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Shingeki no Kyojin

Alternate title : Attack on Titan

Studio : Wit Studio

Also involved: Production I.G.

Length : 25 Episodes

Year : 2013

Genre : Action - Drama - Fantasy - Horror - Military - Tragedy

Synopsis :
Eren is a teenage boy that lives in a city that is surrounded by walls that are 50 metres high. Outside these walls live merciless giants deemed Titans. For hundreds of years, these walls have protected mankind from near extinction.

Everyone is convinced that humankind will live peacefully forever until one day a colossal Titan over 50 meters large tears down the wall which allows other Titans to enter. Among the chaos and right in front of Eren's eyes, his mother is eaten alive. That day, Eren swears on revenge.

Added : 2013-04-28
Synopsis by : Himitsu
Last update : 2014-11-17
Last update details : Link added
Score : 9.33
Number of reviews : 3

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Official Attack on Titan Website (Japanese)
Official #2 : Official Shingeki no Kyojin Website (Japanese)

A-Source #1 : Shingeki no Kyojin: Kuinaki Sentaku OVA

Song(s) :

OP1 : Linked Horizon - Guren no Yumiya

ED1 : Hikasa Yoko - Utsukushi Zankoku na Sekai

Release(s) :

2017-11-25 -- Episode(s) 1-25 by Prof. BT Link
2017-10-27 -- Episode(s) 1-25 by xRed. BT Link
2017-06-17 -- Episode(s) 1-25 by HorribleSubs. BT Link

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Posted by : GaileOxstain
Posted on : 2014-03-15        

I tend to stay away from the over-hyped anime series that come out simply because I like to give lesser known series their just dues and don't want to be disappointed if the popular anime does not meet the high expectations set for it. And so, after creeping in a few episodes at a time of Attack on Titan until I finished off the series, I have to say, BELIEVE THE HYPE! THIS ANIME IS F***ING AWESOME!

In a time far lost to man, humanity is faced with a new predator in the form of giant humanoids called "Titans". These giant man-eaters have few weakness and tower over humanity without mercy, but the survivors of the titan outbreak manage to build a series of large walls around the last human settlements, serving to keep the titans out and humans in. 100 years later, humanity has managed to live their lives in peace away from the titans and have become lax and distant from the grim reality. However, all this changes when a titan larger than any else seen in human history appears suddenly and kicks a giant hole in the wall allowing all other titans to invade and kill all the humans inside the city's first wall.

Eren, a young and brash boy who lived within the outer walls is one such victim of the titan's invasion and ends up witnessing his mother getting eaten whilst his father ends up disappearing. Full of rage and resentment towards the mighty beasts, Eren alongside his close friend Armin and quiet adoptive sister Mikasa end up joining the military with the intent of taking the fight to the titans and protect humanity from their advances.

Attack on Titan is a suspense and action driven thrill ride that is more addictive than crystal meth and gets you more amped up than...well, crystal meth. The series is truly a tribute to the dedication and resilience of humanity in a way that is both badass and fundamentally deep.

First off, the action. The battles are awe-inspiring and somehow managed to make a rocket-powered grappling hook look awesome. The degree of physics defying acrobatics with the 3D maneuver gear and lightning fast swordplay performed by the military makes both Dante from Devil May Cry and Spiderman himself look like a bunch of slow and uncoordinated hacks by comparison! Your adrenaline will pump like a body builder during these sequences and the accompanying music will only add to the action-packed euphoria. What's more, Eren and company don't fight like a bunch of reckless brutes and in fact actually think through their fights very tactically with a level of organization and cooperation that puts the USA army to shame.

While you may initially watch this series for its action, you will stay for the sheer mystery surrounding the titans themselves. Literally no one knows how or why the titans came into being, how they are able to regenerate except when cut in the back of the neck, or even why they have an uncontrollable urge to find and devour humans like they're free samples given out at a local supermarket. Many questions loom over as you watch the bloody battles go on such as "What exactly are the titans?", "What's in the Jaeger house's basement?" and "Do humans taste any good?". You will be eagerly jumping from one episode to the next in a frantic attempt to know what is going to happen next and to find out all the answers to your tantalizing questions. However, I regret to say that very few of these questions actually get answers by the final 25th episode and actually end up leaving you with even more questions than you had before, leaving the franchise with prime sequel material. This can be aggravating to viewers and it kind of feels like a troll move on the producer's part.

