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Detective Conan

Alternate title : Case Closed

Studio : Tokyo Movie Shinsha

Licenced by : FUNimation

Length : Unknown

Year : 1996

Genre : Adventure - Comedy - Mystery

Synopsis :
Shinichi Kudo, a high school student, accidently consumes a drug that changes his appearance to that of a seven year old. He changes his name to Conan Edogawa, a combination of the names of detective story writers from both East and West (Ranpo Edogawa and Arthur Conan Doyle respectively), and becomes a detective of difficult cases. And because of his appearance, bad guys don't retaliate against him.

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Score : 9.1 Ranked #19 by users
Number of reviews : 40

Link(s) :

Official #1 : FUNimation's Cased Closed Website (English)
Official #2 : TMS' Detective Conan Website (Japanese)
Official #3 : YTV JP's Detective Conan Website (Japanese)

Song(s) :

OP1 : High-Lows - Mune ga Dokidoki
OP2 : Velvet Garden - Feel Your Heart
OP3 : Miho Komatsu - Nazo
OP4 : ZARD - Unmei no Roulette o Mawashite
OP5 : Two-Mix - Truth
OP6 : B'z - Girigiri Chop
OP7 : GARNET CROW - Mysterious Eyes
OP8 : Rina Aiuchi - Koi wa thrill, shock, suspense
OP9 : Miki Matsuhashi - Destiny
OP10 : Mai Kuraki - Winter Bells
OP11 : Rina Aiuchi - I can't stop my love for you
OP12 : Mai Kuraki - Kaze no Lalala
OP13 : Yuuka Saegusa in db - Kimi to Yakusoku Shita Yasashii Ano Basho Made
OP14 : Rina Aiuchi - Start
OP15 : ZARD - Hoshi no Kagayakiyo
OP16 : Mai Kuraki - Growing of My Heart
OP17 : B'z - Shoudou
OP18 : Rina Aiuchi & Yuuka Saegusa in db - 100 Mono Tobira
OP19 : Yuuka Saegusa in db - Kumo ni Notte

ED1 : Ziggy - Step by Step
ED2 : Heath - Meikyuu no Lovers
ED3 : Keiko Utoko - Hikari to Kage no Roman
ED4 : DEEN - Kimi ga Inai Natsu
ED5 : Miho Komatsu - Negai Goto Hitotsu Dake
ED6 : Miho Komatsu - Koori no ue ni Tatsu You ni
ED7 : Rumania Montevideo - Still for Your Love
ED8 : WAG - Free Magic
ED9 : Mai Kuraki - Secret of my Heart
ED10 : GARNET CROW - Natsu no Maboroshi
ED11 : Mai Kuraki - Start in my Life
ED12 : Mai Kuraki - Always
ED13 : Azumi Uehara - Aoi Aoi Kono Chikyuu ni
ED14 : Garnet Crow - Yumemita Ato de
ED15 : Azumi Uehara - Mushoku
ED16 : Koshi Inaba - Overture
ED17 : ZARD - Ashita wo Yumemite
ED18 : GARNET CROW - Kimi to iu Hikari
ED19 : Saegusa U-ka IN db - Nemuru Kimi no Yokogao ni Hohoemi wo
ED20 : GARNET CROW - Wasurezaki
ED21 : Yuuka Saegusa in db - June Bride ~Only You I Can See~
ED22 : Shiori Takei - Stopping the World
ED23 : Iwata Sayuri - Thank You for Everything
ED24 : ZARD - Kanashii Hodo Kihou ga Suki
ED25 : Aya Kamiki - Mou Kimi dake wo Hanashitari Shinai
ED26 : Mai Kuraki - Shiroi Yuki

Release(s) :

2017-11-25 -- Episode(s) 882 by Erai-raws. BT Link
2017-11-25 -- Episode(s) 882 by Erai-raws. BT Link
2017-11-25 -- Episode(s) 882 by HorribleSubs. BT Link

