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.hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet

Alternate title : Hack Dusk
Studio : Unknown

Also involved: Bee Train

Licenced by : Bandai Entertainment

Length : 12 Episodes

Year : 2003

Genre : Science-Fiction - Fantasy - Adventure - Action

Synopsis :
Twin Siblings Shugo and Rena are the winners of a contest held within the game The World and win the rights to play using special character skins based off of Kite and Black Rose, the Heroes of The World. What new adventures await them? What plans does Arua have for Shugo by giving him a legendary bracelet that allows him to modify the source code of The World? Will Shugo be able to get back into the swing of playing an online game and level his character up to impress and protect his sister?

Additional Notes: Taking place four years after the conclusion of the .hack//Liminality and PlayStation 2 games, .hack//Tasogare no Udewa Densetsu continues the adventures of the .hack universe with a new soundtrack, and comic based animation style.

Added : 2003-01-13
Synopsis by : Specky
Last update : 2009-09-06
Last update details : Modifyinfo
Score : 5.45
Number of reviews : 11

Song(s) :

OP1 : New World

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Posted by : Fission2
Posted on : 2006-09-11        

Oy! Oy! Even by the standards of the .hack franchise, this one takes the cake. There isn't enough plot for me to give a decent description so, although I can't tell you how bad it is, I can give a couple of pointers.

The entire story made ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE and is almost all the episodes were confusing and completely irrelevant. The ending left you with a "huh, so that's what happened..." feeling and you find out that the entire story is out of the whim of a litttle girl named Aura who's an AI or her was very confusing.

Audio components were alright...WRONG. .hacks always had a solid soundtrack going for them but this one was the worst out of the series if I ever heard. The OP was really fruity. Almost recycled themes. Voice acting wasn't that bad, considering what they had to work with (I feel bad for the voice actors...having to say all that stuff because of the terrible character personalities).

Do yourself a favor: skip over this anime or you'll really regret it. I know I did.

Posted by : corrakun
Posted on : 2006-03-15        

I have to say that I was completely and utterly disappointed in this anime. I had read the manga beforehand from a friend's suggestion and my hopes for this anime were shattered after the first episode. Luckily, this anime only lasted 12 episodes.

The animation for this was the same as the manga, except it seemed more childish. However, the ecchi references in here were most definitely not for children. The animation was cute and was identical to the drawings by Rei Izumi, but for some reason, it just didn't feel as right when I was watching the anime.

The music was totally not suited to this. I hated it. There were odd songs during some of the battles that ruined the mood (if any), and the OP and ED songs were...well, they'd take more than just 12 episodes to get used to.

The story was okay, I guess. The lead character, Shugo, and his twin sister Rena, won free character models in the most advanced interactive RPG in the world called "The World". Those character models are imitations of the heroes of the game, Kite and Black Rose. On his first try at fighting monsters, Shugo dies (pathetically) and meets an NPC called Aura who gives him a bracelet and his first kiss. This bracelet is basically the center of the whole story.

Shugo developed slightly -- he turned perverted and pathetic (he still could barely fight). Rena went from a know-it-all about video games to a protective and jealous sister. Aura went from a hot chick who gave Shugo his first kiss to a...oops.

I think that if you liked the manga, just stick to it. Everything about this anime, from the voices to the idea of the whole story, sucks beans. Unless you want an anime you want to make fun of with your friends (something I highly recommend doing for kicks), DO NOT waste your time with this. Really. Don't.

Posted by : yourshadow05
Posted on : 2005-08-29        

Firstly, this anime was made for the younger crowd. In contrast to the first .Hack, this anime is more childish and humorous. The main characters are two young siblings who won the costumes of the old .hackers in The World. The first half is funny, and introduces the main characters, lets you get to know them a bit. But about halfway, it turns a bit more serious, and it drops below the level that the manga reached. The music was bad, to say in the least. Quiet vocal songs during some battles, and just plain wierd music during the intermissions. The art was nice, battles were fair, and the sound fx were also pretty good. This is an anime that you would want to watch before reading the manga.

Posted by : who_is_friend
Posted on : 2005-08-19        

Now, while there isn't anything wrong with the anime, it is childish. Characters aren't as developed as they could've been. The first half of the series starts of relatively light-hearted, but then they introduce the group of kids in some kind of organization (and their subplot doesn't really go anywhere). The rest of the series kind of falls flat on its face.

I may be a little bias because I had read some of the manga before watching the series and the series pales in comparison. The manga is a must read if you enjoy the world of .hack and the anime adaptation should be considered an afterthought.

Posted by : Onery
Posted on : 2005-05-11        

This is a great anime, however it's story could do with a bit more polishing. I mean c'mon, does Shugo have to suck that much? The manga does give him more credit though. And when did Rena become so dependent on her brother? Also, I think the manga had an overall better story than this.

That said, this anime is great and fun to watch. It's opening song is one of the best I've heard and I think if you want something to pass the time, this is decent enough to give attention to.

Posted by : Basilm
Posted on : 2004-05-31        

this is my first-time doing an be nice.

Hack//Dusk - TV - Fantasy/Drama/Comedy

The Story: 8/10
This series takes place four years after the "Twilight incident".
This is not a "true" sequel to hack//sign even though it takes place after and has multiple things incoment.
The story is about the twins Rena and Shugo:

When Shugo was in the middle school, he kind of fell out of playing games of any sort. However, his sister continued on. And she entered a competion to win the legendary avatars of Kite and Blackrose, and of course did Rena win ^^
They had been living apart for 3 months now, and because their parents are divorced, Shugo knows that this is the only place for now to meet his sister. Shugo reluctantly agrees to meet his sister online and play "The World".
In the game, Shugo and Rena meet other players, Mileyu and Houka, and they quickly became close friends after several events and encounters.
Like those heroes of the twilight legend, Shugo and Renas true adventure in The World begins when they meet the girl Aura.
Shugo meets Aura, and are given the "Twilight Bracelet", who gives he a mighty weapons against all the wierdness in the game, who has always been there, and is still raging the lands....
I gave the story a 8/10 beacuse it had the old unique story form as hack//sign, but a little different in characters, and I loved that, its like a MMORPG series. In the begining of the serie it was episodic, but just after a few episodes it flowed, and you needed to watch everything really carefully to get the hang of it later on.