And finally, beyond the action and mystery of the series lies a psychological and moral theme hidden in the series more emotional and serious moments. The people living within the wall are given a rude awakening to the world around them when the titans tear down their wall like freaking Ronald Reagan and start eating people by either biting them like carrots or swallowing them whole like pills of aspirin in a visceral manner only dreamt up in children's worst nightmares. Fear infects the human population, and those that don't become paranoid that they are going to get eaten alive simply try to distance themselves from the whole matter and try to live their lives in ignorance in the deeper walls of the city. Attack on Titan is actually a great allegory to times of war, how it affects many people, and the vital role and life of a soldier as a whole. When you sign up for the army, you are willing to risk life and limb to protect your people so that they may live in peace, and the themes of sacrifice for a greater good are heavy throughout the series as many soldiers die in the name of protecting the people and their world. Sometimes in order to take on a monster, you must become one yourself, even if that means killing.

The cast is vast, though in spite of Attack on Titan's excellent plot, its characters do lack a certain degree depth. While character growth and relationships are utilized well in the first half, they get a tad neglected in the second.

Eren is our main hero and protagonist, and he actually goes through a decent degree of character growth in the series. As a kid, he was a brash, impulsive, and bratty kid who gave little thought into his actions and had no respect for his parents or authority figures. But after the titan attack and losing his mother, Eren is forced to grow up very quickly, and during his military training he gradually learns to put his selfish attitude behind him and learns to care for and protect others just as they had done so much for him over the years.

Armin on the other hand is the anti-Eren. While Eren is impulsive and violent, Armin is diligent and fundamentally a pacifist by nature. While docile and physically weak, he has a fine tuned mind and always manages to take the smartest course of actions when faced with conflict. A trait that saves Eren on multiple occasions. Though initially somewhat of a frail and frightened child with low self-esteem, Armin manages to pull himself together when tasked with protecting his friend's lives.

While Eren provides the emotion and Armin supplies the brains, Mikasa rounds out the group with unfathomable human strength and agility. Having been saved from human-traffickers that killed her parents as a child by Eren, Mikasa has an unflinching loyalty to Eren and would go to any length just to protect him from harm. In fact the only reason she joined the military was simply so she could be there for Eren. Even so, her skills with the 3D maneuver gear trump all others. She possesses a rather quiet and focused demeanor and will not hesitate to make the hard decisions to save her comrades lives, especially Eren's. She can come across as slightly yandere-ish when it comes to Eren's safety, but she slowly begins to trust Eren to fight his own battles.

One of the only other characters worth noting as far as cast development goes is Jean. A spoiled and pretentious jerk, he was in the same training squad as Eren and joined the military simply so he could live the cushy life in the city's inner walls as a military police officer who wouldn't have to fight on the battlefield against the titans. But after the second titan attack where he is forced to fight and make tactical decisions for him and his squad members, he realizes how much his choices affect those around him, resulting in several casualties. In the process he realizes how stuck up and arrogant he is and that he may not be as well suited to be a leader as he once thought. He grows into a much more caring and considerate person as a result and puts great attention into his actions as a member of the army.

The last interesting character of the series is Levi, a leading captain of the Survey Squad with mad skills and a devil may care attitude. Though he initially comes across as a soulless prick with no remorse for fallen comrades, he actually is a very caring and intelligent man who's heart has just been hardened after years of witnessing the horror that titans have inflected on his comrades. You can tell he tries very hard to mask a lot of stress behind his stoic demeanor and objective outlook.

Sadly most of the other characters serve as mere background cast members that really don't serve much relevance to the plot other than to serve as hands in the military's operations. Only a few stood out, which included a funny potato munching girl, a stone-faced girl with incredible expertise in martial arts, and a female member of the Survey Squad whom I can only identify as a "titan otaku".

Whether you can constitute the titans themselves as characters is up for debate. But there is one thing I can say for sure about these giants. They're freaking and frightening looking creatures despite their human appearance, and their mindless gory apatite and possibly unpredictable behaviors will leave you with plenty of cannibalistic nightmares.

The art and animation of Attack on Titan is incredible. The fast-paced fights against the titans using the 3D maneuver gear are smoothly animated and incredible to watch, the character designs are distinctive and unbelievably detailed, the overall setting makes great use of shading for atmospheric effect, and the world of Attack on Titan itself is a wonder to behold. The series even gives little snippets of information about the world as a whole during the halfway eye-catches which serve to tell the world's story in all its wonder.