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Original Work
Aoyama, Gosho

Satou, Masato

 Kudo, Shinichi (Jimmy)       
     Edogawa, Conan   Mouri, Ran (Rachel)
 Mouri, Kogoro (Richard)  Agase, Hiroshi (Dr. Agase)   

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Posted by : Kaito1412
Posted on : 2010-09-06        

Is this the perfect anime? A lot of genius was put into its production, that goes without saying. Well over 500 episodes and over a dozen movies and OVAs, each consisting of a mystery more intriguing than the last, is a difficult feat. The devil is always in the details, and it forces us to pay attention to everything even before a case. What people wear, what they say, how they act, and who is where at what time are just some of things we've learned to observe and remember without realizing it. This anime is not only entertaining and intriguing, it also makes us smarter. It's an interactive anime that allows us to play along in a way other anime can't.

So why doesn't everyone love Detective Conan the way I do? Well, there are 3 distinct flaws that an average anime watcher would enjoy picking at.

1) Detective Conan is a puzzle game, and it takes place in Japan. Therefore, there are going to be a lot of Japanese word games that only a native speaker would be able to solve before Conan sinks his teeth into them. It is frustrating to lament over what seems an unsolvable riddle, only to find out its roots are in the architecture of the Japanese language. I have to sit out on these mysteries because my Japanese will never be good enough. The reason Case Closed (the English dubbed anime) failed well before reaching 3 bills was not because there was a lack of interest in it. It failed because the Japanese word games do not translate from Japanese to English, so it had no choice but to fail. This is not the anime's fault, nor is this really a flaw. But it's just so damn depressing.

2) This is a very adult anime, and at the same time juvenile. Murder is the underlying theme. I've seen a woman's throat slit in a bath tub during an engagement party, I've seen a woman beaten across the head with a baseball bat. We watch people die all the time, and that's why I say its adult. But what makes this anime juvenile is abjection toward a couple important subjects. Like sex. Sex is entirely nonexistent in this anime and barely hinted at. It goes without saying there is no rape in this anime either- not that I'm complaining, but it gets a little unrealistic over time. I would like to see some kind of sex, because I get a very powerful "marriage before sex" vibe, as relationships never seem to progress past the "I wonder if he/she likes me" phase.

There's an unnatural animosity toward drugs I also feel worth mentioning. I only began to notice this during the Kaito Kid 90 minute special, in which there is an old case that takes place within a mansion. Within the story, sophisticated buyers of arts and antiques experiment with smoking marijuana, which has caused everyone to literally slaughter one another in a bloody frenzy. Now, keep in mind, the aforementioned drug was marijuana, not amphetamines. I felt this was a little ridiculous, and as the episodes rolled over, I began noticing an anti-drug, drinking, and smoking subliminal campaign designed to scare younger watchers into staying straight. The anime does this by following a couple rules. People who drink act stupid and/or get murdered. People who smoke cigarettes are either evil, obnoxious, and yes- people have been murdered as a direct result of their smoking. So is this anime for adults or children? That question I cannot answer.

3) The flaws. When an average viewer watches a couple episodes of this anime, he would start asking, "Why doesn't anyone notice Mouri's lips don't move when he's deducing a case?" and, "Shouldn't Mouri become immune to Conan's sleeping darts over time?" and (one of my personal favorites) "What is the science behind Shinichi shrinking in size? That simply isn't possible." I suggest to these people that they shut down their computer monitor, go outside, and read a book. That's all I have to say.

This anime is 5 stars to me. Its dastardly addicting, intriguing, funny, and powerful when it needs to be, and, all together, a good time.

Posted by : sheepcong
Posted on : 2008-07-06        

This anime is Great! First of all, let's put the crimes and cases aside. How come anyone won't love that little boy Conan who is actually a real man called Shinichi Kudo *love him*? He is handsome and smart, strong and confident, and yet so childish in his way with this kids. The thing that I love about him most is his love for Ran Mouri. (God, that girl is really kind, lovable and adorable. No wonder he loves her.) He lives with her under the same roof and is unable to convey to her his true feelings; I never saw a suffering love story in this way, even though I saw tons of animes. As for the boy part, the cases are really cool and you get to enjoy the investigation itself regardless of the case - for example, how he tries really hard to make them understand his point even though he is only a kid.

