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Princess Tutu

Studio : Hal Film Maker

Licenced by : ADV Films

Length : 38 Episodes

Year : 2002

Genre : Drama - Henshin - Fantasy - Music - Mystery - Shoujo

Synopsis :
The story starts with introducing a duck, watching a prince dancing alone. But once the little duckling looks in his further, he seems very lonely. With a wish to just make him happy a dark presence comes forth and gives the duck the power to become a human girl, named Ahiru. Ahiru is also able to transform into a talented and strong dancer, Princess Tutu. With the three forms of a duck, human, and hero; will Ahiru be able to bring back a smile from her prince?

Other Notes : Princess Tutu has 26 Akts. Each Akt can have severals Parts (usually only Part I & II). A Part is actually an Episode. As such, the series has 26 Akts but 38 Episodes.

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : Himitsu
Last update : 2014-04-06
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Score : 9 Ranked #32 by users
Number of reviews : 15

Link(s) :

Official #1 : ADV's Princess Tutu Website (English)
Official #2 : Hal Film Maker Princess Tutu Website (Japanese)
Official #3 : Imagica Princess Tutu Website (Japanese)
Official #4 : Kid's Station Princess Tutu Website (Japanese)

A-Source #1 : DVD Review by Himitsu & Kaiser (Volume 1)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Ritsuko Okazaki - Morning Grace

ED1 : Ritsuko Okazaki - Watashi No Ai Wa Chiisaikeredo / Although My Love is Small
ED2 : Ritsuko Okazaki - Morning Grace

Release(s) :

2017-10-04 -- Episode(s) 1-38 by Catar. BT Link
2017-09-06 -- Episode(s) 1-38 by kuchikirukia. BT Link

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Seiyuu [View Complete Seiyuu Data]

Yokote, Michiko

Character Design
Ito, Ikuko
Sakai, Kyuuta

 Ahiru Mythos Fakir Rue Drosselmeyer Lilie

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Posted by : du5k
Posted on : 2011-07-22        

I guess I got convinced to give this series a try, even if it's totally not to my taste. With everybody talking about how good the series can be, how can I not give this a chance? I mean, look at how many perfects scores there are on this page; all of them practically screams "WATCH THIS".

Now, this review is written in 2011, and this anime came out in 2002. I feel that anime standards (at the very least, animation-wise) has increased a lot since then, so my score might not do justice to it's formal glory. But think about it, if you're reading this, you would have access to 2011 titles and the score reflects the value of this show amongst the titles available in 2011. Just so you know.

So, the review proper. Princess Tutu's defining trait is fairy-tale-like. It's rare nowadays since the genre pretty much got relegated to crappy shoujo mangas, but a decade ago it was more common. But I could hardly find a series that could exhibit the trait of "fairy tale" as well as Princess Tutu, even if it's like twice as long and much more dragged out. That's the concept of the show, to play out the story's unique charm and innocence in a very pure and straightforward way. This setup created a lot of one-dimensional characters (except for Ahiru, of course) but in particular case it can be forgiven, because protagonist Ahiru's flamboyant and comedic personality helps create a good break from the otherwise dull character scene.

On the not-so-good part... everything is solved with DANCE BATTLE! What's this, Step Up 2D?

Sadly, from the start of the second half, the series starts to have problems... Firstly, while the character gained more depth and became more interesting, the show began to lose its originality and uniqueness. Strange, huh? Secondly, the story dragged out too long without any kind of resolution, which made it a pain to watch. Lastly, although it's very subjective, I find the breaking down of the episodes into 2 parts is a little irritating, as it tore down the continuity in the episode. Budget problems or lack of popularity I guess?

The animation quality was sadly below average. I don't know about the standards back then, but I think it surely could have been better. I never liked any of the songs, but maybe it's just me. Ahiru's VA is awesome! (although she's the only one deserves any recognition) but too bad she never got anymore major roles after this.

Overall... it's an interesting show to check out, and if you didn't mind the kind of flaws I point out, it should be pretty enjoyable. Otherwise... it's just average.

Plot/Concept: Great and unique
Story Style: Great... but not so much in the latter half
Audio/Visual: Fair
Value: 7

Posted by : Chikage_Shampoo
Posted on : 2010-01-27        

I finally got around to watching Princess Tutu after all this time. I must say, it was worth it.

