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Last Exile

Studio : GONZO

Also involved: Victor Entertainment

Licenced by : FUNimation

Also involved : Geneon Entertainment (USA)

Length : 26 Episodes

Year : 2003

Genre : Adventure - Fantasy - Science-Fiction

Synopsis :
Claus Valca and Lavie Head are Vanship (small airplane) pilots who deliver important messages by air. It is also a time of unrest between the two countries of Anatoray and Dysith. Battles have been fought in a chivalrous manner but things are going to change....

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : macerboy
Last update : 2009-01-04
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Score : 9.07 Ranked #23 by users
Number of reviews : 55

Song(s) :

OP1 : Shuntaro Okino - Cloud Age Symphony

ED1 : Hitomi - Over the Sky

Release(s) :

2003-10-16 -- Episode(s) 26 by Anime-Kraze. BT Link
2003-10-05 -- Episode(s) 26 by AnimeForever & Infusion. BT Link
2003-10-02 -- Episode(s) 26 by AnimeForever & Infusion. BT Link

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 Valca, Claus Head, Lavie Hamilton, Alvis Rowe, Alex Forrester, Sophia Eraclea, Dio Wisla, Tatiana Agrew, Alister
 Shetland, Mullin Eraclea, Delphine

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Posted by : kevinchaosvs
Posted on : 2010-05-11        

[Story: 8.0] Last Exile was the first production by GONZO that I have ever watched and this was the show that caught my attention of the studio, though of course, as of writing this review I have different impression of the studio due to some of its recent productions - but I digress. Nevertheless, even now, Last Exile stands strong in A-Source ranking, and that's saying something.

The story begins with the two young protagonists who were swept out of their regular life as they get involved in the crossfire between the Guild, designated villain of the series, and the famous battleship Silvana in the quest for the mysterious artifact called the 'Last Exile'. I like the Steam Punk setting and the idea of the vanships helps to spice up the series, especially how the seemingly more ancient vanships are pit against the futuristic looking 'planes' from the Guild. On a minor note, I also like the various Chess references in the episode titles. Now the main weakness of the series however, is that the ending is rather abrupt. This was somewhat a pity, for the series had relatively good pacing - till the last episode, that is. What with all the gradual build-up throughout the series, I was expecting something somewhat more detailed and less rushed.

[Characters: 7.5] Characters are generally well fleshed out for the protagonists: the cheerful Lavie and mild-mannered Cloud. Admittedly, the other characters are rather lacking. Another weakness of the series, though, is how the story dealt with Dio towards the end. It was a letdown as after all the character development he went through, the ending didn't have him affirming or reciprocating the friendship of Claus and the other crew members; the series didn't resolve his side of the story well. Looking back, I notice that GONZO isn't very good at crafting villains but well, Lady Delphine sufficiently served her role as being detestable (however generic an archetype she was) so in the case of this show, it'snot much a weakness. Nevertheless, on the whole, the characters are fun to watch.

[Art: 8.5] Even now, Last Exile's art quality remains excellent and pleasant to look at. The vanship races, the air scuffles and explosive warships battles are all well directed. Indeed, some of the fight scenes towards the end of the series are really exciting.
Backgrounds are beautiful and character designs are nice to look at. Also, there's GONZO's CG for the vanships and related machineries. In short, the animation quality is pretty high.

[Music: 8.0] The OP, Cloud Age Symphony does well in establishing the atmosphere of the series, making a nice contrast against the soft, more tranquil ED I preferred the ED more, though. The various bgms complement the series and are decent to listen.

[Summary] Slightly weak plot backed up by reasonably strong characters and high production values makes Last Exile a great series to watch. If anything else, the action scenes ranging from the battleship to individual combats are engaging. Personal Overall Rating: 8.0

Posted by : du5k
Posted on : 2009-05-19        

I know Last Exile is good, but since it’s pretty much GONZO’s last good work, don’t blame me for being skeptical.