The animation is so so good. I mean, it's the best it could get - the characters look great and even the backgrounds take care of the details in a really good and noticeable way.

I like the music of this anime, because it's not too rock and annoying and yet not too sleepy, although I admit I hated some openings and endings.

The characters in this anime are ... indescribable. You just can't not love them, you can see how they become different after some time. I mean, they're not just like stand still characters who are like robots in many animes, like Ranma or Inuyasha. The ones in Conan can get affected in some episodes and change and you can touch that in the later episodes. I mean, Gosho is really a GENIUS !!! I LOVE HIM****

In fact, one of the great things in this anime is that it's the same as the manga, not changing a lot, like what happened in CardCaptor Sakura, FMA, etc. The story is as the manga, which makes me enjoy it even more. Even the original tv episodes are great (though not all the time, to be honest.)

I WANT MORE EPISODES. I can't get enough of this anime. Shinichi & Ran are the best couple I have ever seen.

Posted by : dollychan
Posted on : 2008-01-09        

Detecitve Conan is sure a legend in the anime world. I'm writing this review actually disagreeing with the previous review.

The cases are creative and need a lot of thinking. Sure there could be some over-coincidence events but that's only to make the series interesting, even those coincidences are not ruining or breaking the enjoyment.

OK, let me start again, as for the story it was already mentioned many times and I believe everyone knows it already. Moving to the type of plot, we already accomplished that it suits many genres types: romance, comedy, action...etc. Next? Ah the length, I admit that some people could find the linear of the main arc goes on slowly but c'mon, we are talking here about separate cases and not long boring with non-new developments like Mexican or Latin drama!! What next? Oh the characters... yeah? They are great and adorable I think people know this already because the characters themselves are legendary, quotes and signatures and avators for them everywhere! They are well-produced to be frank. Nothing hypery and abnormal like Sana from Kodocha or cold and unrealistic.

Let me think of what next? The idea? It's more than creative actually, I'm surprised by how it's done and developed. yeah there could be some weak points like when Conan put Kogoro to sleep but Gosho has tried to make this as natural as possible and it's totally unrealistic! The timeline has also been an issue, I mean it has been over 10 years and they are still 2nd year high school. Well, yeah but it's a part of the anime to make it long no harm is done! have more imagination people!!!

As for me, the reason I like this anime is Ran and Shinichi 's relationship. It's so natural and well-developed. I will put an example, in Fushigi Yuugi Miaka and Tamahome fell almost immediately in love with each other, I feel this kind of romance is unrealistic *no offense FY fans* however, Shinichi and Ran knew each others since they were kids, they developed their feelings, Shinichi loved Ran since they were kids and Ran loved him when they were in junior school. Once he learned she loves him we see him trying hard to tell her the truth and we can see that: -> because of this seperation they both NOW ARE FULL AWARE of each others feeling. isn't this too real and true ? We see what both are thinking of each other even if it's negative, Shinichi for example gets upset by Ran's temper sometimes, same goes for her, she hates when he is being cold about his cases....etc... NOTHING IS PERFECT it's too realistic relationship. nothing is fake *I love it*

Posted by : sssl0202
Posted on : 2007-12-27        

Detective Conan is a detective anime.

Unfortunately, not so clever cases and plot holes ultimately ruins the anime.

Detective story is very delicate story. To create interesting cases and unique methods of crime and solving that crime is one thing, but if there are flaws with that logic, then the entire story becomes flawed. Unfortunately, Detective Conan has some flaws.

I'll use one episode as an example. Often Conan uses Ran's father who is a detective to solve the case, by making it seem like her dad is the one that solved the case. Unfortunately, in that episode, all the suspicious actions were taken during the time Ran's dad wasn't present and when Conan pretends to be Ran's dad, he uses those events as evidence.

