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Cardcaptor Sakura

Alternate title : Cardcaptors

Studio : Madhouse Studios

Licenced by : Geneon Entertainment (USA)

Length : 70 Episodes

Year : 1998

Genre : Shoujo - Magic - Comedy - Adventure

Synopsis :
Clow Reed, A powerful wizard, created a book of extremely powerful cards using his unique magic. The cards proved to be too powerful though, and were sealed away so their powers could not be abused. Enter Sakura, who finds Clow's book in her fathers study. She opens the book, and unleashes the cards into the world. Now, as the appointed Cardcaptor of the clow cards, Sakura must use the magical powers of a cardcaptor to find the cards, and stop the unspeakable evil that is predicted by the cards being released.

Added : 2002-08-14
Synopsis by : Specky
Last update : 2008-03-20
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Score : 8.9 Ranked #42 by users
Number of reviews : 48

Link(s) :

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Official #2 : NHK's Cardcaptor Sakura Website (Japanese)

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Song(s) :

OP1 : Gumi - Catch You Catch Me
OP2 : ANZA - Tobira wo Akete
OP3 : Maaya Sakamoto - Purachina / Platinum

ED1 : Koumi Hirose - Groovy!
ED2 : Chihiro - Honey
ED3 : Megumi Kojima - Fruits Candy
ED4 : Maaya Sakamoto - Platinum

Release(s) :

2017-08-11 -- Episode(s) 20-36 by -. BT Link
2011-09-30 -- Episode(s) 1-70 by Coalgirls. BT Link
2011-09-30 -- Episode(s) 1-70 by Coalgirls. BT Link

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Seiyuu [View Complete Seiyuu Data]

Asaka, Morio

Kondo, Eizo

Original Work

Character Design
Takahashi, Kumiko

 Kinomoto, Sakura Li, Syaoran Keroberos Daidouji, Tomoyo Kinomoto, Touya Tsukishiro, Yukito Li, Meiling Yue
 Mizuki, Kaho Kinomoto, Fujitaka Hiiragizawa, Eriol Daidouji, Sonomi Ruby Moon Spinel Sun (toy) Spinel Sun Nakuru, Akizuki

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Posted by : AJtheFourth
Posted on : 2008-11-10        

Sailor Moon was the first anime I ever watched, and Cardcaptor Sakura was the one that really hooked me into my anime addiction.

Like many, my first experience with Cardcaptor Sakura was the horrible Cardcaptors, which will no longer be mentioned except to say that it did manage to introduce me to an amazing anime, Cardcaptor Sakura.

Animation: The animation isn't anything visually dazzling, but it doesn't aim to be. It's solid from beginning to end, giving the town of Tomoeda a generic cuteness that mirrors Sakura's personality. Backgrounds and shadows are done especially well. 8/10

Story: The story is a generic magical girl plot and where that could get boring in spots, Cardcaptor Sakura delivers with brilliant character interaction. Each episode manages to provide just the right amount of everything to keep you entertained. 9/10

Characters: Sakura Kinomoto carries this story as an amazing heroine. She is the perfect combination of cuteness, humility, and caring to win her audience, and her rivals, over. Tomoyo is hilarious one moment, and amazingly sweet and caring the next as Sakura's best friend, while Syaoran carries off the male lead well. The supporting cast is also great with Touya, her younger brother and Yukito, her love interest. Kero, the character with the most potential to become a nuisance, is hilariously funny especially in his ending omake segment. 10/10

Music: The background music is cute and familiar, and the first and last opening themes are both catchy and appropriate. With the exception of the second opening theme, the music suits this series nicely. 9/10

Not everyone will love Cardcaptor Sakura as much as I did. If you're looking for action, huge plot twists, or thriller-type themes, you'll probably want to pass. However, if you're looking for something that delivers through characterization and reminds you of a time when you could get by on being cute, oblivious, and determined, this is definitely for you. 9/10

