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Kiddy Grade

Studio : GONZO

Licenced by : FUNimation

Length : 24 Episodes

Year : 2002

Genre : Science-Fiction - Mecha - Comedy - Adventure

Synopsis :
In the Star Century year of 0165, the Galactic Union and GOTT (Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs was formed. The Galactic Union government along with GOTT was to bring stability and prevent conflict between planets. 162 years later, we meet Eclair and Lumiere... members of the elite GOTT taskforce ES as they go around on their missions for GOTT.

But things are not what it seems to be. The Galactic Union is actually a council made up of the Nouvlesse (Nobles) who are fewer than 100,000 in number and claim to have the pure blood of their Earthling ancestors but yet control the entire galaxy. Betrayal and deceit are rife as a social class struggle begins.

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : Kaiser
Last update : 2009-10-12
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Score : 8.38
Number of reviews : 26

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Bandai Channel's Kiddy Grade (Jp)
Official #2 : Kiddy Grade - The Galatic Organization of Trade and Tariffs

A-Source #1 : DVD Review by XenoCrisis0153 (Complete Set)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Yuka - Mirai no Kioku / Memories of the Future

ED1 : Little Viking - Future

Release(s) :

2012-05-02 -- Episode(s) 1-24 by A-Subs. BT Link
2011-02-05 -- Episode(s) 0 by Coalgirls. BT Link
2011-01-30 -- Episode(s) 0 by Coalgirls. BT Link

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Sogo, Masashi

Mechanical Design
Takahashi, Yuichi

 Eclair Lumiere Eclipse Armblast Alv Divergr Tweedledee Tweedledum
 Viola Cesario Sinistra Dextera A-ou Un-oh Mercredi

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Posted by : Terentius
Posted on : 2009-10-12        

Kiddy Grade has been around for sometime now as a licensed anime. I decided to rent the DVDs and judge for myself as to whether this was as enjoyable as some of my peers have stated. Review based on the European MVM DVD release (FUNimation).

The overall animation was very good. I wouldn't expect anything else from one of the better studios in GONZO. The character designs and their costumes were original with some of the female characters looking decidedly attractive/cute. I had one or two issues with the attempts at over-sexualising Lumiere as she has the physical appearance of a ten year old. The galactic environment allowed the animators to flex their creative minds. At times I was thoroughly impressed with their efforts in some of the mecha and spaceship designs.

This is the main issue I had with Kiddy Grade. It had an interesting first 2 episodes which succeeded in piquing my initial interest. It then become rather directionless with the pair of Éclair and Lumiere just 'doing their jobs' as ES members. Aside from exploring more of the galaxy and the political landscape of this future, it became very tiresome to watch until the changing point at episode 9. For me the change in focus was both 'too little, too late' for me. After that it felt incredibly rushed trying to explain the key sociological differences of the Nouvlesse and our main protagonists from the GOTT. That was not to say that the change was poor. The swift alteration of plot and story arc perhaps saved it for most but unfortunately not for me. The exploration of our main heroines’ past was handled well but I would have loved to have seen the past and history of the other ES members.

The characters have some very original powers bestowed upon them by the GOTT. This allows them the ability to perform near god-like acts in the far distant future. For the more powerful of the ES members (such as Éclair and Lumiere) immortality is also involved (but with a price). As a result I witnessed the almost juvenile Éclair work with the physically immature but psychologically adult Lumiere. It was an interesting partnership that I grew fond of. The other characters each had their own powers and it was such a shame that they did not get as much screen time as I would have liked. One notable aspect of the peripheral characters was the question of their allegiance (were they bad/good?). I was always kept guessing until near the very end.

The OP and ED weren't the best I've heard. The English versions of both the songs were sung admirably. The English language voice acting was executed as well as the original Japanese acting. An unusual feat and credit must go to the actors and FUNimation for hiring a talented cast. One startling revelation regarding the Japanese voice acting involved the characters Lumiere, Alv and Tweedledum.

They were played by the great: Aya Hirano (Roles: Haruhi Suzumiya and Lucky Star's Konata Izumi) Kikuko Inoue (Roles: Belldandy and Clannad's Sanae Furukawa) and of course Jun Fukuyama (Roles: Lelouche and xxxHolic's Watanuki). It was a complete shock to find these talented seiyuu performing roles in total contrast to what they are renowned for.

