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Studio : TMS Entertainment

Length : 13 Episodes

Year : 2012

Genre : Action - Horror - Psychological - Science-Fiction

Synopsis :
Genetically manipulated humans called "Players" made for entertaining the rich in battles to the death. An uproar ends with all the "players" running away, killing everyone in their path and a scientist escaping with an infant. The infant, codenamed Zet, is also a genetically engineered human. After the incident, the scientist that set him into this world wishes for the child to lead a normal life. Things unfortunately don't go as he wanted and Zet is forced into the world of "Players" where he must hunt them down, one by one, to protect his loved ones.

Added : 2012-04-03
Synopsis by : Crawen
Last update : 2013-05-18
Last update details : Modifyinfo
Score : 7
Number of reviews : 2

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Official Zetman Website (Japanese)

Song(s) :

OP1 : You Hitoto & Mummy-D - Dots and Lines

ED1 : You Hitoto - Tomeru

Release(s) :

2017-08-08 -- Episode(s) 1-13 by Doki. BT Link
2017-08-08 -- Episode(s) 1-13 by Doki. BT Link
2017-08-08 -- Episode(s) 1-13 by Doki. BT Link

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Posted by : MrSentimental
Posted on : 2012-07-08        

It's really not easy to find good intense, action anime shows nowadays. Thanks to illu's helpful review that got me started on this one.

I was interested in many of the characters from the start, and the series had my attention pretty much throughout. Some of the action sequences were pretty cool (although not Ninja Scroll movie level), and there were also a good share of exchanges that were average or not all that great.

There was some nice caring that developed between certain characters. but I can't say I felt there were any characters that were developed in any particularly exceptional way (not like in, say, Elfen Lied), except perhaps for Jin. No humor here. I can't say that things proceeded in a real happy way. The bad guys often talked too much when they had easy chances to off the good guys. Typical, I guess.

The artwork was OK, and sometimes did very well with some action events. The sound during the shows worked well, but I didn't like the beginning or ending themes.

So, as the series progressed I felt things could have gone in a smarter way, and there were a fair amount of happenings that were random or just not all that appealing. But the series did keep my attention, and I will actually be interested in giving a second season a try (which seems like a possibility from the ending). But I couldn't consider this one any where close to "Top Shelf". 6 out of 10 Rating. 3 STARS.

Posted by : illu
Posted on : 2012-06-28        

Storyline: Zetman, the story about a child named Jin who was given the "charisma" at birth and takes advantage of this power to take down criminals for money together with his friend Kouga and his sister. The story then continues on with Jin and Kouga grown up with both of them discovering more about themselves with Jin and his power and Kouga with his search for justice Thus the story really gets underway.

Animation: The animation for this anime really brought out everything it needed to bring out and was really well done. What really stood out was the outfits of some of the characters which really brought a unique vibe to this anime in my opinion. The action sequences were fast pace and did not last long at all with no technical hand to hand or weapon on weapon combat so overall the action was good but nothing to fancy.

Music: The music coul'dve been better through out the anime but overall I did enjoy watching it so i know it wasn't bad. The last episode had the best music it really hit home and gave me that legendary super hero feel.

Character Development: The character development for "Zetman" did go a bit slow but really picked up in the later episodes. Jins character was genuinely expressed in every episode as he did start off as the main character but not much was given from episode to episode as was the same for Kouga. Jin was expressed as a really calm and collected type of guy who had a big heart but wasn't emotional about it. And as for Kouga he was really driven and had this deep passion for "Justice" which really added to the unique vibe to the show and was actually delivered in the best way. Overall I really liked how both characters were expressed near the end especially Kougas true colours which really made this show for me.

Overall: I honestly did not want to write a review for this anime cause I know its not done...It literally ends off where its just about to start. I totally thought this was going to be a 24 episode series so i was shocked to see the ending but overall this is a good anime full of a lot conspiracy and emotion. If their is a continuation of this anime it will defnitely become a classic cause it really ends off where things are just starting up which is why I felt this review was unfair...

Score: I'm giving this anime 8/10. A good but shocking ending. Enjoy.

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