Last Exile has a very interesting setting where two teens had the adventure of their lives when they got directly involved in the war between the countries. Much like the other GONZO productions I’ve seen, Last Exile has a rather messy story direction; one moment they’re worrying about a critical objective, the next moment they’re partying and laughing as if nothing happened; and some characters like Dio have quite a bit of screen time and development, but his ending isn’t properly accounted for.

Luckily, Last Exile have a very, very strong plot setting and a very strong character Lavie. She was designed nothing like the common moe archetype, but she have a very distinctive personality and way of speaking that really helped keep the show interesting. These two factors played a big part for me to enjoy the show, and thus I wasn’t very bothered by the messy story direction.

The graphic also played a big part in my overall enjoyment of the series. The backgrounds and foreground objects in Last Exile are always very detailed, and the animation is always very smooth. The CG is particularly excellent and had helped made the fight scenes rather exciting. Last Exile had very good OPs and EDs too. Though Cloud Age Symphony was more popular, I liked the ending theme better. There are also many good use of BGMs in the show.

If GONZO had the creative talents to design a setting as good as that of Last Exile in their latter production, they probably won’t be in financial trouble now. Last Exile is definitely a must-see for all anime fans.

Plot/Concept: 9
Story Style: 9
Production Quality: 10
Value: 9

Posted by : ErwinRommel
Posted on : 2007-11-28        

I love this anime. It has a great story and cast of characters that are wonderful. I've watched it many times and still I haven't been bored by it. It is very much in the same veins of the Hayao Miyazaki movies and personally I think Last exile has done a job that cannot be considered inferior to a Miyazaki movie.

Lets start with the music. The music from the opening to the ending song fit. The background music in the anime was pretty good and fit the feel of the anime nicely.

The characters were wonderful, I love the leader of the Guild. She was evil in such a magnificent way. She is cold-hearted and cruel but she always had this pleasant demeanor that made her the perfect machiavellian princess. The good guys were also nicely fleshed out so that you knew who they were and felt sympathy for them when they go through several obstacles. There wasn't really any characters that I found to be exceptionally one-dimensioned. The captain of the Silvana might be considered one-dimensioned but I think his stoic nature fits a man who only cares about revenge.

The story.... it is fantastic. I couldn't have found a better story then this. Only Seirei no Moribito and the Miyazaki Movies rivals this series. It wasn't a depressing story but a very optimistic one. It's one of those stories that basically says where there's a will there's a way. One problem I find is that the many names of the countries and airplanes were not laid out in an introduction. So an introduction to these things would be nice.

One thing I definetely need to emphasize here is the fight scenes. I never imagined putting rifle infantries on Airships could generate such an intense image of war. And the fight with the real enemy at the

I don't think it is a question of who to recommend this to but a question of when you will see it. I think it is a series that should be seen by anybody who likes anime, 10/10.

Posted by : Leuconoe
Posted on : 2007-08-30        

Many people rate Last Exile highly and it has an unusually high profile outside of Japan. Coming to it knowing these facts, one can't help but ask 'Is it up to the hype?'

First impressions, then. The drawing and animation immediately impress – they manage to be subtle and beautiful without being overcomplicated, which is difficult to achieve. The mechanical, architectural and character design is outstanding: the overall aesthetic or 'look' of the series is superbly realised steampunk, with sf elements. CGI is usually integrated well, although sometimes (notably in some of the later episodes) it sticks out and looks a bit naff - probably my only complaint about the series' visuals. I really can't express how impressive the animation is.

Of course, it helps that the animators have such a wonderful world to work with. Much of the action takes place in the sky, as the plot focuses on a war fought by flying battleships. Our hero, Claus, is a courier pilot who flies a 'Vanship' (small plane) with his childhood friend, Lavie, as navigator. Their courier missions entangle them with the renegade battleship, the Silvana, her crew and her enigmatic captain, Alex Row. The series features some breathtaking spectacles and thrilling battles, at times feeling like a cross between Das Boot and a WW1 flying movie.