The art is above average for the time it was made (if you compare it to series like, say, Full Moon wo Sagashite) and, although the main characters aren't that likable (come on, Mytho was really useless until the last few episodes), the series enchanted me with its fairy tale storyline and depiction. I wasn't really expecting the ending, either, which is a huge plus.

I really didn't like the characters. Ahiru and Rue were annoying, Mytho was a dud, and by the time Fakir started becoming likable the anime ended. The Cat teacher was cool, but he kept repeating the same joke over and over again (though, I must admit, I never tired of it). I'm really glad Ahiru's two nosy friends didn't get much spotlight, because I probably would've stopped watching the anime if I'd seen them any more than they appeared - too girly and flat for me.

The storyline, however, was a nice turnaround. It was interesting having the original author make comments on the story as it progressed, especially since he's a weird looking old guy who doesn't seem that powerful yet is probably the most powerful character in the anime. The fairy tale elements of the story weren't overexaggerated in any way, and kept a nice tone and pace throughout the series. A bit melodramatic at parts, but what can you expect from a fairy tale?

I just wish it wasn't called Princess Tutu. I must admit, even for me that name was a bit too girly: I expected some sugar fluff magical power series (especially with Tutu's character design) but instead got a gem that's worth watching.

Posted by : penguinsliketodance
Posted on : 2009-07-15        

I'm going to be honest, I didn't really expect much from Princess Tutu. The title itself screams out annoying pink magical girlishness which is an anime genre I usually avoid like the plague. Still, the DVD's cover art was beautiful so I found myself buying the first four DVD's. So, I watched the anime and was blown away. Princess Tutu is one if the best anime I've seen.

PLOT - It's hard to explain the plot without totally spoiling for everyone else. The plot is filled with surprising twists that will either make you laugh or cry.
ANIMATION - The animation is good. It's no Studio Ghibli production but it is very pretty. Some scenes are drool worthy and some...aren't. Still, it's better then most other anime's.
MUSIC - As a Tchaikovsky fan I was in heaven. The classical music fits really nicely with the plot and it just makes the anime so much better. The only negative concerning the music is my inability to find the soundtrack.
Overall, I really enjoyed Princess Tutu. The ending broke my heart but I can honestly see no other way for this amazing story to end. It's not a happy ending but it's an ending you can believe.

Posted by : miestersean
Posted on : 2009-07-13        

People watch anime to escape reality, to get immersed into a different world, or to be entertained, all of which are fundamentally the same thing. How does an anime achieve these? By having characters that can be identified with as they overcome their conflicts. In other words, a series needs both good characters and plot. Princess Tutu, a series with an interesting approach to its production, has both at times, but it also lacks them just as often.

The hooks of this series are its ballet dancing and the orchestral scores of ballet plays that it uses as background music. One might expect these to dominate the tone of the series to make it artsy and serious, but they only end up as minor embellishments, like the waltz music used in “2001: A Space Odyssey.�? Similarly, the ballet stories embedded in the plot are adapted to fit the scenes, not the other way around. Thus, the ballet motif serves only as a vehicle for the series, and it does little to offset its flaws.

The most noticeable issue with this series is that the characters are not likeable enough. In the beginning episodes, all four of the main characters are either annoying or distant. Later, their inner emotions are explored, which makes you genuinely like them. But at the half point of the series, it falters again when two of the leads are transformed into antagonists. Seeing two characters you’ve come to empathize with suddenly become emotionally vacuous villains is not enjoyable.

The plot of this series has less obvious but more serious weaknesses. Firstly, as a story within a story (a frame tale), it frequently has its external plot create twists in the main, interior plot. Consequently, the viewer cannot grasp what the true, underlying conflict is as they watch. Moreover, in these twists, the characters are reduced to puppets, lacking control over their fates until the endings of the two plot arcs. And although these endings are full of emotion and resolve all of conflicts introduced, they don’t make up for the rest of the episodes.

