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Gate Keepers 21

Studio : GONZO

Length : 6 OVA

Year : 2002

Genre : Science-Fiction - Drama

Synopsis :
While the original Gatekeepers was in 1969, as the title says, GK 21 takes place in a more present day environment. The Invaders are back, and on the prowl, and A.E.G.I.S. seems to have become a darker, more underground organization. Introducing a new cast of characters, Gatekeepers 21 is taken into the OVA format and given a major animation and budget lift. A new team of Gatekeepers must assemble, and push back the threat of the Invaders once more.

Added : 2002-09-16
Synopsis by : Specky
Last update : 2016-03-11
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Score : 9.17
Number of reviews : 6

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Official Gate Keepers 21 Website (English)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Haoto / Buzz

ED1 : Ima, Egao ga Areba / If My Face is Smiling Now

Release(s) :

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Posted by : bigtym26
Posted on : 2005-06-20        

Gate keepers 21 is a great sequel indeed! Following the prequel Gate Keepers. Gate Keepers 21 is a story about a girl fighting the so called invaders. Yup they're BACK! But they look a little bit new though unlike in the prequel, they dont carry those suitcases anymore. Also, the Count and Machine Genaral is back with a new enemy who also uses a gate.

Ayane Isuzu is a member of AEGIS. An organization that protects mankind from the invaders. Her gate ability "Gate of Wind". Sounds familliar huh? Yup she is no doubt the daughter of Shun Ukiya and Ruriko Ikusawa. The thing is she hates her father and her ability thats why she uses cellphones with imitations of other gate abilities. Remember Reiji Kageyama? Yeah the bad guy from gate keepers who uses the black gate. Guess what? He's also back but as a protaganist and is some kind of an agent of the AEGIS far eastern branch. He is known as a dual gate keeper. Uses both black and his original gate. Yukino is also back and helps Isuzu in anyway she can.

There are also new gatekeepers in this Sequel like the other girl (i forgot her name) She uses the "gate of leap" (somewhat similar to Reiko) and another one which uses the "gate of blades" Together they fight the invaders to save humanity once again.

I must say that i was looking forward to see this sequel because i wanted to know what happened next especially to Ukiya and Rurikos relationship. Well, i guess we could say that they got married and had a daughter. The only thing is, nobody knows how'd they died or what exactly heppened to them and also the other characters. We also don't know how Reiji came back?!

This sequel didn't answer a lot of questions i had but nevertheless it was a great sequel and not that disappointing so i sugges that u watch this anime and enjoy it!

Posted by : virginhelper
Posted on : 2005-02-09        

Dark and mysterious. That's how I would label "Gatekeepers 21".

I did not see the original 1969 series. I have, however, seen image captures and the odd, badly done, video clip. As everyone seems to agree, the original series revolves around an agency that's, maybe not fully "out" in the public's eye, but not all that worried about being seen saving the world.

In "Gatekeepers 21" the mood is much darker, as if the agency is afraid of what might happen if the general population finds out about what they are doing/fighting. Each character has a truly individual identity and the imagery of the whole series is most excellent. The only thing I disliked about it was the fact it ended far too soon! Here is a show that could literally go on for 50 shows easily. 100's of shows if they're not afraid to expand a little more on each character's background and maybe even bring in a couple from the original series to stir things up.

Overall, this is a most excellent anime. One well worth picking up the DVD box set for your collection.

Posted by : ninjo61
Posted on : 2005-01-16        

First let me say that I have not seen the original show, nevertheless I enjoyed this brief series. It has well drawn animation through out. The plot was interesting, even though I was a little confused probably from not having seen the original. It does convey a dark mood which kind of reminded me of the movie "Dark City", the bad guys look the same.

In all, this is a decent anime that I can recommend. Watching the original would probably help fill in some of the questions I had about the "Invaders", but it's not critical to the story.

Posted by : joyapco
Posted on : 2005-01-16        

Excellent. Definitely better than the original series. Everything is much smoother, plus designs are better too.

Good character development, especially Miu. Not as many characters as the original, though. The character I hated most was Ghost Girl. She sounded really annoying, but if this was the producers original goal, I'd say the seiyuu of Ghost Girl is really good.

32 years after the original Gatekeepers series, Japan has improved with already new and modernized civilization, but Invaders still stalk among the living, finding people to either kill or turn more into one of them. Enter Ayane Isuzu, a mysterious school girl who wields the Wind Gate and some cellphones that can generate different gates each. She is tasked by Reiji Kageyama to eliminate them and collect the crystals they leave. Helping her out in later scenes is Miu Mandaru, a shy and quiet girl who had realized her power only just recently. It's really good despite squeezed to only 6 episodes, but I think they should include more.

Ima Egao ga Areba is very good. I give Haoto ok since it was only a slow song compared to Ima Egao ga Areba, but dont get me wrong. Haoto is still a good song.

Animation is smooth plus the plot advanced quite well for 6 episodes alone. It's really good for a continuation of the series. The only problem is just that it's just too short. The short length of the series is what made me reduce the grade from perfect, but overall, I highly reccommend this anime.

Posted by : pboy2k5
Posted on : 2003-11-14        

First of all, please forgive me for comparing Nadesico to Gatekeepers. It tickles me to do so because there are some similar premises in both series: Both TV series are really funny and has some element of romance in it. Both sequels are dark and happened within a distant time after the TV series end. In each sequel, the leading female character has a daughter-father relationship with the leading male character from the TV series. These are some parallels that are very evident from both Nadesico and Gatekeepers.

The contrast between Nadesico and Gatekeepers is that Nadesico's sequel was a failure while Gatekeepers' is a great one. The reason is because Gatekeepers 21 is set thirty two years after the end of the TV series. This gives the show the freedom to establish its own story and pace without having to have too many ties to its TV prequel. Also the fact that the story happened in the distant future, the fans of Gatekeepers would definitely be more interested in watching a story about what happen with the future gatekeepers rather than a reminiscence about what has happened for the past thirty two years. Furthermore, Gatekeepers 21 understood what it means to bring dark mood into the series. I personally do not mind accepting the fact that Gatekeepers 21 decided to change its mood from funny and cuddly (in the TV series) to dark and moody in the OAV because it was well directed.

Overall if you are a big Gatekeepers fan, it is very recommended to that you watch this OAV.

Posted by : Specky
Posted on : 2002-09-17        

Seeing as I really enjoyed the original Gatekeepers series, it should come as no surprise that I

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