Sadly, while it does provide opportunities for brilliant animation and some moments of high drama, the plot per se is mostly only mediocre, though it's helped by some interesting characters who develop through the series. Thankfully, we rarely notice the plot's mediocrity, as the rest of the experience is so enjoyable. Also, to be fair, the plot may only be average, but that already makes it superior to the plots of many series.

The music is never bad, and is on occasion excellent, although the opening tune is merely standard stuff. The voice acting is decent (though the only stand-out for me was the performance of Junko Noda as Lord Dio), and this is a series whose studio understands the value and power of silence too. In fact, many details of the world of Last Exile are simply shown to the viewer and never explained - to take a trivial example, the value of water to the characters. This 'show, don't tell' practice gave me a wonderful feeling that I was discovering the world of the series rather than being told about it; far too often in anime (and elsewhere) the writers feel that every last detail must be explained directly by one of the characters.

All in all, this series met my expectations and exceeded them, even though they had been raised beforehand by others' opinions. This is a highly enjoyable series - one of the best I've seen - with incredible visuals, thrilling situations, interesting characters, and a brilliant steampunk feel for its world; the whole thing reeks of high production values. Furthermore, this series' high quality and its refreshing lack of fanservice make it a good one to recommend to anyone who's new to anime. The only real flaw is the average plot - though I feel this is significant enough to make this a 9 instead of a 10.

Posted by : nickofsatan
Posted on : 2007-07-19        

There are very few anime where after watching the first ten minutes or first few episodes, you just fall right in to the story and its surroundings. Miyazaki films do this. So does Last Exile. Were I to base this review purely on how much fun i had throughout the series, then Exile would earn a solid 11/10

Setting/Music/Animation: 10/10
- There is no way to accurately grade all of these aspects individually. The animation is crisp almost to the point of excess, but provides detail at all the right places. It's a duo of two slightly different styles, not mixed together, but individually acting to form a uniquely tasteful scene. The use of contrasting but not garish colors combined with a futuristic setting in the sky inevitably filled me with wonder and awe. The music was mysterious yet innocent, and worked well with the overall tone. In unison, these features possess the dream like qualities, when you can't believe whats going on and wish it would never end.

-I liked the majority of the plot partly for the fact that every episode followed up after the previous one. In this sense, the anime was just a long movie(a good thing) and there were no fillers. The first few episodes were well executed, leading nicely into the midst of the story. All portions were coherent and not complicated by the technology. Pacing would be my only complaint. I think it would have been better to shorten the length of the middle and add on to the end. It's not really that the end was bad, but i found myself asking "Wait, that was it?"

- All of them are designed nicely and each takes their own place in the plot. I don't dislike any of them, but I feel that designers lost an opportunity to fully complete the anime by not fully utilizing the characters. I cannot really complain about more minor characters like Mullin, but i think the series would be better if the producers took time to hint about characters like Alex and Claus earlier on in the series.

Final impression- This series was set up beyond perfect, but had some flaws that could have easily been fixed for a perfect score.

Posted by : sssl0202
Posted on : 2007-05-01        

If I were to explain what Last Exile is like, I would say it is cross between Leiji Matsumoto's work and Hayao Miyazaki's work.

Yes that is quite a huge praise, but Last Exile does deserve it.

What Last Exile provides is that Leiji Matsumoto's style of making characters feel like a speck of the world, and just a small part of the world and sharing the common style of Miyazaki's work with fantasy setting while keeping the mood rather mellow and quiet as well as full of exciting moments.

Add both of them together, and you get Last Exile which ends up feeling more like a journey rather than watching just another anime.

The anime mood is rather kept serious and pretty much void of gags. There might be some joke here and there but gags are pretty much missing.

It is mostly serious anime revolving around serious plot but the mood never feels very heavy. It does good job keeping the mood rather light hearted very much like Miyazaki films. Serious but light hearted.

The actions in the anime is mostly based on aircraft battles, which is little different from space craft battles. If you have seen any type of aircraft related anime, the action and theme does not drift far from it.

However, Last Exile is not without flaw. What it lacks is originality. While you watch the anime, the theme, plot, pacing, and just about everything feels like you've seen it before. Although it isn't identical to other animes, but it does walk very similar paths. However, in the end Last Exile manages to use existing formula (existing but not that often used formula) and manages to do great job on it.