It's just one example, but these things happen too much during the anime which ultimately makes Detective Conan a failure as detective story. The illusion of brilliant detective work is quickly ruined by such flaws.

Actually I wouldn't call it brilliant. Each episode usually gives too much clues to viewers to really hold much curiosity. Put them together and chances are you will know who the criminal is before there is even a victim.

Although the mood of the anime is light-hearted, but too many vicious murder makes this anime not too suitable for children.

Detective Conan is entertaining anime, but too much flaws makes the anime makes it difficult for viewers to take it seriously. There are some decent drama in the anime so you will enjoy it as long as you don't think too much and follow the cases closely to 'detect' all the flaws and solve the cases before Conan does.

I suggest Death Note over this series. Death Note also isn't perfect, but it is more careful with their cases.

Posted by : Kathy2132
Posted on : 2007-08-12        

I hope my review will be good, I will give this anime 10/10

Plot >> 10

I don't think I need to tell the story it was mentioned many times in the previous reviews, as you can see, simple, wierd, full of action, drama, comedy, tricks and romance *______*
One review mentioned the word "unique" which is an excellent word to describe the story because you can't find anything similar anywhere else. I only saw the Japanese version and don't know the English one but I heard it's not as good.

Characters >> 10

I just love 'em, they are cute, well featured and described, to be honest I cried *embrassed* in many scenes, you just can sense their feelings, behavior....etc and they're lovable, I like Hattori and Shinichi, they make a good team. Friendship is there, Love is there, even the rivals are there. I like all of them, except for Ai, she is way too dark. I don't mind few episodes with horrible drawing where faces are not really symmetrical but it still worth watching because the majority of the episodes are just so good.


Oh yeah the length, alot of people are mad at this and I don't see why, it's just like watching TV crime shows such as CSI. I don't understand what is the difference, and honestly this one is even better and can be solved logically unlike those complicated series.

Graphics >> 9

Ok... hmmm it might be not the best but they are suitable, some episodes have that horrible drawing where Ran or Shinichi looks just not right. But some are not, in fact most of them are well-drawn. the backgrounds are nice and taking care of the details. *I feel like repeating the previous reviews LOL*

OST >> 9

I don't know much but I like 'em. They put me in the mood, especially the action. Although some are weird to listen to, I got used to it immediately. The romance OST are also cool *sis likes them*

other things

I just love it so much

Posted by : ayumi15
Posted on : 2007-08-03        

One of the unique anime series i've ever seen.

The author sure does thought of a new way to introduce a new theme that will leave the main character a little "small" for the huge criminal world.

After the poison (Apotoxin-4869) was forced to highschool detective Shinichi Kudo by a two men in black, he reverts back to a young child yet retaining his own skills and thoughts. In this, he becomes Conan Edugawa and let only profesor Agasa knows of his secret. In spite of his size and age, he was able to solve many crimes without the suspects realizing he was their real threat!

Though on the first 4 to 5 episodes, the series are seemed connected or continuous but until so, every episode was a stand alone, meaning independent from each other.

Whenever there's a crime, (which was almost always wherever he is... is Conan really the jinx in this anime? lol), he uses Kogoro Moori, Ran's father as a puppet to solve the crime by using his tranquilizer watch.

As time goes on, some crimes becomes much difficult than before making even the audience clueless. Now in the latest series, the new character named Ai Haibara was introduced. She was actually the creator of the poison and drink one herself to escape the Black Organization. She joins Conan and his friends and was also among the few people to know Conan's secret. Latetly, there are many episodes involving the black organization that makes me think the series is near to end but who knows?

So overall, the anime is really a great mindbending and brainteasing show to watch. Though its an anime, it helps us out to practice our abstract and detective thinking.

Posted by : Kawaiinda
Posted on : 2007-07-17        

I don't know how to start, I can never think of any better anime to watch in order to be relaxed or enjoyed. The reason I picked this anime as the best is because it's not only dealing with murders and victims but also with life, I learned a lot about Japanese culture and a lot of useful tricks that I can use in my daily life. I can truly say that I have learned a variety of things from this anime.