Posted by : haosama
Posted on : 2008-05-04        

While cute & cuddly, the series’ childish emphasis does not excuse it from lacking real entertainment value. The pitfall of Cardcaptor Sakura is its plot and the progression of it. Many episodes are really slow and filled with useless, pointless scenes and idiotic logic (something strange is happening, oh what could it be? Is it a Clow Card?). Most episodes spent ¾ of the time doing nothing particularly significant with only ¼ of the episode actually trying to capture the card or solve the conflict. The nonexistence of a real villain dampens the entertainment and suspensefulness, which the series tries to maintain by repeating similar elements without any added significance (i.e. Sakura’s dream). While it does have its good moments, it’s not worth suffering through because things just take too damn long to happen.


Posted by : ErwinRommel
Posted on : 2008-04-22        

It never ceases to amaze me how much of the anime succeeds because of Kinomoto Sakura. The story is pokémon-esque and the action scenes are not impressive but thanks to the wonderful cast of characters led by Sakura these flaws are negligible. This is a shojo anime but also one of CLAMP's finest works in my view; highly recommended.

The series divides into three seasons but there are two distinct storylines in the anime. My review is based on those two storylines.

Collection of Clow Cards, Episodes 1-46

I noticed an over-reliance on the charms of Kinomoto Sakura to save some mediocre episodes from becoming really boring. Periodic lulls in the episodes are saved by having Sakura going into "hanya" mode. Sometimes the lull lasts for a whole episode. The quiz day episode is one example. It does not have Sakura capture a clow card (which defeats the whole purpose of this episode) and it adds only a tinge of mystery to Sakura's dreams.

But the episodes still have enough charming moments from the characters that makes this season worth watching. The characters are introduced and right off the bat they are very easy to like. The many running gags are quite funny and the cute moments of Sakura are addictive. Another character that generates amusement is Li Meiling. I found her addition to the cast wonderful since she is one of the few characters that can act over the whole range of emotions without becoming too corny.

Formation of the Sakura Cards, Episodes 47-70
This is the more memorable of the two seasons. It has many unforgettable scenes that are very endearing. I especially enjoy the resolutions of the many outstanding relationships that were introduced in the first storyline. Many of them are treated with respect and given a well written ending.

One exception is the treatment given to the relationship Yukito has with Kinomoto Touya. I dislike how the anime constantly has Touya sound like a broken record instead of creating more scenes of affection between the two. Repeating those several one-liners like "Don't Disappear" or "Yuki.... I know" gets annoying after a few episodes. Secondly, there are some very illogical scenes that I can't seem to make sense. Sakura is dense and may not be able to figure out that Eriol is the culprit of those incidents but the precocious Tomoyo should have known right away from the piano incident. So her actions afterwards are quite out of character.

Hence my score is:
7/10, for the Collection of Clow Cards
9/10, for the Formation of the Sakura Cards
8/10, Overall

Posted by : Never_Remembered777
Posted on : 2008-03-12        

This series is one of my favorites. As a kid I loved just how daring Sakura was. She was everything I wanted to be as a kid. She was tough, brave(Most of the time), she knew how to get what she needed when she set her mind to it.

Sakura is a beautiful junior high school student who ends up making a little mistake and having to solve it through many different tests and events. It shows her growing up as a child and on a different level do the the clow cards. She has had such a troubling journey.

This anime is a delight. Its funny, cute, simple, entertaining. It has something for everyone.

Posted by : CherrynKinnz
Posted on : 2007-10-21        

I think the plot for this anime was really nice. Although there were tons of episodes, I really enjoyed every second of the anime. It didn't have endless boring fillers like Naruto did, but as I begun watching the series, I couldn't believe it was over.

Anyway, I'm getting off task. So, this anime is about a young girl that is made the cardcaptor, but she accidently releases all the cards, so she has to get them all back. I like how this isn't another anime that has a peverted episode in it, and it was nice for a change NOT see a teenager be the hero/heroine.