Princess Tutu is full of artistic aspirations. Through its ballet references, it has interesting dance sequences. It also contains creatively arranged music taken from those respective ballets. But because of the creators’ focus on these elements, its characters and story are given less attention. As a result, this series doesn’t come close to matching what it was inspired by.

Posted by : Terentius
Posted on : 2008-04-26        

I was incredibly skeptical about watching a magical girl anime. Out of all the genres out there, magical girl anime are my least favored. My last experience was over a decade ago with the “Tenchi Muyo OAV special" with Sasami fulfilling the role. I hated it then and I wasn’t expecting anything different with Princess Tutu. How wrong I was!

Princess Tutu looks like any other magical girl show. It was bright, vibrant and almost saccharine in color. Do not be fooled by the girlish and immature appearance however, as the ballet and dance scenes were just out of this world. I’ve watched a number of real life performances over the years and I must say that a lot of love and effort went into making the moves and routines look genuine. The animation of Princess Tutu was just beautiful and perhaps the second best part of the show behind the music.

For a fan who is more into his dramas, comedies and action shows, I really was dreading having to force myself to watch this. I was expecting something rather superficial (as expected from this genre). My opinion didn’t change until after the 10th episode where the direction of the show went from being an aesthetically pleasing but bland treasure hunt (for the missing pieces of Mytho’s heart), into something much more interesting and emotional. What I found was an unexpected depth and cutting edge to the story. Behind all the vivid colors, was an exceedingly dark tale full of twists and turns. Most of the plot was based on a number of fairy-tales and on the stories from many of the ballets featured in the show. Not very original, but they were adapted well into the main story arc. I won’t spoil it for you, but watching episode 22 onwards was incredibly heart-wrenching and I was glad that Princess Tutu ended well.

I was not overly impressed at first. Two of the main characters were an emotionless puppet and an air-headed duck masquerading as a girl. The others were just anonymous. Again, the turning point was around the half-way mark where we get to see the hidden depth of each of the main characters’ personalities and motivations. As mentioned previously, there was unexpected depth in character where I had expected none. One of the most striking turnabouts I’ve encountered regarding character development.

Along with "Nodame Cantabile", Princess Tutu made near perfect use of all its classical pieces. The musical choices and their use within the show were perfect. The ballet sequences were matched and choreographed superbly with some truly fantastic pieces. I feared at first that Tchaikovsky’s famous ballets ‘Swan Lake’, ‘The Nutcracker’ and ‘Sleeping Beauty’ would be overused but there was such a wide selection of pieces from a multitude of composers that I need not have worried.

Princess Tutu has got to be one of those rare shows, where I could watch a series purely for the superb music alone ("Cowboy Bebop" / "Nodame Cantabile"/ "Escaflowne"). Fortunately, there was something more appealing than just listening to the likes of Strauss, Borodin, Tchaikovsky or Prokofiev and company. Princess Tutu had a very good story, beautifully choreographed animation and emotionally deep main characters. The show misses out on a perfect award due to the seemingly directionless first 10 episodes.

Apart from that, Princess Tutu was a treat. I would categorize it as one of those rare shows that transcended its genre. It is not just a usual fantasy show, but something greater.

Imagine a fairy-tale involving magic, ballet, action, romance and tragedy that is matched with music from some of history’s greatest composers and you’ve got the story of Princess Tutu. What more do I have to say to get you to watch this?!

Posted by : JaMaJuice
Posted on : 2007-07-16        

Princess Tutu is one of the most unique animes I've ever seen. Ballet, Magic, and Action at the same time. Whoa...

As I was watching this anime, my mind was telling me to reject this cheap kiddy show for good, but somehow it captivated me until I finished the whole series in just two days. It's hard to explain how good this anime is. Since it's beyond my imagination how Ballet and Magical Girls can come together to form a masterpiece, but I understand it is a wonderful show for kids and young adults alike. Now the results of why Princess Tutu got a 10.

Plot: It isn't as simple as I thought it was. A duck(Duck) is magically transformed into a human girl(Ahiru), which can transform AGAIN into a magical being(Princess Tutu). The whole plot is actually controlled by another character named Drosselmeyer. Ahiru's mission is to find the lost pieces of the Prince's heart which deliberately relates to another story called The Prince and the Raven. Yes, it is definitely confusing, but as you progress through the series, you'll eventually catch up with the main plot and climax. It was at once, both simple, and yet very, very satisfying.