Aya Hirano is famed for her eccentric roles (here she played an almost reserved and subdued Lumiere). Kikuko Inoue played an almost maniacal Alv (instead of the incredibly sweet and almost saccharine roles she's famous the world over for). Finally Jun Fukuyama has been cast as some of the most demanding male leads in recent times exemplified by his outstanding portrayal of Lelouche from Code Geass. Here he played an almost lifeless and submissive Tweedledum. For me I consider it a real marker of talent when seiyuus are willing to successfully portray characters across a wide spectrum of roles and Kiddy Grade highlighted their ability to do so excellently.

Kiddy Grade wasn't a poor show but it didn't set my world on fire. I can understand the high ratings of previous reviewers and if the change in story direction had occurred earlier than episode 9 then I would not have hesitated in awarding 4.5 stars. It nevertheless was a belatedly entertaining watch and is a very solid 4 star review. As to whether it should be a purchase or rental I would leave that for you to decide.

Posted by : Killswitch
Posted on : 2009-04-12        

Kiddy Grade, yet another review.

Warning. This review of mine may contain info that might be considered as a spoiler. But I hope not.

While it has a strong story-line for most of the series i felt that the ending was rushed and much detail was left out in certain places, such as furthering character development . A good example of this would be the main antagonist Al. While she herself says she despises the Nouvlesse for the pain and suffering she has had to endure, no reference other than a 5 second flash back is shown to prove this. We are only left to guess. The same can be said about the main protagonists, Eclair and Lumiere, even though these two do have more of their histories shown. The story-line would have had much more impact if we knew more about the characters, as more people would then be able to relate and understand the actions of the certain characters. Otherwise, the story-line wasn't too bad. Comedy was placed where it was needed and wasn't really out of place. There is little romance, but lots of action, and many themes that can really get you thinking and questioning the world we live in.

What I also liked is that the main character could get injured and even die, making the anime a little more down to earth. The exception to this would be that in the later episodes, specifically the final episodes, many characters are seen as injured or near death, only to make a comeback within seconds and appear as if nothing happened. Throughout the entire series the animation quality was really high with beautiful backgrounds and character designs. Fan service (ecchi) can also be found quite ofen, but this isn't overdone. However, in the later episodes the quality of the animation was somewhat lacking in a few places, which again gives the feeling that the anime was rushed.

The intro and outro sound-tracks were good, however the background music, which wasn't bad, was lacking and at times not even noticeable. The sound effects were good and the Seiyuu pulled of the characters very well, with the exception of Al, whose voice was irritating at times.

Everything said, Kiddy Grade is a unique and enjoyable series to watch. Definitely something you don't want to put off, as you would probably regret it later. It's a shame the series isn't as big or as well known as it should be.

Posted by : Kitsilver
Posted on : 2008-03-29        

Definitely one of those anime that I can’t decide whether I like or not.

One on hand is appealing character design and gorgeous animation, the latter more impressive because it was done in 2002. On the other is an excessive amount of fanservice. No nudity, I think, aside from the occasional shower scene. But there are so many boob and panty shots that it gets really tiring, really fast.

Music accompanying the more poignant scenes convey a wealth of emotion and heighten the drama. But the opening and ending songs with their badly spoken English lyrics are annoying. The rest ranges from forgettable, mildly annoying, to decent.

The characters and their interactions, especially leads Eclair and Lumiere, are a major draw to this series. Éclair is spirited and reckless, cheerful and optimistic, with a penchant for acting before thinking. Her ability is "Power", incredible strength and speed that is heightened by applying lipstick, which also happens to serve as weapon, fake ID, and mini-explosive. Lumiere is mature and intelligent, a seemingly young girl who enjoys wine, opera, and reminding Éclair that "we ladies should be more elegant". Her ability is "Puppet". allowing her to hack into any network and manipulate machines, a fearsome power in this futuristic world. Their abilities and powers complement each other, but more than that makes them true partners. It is the trust, affection, and deep devotion they share, exemplified by a few scenes in particular. At one point, one of the pair loses her memory and forgets everything about herself, her partner, her life, but somehow senses the other is her partner. In another scene, one of the pair lies dying in the other’s arms with nothing to do but hold each other and wait for the end. Éclair and Lumiere infuse the show with humor and energy and excitement, but also give it tenderness and sometimes heart-wrenching sadness.