I can't really go into detail on this one because I watched this anime two years ago, but all I remember was that I was satisfied, and I didn't say, "Wth? Looks retarded" at any time. It was smooth, and I have to say I loved all the outfits Sakura wore; really showed how cute she was.

Music was decent. It doesn't go overboard with it, and it doesn't get cheesy at anytime. It just played when it was supposed to be played, and it fit the scenes.

Some other stuff
Even for a young girl, Sakura really proves herself. I have to say she went through a lot for a girl her age. I recommend this anime to all ages. There really won't be times when you'll go, "OOOoooh." You'll probably go, "Awwww..." because Sakura is so incredibly cute, and her little romance with _____ is so sweet.

Yeah, I know this was a short review, but I couldn't really say much because I haven't watched it in a while. So, why don't you just give it a try; see if you'll like it.

Posted by : ninetales
Posted on : 2007-08-19        

Okay let me start...

The story is all about the a typical average girl, Sakura who was appointed as the Card Captor to take responsibility upon releasing the clow cards which have different powers.. the story as I look at it is not that different from the other anime but the fact that there are so many clow cards makes you want to watch until the end. At the first few episodes you'll fid it pretty boring but as the story goes the better it gets specially the point when we meet Li.

As I think the characters are the most powerful aspect of the whole animation, all the characters are just cute especially Sakura, the main character of the story and the fact that the guardian of the clow cards Keroberos first appeared looking like a teddy bear and wasn't able to change into his true form up until the first half (precisely) of the story.

The opening music fits perfectly to the story and so as the background musics, the animation contains a lot of different musical backgrounds that makes you enjoy watching the anime.

This is a great anime, I mostly refer this for children below 12 yrs old but even for teens you might find it good.

Posted by : ayumi15
Posted on : 2007-03-29        

Actually at first seeing it, it was like some mere typical anime for kids but then again, its quite exciting once you knew what is it all about.

Cardcaptor Sakura tells story of a young girl who must capture all the Clow cards she "accidentally" released so that these powerful card may not cause harm in the world. Along with Kero, the guardian of the cards and Tomoyo her best friend, they all venture out to find all the cards.

The story plot is okay and the story line flows very well. The mood changes is fine and is really entertaining special the comic antics of Kero and Shouran. 9 points for the plot.

The anime is okay... I give it a nine.

The sound track is good - 10 points!!

All in all, Cardcaptor Sakura is a sure hit anime.

Posted by : final_heaven
Posted on : 2007-03-19        

Cute? Oui. flashy scenes? Oui. For mature viewers? umm not so much. Cardcaptor Sakura, I'm sure everyone has heard about this anime before, if not, they are probably on drugs. This anime is about a girl name Sakura who one day finds a book and opens it. Volia! The cards from the book scatter all around Tokyo and she has no choice but to get them back. In first season or so its all about sakura's adventure of capturing all the cards back. And in the second season you could guess what would happen next. Anyways Cardcaptor Sakura has some pretty vibrant and flashy graphics not neccessarily ultimately fantastic but it does have its good points. The characters are childish (when the anime is of course) but Cardcaptor Sakura is mainly for the younger audience. At the same time its quite cute so I'm not stopping you from watching it, but its specifically targetted for the females. Anyways in conclusion if you want something cute and flashy go for it. But other than that if your trying to find a very good well rounded anime this is not for you.

Posted by : Budak
Posted on : 2007-03-14        

Characters : Sakura is a very nice girl and she care about everyone else . Shaoran is a captor too, but he's using sword to weakened the Clow Card. Every character in this anime has many type of characteristics. (10/10)

Storyline : Sakura needs to capture all the card that can destroy the world. In the second arc of CCS, Eriol who is the reborned as Clow try to make Sakura became stronger to support her Sakura cards. (9/10)

Music : The ending themes for CCS are suitable and really enjoying. The music makes me sing-along with it~ kind a happy song. (9/10)

Animation : Everything in CCS is PERFECT and the effect's really suitable with this anime storyline. I kind of like when Sakura uses her power. (10/10)

Overall : Thisanime is really suitable for happy go-lucky person and a person that has no depress when watching this anime. It's is really fun. (9.5/10)

Posted by : Kyo250
Posted on : 2007-03-07        

This anime is mostly based on relationships between people and some magic and actions. It is also an long anime on 70 episodes and aims for younger people, mostly little girls. Still it can be watched by those who like watching anime.