Animation/design: 8/10
The characters are all well done and the spells and monsters are all well drawn, though it could use some more detailed backgrounds, other then that it was splendid!, It was a clear and bright animation, encounters with spawning monsters are really good detailed, so are the cities and buildings, and its gets only better when alot of different characters of all sort are in the series, it must have been hard work, doing all those different species/characters, so I am very satisfied with the result.
From quite dark/shaded colors in hack//sign, this was almost an opposite, it was very brigth colors like: yellow,orange,pink etc, but it sure looked good :)

Music: 8/10
The music was good and briliant at moments, right music for the right time, though aint as strong as the hack//sign music, but close....really loved the music (sometimes anyway...) It was an all-around light/happy music in the background except from dramatic scenes and the last episodes, when the music turned sad, and you felt sad and lonely.

Of course!, though not in a while, I need to forget about the parts in this series that you dont wanna know before watching it. It was such a good and exciting serie so I would love to watch it again :D

This serie had a steady pace, always somethin happening, always something to do,or to slay, I liked that pace alot, always something new in every episode, so it made it worth the wait for next episode.
This was a good and exciting serie, I didnt think it was as good as hack//sign, but really close, this is a perfect series
for you if you wanted more action and more romance but still a BIG hack//sign feeling too it.
Even though there are cute characters and comedy moments, there is a serious story underneath all that....

Posted by : MysticTiger
Posted on : 2004-05-18        

I'd been playing the Playstation 2 games at the time, when I seen a clip from .hack//Dusk (Legend of the Twilight's Bracelet).. Having actually never seen .hack//sign, but still loving the video games, I decided to check this anime out..

First, I'll start with the good. Kawaii (cute) Characters. The Art was very good as well. From what I heard, it's a lot more cuter then the original .hack//sign.. But, now the bad.

Kawaii Character, though they definitly remind you of the character from the game.. Why? Oh, because they are the same character designs as the game, only chibi-fied with different users. As Kawaii as they are, they should have come up with something more unique then just having the characters there to start a plot. Then, the whole "Onnniii-chann!! Reeennnaaa!" thing.. A lot of people find this annoying, as do I. It was overused and made it.. umm.. Annoying. The end, more annoying.

Though, this anime is cute, and brings in a of minor character from the .hack// series, it is not on my best list. I'd reccomend this anime to people who like a cute comedy, but no storyline or good plot. Though, I DO reccomend the manga version of this series. It is MUCH better.

Posted by : fukui
Posted on : 2003-08-13        

This anime started off quite well, but went downhill midway through. Possibly because my threshold for silliness and obnoxious name calling maxed out. Or perhaps it was because I never really understood the main plot. The main plot had something to do with understanding death; but the who, when why, and how of that, was either lost in the translation or by virtue of its absurdity, simply too hard to comprehend. I remember well the last scene of the show where the world was saved by our brave heroes... my jaws dropped and I muttered.. "What THE..."

On a brighter topic, I was plesantly surprised by the character designs; although the monsters could've looked cooler but overall the art aspect was decent. The sound/music aspect was passable but nothing memorable.

I give this show a 3, but I think it would be enjoyed very much by young children.

Posted by : kiraseed
Posted on : 2003-06-01        

Hmmm...This series is a little boring and annoying. Just about every episode you hear this annoying sound repeated...REENAAA...ONICHAAAAN!

It's a little better then .Hack//Sign only because it's story progresses faster thats all. So unless your bored or have nothing else to watch go ahead and see this series otherwise dont bother.

Posted by : wolf
Posted on : 2003-04-08        

Ok,this anime is better than Hack//sign. At first, I do not think it will be anything nice when I saw the SD form characters, it proved me wrong. The story is better explained n better developed. I understand what is happening in the anime. There are some interesting things happen in the game they played to make the show watchable. One episode seem to be a ripped off from Hack//Sign. Makes me feel like watching an episode over again.
A cute adventure story. The guy playing as Kite looks super weak without that bracelet. Good to see him working to make himself stronger.
The story until episode 6 looks like something is going to happen though not obvious to me. Hope it will reach the climax soon.

Posted by : jiggydancer
Posted on : 2003-03-30        

I just finished the last episode (12)...

Was that supposed to make me feel something?
This series has wayyy too many melodramatic moments of "oniiiiichan...Rena...oniiiiichan...Rena...", which really spoils the mood for me. They could have added drama to the series in so many than that. Action/RPG elements could have been handled a lot better considering the content they're dealing with. With so many classes in one party, you would expect some pretty slick fight scenes... I guess I was expecting too much.

Everquest has better fight scenes than this...
Background story is as confusing as any other .hack// series. Even so, they didn't go as deep into the conspiracy behind 'the World' as the other .hack//'s. It also seems each character can hold a maximum of three special moves and/or spells.

Super Deformed means Kawaii
The character designs and animation quality is its saving grace... I always loved the .hack// characters, and seeing them SD is a welcomed change. Comedy keeps the series light hearted, but is dropped about halfway through the series in exchange for "plot" development, which was a real disappointment.

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