Lets discuss the story, it's funny, weird, the idea itself is new is interesting. I believe everyone here knows the story already. Little detective? Not new. A hero being chased by bad guys? Not really new. A love story while he is gone and she misses him? Not new at all. But how about converting all these factors to one amazing idea and unique? Yeah the detective is a little boy, but he is actually hiding his identity which have a flavor of thrill in the manga. He is in fact the hero who is being chased by the bad guys, therefore he can't reveal the truth. It's a battle of life and death. He didn't leave the girl he loves, but she thinks he did. We see them together and far away from each other at the same time. You can sense the pain of their departure. She misses him and he misses her even though he with her all the time. Yet she doesn't know the truth which even aches the heart even more.

The characters are not too rowdy like in many animes where it seems that they appeared out of no where like in Ranma. Here each character has its logical appearance and its different view. For example Shinichi and Ran, they are different and we can understand their characters deeply, similar to the rest like Heiji and Kazuha. They are not fake, such characters can be found in the real world. They build their relationship logically. For example the friendship between Ran and Kazuha, they started badly when Kazuha thought Ran is Heiji's lover. Later we can see her attitude change gradually, not suddenly, even the relationship between Heiji and Shinichi. Or even Satou and Takagi, their relationship is build on a slight romance that is not clear or vivid, it's all really well expressed and you can feel each character's feelings, like Shinichi's pain, or Kogoro's stupidity and his love for his daughter.....etc.

The drawing has also been a WOW thing to see. The characters are handsome and very nice drawn. The backgrounds are not fake or lack life as in some animes. It could be better in some episodes but I don't consider the drawing would spoil the episode for me. I would enjoy it no matter what because let's be honest: the idea beats any type of drawing. I mean I love Conan's cuteness, or Ran's beauty, the colors are not too bright nor too dark like in Black cat. Oh come on If you still more to be convinced it means you only watch the anime for its drawing and by that you are missing a huge amount of the most successful animes in the world.

What I like the most about the soundtrack is its simplicity. I mean I hate in some animes when the OSTs are loud and the voices too low and they won't match the scene. BUT here it's different. Detective Conan's OSTs are simple, nice, expressive, and give the right feeling, the thrill is there, the romance is there, the fun, the sadness, the happiness. All can be sensed wonderfully.

As mentioned in the previous reviews, a one can't get enough with this anime. I mean, I would like to see the ending so badly but I still wanna get this amazing feeling whenever I see an episode. I'm trying here to convince you with all my being that this anime is one of the greatest animes in the history.

Posted by : nwf
Posted on : 2007-02-20        

Just to let you know my knowledge of this show is limited because I have only seen it on adult swim so my knowledge of it is limited.


This show has a great story even though most of the episodes have nothing to do with it, however the fillers are good and you can probably figure out who the guy is if you are smart enough. Some cases I saw didn't have you trying to figure out who did it but how did he do it. I love how they do this because you are never left sitting there going "wait who. how. what. I don't get it" nor do you go "you stupid idiot how can you not figure this out it's so simple". Each case follows the same format of: someone dies, find out about the suspects, find clues, knock out the idiot detective, use his voice to reveal who done it, then some crying from the killer or sometimes he tries to get away but they catch him, and why he did it. This is done in almost every show and it never gets old. I was always giddy waiting to see if I was right. The only problem I have with the story is that everwhere Conan goes someone dies, I mean I know that there are some places they are isolated and he needs to be there, but he can't go anywhere without someone getting killed, you think someone will figure out that he is a walking jix and telling he "no you can't come I don't want anyone to die on my vacation". However, this is still a great story line filler or not.