Posted by : PolyGuru
Posted on : 2007-02-19        

Last Exile to me is a genre of its own. It is not something we get to see in the everyday anime. Yes, it's sci-fi, adventure or fantasy but at the core of it is flight. Not space flight. Flight in crafts of Vanship resembling our own yet not quite, set to the background of a world that looks like something taken from a 19th century period. The end result is something that we are familiar with yet new and it blends astoundingly well.

The story is engaging however the story of exile really takes flight in the last eight episodes. In the beginning we are introduced to Lavie Head and sleepyhead Clause Valca and their Vanship. They have with them the joyful youthful expression that comes with a certain pinch of innocence. I immediately like Clause for his easy going manner but it is Lavie who eventually becomes my favourite character. In a way this is a coming of age story for the both of them. Even though the story had a happy ending, I could not help but feel sad, sad at the loss of innocence, sad at the loss of lives, sad at the dreams unfulfilled.

There are many other characters to meet that are important to the story. Most of these characters are developed, that is they change from the first time we see them to the end of the story.

The best part of the animation for me was the flight of the Vanships. It is done fluidly. The shading as it flew into the blue skies was a sight to behold. The camera angles were great, especially in the races. It was breathtaking!

The soundtrack has some good tunes in it.

Last Exile gets a ten for the solid story, good characterizations and the magnificently animated flight of the Vanships.

Posted by : GRC
Posted on : 2006-12-28        

Overall - 7.8
Animation - 10.0
Sound - 10.0
Story - 4.0
Character - 7.0
Value - 8.0
Enjoyment - 8.0

There are times, although not often, that I would choose to be in the wrong. As an objective viewer, I try my hardest to judge anime according to its quality, not my personal enjoyment. Though I did not like Nausicaa and Hoshi no Koe, I still rated both anime highly. Then there are anime like Vandread and Gravion which although I enjoyed, I only rated them as average, because they are insubstantial. But then, once in a while, I would see anime which are, well ... flawed. These anime tried very hard to be good, but there are some flaws in the series which prevented them to be liked by everybody. Last Exile is one of those titles. Though rampant of contradictory twists and manipulations, I was still able to enjoy the show despite of its many faults, as I think it succeeded well in what it was trying to be : an idealistic adventure story. And indeed, this anime is one of the most enjoyable series of its kind.

Since the beginning of the first episode, Last Exile made itself clear that it is going to be an idealistic series. I mean, Claus and Lavie were both professional pilots and mechanics since they were kids. Impossible to be true, isn't it ? But oh, let's look pass that. Unlike most prodigal kids in the real world, both Claus and Lavie are not snobby. Rather, they are very altruistic. I grew to like them since the 'delivery' incident in the first episode, but they totally won me at the 'racing' event two episodes later. Imagine that you have been training hard to compete in a big race and the money for the first prizewinner is huge. You have been leading everyone in the race and it is likely that you will win .. but suddenly, you see an abandoned girl who is in serious danger on the final turnaround. If you don't help her, she will be killed. Would you give up your victory to save her or would you ignore her and run to the finish line ? Since I saw that scene, I immediately loved both characters. So of course, I was rooting for them to have a great journey ... and to succeed their goal of crossing the 'Grand Stream' on the sky.

Last Exile's supporting casts are very likeable as well. Mullin is a great guy and I liked him since his first appearance in the first episode. Dio is another cool dude and although GONZO changed his character twice, he's still likeable nonetheless. Alex Row, although not three-dimensional, is certainly an interesting character. He does not speak much, but he kicked ass. One of my favorite episodes in Last Exile is the 'casino' episode. At first, Alex asked the Silvana crew to get back to the ship before his crew would start a brawl with that bastard and his followers. Initially, I thought, "Gee, what a loser." However, five minutes later, I had a big smile on my face. Alex asked his crew to 'get back' because he wanted to be the person who kicks that son of a bitch's ass himself. I was so satisfied when the Silvana shot that bastard's ship down XD