Music/Openings Endings:
Even the soundtrack for Attack on Titan is awesome to listen to. From the powerful Germanic orchestras to soft rock numbers, your ears will perk up without doubt at these tunes. The opening is orchestrated awesomeness that gets you so pumped for the action that is about to ensue while the second opening follows suit with lighter but much more emotional and resounding tune that capture's the military's heart and soul. The first ending starts off as a much softer tune with a delicate rhythm but then bursts forth with resolve that matches Mikasa's feelings for Eren, while the second ending is a flowing and poetic yet pumping rock number that just rolls off of the credits.

Final Analysis:
Attack on Titan has truly earned its place among one of the, if not thee, greatest anime of 2013, and for good reason. The plot and mysteries will keep you hooked, the action-packed battles with the 3D maneuver gear are godly and exciting, the characters grow and adapt, the art, animation, and world itself is beautiful to watch, and the music perfectly sets the stage for the war against the titans. I tend not to follow the crowd when it comes to popular anime that everybody is watching, but this is one series that definitely lives up to the hype and may very well become a "titan" of a landmark series for the next generation of anime. So hitch on your 3D maneuver gear, draw your razor blades, and prepare to dive into one of the most exciting series of your life. And remember, aim for the neck!

That's why I'm giving Attack on Titan 9 tasty humans out of 10.
We are the Titans! Mighty, Mighty, Titans!

Posted by : illu
Posted on : 2013-10-12        

Animation: The animation for this series is well done and very consistent through out. The characters eyes especially were vivid in colour and nicely outlined in alot of scenes which really brought alot life in to the characters. The action sequences were also well done and some of the best I've seen in an anime. What really helped the action sequences to shine was the maneuver gear they used for fighting the titans in the town and in the forest which really intensified the action and has to be one of the coolest weaponry I've seen used in an anime. The designs for the titans were what they needed to be with the leading ones having more of an abstract look and the average ones looking, well..... average.

Dialogue: The dialogue was really good through out the whole series. Some could say the dialogue went a bit overboard a couple of times but nothing that got too out of control. Armin and Erin gave some really good motivational speeches that were really well done and gave me a blood rush as if I was watching a really good action sequence, definitely some of the best dialogue I've heard in an anime.

Music: The music was what it needed to be throughout series nothing that unique to me but it was still good. The OP and EP were pretty catchy.

Character Development: The character development was well balanced amongst all 3 main characters with the protagonist Erin, obviously having the most through out the series then Armin and Mikasa having their own episodes of dialogue and back story that really built their characters. I have to say episode 7 was one of the most memorable episodes in this series cause it focused on How Mikasa and Erin met and really developed Mikasa and her relationship with Erin. And as I said Armin and Erin with their motivational speeches and their thinking in certain situations through out the series really developed their characters and overall the main characters were all made to be smart in their own way. The side characters were all interesting and cool though weren't that developed I still look forward to see some more development in the next possible season.

Overall: This is easily one of best animes out their for non-anime fans and anime fans alike with its unique story and setting. All the characters were cool and the titans were ruthless which made for an intense, dramatic and gory series. The only bad thing I could say about this series was the number of times some of the characters would stop and see someone being devoured by a titan and think "were never going to win" "we might as well give up" "how will we defeat them when we can barely touch them" it just got to be too repetitive and ruined the pacing a bit. But another good thing about this series is literally every episode is a cliffhanger so prepare yourself!

Score: This series is action packed, gory, dramatic and suspensful and overall is just a powerful series and one of the best out there. This is an easy 10!Enjoy!

Posted by : lapoofie
Posted on : 2013-07-17        

This series has some of the craziest twists and turns I've seen in an anime plot. A clearly dysfunctional fantasy/steampunk world that's being eroded at the hands of mysterious man-eating giants, the island made by humans to survive is always engaging to learn about. Also, Eren is CRAZY! This is well illustrated with an uncomfortable animation style, but it is high quality with fluid action sequences. You can't help but feel gripped by this fast-paced, addicting show (I actually found myself reading through the manga immediately after catching up; I couldn't not know what happens). A must watch, especially for the jaded anime fan that's seen everything ^_^

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