The other characters, however, are not nearly as developed. Most look good and have one or two quirks that differentiate them from the others, but that’s where characterization ends. Too little is known about their backgrounds and motivations. The final villain is flat, motivated by relentless rage under a veneer of revenge that is barely explained. The supporting cast serve as foil and friend to the two leads, but lack of development makes most of them little more than faces and names that happen to be important to the story.

The story is another area with great strength but frustrating weakness. The ideas and themes are good, and include inter-class struggle, the destructive and creative power of human beings, kinship and family, life and death. There is also the question of eternal youth, whether it is gift or burden. And the two questions that struck me most: If forced to choose, should one follow authority or one’s own morality, and what is the price of each? What makes a person who she is if her appearance and memories are changed?

But the story plays out unevenly and sometimes, illogically. The first eight episodes are fluff, used to establish character and setting but without real plot and only the barest hint of something deeper. Then the real conflict begins and builds in momentum, driving one along to an intense and satisfying climax. Or it might have been had it not been the 15th or so episode in a 24 episode anime. What follows explores a little more of Éclair and Lumiere’s past, but leaves most questions unanswered and me going, "what the hell?" Twist upon twist, some obvious and others making no sense at all. The last episodes drive home one apparent fact about this anime--characters don’t die. Ever. And as one character says, “there are so many familiar faces around, no wonder there is confusion". Confusion is the perfect word to describe the end of the series, that and frustration, and those are not admirable qualities. It is easy to hint at things that are never explained, spewing out plot lines, faces, scenes that make little or no sense. Far harder to hint at the same things, often showing the surface more than what lies beneath it, but showing enough to make one understand what is going on. There is a fine line between those two and, unfortunately, Kiddy Grade is guilty of the former far more than the latter.

Fanservice, poorly developed secondary characters, frustrating plot holes, and too many unanswered questions tempt me to give a 5 or 6 rating. But attractive design and animation, insightful themes, and two characters that are much more than what they seem carry this show for me. Éclair and Lumiere just work so well together, and in their own right, that I give Kiddy Grade a 7/10.

"I know you better than anyone. The strong, quick, and gentle you". – Lumiere

Posted by : Shurka
Posted on : 2007-07-23        

I have to say that this anime was sub par at best. Sure, it had an interesting plot to it, but that was pretty much it.

The storyline seemed to be on crack as goes from one point in the story to something completely unrelated to what is going on, but actually might be explained later on. So you'll be saying 'What the hell?!?' a lot.

The music and some of the dialog for Kiddy Grade can really grate at your nerves and for some strange reason, it would drown out the sound of laser cannons firing...but I guess I can see why since they were all so stinkin' small, yet managed to blow up a lot of crap.

Once again, 'What the hell?!?'.

Even with the sporadic storyline, the while anime seemed to me...very predictable. I wouldn't know how or why, but I could pretty much guess the events before they happened.

All in all it was a basically an ok anime. It was just brought down by how confusing it can get.

Oh, and after a while even I got tired of the many panty shots and the suggestive scenes in. Every. Single. Episode.


Not that this takes away from it or anything...

Posted by : Molenir
Posted on : 2006-11-12        

I have delayed writing this review until I could clarify my own thoughts on the series. On the one hand, I found myself extremely annoyed by many of the plot points and happenings in the various episodes, while on the other hand I ended up enjoying the story and the anime overall. So how to score it, then? The artwork was good, the music was ok. The voice acting in both japanese and english versions was quite good, which was an extra point in its favor as I find English Voice in most animes horrible to listen to.

Though I mentioned it above, one of the things that most impressed me about this anime was the overarching story. While in many of the individual episodes the story is too predictable, annoyingly so, the overall story was not. Just when I thought I knew how it would go, a complete change in direction was made. This didn't happen just once, but at least 5 different times. Each time I was left scratching my head wondering what had happened and why. As the episodes progressed, more and more was revealed.

The series starts out slowly, with Eclair and Lumi going about their business as GOTT members, performing various missions. When you get used to this, difficulties are introduced, more challenging missions, plots and backstabbing. Then when you think you've got a handle on things it changes again.

The main negative for me was, as I mentioned before, the predictability of some of the episodes. With few exceptions you knew that something would happen that would jeopardize either Eclair or Lumi and then, at the last second, either they or one of their allies would do something to save them. That was pretty much how most of the episodes went. When Eclair is laying there dying I wasn't worried, I was annoyed. I was thinking "enough with the buildup, lets get on with the dang story".

In the end, though, I recommend this anime. The series is definitely worth watching despite its intermitent predictablilty.