The name of the anime says much about the plot of the story. It has to do with cards. The world is like the real one in japan and is around 1990s. There is a little girl living with her brother and father happily without any troubles.
Everything seems to be happy and gentle. As always when things seems to be unrealistic too much happy-like, there has to come parts that bring problems. This one is not an exception. The little main girl called Sakura becomes the chosen one. She is the one with the rights to have the cards. But it is not really to just have them, as one may think.

The story goes on with its seventy episodes with each lasting for 25 minutes with an intro and ending. Those changes three times in total to make the episodes to look more fun and to indicate that there are three different seasons of the anime or three parts of it.

The very interesting part with this anime is the very strongly point at concentrating on the relationships between the persons. Not only those as lovers ones, but as friends and more. It gets discovered in all possible ways
and tends to get to too much. But that is not a big problem. Because the creators of this anime, Clamp, are very good at handling much "feelings" in their works like friendship, love and so on. A good thing in the anime when talking about feelings is that the blushing effect have been decreased much more than in the manga. Because in the manga the characters blushed extremely often so it almost got ridiculous. It is less much blushing or redness in the anime verison.

View this anime if you like much feelings and much sweet little girls with their relationships.

Posted by : dizzy72
Posted on : 2007-01-11        

This anime is so cute thats when I watched it about 4-5 years ago on TV. I quite enjoyed it and its an anime made definitely for young girls (not to be a sexist but I don't think boys would like it). Looking back, it's getting a bit childish but the characters are adorable. It's about catching cards that hold magic within them, and I recommend this anime for girls from 6 to 14 (young teens may still like it). The graphics are original and really creative, the costumes and characters just make you want to cuddle them, haha.... though I cant...=(

Posted by : BabyRichelle23
Posted on : 2006-10-26        

I really love this one because it is soo cute and everytime there is a clow reed card showing up tomoyo sakura's friend was making an outfit I mean almost everyday and for kereberus too and i really like it soo much and it brings back my memories when i was watching it since i was in grade school maybe when i was grade 6 i was soo hooked on it and it airs every saturday in the morning here in the philippines and no wonder i still like it.

I just don't understand why lee shauran fell in love with yukito and he is a guy too hmmm some twisted things going around here. and like the tsubasa resevoir chronicles all the clamps anime are in one and i really like it when they made sakura and lee the main characters it is just wayy sooo cute when they transformed as a teenagers.

can u imagined how they have ben grow soo much and the story was unique too i mean travelling in different worlds just to find the missing feathers of sakura and all through the way they have to face different trial that will test their ability too!

and that's it!

Posted by : HinataBoyZ
Posted on : 2006-09-12        

This was the beginning where I started to love anime...
'Till now, I remember a lot about the story. I have all songs of CCS and the one I like most is the "It's My Life" theme.

Story: Perfect (10)
I remember a lot, but it's only the cute scenes that are stuck in my head. Well as a CC, she collected many cards with her best friends Tomoyo and Syaoran.

Music: Perfect (10)
'Till now I'm still listening to the CCS soundtrack in my iPod. Hahahhaa

Graphic: 9/10
Well done here. As my first anime, they looked as great as ever. I have the CCS the movie in my desk. It looked detailed with great effects supporting it. Ai shitte iru(Japan), Yo te amo(Italy), Wo ai ni(Chinese), I love you(English), Mahal kita(Philipine), Aku sayang kamu(Indonesia) more...??

Overall: Perfect
Music soundtrack is the best part from CCS that I like. Graphics are "well done" and the story is great. I'm lovin' it.