Great cast of characters Jimmy/Shin'ichi/Conan is great lead and could kick Holmes's ass at detictive work. It's great watching him balace out solving the crimes, making himself seem like a regular kid, and smoot things out with his girlfriend though out the series. Rachel/Ran is his girlfriend kind of as she never tells him that untill he disappears and even then she didn't know she told him that. She is the thoughest character in this series, and one of the smarter ones. I forgot how many times she figured out that Conan was Jimmy but then got disproved. Richard/Kogoro is the guy Conan usally knocks out the use as a voice to tell every body who the killer is. He is a drunk and not half as good as Conan, he is not as dumb as he seems most of the time as he did solve a case, of course this was with the help of Conan. He usally gets lead along by Conan until Conan figures who did it and puts him to sleep with a dart and then gets the credit for the case.


This is a better crime solving show than the CSIs and all those pyschic show combined. And I watched all the episodes on Adult Swim every night, but it seems like I was the only one who did because it got canceled, but I still hope that they will buy more episodes or put it on Toonami, I mean they still show Voltron on Adult Swim. So if you want to see a show that will entertain you and make you feel smarter or dumber in some cases you will love this show no matter what sex, race, or age you are.

Posted by : Asool
Posted on : 2007-02-10        

The Plot:

The plot is excellant, it's more than YAHOOOO! I'm writing this review after more than 5 years of enjoying this anime. The story is mentioned already but what I want to mention is why such a story should be seen. Unlike other animes, Detective Conan focus on murders and they need to use your brain really hard. Some ideas are not that intersting like robbery or small tricks but still the majority is indeed very intersting. As for the rest of "Conan/Shinichi " story with the men in black I think everyone is intersted how things are going to turn since it's not just a story that can be found in many animes. The plot is really new and creative.

The Animation:

I think the animation is execllant as well, the start was not as good but I can say that I really do enjoy it now, they don't exaggrate in the faces features nor the moves and gestures.

The Characters:

Oh I LOVE them, my favourite character is Shinichi/Conan - of course - fights for what he believes in and don't wait for someone to thank, he simply does what he believes in. In fact each one of the characters has his/her own way of things, I have seen over 500 animes and to successed in this area is indeed something seldom.

The Length:

Many people hate the fact that it's long but I don't care, the longer the fun is, the better, I believe a lot of us think that way and it's not weird that we wanna see the end, however, I don't mind if it takes longer time to finish ^__^ Keep going Goshooooooooooooooooooo!!

Posted by : PaperMailJar
Posted on : 2007-01-31        

Impressive. VERY impressive. A masterpiece even, but let's not get too cocky.

Detective Conan, as the title suggests, is probably mystery. Shinichi Kudo is known as the youngest and greatest detective of his age and can outsmart even the most clever of crimes with his deductions. While on a trip to the fair with his childhood friend, Ran, he strays away from Ran, telling her he'd be back later, while trailing a pair of suspecting men is black coats, apparently "Gin" and "Vodka". They catch him, and drug him with a untested poison that will surely kill him. Instead, he finds himself in the body of a preschooler! Almost discovered by Ran, he introduces himself as Edogawa Conan, the detective!

Pretty original eh? Well compared to others it is anyway. For it's age, the graphics aren't too bad, but the lines could be clearer, but hey, who's really paying attention to that? There are murder cases left and right, and you must try to crack them as well. The plot is excellent, while the episodes might be self-sustaining, they link together at random occasions. A boring watch you'd think, "I'm fine with one or two episodes of murder, not THIS much!", it's not bad, it's fun to watch Conan try to keep his identity away from Ran, and watching the antics of detective Mori.

The music's fine I guess, but there were too many for me to listen to all, (I skipped them by doing other stuff) and the BGM reflected the current mood, whether it be a new case, or just some fun in the playground. Plot? Well, it'll eventually all add up, just you wait.

This is definitely a good anime, if you are willing to go check out that many episodes, I'd reccomend you stick to the manga though.