Music: I have to say, the music in Princess Tutu is what makes the series a masterpiece. The Nutcracker or Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers are featured continuously throughout the series and I don't know about other viewers...but it calming and hypnotizing.

Characters: In Princess Tutu, there are a handful of characters with unique personalities such as Ahiru, who has no talent for ballet dancing, until transformed into Princess Tutu, who dances so well, it convinces others to dance with her. Or Mr. Neko, the teacher and instructor of Ahiru's class who supposedly is obsessed with marriage due to past experiences. Mute/Mytho, the quiet yet talented Prince of the story. Rue, the schizophrenzic girl who takes the role of Mute's girlfriend. The Raven Princess, and bad-ass Fakir who never smiles but has a reason. All these characters eventually come together to finish the story of The Prince and the Raven.

Animation: Simply beautiful. It isn't something to drool over, yet the drawings have creative artistic themes that amplifies the mood. If there is evil, it is dark and broody, while Princess Tutu and the Academy bring bright colorful colors to the background. It is also unique because instead of fight scenes, there are dances that decide who can dance the best. The animation definitely shows its true colors during "battle/dance" scenes.

Overall, I don't know if I should be embarrassed as a young male adult that I've enjoyed this ridiculous show about ballet and magical girls, but maybe there is more to this series that just tutus and pendants. Watch it and you be judge, but in my opinion...

Princess Tutu danced with me and I'm convinced that this masterpiece is recommended by JaMaJuice.

Posted by : PolyGuru
Posted on : 2007-02-19        

The title Princess Tutu falls into the category of totally misleading or more to the point of "they should have taught up of a better name" to reflect the awesome anime that is hidden within it. With a word like tutu in the heading, I had conjured up images of Egypt, Mummies and a kiddy show, everything that had nothing to do with the actual series itself.

The show was a surprise find. That it turned out to be a gem of such high quality was a joy, one that had me finished watching all 38 episodes of it in one sitting! That's how riveting it was.

The story is about a lot of things but if I had to pick a word to sum it all up, I would say heart. This story has heart, about feelings, love, affection and hope. How these can bond us, bind us and set us free.

The main characters are all interesting. My favorite starts of as being Ahiru / Princess Tutu but by the end of the series that spot was taken by Fakir. I feel that Ahiru got the short end of the stick story wise but I guess that was to be expected from the first episode as it really is a tragic tale in the telling.

The classical music is excellent especially in the first arc of the story. That arc was the best in my opinion when compared to what came later. The second arc of the story has an excellent soundtrack too but it somehow feels not as great as the first arc. Here the Violinist of Hamelin did it better.

The graphics are good. The ballet is animated well, conveying the emotions that are carried in the musical piece of the moment; anger, pride, frustration, loneliness, love, hope, jealousy, compassion and etc. The battles between Princess Tutu and Princess Kraehe are done splendidly.

If there is anything not to like about this series it would have to be these two gripes. My first would be that the wedding joke by Neko-sensei wears thins quickly but it keeps being reused, right up to the last episode. This was highly annoying once it loses it entertainment value. The other thing that I did not like is that I felt that Ahiru got the short end of the deal with Mythos.

This show made me laugh, it made me smile, it made me pretend to conduct a grand orchestra, it made me cheer on the characters, it made me want to erase one permanently (Drosselmeyer), it made me miss one with an aching heart (Edel) and it made me cry. It made me want to know how the story ended and when it did, it made me want the story to continue. It is great tales that make me feel that way, hence this scores a perfect ten.

Posted by : fresh_no_concept
Posted on : 2006-02-04        

Princess Tutu is one of those series that will surprise you whether you are ready for it or not. This anime truly deserves a much larger audience than its present number. Unfortunately, the name itself isn't all too appealing and the character designs just scream childish. However, Princess Tutu rewards the patient (and perhaps indiscriminant) viewers with a story for the ages and an all around entertaining anime.

