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Fushigi no Umi no Nadia

Alternate title : Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water

Studio : GAINAX Co., Ltd.

Licenced by : ADV Films

Length : 39 Episodes

Year : 1990

Genre : Adventure - Science-Fiction

Synopsis :
Based loosely on the Jules Vern classic, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Nadia is a story of a young determined inventor seeking to create a working plane, and a mysterious young girl with an even more mysterious and powerful pennant that a rowdy group of villains seems to be after.

A giant Gainax series, that takes Nadia across (and under) the ocean on the Nautilus, into the lair of a group determined to destroy humanity and impose their rule, asks Nadia what her true nature really is, why the blue water is so important, and what her role in this action/adventure/drama will play out to be.

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : Specky
Last update : 2007-11-09
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Score : 7.4
Number of reviews : 5

Link(s) :

Official #1 : NHK's Nadia Website (Japanese)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Miho Morikawa - Blue Water

ED1 : Miho Morikawa - Yes! I Will...

Release(s) :

2017-09-18 -- Episode(s) 1-39 by Hark0n. BT Link
2017-08-12 -- Episode(s) 23-34 by Storiophage. BT Link
2014-03-17 -- Episode(s) 1-39 by Rising Sun. BT Link

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Posted by : Fusion
Posted on : 2006-03-15        

That story based (slightly) on the Jules Verne's book is great! From Paris (in the 30s I would guess) to incredible depths under the sea, I am totally addicted to characters ; Nadia is a really beautiful girl and a good heroin, but she also has an dreadful temper, and all of the story she is the guiding line.

Some of the episodes are funny, or develop some kinds of concepts, like "Jean wants to find petrol on an island to use in a plane that he made to escape" that last for an episode and have nearly no consequences on the plot. On the other hand, most of the episodes develop the main story that is really captivating, and there are many cliffhangers that make us want bad to see the next story !!

Apart from these episodes, there is a small series called "Nadia Omake" that is bonuses involving Nadia Characters to make some short stories, or to explain some of the events that have happened on the story and were never explained ; some of them are exposes about war, technology, or Atlantis story, there are 10 of them and I found them good to watch.

For all that series meant to me (my first anime) and all that makes that series one of my prefered, I will put a well deserved good mark!

Posted by : Caireen
Posted on : 2005-10-01        

I decided NOT to read up anything about Nadia before watching it, so the fact it's loosely based on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea intrigued me, as I'm a big Jules Verne fan and this is the first thing you find out when you turn the DVD on.
The storyline started off really well and I found myself thinking "Laputa". There were lots of things that reminded me of Laputa, the Blue Water Jewel, the bad guys chasing Nadia and the cute little boy who befriends Nadia.
The story was very intriguing up to episode 22 when all of a sudden it crashes with 9 really boring filler episodes that I speeded up just to get the gist of what was happening. Just as I was about to give up, along comes episode 32 and it refuelled my interest. The story ended on a very high note, which was extremely satisfying.

Animation: For 1989 the animation quality is actually very impressive. The action sequences are done really well, as are the designs for the ships, the Nautilis and all of the buildings and backgrounds.
The character design wasn't too bad but nothing exceptional. Most of the characters are pretty ugly, even the ones who are supposed to be pretty, but this doesn't really put you off, as this is how it's supposed to be!

Sound: I wasn't overly impressed with any of the songs. I think I only listened to the op & ed once - it was enough. The BGM on the other hand was really wonderful and added the right amount of atmosphere to the storyline.
The voice acting was pretty good and I can't think of anyone who wasn't suited to the character.

Storyline: If it wasn't for those 9 terrible filler episodes (23-31) I would be rating Nadia 9/10, but they really killed this anime for me.
It started off really nicely and captivated the viewer straight away, with the introduction of Jean, Nadia and the crew of Gratan, who were chasing Nadia in the hopes to steal her Blue Water jewel. I have to say, Grandis, Sanson and Hanson reminded me of Team Rocket from Pokemon! Nadia is Misty, Jean is Ash and King is Pikachu *lol* I don't think I was supposed to be thinking along those lines, but I couldn't help it!
Those early episodes were really fun, although I did feel a little uncomfortable with the racism that was going on against Nadia. I'm not sure if I was supposed to feel sorry for her, or if I was supposed to dislike the people who avoided her because of the colour of her skin!
After a while, we're introduced to Captain Nemo and the crew of the Nautilis; everything about them is shrouded in mystery. The action is quite intense when they have to fight against Gargoyle and his evil plans and up to this point, everything is very entertaining and intriguing. Who is Nemo? Who is Gargoyle? and what are they really fighting for?
This excitement lasts until episode 22, when certain events lead Jean, Nadia, Marie and King to a desert island. This is the point at which I started to hate this anime! OK, to start with it was quite cute seeing the 4 of them doing their best to survive, but if you thought Nadia was irritating in the first 22 episodes, you're likely to hate her guts by episode 23/24! The next 7 episodes were so boring that I speeded up the DVD player and watched 4 of the 7 at x 32 speed! I didn't want to give up on Nadia at this late stage, but I was finding it so boring, I had to force myself to go on! Thank goodness for episode 32, it renewed my interest completely and from there on it was as exciting as in the beginning.