Posted by : chinesemann89
Posted on : 2007-01-22        

Oh my goodness! I grew up on this anime! I've watched this anime since I was a little kid, but I watched the episodes in chinese. The story is funny; in that Conan is transformed into a kid but still manages to solve crimes. The anime is captivating, and pulls the viewer in, wanting more and more. Each case is interesting and the artist(s) drew the anime very well, it has a child-like touch to it (not a bad thing). I enjoy this anime and so does my cousins, we've watched many episodes of it together. I recommend this to everyone.

The only downside, however, is the lack of "action."
No blood, gore, nudity, etc. It is a good family anime.

Posted by : Rana
Posted on : 2006-11-17        

This anime is basically about solving mysteries: murders, robbery, tricks or anything that needs a lot of thinking. Every episode is a different story and within these is the case of the high school detective Kudo Shinichi who is a son of a famous writer Kudo Yusako. The begning of the story we can see that only a few people know his secret, as the process going on we see that the FBI is meddling now and it makes things better, I think the late cases are much more better than the 1st ones.. maybe the ones before 200.

The Characters are cute, nice, kinda develop but too slowly, I like Shinichi and Ran the most, they are in love, miss each other and the rest of the characters are also nice, in fact the cool thing is that each character *even the minors* have a stories of themselves. For example, Officier Takagi who is despertly in love the another minor character, Officer Sato, but this love is being interuppted by another one: Shiratori. another is example is the FBI agent Judy Santimillion story with her family, or Shuihichi's story or even Inspector Meguri's story with his wife......etc, so you can understand all the characters (well, most of them). Yeah, sometimes there are a few illogical things, but that is too rare. The anime with these characters is really great!! It's as if these characters are just born for this anime, I tried once to imagine other characters in this anime but it was useless. None was good enough for it.

The Animationlet me think... do you want 3d stuff like Digimon or the Mecha anime? Then forget this one. you want cute fun weird things with funny faces like Get Backers? Forget this one then. You want serious drawing with right details like Monster? Forget this one then. In fact this anime has a little from each one. For example, you can see the 3d things in the backgrounds, they are really amazing, and this only happens in the late episodes. Don't expect to see people or meccha stuff as a 3d. If you are expecting funny stuff you can find a little here too, for example when Kogoro gets mad at Conan or in the funny scenes the shape and size of eyes could change. Don't except a huge flexibility, the drawing is funny within a series limit. If you are expecting to see a serious faces you can see this in the sad scenes or in the invetigations scenes, not as serious as Monster or Death Note but still really good and expresses right. As for the backgrounds in the beginning of the series it was average, with detials but not too much and colours are kinda feel right, however the last season's drawing is much much better, with improved techniques.

The Music is average too, this anime has a lot of openings and endings, some are like pop-rock and some are calm slow. You can even find a mixtures of these. However, the background music is really awesome and enjoyable, well, not all of it to be honest. Let's jusy say that the music is not best thing in this anime.

Finally, if you have time (a lot of time), like solving mysteries (not childish ones) and enjoy slight romance with comedy with a lot of action, then you will for sure enjoy this anime. I know its long, with more than 10 movies and a number of OVAs, but believe me its worth it, I was going to put 9 or 8 points for it but I changed my mind while writing this review. I feel that this anime really deserve to be given a chance to watch.

Posted by : Lady_Alko
Posted on : 2006-11-05        

This is my first review, I hope it will be good, I read the previous ones and they were indeed descriptions of the anime right in a good way. I would like to state my opinion here. I think this anime is defintly deserved to be watched not only to solve crimes, not only to enjoy the romance or the comedy, its also good in your practical life.

Why ?

Because this anime shows you the human nature and explains about it to the viewres, it shows that in this world, evil can be any where near you, and it explains why, it shows how killing is wrong and a fatal mistake to be done, even though the crimes are great and could be used but it shows also how wrong and bad this will be and that no matter what you will get caught in the end because there is only truth.
I think it shows a lot about life, we have experienced in this anime many lives, many people with a various of problems, many kinds of relationships with happy ends and sad ones, not only that, it makes you understand the human in fornt of you and that you can NOT ever exclude anyone from the capablity to do something good or bad.