First and foremost, praises must go to the story itself. Magical girl animes have been done to death and yet, Princess Tutu is able to breathe new life into the genre. It is a fairy tale about a duck who longs to be with a prince whom she sees dancing on her lake of residence. Sounds cute and fluffy at first, but the story becomes progressively darker and more intricate as the episode count rises and truly demands your attention during the latter half of the series. Perhaps the story's success can be attributed to the method of execution. Princess Tutu borrows several themes and elements from countless ballets and classical pieces (Swan Lake, Nutcracker and Romeo and Juliet to name a few) and uses them to further enhance its own story. Those who are familiar with these works (I know some of you are out there) will get a sense of nostalgia as you watch Princess Tutu re-enact one popular ballet number after another. People unfamiliar with the ballet and classical music can still enjoy Princess Tutu, for its story contains all the elements that an entertaining story should have: love, hate, drama, conflict, battles, etc.

As for characters, Princess Tutu contains a very strong cast. According to our storyteller Drosselmeyer, the story consists of four major characters: the prince who cannot feel love, the knight afraid of death, the unprepared villain, and the princess whose love cannot be fulfilled. They are all eventually introduced as Ahiru, Mytho, Fakir and Rue (non-respectively, so as to keep his or her role a surprise). This quartet of characters is probably the strongest main cast I have come across in a while. For each and every one of the four, I was able to run the full gamut of emotions as they progressed through their roles in the story, whether it was happy or sad, angry or glad. Ahiru and company are also complemented by a wonderful supporting cast. Add in a matrimony-obsessed feline dance instructor, a couple of gossiping friends, a music box-toting clown and penguin playing the piano, and you have yourself a group of characters you'll love and become curious in their daily activities episode in and episode out.

However, what keeps Princess Tutu from perfection is the animation. The childish character designs will certainly take some getting used to. Reused cels unfortunately run rampant throughout the series (although, being a magical girl anime, I half extpected it). While the re-use of cels doesn't detract from the story itself, it was just one of those nuisances that just kept bugging me, no matter how much I tried to ignore it. The music is heavily influenced by ballets and classical music, so if that is not your cup of tea, you really won't get much out of the soundtrack. I, for one, enjoyed all the music coming out of my speakers. Hearing familiar classical and ballet numbers brought a smile to my face and I quickly obtained the OST for use on my iPod.

Princess Tutu is certainly one of the most overlooked animes in recent years. I'm quite sad I didn't find this earlier myself. With its fantastic fairy tale-esque story, wonderful cast of characters and classical music, Princess Tutu has all the aspects of a great anime. It's a shame that more people do not know about it or refuse to watch it for one reason or another. In a land ruled by ninjas and mechas, it is nice to know that a unique and refreshing anime can pop out of the woodwork every now and then. Pick this anime up without haste. You'll be glad that you did. =)

Posted by : ohtori_akio
Posted on : 2006-01-23        

What a great series! Definitely a permanent fixture in my top 10 now that I`ve finished it. As great as this series is, it is hard to explain what makes it so great without giving spoilers so I will just stick to the categories available.

Animation - The backgrounds/art are beautiful and very fitting to the story and the mood of the show. The character design looked a bit ugly at first, but after a couple of episodes it really grew on me and is very fitting to the look and style of the show.

Another aspect I was quite impressed with in this series was that the digital effects did not have a "plastic-y"/fake look that some series have when made solely on computer. There wasn`t a high contrast between the bright colours and the dull colours as it can create a "stuck-on" look, it`s a great thing that the series avoids that. Everything looked appropriate and mystical.

Sound - The opening and closing themes of this anime are really wonderful. They have a quiet mood about them but are also quite effervescent. This reflects the series and the ideas behind it very well. Just about every other sound effect is borrowed from ballet and classical music and those fit with the show beautifully. When the series borrows from say adaption, it uses the music from the adaption to enhance the mood of the episode.

Story - The story is triumphant when one thinks of the subject matter at hand. It reminds me of Shojo Kakumei Utena (my favourite anime) in its structure and plot devices. Nothing is what it at first seems in this series and that makes it all the more interesting to watch.

The development is full of twists that you will not see coming and that will really keep you on your toes. The ballet theme is used very well here and the way ballets like Sleeping Beauty, Romeo and Juliet, the Nutcracker, Gisele and a few others are incorporated is commendable and succeeds in pushing the story forward.