Posted by : du5k
Posted on : 2006-09-11        

Like what the name says, it's about a cardcaptor, and it's about capturing cards. In the beginning, the story's about Sakura's adventures capturing cards that loiter around her town. Later in the series, the story focused more on the love story of Sakura and Syaoran, who used to be her rival for cards.

Plot: 9
The childish romance and cute fighting are a good combination. Other than the action and love, she story also focused on her life with her family, her relations with them and her late mother. Although it gets pretty slow after some time, it does make you hook to it.

Story: 8
The lack of any real violence, blood, anger, sex and stuff makes it a childish anime, but all the same it's suitable for everyone. You don't get very excited with this anime but you don't get bored either. One bad thing is that repeating capturing cards most of the time, it gets real predictable. But it also shows that cute side of Sakura dealing with different situations.

Animation: 6
The anime is dated about 10 years ago so the quality ain't that good. Other than than, everything else is done wonderfully.

Music & sounds: 8
"Catch you catch me" and "I'm a dreamer" are really addicting. Apart from the OP of the second season, others are pretty nice. I couldnt stand some screams of the characters, but I can't get enough of Sakura's "Hooooeeeee??!!!?!" and "demo, demo~" ^.^

Overall: 8
I would only NOT recomend it to people seeking thrill, horror, excessive violence, ecchi or psychological. Other than that it's a pretty nice watch

Posted by : Fission2
Posted on : 2006-09-09        

I remember back in the day when I wanted to watch Card Captors on TV but my parents cut cable for me...and I guess I got traumatized over this incident. I recently got the chance to watch Card Captors, in Jap no less and I must say that I enjoyed this anime a lot even though it was around 6 years since I first saw it. That tells you something ladies and gentlemen.

Plot 9/10:
Depending on the english or the Japanese versions, or even the other versions released like in the UK the scenerio changes quite a bit. From what I remembered from the english version it didn't compare with what I saw in the Japanese. The Japanese one made much more sense as the english had some major edits and cut scenes. The themes in the Jap version were more serious then the ones shown in english. That is to say the japanese version was far more intricite though not nessasarily better. I must stress to the reader that the themes in the japanese version are very mature and that discresion is strongly advised. Such themes involve homosexuality (both sexes), sister complexes and relationships with sevrere age differences (maybe even to the point of pedophillic).

With all these themes and almost perverse as I may have portrayed it, it wasn't graphic in that sense and did not have biases, just everyone with a problem. This leads to fantastic character development oppurtunity. The characters were very well thought out and had a lot of change. I recommend the Jap version over the english version as the english one was watered down and suprisingly a bit more cool (very adventre action feel).

HOWEVER with both these comparrasions, I believe they each deserve a 9/10 because they each have their strengths in different areas. The english version would appeal much more to the north american audience then the japanese version and that was a good marketing stratedgy. Though it changed from the original version, the plot is still very much decent.

Music 10/10, 7/10:
2 ratings (wow) the first one being english. The op was really catchy and addictive. The ending was the same theme although without the lyrical content. The music theme in the eng was better in my opinion as it didn't sound as sugary as the jap version.

Jap version wasn't as good in my opinion. It depends heavily on gender and age I suppose. The op absoloutly shocked me when I first heard it when I was comparing with the eng. version. It took a lot of time to get used to, but it did grow on me. Same with the ending.

Animation 10/10, 8/10:

Once again, thee was a huge difference in the english and japanese verson. The english version had very clear cut animation sequences with not doubt computer enhancements. The colouring was much better and was a very good viewing experince.

The Japanese version, in comparassion was terrible. There was lots of shaking, the colouring wasn't as in depth and to the eyecandy viewer would look like crap when comparing the 2 versions. However for its timeframe it was pretty good.

Since I don't mind the difference in presentation all that much as I place much more stock in plot, The japanese version would be the one I'd recommend. Overall, I'd give both versions a pretty high rating and it averaged out to a perfect score. If you were to stick to one version however, I'd definately recommend the jap version over eng. Check it out, it's really good.

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