Posted by : majikcarp
Posted on : 2005-11-14        

This is an very good anime

The animation is superb. Very clean drawings and good fight scenes
The story line is also very good, at first it seems like the two are just going around doing missions but later the plot starts to string together.
It is full of comedy and action, there is never a dull moment

The plot gets confusing at times with many unresolved questions that only get answered in the end, which could be frustrating to some people.
I have no clue why it's called Kiddy Grade, I might of missed it.

Posted by : Yuki-san
Posted on : 2005-06-18        

The story is so full of mystery, twist and turns and surprises. Just when you think one person is dealt with, he/she comes back again and makes abig comeback.

The seiyu were well chosen and suitable for each character. I like Eclair's voice.

The grapics are really cool. It was well drawn and full of energy. The abilities of each ES member are imaginative and useful.

All the characters are uniquely designed and individual personalities that makes them special.

A not to be missed anime. I highly recommend this anime, it wont be long till your addicted

Posted by : Yebyosh
Posted on : 2005-05-01        

Kiddy Grade has a very misleading title indeed. One can be forgiven if their first thought was that it was a lolita show or a show meant for kids. It is instead a show in the shounen flavour. The forces of good, people willing to stand up for the common people, versus the the forces of evil, people wanting to impose their rule over others, all this packed against a backdrop of intense action, attractive characters with distinguishable personalities and lots of fanservice ^_^

"Technically superb"
The animation is excellent, very few "loop the sequence" scenes are seen. The character designs for the women are very attractive in the anime sense, with maximum cuteness factor for the younger girls. Guys are drawn in the handsome or debonair manner. The mechs and vehicles are well designed, emphasizing sleekness or menace ( Genetic Beasts ). With catchy songs for the OP, a soothing ED and excellent sound effects for the series, this series proved itself in the technical areas.

The early episodes explore the lives of the GOTT ES members. We see that Eclair and Lumiere though being ES agents are still somewhat among the lower ranks. We get occasional flashes of how these agents interact, their rivalries, friendships, etc, basically a network of how each pair of agents treat one another. Each pair of agents are unique in their character design, powers and personalities.

We also get to see how our two protaganists execute their mission and in what manners they do so. Instead of seeing them just going through the motions, we get to see their emotions at work. Also some hints are dropped here on the true nature of our protaganists, especially the dark history of Eclair. The missions are of various nature. There usually will be some action scenes that are executed quite well, though you would have to be comfortable with one of the 'laws of anime' where bullets fired in thousands all around the heroine will never strike her.

"Action fest!"
The action is fast paced and more than likely to thrill you. Each ES agent pair have their own unique powers, e.g Eclair has "Power" which bestows enormous stamina and strength on her which coupled with her lipstick ( yes, lipstick ) makes her warrior supreme, Lumiere with "Puppet" which allows her to hack into any computer systems, Alv and Dvegr who can suck up any energy with "Absorb", Tweedledum's "Magnetfelt" allows him to control electromagnetic forces, etc. Their unique powers allow a variety of effects to be thrown around, increasing the excitement of the fights. With their mechas and high tech AI spacecraft participating as well, the action sequences stand out from one another and should keep your eyes open.

Balancing these action out would be the humour and certain little dramas carried out in these missions. Funny pieces of characters being made fun of or ribbing each other will amuse. Dramas are more in the form of Eclair's coping with her memory loss and lessons of how the world works in Kiddy Grade, of the injustices inflicted upon the masses by the Nouvlesse and how the people live in such a place.

"Let's do the Twist!"
It is at episode... well let us leave the surprise hanging for you, just that at one of the episodes, you would have expected the same 'daily mission' to be carried out. However a dark secret launching the major story suddenly happens. I quite like the surprise factor there. In fact, this series would throw surprises at you at major points of the story. Even if the plot device can be predicted, the timing it is thrown out at and the way it is handled can surprise. With this trigger event, an atmosphere of danger and doom is introduced. Our heroine goes through a trauma of sorts and had to sort it out with the accompanying problems. However just when the show seem to portray a milestone of her struggles, it twists the plot again and things take a mysterious turn.

The villains reveal themselves and it was very interesting to watch them play out their hands in the background. You might think that that would be all but be surprised. Even the villains play their little games among each other and some of their motivations might surprise you. Needless to say, the cards they hold are still enough to push a surprise or two just when things seem to be coming to and end. Interestingly enough, all of these mesh very well with each other and with things that happened way earlier in the series. Everything pertaining to why this is so and how is revealed at episodes later than when the questions are raised. Kiddy Grade is a rewarding series in this aspect.