Unfortunately, Last Exile's plot is flawed. Some reviewers complained about its many 'absurd twists', and trust me, they were not kidding. That confession scene in the seventeenth episode, for example. Since when that Mullin was in love with that character ? I also have no idea (well, not exactly anyway) why Dio wanted to change side in the second half of the series, let alone why he decided to stay on the Silvana instead of returning to his ship after he met Claus. Another scene which is bullshit is the scene when Claus and Tatiana were captured in the desert. Frankly, both of them were supposed to be executed. Then it seems like GONZO just realized that Claus cannot die because he's the hero, so Dunya immediately went berserk and ran away instead of shooting them. As I said earlier, Last Exile is an idealistic story. To fully enjoy it, viewers must love the characters and expect their journey to end in an idealistic way. If you still cannot bring yourself to love Claus and Lavie by the end of episode five, drop this anime at once. It's not for you.

The conflict between Anatoray and Disith is the other thing which this anime did not explain clearly. I initially planned to rate this anime a six in story and an eight in character. However, after I read the explanation about this matter on wikipedia, I had to take one more point off from character and two more points off from the story. Why ? Because 1) it's the anime's job to explain this matter directly to its viewers, not the wikipedia, and 2) politically speaking, the fact that Anatoray did not try to resolve the conflict after the first delivery had failed is bullshit. On the final note, people are saying that this anime has a great climax and a vague ending. Truth be told, I just felt the opposite. I found the final battle to be unexciting and weak, but I really liked the closure. As I said, I expected Last Exile to be an idealistic adventure story and I was rooting for the major characters since the beginning. Therefore, I was able to forgive this show for its many unrealistic incidents. I loved its idealistic nature. I loved its characters. It was a satisfying experience for me watching them succeeded, and I loved its happy ending.

It might seem that Last Exile is not worth watching if you look at my scoring, as I gave a very low mark in the story category. But do not misunderstand me. Although there are a lot of unconvincing twists in the story, but this is one very enjoyable show. In fact, I have not enjoyed an adventure anime as much as this since Laputa : Castle in the Sky. Yes, the storytelling of Last Exile is not perfect, but I appreciate the overall 'spirit' of the work. GONZO tried to make this anime good, and they tried very hard. And that's why I think this anime is worth watching. Expect nothing but a 'fun' idealistic story with lovable characters. Don't try to rationalize too much, and Last Exile should not fail to impress you. It sure did impress me.

Last Exile deserves no less than ten when it comes to the visuals. Its animation is the best 2003 productions have to offer. I like the design of the flying ships and I love how they animated the clouds. The interior of Delphine's ship is also brilliantly animated. There is a scene when Dio and Luciola were playing chess. The background of that scene is stunning. Best aspect of the show.

Outstanding. The OP/ED are fantastic. I also loved the BGM. Most songs are performed by orchestra and it gives this anime an epic feel. Voice acting is also great. I love the voices of Delphine and Dio. Mullin is voiced by Shinichirou Miki and he did a wonderful job. Another area in which this anime really shines.

At first, I did not care much about Luciola. However, there is one episode dedicated to him towards the very end of the series and my impression of Luciola skyrocketed after I watched that episode. Oh, I almost forget, Claus's toy is cute. I want one at home =D

I read some complaints about Last Exile being 'yawn-inducing' from some reviews. Truth be told, those reviewers do have a point. Last Exile's pacing is very unique, and it takes some time to get used to it. If you fell asleep from watching the first episode, don't force yourself to marathon through the series or you will hate it. Instead, remember its pacing and give the first episode another try. I fell asleep five times in the first episode during my first try. It's not until my third try that I finally got used to Last Exile's pacing. And indeed, after I got used to it, this anime is one enjoyable ride. I found Last Exile to be worth watching and despite its flaws, I'd still recommend it. GONZO did a good job with this series. Still, I would not classify this as excellent. In my opinion, there are only two GONZO shows which deserve an excellent status : Gankutsuou and Kaleido Star.