Everything you want an answer for is explained (and I mean everything). The real identities of Nemo, Nadia and Gargoyle are very fascinating, although a little far fetched! There are even one or two ideas in this story, where you can see the connection to Neon Genesis Evangelion (the creators of this worked on Eva later).
This anime would have panned out so much better if episodes 23 - 31 were say just 2 or 3 episodes, as certain aspects of the desert island were necessary to the plot, as other than those filler episodes, I did really enjoy the story as a whole.

Characters: This is the point in which I'm supposed to say I loved all the characters, but I didn't! I hated Nadia from beginning to end. Her views were so self centred and selfish, I just couldn't find it in me to like her even a little bit. Who in their right mind would tell 2 starving children they shouldn't eat fish, because it's wrong to kill animals, just because she said it was! Who in their right mind would tell someone who had just saved their life by killing someone, that they were a murderer and they shouldn't have saved them? God I hated her! We're all entitled to our own opinions and ways of life, but we aren't all entitled to push them on other people! Absolutely everything about her irritated me and made me mad. Even her fickleness when she meets Hamahama!

My favourite characters were Team Gratan (I affectionally called them Team Rocket! Grandis is Jessie, Sanson is James and Hanson is Meowth ^_^). They were just so entertaining and with their complete change of personality from the start of the show, made me love them even more.

The other characters were fine. Jean was sweet, Nemo was not the monster you first thought. The crew of the Nautilis were full of life and even the bit parters, like Hamahama were funny and entertaining.
If it wasn't for Nadia, I would have rated the characters 10/10!

I'm not sure I would watch this again, or if I did, it would be in maybe 3 or 4 years and I would miss out episodes 23-31 *lol* and I wouldn't mind trying out the English dub version!

Posted by : rockymhs
Posted on : 2005-06-22        

Nadia......the anime series was pretty good.

I first watched "Nadia" when I was about 7, I think, and I had a chance to watch it all over again a year ago (I'm now 18 -_-;). Anyway, it was quite refreshing to watch the whole series, and I was surprised to realize that I still remembered many parts of the series.

First of all, the story line is quite interesting. Although the description on thoses DVDs said that "Nadia" was based on Jules Verne's novel, I couldn't find much connection between the two pieces. I really enjoyed how the mystery of Nadia and Nemo's relation turned out the end. Throughout the series, I had some predictions about their relations and I was pretty close. The long and lagging storyline caused a little problem for me. There were over 10 DVDs for the series (I think) and each had four 30-minute sections.

Characters...I thought Nadia was quite a...hmmmmm....bitchy character but nice in some situations. I didn't like how she got all mad many times, and I had urge to throw something at her. Jean was quite a nice character being super nice and smart and all. Nemo was just mysterious and I hoped that his relationship with Electra to be more developed. Grandis, Sanson and Hanson were kind of annoying, but turned out to be affectionable characters at the end. All the characters were well made.

The graphic wasn't too great since it was made a long time ago, but I think they did well for the time period. I specially loved how the evil people were depicted with all those crazy masks. Both the old and new Nautilus had cool designs. The Atlantis was also well created with high tech look.

Overall, I really enjoyed watching "Nadia" once again. But my eyes became so sore after watching all those episodes. It's a good animation anyway, and people should watch it!!

Posted by : Yebyosh
Posted on : 2003-09-05        

Watched the whole series in a week. My copy seemed to have some problems (I'm not sure if they are due to the ineptness of the producers of the DVDs or part of the original masters, comments later).

Straight off, character development is stagnant. The characters stay very constant throughout the series with little to no changes in behaviour. Due to the comedic fleshing out of the characters, however, this didn't seem to take too much of a toll on my interest. However, for others, the characters being set in stone, with persistant attributes shown too strongly and often, might irk you (e.g. Nadia's vegetarianism & Jean's baka attempts to change her diet plan).

Graphics are quite good considering that this was made in 1990. However in mid-series some episodes have dialogues occuring with the mouths of the characters shut, not due to bad syncing or a use of thought dialogue... just due to a lack of animation. The style is directed towards a younger audience, i.e. more pronounced and exagerrated features (especially Gravis and gang). This seems to suit the overall progression of the story with its depictions of mature elements of violence, death and torture. It is not done to an excess and most combat is drawn more like the old robot series.

The show is very light hearted and has good continuity. The plot, however, does suffer from quite a few holes. The events of the timeline, for example, would not make much sense if it is matched with the worlds timeline (which is portrayed as our world). Also there seem to be large sections of the story missing, as I viewed several disconnected episodes and halves (which might be faulted to the DVD producers). Also there is a long, drawn out and useless (IMHO) 3 episode arc (which includes a musical) two-thirds of the way into the series. But overall it is still rather entertaining and provides a 'what-if' speculation to keep your interest going. It does provide a few good twists that make you go "what??!!" at the end.

There's a little bit of fan service (mainly Nadia) but not too much to gripe about.

I would recommend this to be an introductory anime or something to watch for light fun.

Posted by : Specky
Posted on : 2003-01-02        

While I really did enjoy Nadia, this series suffers from one of my little peeves of being quite a long series

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