Even when things seem dark, Eclair lightens the situation with her bubbly personality at little times here and then. Her "entry cry" of "Ja Jan" is quirky and automatically breaks up any tension at that moment. Her character swinging in between melanchony and cheerfulness is believable and viewers should readily identify with her. Of course most of the other characters are unforgettable in their own personalities. The disdainful behaviour of Alv, the funny childishness of Viola coupled with the quiet suffering of Cesario, the tense twins of gentle Tweedledee and serious Tweedledum, all of them make GOTT a memorable organisation. Also while our ladies do display fan service in the form of nudity, cleavage and panty displays, these tend to be forgotten when the action and story thunders on.

"Kiddy Grade A++, very entertaining watch!"
Through it all, Kiddy Grade has always succeeded to entertain me, even when they had a recap episode, it was marvellously done in the form of a flashback to Eclair's first current awakening, with accompanying developments on the story ( the shadows behind the world reveal their plans and such ). It is an appropriate champion of the shounen genre with action, good story telling and fan service :P A very entertaining watch and it occupies a very prominent spot in my R3 DVD collection ( about 32 DVD cases worth since I bought the collector's edition which had the coffee-table books of sketches and information for each DVD! 12 DVDs, 12 books!! Woohoo!! )

Posted by : Yuun
Posted on : 2005-04-29        

Make sure you have lots of time to spend before you start watching this series. Kiddy Grade has lots of attraction that just gets you glued to the television screen for hours!!

SUPERB!! Well, we are talking about a GONZO production here, so no doubt that Kiddy Grade is another mecha anime. Ahem... the setting takes place between galaxies and planets. In other words, we'll be travelling into all different worlds. Kiddy Grade animation is extremely clean and smooth.

Backgrounds are detailed, characters, clothes, and angles as well as the toning are OK. Overall the animation is much too great to express into words. Like they say, "A picture paints a thousand words".

P/s: You really got to love the Mech in this series.

Story Plot:
Well, I would say that Kiddy Grade's story line would follow a little of Neon Genesis Evangelion where it is very confusing. Since it is rather long, I'll make it short. Kiddy Grade talks about Eclair and Lumiere, who belong to an Organization called GOTT, which runs as if they're a special police team that incharge in catching criminals and other affairs.

The story is rather unique and is the first time I've watched something of this kind. Putting aside the comical Galaxy Angel, Kiddy Grade is a serious anime and really interesting. However, lack of romance might be boring for some audiences... however, the story was so captivating that you won't even think of romancing.

This is the main attraction of this anime I think...
Eclair and Lumiere just so special, however, one thing is for sure: they're NOT Normal Humans as well as some other Elites such as Twiddledee & Twiddledum. They can never die and each and every one of them possesses special abilities that is rather crazy.

No, we're not talking about Mutants from X-men, ahem...
Lumiere may look young but her attitude and characteristics are that of an adult. However, her partner Eclair is her total opposite, and with Eclair's playful character and beautiful appearance... she can easily capture the audience heart. (At least I am ^^)

In this anime, we'll be able to see several different appearances of Eclair and Lumiere. In other words, we won't be bored looking at the same old appearance of our dear heroine for the 24 episodes, which is a good thing. The appearance that I mention above is not merely changing makeup or anything, they look totally different each time they change.
No doubt I fall for Eclair and Lumiere at 1st view and deepen my attraction as the story progressed, ^^

Ahh... and another thing, who would expect that Lipstick and Wine Bottles could be a very effective weapon?

Is great, the opening and ending is pleasent to hear. The BGM is nice as well and sycronise well with the anime.

Overall View:
Sharing similarities with Vandread and Galaxy Angel, this anime is still unique in its own way. An anime that musn't be missed by any Mecha fans and fans that are interested in superheros as well as some politics ^^

Actually... this anime is fairly simple and would have suited most teenagers. However, much younger viewers might not be suitable as they might not understand the story line. As for Romance Fans, you might give the series a pass... you heard me...

As for a Romance Fan like me, I think Vandread is better than Kiddy Grade in terms of Romance as Vandread concentrated more on Romance. However, in other points of view, like how they developed the story and the story line itself, made Kiddy Grade a much better anime than Vandread. Not to mention their unique characters which Vandread can't even matched.