Posted by : GreyCloak
Posted on : 2006-12-26        

This anime is worth having. I love the concept of fleets waging battle above the ground.

It is so amazing! The nimble little ships, the tough looking battleships and the rifle fire of massed musketeers aboard the battleships. Every detail was labored from the steam rushing out from the rifles till the concept of honor between warring factions.

The story is based between the dreams of a young man and woman to fly the "Grand Stream". The Grand Stream is like the jet stream but much more faster, fiercer and scarier. The story is quite comfortable and very engaging. It has twists that makes it much more enjoyable.

The animation is superb as evidenced by the detail put into the battle scenes and the vanships flying. The use of heavy fog and clouds gives a grimlike or purposeful atmosphere.

I really like the musical background. The majestic scoring of battle scenes and heavy dark theme suits the anime very much.

The characters are quite enjoyable. And the secondary characters added zest to the story.

I really recommend this anime. It is so enjoyable!

Posted by : MrSentimental
Posted on : 2006-08-25        

Wow! This was Pretty Cool! The artwork was really well done and appealing. Lots of interesting characters, and a plot that kept me watching throughout. I had watched a few lately where I was over-working the fast-forward button on my remote. Not here. It started off a little slowish, but then started to get down to business after the 5th or 6th episode or so. I would have liked it to have ended differently for some of the characters, but the ending was pretty satisfying otherwise.

I did get the OST because the beginning and ending themes were catchy. But I'm not so sure it's a keeper becasue there was nothing else on the OST that really WOWed me. The music during the series worked just fine.

It was not "Blow you away" good. The characters were good, but not "I'll never forget them" types. It was just overall very very good, and highly recommended. 9 out of 10 Rating. 4 1/2 STARS.

Posted by : master_chief_plays_FFX
Posted on : 2006-08-10        

Last Exile, as far as Anime is concered is a breath of fresh air. A unique background sets the story apart from other Shounen Sci-Fi. The Anatoray and the Disith countries have been warring for quite some time now over resources, mainly water, while the neutral Guild watches over the two countries and provides them with Claudia reactors enabling their ships to fly. Klaus and Lavie are pilots for the Norkia Vanship union who deliever letters all over their world. Soon the they get mixed up into the conflict surrounding the two countries starting with a little girl called Alvis. They soon find themselves as crew members of the mercenary ship "The Silvanis." THe conflict soon esclates leading to a final showdown between the Guild and the newly formed Anatoray and Disith alliance. Overall this is a great anime, dubbed or not. Even the fillers contribute to the story. But that's where Last Exile is weak. To some people the whole anime my same like same fillers somehow contributing to the plot. But other anime have gotten away with that such as Cowboy Bebop. The art is superb with drawn up characters with drawn/digital backgrounds ala "Ghost in the Shell: Stand alone Complex." The characters are extremely well done, but may look familiar to anybody who's been around science fiction (one of the crew memebers on the Silvanis looks like Spock!). In conclusion

+ Great plot, Well done characters, Wonderful Art Direction, 26 episode cap is very nice
- Slow Plot may leave some people frustrated

Posted by : fresh_no_concept
Posted on : 2006-08-05        

Objectively, Last Exile is a great and well produced series. The story elements are interesting enough to pull any anime viewer in. The characters provide enough fuel to keep the show going. I could also mention that nearly every episode ends upon a cliffhanger, leaving me wanting just a little bit more. It pretty much contains all the parts needed for a wonderful anime series.

Unfortunately, potential is overshadowed by some flawed storytelling. Last Exile throws many characters and plotlines at you but never fully explains everything. Too often, I found myself wondering, "Why?" or, "How did this happen?" without so much as an answer (let alone, a decent answer). It left me feeling a little cheated when all was said and done. And while the characters held their own, nobody could particularly stand out as interesting. Tatiana and Dio came close, but each of those progressions fell by the wayside.

GONZO is the studio responsible for the animation, so it's pretty much expected to see some 2-D/3-D blending in some level or another. I'm happy to say that they've progressed quite well in that aspect. The 3-D objects aren't as jarring or misplaced as earlier works (Vandread). Music is pretty much forgettable.

