.

So, I initially liked the Anime style depiction of some of my favorite comic book mutants. But the portrayal and development of the characters and the overall plot progression here was pretty poor compared to the comics and movies. A disappointing 2 1/2 STARS. 5 out of 10 Rating.

Posted by : illu
Posted on : 2011-06-25        

Storyline: The storyline for this anime set up for a juicy drama/phsychological thriller/action type of anime and had me excited after every episode. The X-men are sent to investigate the abduction of a mutant girl named Hisako "Armor" and in the middle of their investigation they encounter the U-Men, a group of villains whos aim is to steal limbs from mutants to gain more power thus the story is underway.

Animation: The art work for X-Men is spectacular and really brings alot of life to the characters and their expressions. The action sequences were well drawn and even the most simplest punch or kick gave me a blood rush cause of how everything incorporated flowed with it.

Music: The music really flowed with this anime so much it just felt natural, I thank the instruments for that.

Overall: This series really complimented the X-Men franchise and shined a new light on to the X-Men world. An amazing anime that can be thouroughly enjoyed by marvel and anime fans!!

Score: Plain and simple I give this anime a 10. They nailed it with this one!! Action, drama and a thrill ride loved it!!

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