Character - I loved Ahiru-chan in this. The voice actress was wonderful in bringing her to life. She is a great main character and given some of her dispositions, she was able to reach me more than I expected. This is due to the fact that she is three entities: a duck, a human and a "superhero". Because of all these, one really gets a chance to know all the different aspects of the character and appreciate them. Other characters are also given a chance to shine and the character development is really interesting. Especially when the unconventional ones are brought forward like Azura-chan (a puppet) and Neko-sensei (a cat teacher).

The plot develops quite smoothly and that is very much due to the great cast here. The creators adopted an interesting approach in the character development by using the heart shards to slowly bring different emotions into the anime.

Value - As soon as ADV works itself out with the release pattern of this show, I am getting a copy. This series is definitely worth having in anyone`s collection and anyone from any age group can enjoy it.

Enjoyment - Great show with great story, characters, sound and animation do make for one highly enjoyable series. Like I said before this series is great :)

Posted by : throneofyord
Posted on : 2005-12-08        

Princess Tutu is perhaps the greatest of all anime. No joke here, it is magnificent. While being a magical girl story, it is so much more. Because the magical girl is really a normal girl? This is deeper still. The normal girl is really a small yellow duck. And she is good and brave and true. She shows herself through it all to be truely noble while being simple, awkward and scared. It is rare that a hero steps off the page and becomes more than just a hero.

Watching the story itself is like looking at a deep pool. On the surface we see waterbugs dancing and making ripples. On the sides we see lush plants dancing in the wind. In the deep darkness below, larger things move. And if we bend down and look too close we might fall in, or more dangerously still, we might see ourselves reflected.

This anime has touched my heart. I thank the creators of it.

Posted by : zaji
Posted on : 2005-09-02        

This is an anime with a unique and very interesting storyline. The plot is basically about a story (that came true because Droselmyer's power) written sometime ago by a dying tragedy-writer named Droselmyer and the struggles of his chosen characters in making the story into something more than a tragedy, into a story filled with hope and more importantly one with a happy ending.

Its story is bound to capture your hearts with light comedy, drama and fluff.

Another interesting feature of Princess Tutu is its array of complex characters:

There's our heroine, Princess Tutu: the unfortunate duck turned into girl turned into a princess who has a deep admiration for Prince Myuoto, but could not allow herself to confess her feelings for fear that she would turn into light and vanish.

There's also our (dark, tall, handsome and quite a ballet dancer too!) Fakir: the knight who couldn't die properly. He's incidentally a descendant of Droselmyer and has also inherited the same powers of making stories come true.

Prince Myuoto: the prince who wants to love everybody and whose heart was broken, literally, in his quest to seal the evil Raven.

Princess Claire: the raven's daughter who isn't really a raven

Whew! There are certainly a lot more of where that came from. But enough of that.

The intro music of Princess Tutu is one of the best I've ever heard. I believe its one of the classics, a tune with which you could waltz into when you hear. The animation is pretty awesome too. You could easily see the difference between a good ballet dance with one that's not.

Although a lot of people say that the ending was somewhat crappy, I think its one of those that you'd call an artistic and fitting end. Although the anime didn

Posted by : Shinyou
Posted on : 2005-07-13        

Princess Tutu. Seems like another Magical Girl anime, right? Well actually, it's not.
(This only talks about the story at the beginning (no spoilers), but rates the series as a whole.)

What is it?
A fairy tale ballet story with a little romance, and turns out NOT to be cheesy.

What do the characters do?

I'm only going to add on the the Synopsis.
Ahiru wants to make Mytho happy, right?
How does she do that? By turning into Princess Tutu and giving him back his heart, one emotion at a time. How does she do that? Watch the story.

Is it creative?

Yes, because it can take a ballet, a duck, and a fairy tale-like story and turn it into something truly amazing.

Are the characters endurable?

Again, yes.
Ahiru: A slighty hyper girl in love never to be fulfilled. One of the most annoying combinations, right? Fortunately, it's not. She's an enjoyable character to me.

Mytho: The male character who Ahiru is in love with. If he's interesting without any emotions, can you imagine how ineresting it is while he gets them back?