Putting aside my own interest, I would say that Kiddy Grade deserved a better score than Vandread. So I give it 9/10 NO MORE NO LESS!!

Posted by : Rocky
Posted on : 2005-03-27        

If you can get through the first episode without gagging, you'll really like this series. I'm already hooked. I watched the whole of the first episode going "Oh my god is the whole series this stupid?" I think it was the 'hero' music that really grated on my nerves. I was kind of cringing throughout the whole first episode. I think it must be a kind of initiation thing, because as the series progresses, it gets really good. I was astonished as I kept watching. I was really fooled by the first couple of episodes.

I'm not sure about the storyline, because I've only been able to see up to episode 17, but so far it's developing nicely.
Story rating: 8

The characters are amazing. 10 all the way. At first I thought they were dumb barbie bimbos with super powers, but they're deeper than that--much deeper.
Character rating:10

It was hard for me to take this anime seriously, as it's drawn in a distinctly little-kid (think Sailor Moon) style, but after watching, I give the artwork a 10. The way it is incorporated is quite amazing.
Art rating: 10

The music in the first episode was painful, to say the least. It totally played the part of making this series look like a some stupid kid anime with really, really, really corny action sequences cute, girly, giggly heroines. Don't be fooled. It mellows out pretty quickly, making it definitely enjoyable.
Music rating: 4

The way this anime is put together is quite incredible. To be able to make a good series using what I've just described has to be incredibly difficult. The fact that I've watched up to episode 17 and am eagerly waiting to be able to finish the series has to say something. Anyway, I really liked this anime. It's well on its way to being one of my all-time favorites.
Final rating: 9

Posted by : deviantfr3ak
Posted on : 2005-02-19        

Animation: Superb, loved every little bit of it. Nice clean designs of the characters and the settings. CG and lighting is very well done in this series.

Characters: All the characters were great. Their character developments were also slow.. yet through the end of the series, it was nicely done. Nice character designs and also we can't forget about all the fan service that the characters give. ;]

Story: Fairly written story.. though I had my doubts about the anime during the first few episodes. First 7 episodes were mostly dragged, but It showed what the main characters did and what they were in so I guess it kinda helped to understand the story a bit. The reviews above or below this review should explain it better than I can.

Sounds/Music: Opening song is nice, fits in with the atmosphere of the whole anime. Ending song is a bit mediocre, I wouldn't say it is bad but yah.. good non-the-less. But throughout the whole series, I loved the sounds and music behind every scene.

This anime surely deserves a 10, even if the first few episodes were kind of bland. It just mainly served the purpose of introducing the area and setting of the anime. Also the great characters and nice fan service gave it a boost too. :] Well If anyone is going to watch this anime, then I surely want to encourage the viewer to watch the whole thing, because of its action packed, great story, and hot babes. :]]

Posted by : LiangZzZ
Posted on : 2004-12-05        

Humour. That's all that this anime is all about. In Kiddy Grade, the characters battle out against each other in a future age, using gadgets that you have never thought of. I personally love Eclair, not because she's the main character , but her ordinary lipstick really packs a punch as a weapon. In all, if you are looking for actions, pretty anime girls and unpredictabilities, hop on to the time machine and catch this anime!

Posted by : atikiN
Posted on : 2004-11-08        

This was sort of entertaining I guess. There

Posted by : uzumaki_naruto
Posted on : 2004-05-31        

Kiddy Grade is one of the best anime that GONZO delivered out there. This is the type of late-starter anime where it starts off with some meaningless mission that Eclair and Lumiere have to do, until at some point the story become more interesting with some major plot revealed.

This is a story about Eclair and Lumiere, members of special force called ES member of GOTT organization. GOTT organization is a group that act like police of the galaxy and their main task is to create peace around the galaxy. Eclair and Lumiere normally do their job until at some point the plot twisted and interesting things happened.

This anime deserved 10/10 because:
- It has beautiful Soundtrack
- It has well animated CG
- It has a good character development
- Interesting story start from volume 8 or so

Some minor problems:
- Like Vandread 2nd Stage, the ending made me think that this anime is not finished.
- The lame story at the beginning.
- Pretty stupid title

Posted by : Von_hazzard
Posted on : 2004-05-27        


(My reviews are a little late and mostly posted, 2-3 years after its release. I don't have fast Internet access and Anime are hard to come by in my country.)