In the end, Last Exile progresses into an average, but entertaining anime. The series does have a certain charm to it. It might be those lovely aerial scenes (I'm a sucker for flight). I guess you can watch it and judge for yourself.

Posted by : djmaca
Posted on : 2006-06-22        

Gonzo has done that thing I like to call "3-dB, 2-dF" (3-d background 2-d foreground). Amazing. This has got to be one of the best animes since 2001. Claus, Lavie, Al, the Silvana, the crew, the sights, everything is just amazing.

Graphics: 10
This is one of those where you can almost feel the senery. It's like you can feel the cold wind blowing on your face.

Plot: 10
Adventure always gives me the goosebumps. When at one time Claus and Lavie were being chased by those star-shaped ships.... brrr.... I got so excited my heart was pounding.

Characters: 10
They are as interesting as an i-pod with tv, radio, pc, any electronic device you can think of. They fit their roles perfectly. And the looks... God!

Overall: 10
Watch this one! If you miss this then you have missed 25% of your anime-fan life. If your looking for an adventure blended with mystery this one from GONZO is the one you want.

Posted by : tobinjones
Posted on : 2006-03-06        

Last Exile is a typical Gonzo creation. If you are familar with their work and you will enjoy the series. But yet again they have created an anime that is 10 on potential and less so on execution. This being said however, it is still on of my favorite series, which just shows how much potential Last Exile has.

Animation: Beautifull cell work and matte paintings along with the trademark 3D animation that only gets stronger with each Gonzo production. Just from the OP you will see the style that makes this one of the most artistic of series that is not set to film.

Sound: Catchy OP that convinced me to get the OST. Nice symphonic BGM that will fill out the rest of the series. Nice fx sounds that give weight to the battle scenes and good voice acting as well.

Story: The story follows the journey of Klaus Valca who flies a van ship (a flying ship resembling a 30's roadster) which was left by his father. Klaus's father was dealt an unknown fate along with the father of Lavie Head as they tried to cross the impassable storm of the "Grand Stream." Claus and Lavie want to cross the Grand Stream themselves and find what lies beyond and what has become of their parents. In the middle of this journey they are thrown in a war between two empires and begin to learn that there is more to their world than they ever thought.

Characters: A wide range of politics and characters make up the cast of Last Exile. We learn so much about many of them and again are left with so little about others. What makes this frustrating is that we have learned enough to care.

Overall: More more more. That is what I was left with when I finished Last Exile. I highly recommend doing some research at the end of the series. A little knowledge could help make the confusion more enjoyable. I would not usually suggest this, as I think it is important to follow the story as it is given. But the lack of time or funds, who knows which, resulted in an incomplete work. But the journey to the end is still so enjoyable, I have to say give it a shot. I would give Last Exile a lesser score, but what is there is still great. But oh what could have been... 9 out of 10.

Posted by : pangzy
Posted on : 2006-02-25        

Also, though i agree that this is a very well animated series. I just lack a x-factor to keep me glued to my seat. Perhaps each series didnt end off with a climax. But still overall a great job.

Graphics: 10/10
No gripes with anything. Smooth and detailed animation throughout the series, regardless the background or characters. Beautiful

Sound: 8/10
Very well done. But again lacking an ompff factor to notch a prefect 10 from me.

Plot: 8/10
Overall unique and well paced. Another series which focus more on relationships rather then action. Well-paced in the sense it did not hastily wrap up endings like most anime do. The final episodes adds a complete touch to this series. Lacks some twist in the plot to make things more interesting. Some points off for that.

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GTX: Great Teacher Xeno

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Manga Updates
October 10th
Hohzuki Island (NEW!)
Chapters 1-26

August 15th
Chapters 30-33

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
Chapters 268-393

Chapters 25-29

Shiki (NEW!)
Chapters 1-22

August 08th
Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer
Chapters 54-64

Yomeiro Choice
Chapters 27-28

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