Shinichi is Kudo is a smart detective who solves crimes under a strong sense of justice and the despise of ending a human's life, he is a normal human being with strong principles and love for all living things, no wonder his main principle is : " There is only one truth " While solving cases and hiding his real identity we see him coming after the men in black Gin and Vodka, who shrank his body, he doesn't want anyone to be involved in this in order not to show off but to protect the ones he love, isn't that a great sense of being a real human being with feelings ? and its not overdoing, I mean it could be right, you can know the characters and realized their feelings, thoughts, ideas, weakpoints...etc
I think in general that the story and the characters are fantastic.

In one of the reviews it was mentioned that the effects are much more stronger to be seen than to be read, and thats right, that's why I don't really enjoy reading Agatha's stories although I know they are GREAT ! I think the effects and the soundtracks in addition to the drawing is really splendid, because it gives life to the scene even in the smallest unimportant ones, if we took " Batman " as an example you will understand what I mean, this anime is very very dry, from the 1st second to the last second everything is action and related to the case, not really fun unless you are dying from bored may be. However, this anime offers you alot of things and in many ways, in a various of styles, there are episodes, manga, movies, ova, specials....etc and the fact that its for that long time is really a prove that people like it, otherwise how do you explain it being last for over 10 years and still so much successfull ??!
I admit that I learned alot from this anime, in ever possible way you can think of, I enjoyed it in the past and still does and defintly will.

Posted by : brandosteve
Posted on : 2006-10-29        

The version I have seen was the American one " Case Closed " .. when I first saw the title I knew it's gonna be something different.
Jimmy/Shinichi is a detective who loves to solve crimes and people consider him the new Sherlok Holmez %% I love that man!

Story > 10 points
Animation > 8 points
Audio > 8 points
Characters > 10 points
Cases > 10 points
The Story is absolutly fantastic, you can't get enough of it, and I feel really bad I have a long way before seeing the 100+ episodes and this judgemnt is only after watching around 7 episodes. The Characters are funny, a lot of people hated the American version which I don't understand why, I think it's good, however people kept saying to me: decide that after watching the japanese version @_@ I might do this pretty soon. My favourite characters are Jimmy and Rachel, those two are cute together even after he shrank into Conan *_*
The Animation is much more better than the cartoons I used to see here, they look like a robot however this anime is totally different *not experienced in anime I know Case Closed is my 1st one actually*
The Audio wes awsome, I prefered the lyrics but still its good enough. I think this anime rocks and planning to see the japanese version since its the only way for me to meet the new characters out there.

Posted by : takuechi
Posted on : 2006-10-26        

Kinda hestitated before writing the review, I have an anime group and we all love this anime, the reason I was hestitated because I'm afraid I won't be able to give it the right discription.

I read the manga around 5 years ago and was amazed by the art and the story line, I thought at the begning " huh ? " it doesn't make any sense, later this anime became my only favourite and the best among the huge japanese anime lists.

The Plot is really intersting, everyone knows the story, a great detective who is trying to haunt down the men in black in order to get back his previous life. I don't see any logical reason why people would think of this as a bad storyline. is it because its slow ? oh please its like you are saying : come on fun, finish already ! I would give 10 points for the plot.

The artwork is acceptable, don't you think ? its tidy, remarkable, not the best I admit, I just hate the way corpse open their mouths when they are died! :-O I would give the artwork 7,8

The music is awsome, its cool, and I love them so much although I don't understand japanese at all, except for Bz and some other whose music like *annoying thing to hear* 5 points

The characters ? what should I say about them exactly ? they are suitable for the anime, you can't imagine them in other place, they are logically acting as a human being would act, some are smart *too smart* and some are fool, I like Ran Mouri the best, she reminds me of my sister, she is tender, strong and cool person.

I know alot of people are mad because its long but seriously come on, this anime is good, even if it extends to 1000+ I won't say no, its nice to see a crime cases as an anime, and in funny way, I think the movies are great too which I'm going to write a review about each one of them and explain why.

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