In the Star Century year of 0165, the Galactic Union and GOTT (Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs was formed. The Galactic Union government along with GOTT was to bring stability and prevent conflict between planets. 162 years later, we meet Eclair and Lumiere... members of the elite GOTT taskforce ES as they go around on their missions for GOTT.

But things are not what it seems to be. The Galactic Union is actually a council made up of the Nouvlesse (Nobles) who are fewer than 100,000 in number and claim to have the pure blood of their Earthling ancestors but yet control the entire galaxy. Betrayal and deceit are rife as a social class struggle begins.

Before watching Kiddy Grade, I often wonder what the title's all about. After watching all 24 episodes, the only thing that relates to "Kiddy" is Eclair acts like an annoying 12-year old and Lumiere, a 5-year old-wine-drinking girl. The "Grade" to me is still a mystery. This title mostly leads to confusion to the typical anime fan. I too was fooled, I initially thought that Kiddy Grade was a bunch of kids not doing well with their grades and they're taking a study vacation to catch up.

I keep hearing that the first to ninth episodes are shallow, slow and full of crap. Well, some of the issues are true; a few episodes really bore me with pointless panty shots and slow progress of the developing plot. But on the bright side though, these episodes are necessary to show the what is the life of the GOTT ES Members, introduction of the supporting characters, fleshing-out the Nouvlesse's history and slowly bringing out the mystery of what's ahead. After episode nine however, things are beginning to pick up but falls within episode fifteen and sixteen and picks up back again. The plot after the ninth episode is solid (like Gundanium Ore) enough to keep you intrigued and is loaded with symbolism, betrayal, resurrection, (almost like X/1999 and Neon Genesis) and few twists. The twists are not as confusing like RahXephon as one previously stated but its complexity is set just right.

Characterization is pretty good and there is no unexplained character and the once annoying Eclair turns out into one of the most interesting and almost likable character. The supporting characters are developed real nicely. My favorite character so far is Cesario. He's a silent type and is really funny in a way when he communicates by facial and body expressions. And my second favorite will be Tweedledee and she's more likeable than Eclair.

The music is very good. I really love the opening and ending songs. Its OST is a must-have. Buy it or download it, the music themes are nice, smooth, cool and rocks.

The art and animation is also very good. My favorite episode where the art attracted me is episode 21. Character designs are beautiful especially the women, well-endowed and proportioned bodies and their jewel-like eyes. CG backgrounds and designs make the environment for most part feels futuristic. The explosive action failed to impress me, well except for episode 15, 23, and 24. I've been picky on action lately since my chaotic incident on Samurai Deeper Kyo. If you watched SDK's action sequences, you can pretty much guess what type of action Kiddy Grade has. On the bright side, the action improves episode after episode. Another complaint of the action is it's soooooo unreal. To give you some few examples:

- Eclair chases and shoots down a missile into deep space with only a force field to protect her from the vacuum of space.
- Lumiere hacks into a computer terminal to control the planet's activity (i.e. weather, volcanic) to stop an out-of-control spacecraft.

In addition, I find the ES Member's equipment and special abilities a bit farfetched. To give you another few examples:

- The inspector has a briefcase that contains almost anything. He should hide a tank inside for emergency.
- Another ES Member has the ability to absorb energy into her body; even the energy she absorbed has an explosive power of a thousand nuclear bombs. No wonder she's well endowed.

I may be stretching here but the creators should lessen the unbelievability factor. Sure it's the far future where anything's possible; if that's their goal, well I must disagree. SOME might find it amusing if they're into out-of-the-world-fighting fantasy. They should have released this anime on 2050 and by that time there will be energy-absorbing women.

Well that's about it. Kiddy Grade did entertain me with a good story and cast of characters. This anime is recommended to all. Ignore the confusing title, loads of fan service, Eclair's voice, unreal action and endure the first nine episodes, you won't be disappointed. Overall though, this anime is not a 5-star caliber anime.

*I think it's time to remove my trash using my anti-molecular powers*

My Score:

7 points (3.5 stars)

+ Good story
+ Good characters
+ Beautiful backgrounds and character designs
+ Lots of action
+ Eclair's facelift
- Eclair's voice
- Slow start
- Action too unreal and not detailed for most parts

General Score:

8 points (4 stars)

+ Good story
+ Good characters
+ Beautiful backgrounds and character designs
+ Lots of action
- Slow start
- Too much fan service

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