Rue: Another girl who's in love with Mytho. Fortunately again, she's not annoying. She forces Mytho to be her boyfriend. It's easy for her because Mytho has no emotions at the beginning.

Fakir: He seems to be attached to Mytho in some way. After a few episodes, it's obvious he doesn't seem to like the idea of Mytho getting his heart back.

So, basically, the characters aren't annoying, and are creative and enjoyable.

Is the animation and music good?

The music is normally classical, but even if you aren't a fan of that, the story is so good, you might not even notice. I didn't, and I like classical music. The animation is also nice and creative. Especially during the dancing scenes.

Will I like it?

This is definately great for fairy tale lovers and ballet lovers.
But I was never too fond of ballet but after this, I was. XD
You never know.

I rated it 10 because it kept me wanting more all the time.

Posted by : kaiser
Posted on : 2005-06-25        

Princess Tutu was a refreshing change of anime. A stories told within a story and in a ballet theme with beautiful classical music.

Unfortunately for this show, not many people will watch it because of its name, "Princess Tutu". How many guys would really go out of their way to watch a show titled that let alone buy it. Because of it this show was remain relatively unknown which is quite a tragdy since it is a very entertaining and unique anime series.

Cleverly told and the music simply brings the ballet alive with songs like Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers. The characters may be somewhat simple and the plot in a fairly tale-ish setting but I still highly recommend this to ages of all types because the show simply enchants you. 8/10.

Posted by : Estara
Posted on : 2004-12-08        

As pointed out by Kaiser and Himitsu, Princess Tutu's biggest problem is the name chosen for this exquisite anime with its harmonising overtones of fairy tales, classical ballet (of the Russian variety: specifically "The Nutcracker") and the accompanying music.

The cheery character designs with their shoujo styling and the somewhat cliche start for the characters (shoujo mahou-heroine, quiet and troubled hero, stalwart best friend of same, envious princess-like enemy of the heroine, nosy and noisy sidekicks of the heroine, dark and dastardly-looking grey eminence in the background) seem to aim the anime at your average shoujo anime audience, but the story and the cliches start to show cracks in the veneer very soon.

The obsessive behaviour of the friend, Fakir, towards the hero Mute /Mytho for one, and the fact that our mahou shoujo is not only a girl turning into a ballerina but in reality a duck. Of course, we still get a lot of "monster of the episode at the end" in the quest to bring back the heart of the hero, but even then these are enemies who have a reason for their behaviour and only understanding them will get Ahiru further toward her goal. And when after episode 13, which makes you think the anime ought to be finishing now, all the successes turn out to be only skin-deep...

Well, let me just say that I don't recommend having an impressionable kid watch this on their own, because the story turns intelligent and dark enough (though don't worry, there's somewhat of a happy ending) that they might get quite a bit depressed during the last few episodes, especially if they truly feel with Ahiru and her emotions. Still, hope will survive and give an opportunity to change things - that's the basic message of this lesser known anime gem with a beautiful soundtrack by the late Ritsuko Okazaki (Fruits Basket).

Posted by : Himitsu
Posted on : 2004-04-12        

With the title "Princess Tutu" you would probably expect a magical-girl anime filled with frills and fluff. However, there is a much more ominous, deep, and inspirational theme behind the feminine title. With the beautiful classical music and pastel-like colours portrayed, you can't help but be awed by this anime series as a whole.

The type of audience, I think, can be anybody. Little one's will be awed by the beautiful animation and interesting characters, the older one's can enjoy the basic philosophic story expressed through the plot. The thought and question of reality is stimulated when watching Princess Tutu.

Princess Tutu should not be in the same category as the other mahou shoujo series like Sailormoon and the like. Ahiru's transformations are repeated, but it has a different feel to it than the silly sparkles, stars, and bright colours. Princess Tutu also use nice faded pastel-like colours as well, not as vivid and rich as most. There's nothing in Princess Tutu to complain about, I anxiously enjoyed watching each episode and the well brought out classical music is beautiful - it really reflects the mood and enhances my liking of Mozart or Tchaikovsky's pieces. I really recommend Princess Tutu, don't be fooled by it's name, it's really fit for all audiences.

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