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Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of Fusion!! Goku and Vegeta

Studio : Unknown

Licenced by : FUNimation

Length : 1 Movie

Year : 1995

Genre : Action - Comedy - Science-Fiction

Synopsis :
After an error occurs with the Soul Machine, a young boy named Tankboy finds himself turned into a demon known as Janenba. With the appearance of Janenba, the separation between Heaven and Hell is broken. That means that Vegeta and Goku can be in the same place. After both of them try their luck with fighting Janenba, they come to the conclusion that they will have to become Gogeta (the fusion between Goku and Vegeta) in order to have any luck. Will Gogeta's power be enough?

Added : 2003-03-26
Synopsis by : macerboy
Last update : 2007-04-12
Last update details : Modify info
Score : 7.5
Number of reviews : 4

Song(s) :

OP1 : Hironobu Kageyama - We Gotta Power

ED1 : Hironobu Kageyama - Saikyou no Fusion / The Ultimate Fusion

Release(s) :

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Posted by : fingrid
Posted on : 2007-08-21        

Despite the official name, I call this one Fusion Reborn/Janemba, because that's what it is, an over-powered fusion against a better-than-average no-dialog destroyer of the universe. This time Goku stands against the foe for the most of the movie and doesn't lick his wounds / look for the bad guy for half a movie. The best part is that there's a decent ending, not just mystically powered punch or wave attack that cuts through or sends the enemy backwards at light speed velocity. No, the new techs provided by the fusion allow some change, but basically it's just another beat-off. Not very gory except for Vegeta, I would say.

The story is like usually in DBZ: a part of rubbish and a part of non-repetitive fighting. In this case, the ratio is 10/90, fortunately. The bad part includes all the non-fighting scenes in the Otherworld and some boring drama at Goku's city (Saiyaman still sucks), although I consider humiliating Shenlong and Freeza quite humorous. There is also that infamous Wermacht troops along with their leader returning from death. I'm sure everyone'd have wanted to see Cell once more but that doesn't happen.

At the very beginning Goku's up against a shape shifting enemy. He's very similar to Majin Buu: very chubby, childish prankster that can manipulate the bobbles surrounding the battlefield of the bottom of Otherworld and a few other tricks like portals and some sort of "lego teleportation". We do see Goku turning into SSJ3, but he utilizes it as a power-up, no more. It's like they wanted to show how Goku still sucks in his best form and how powerful a mere SSJ2? fusion can be. At least they made the villain well. It's a two-twisthorned red devil king with a bulky but not very shiny armor. He's great, because he tries to kill that magnanimous Sayan with the first chance he gets. Good to have baddies lusting for intestines for a change. Oh, we see Vegeta, but he sucks even more than Goku like the usual, but his witty comments towards Goku make up for it.

I think this movie is technically a bit over an average DBZ movie quality. While the music is not very notable, the backgrounds are interesting and uniform. I like how there is a pile of spike plants on the bottom of the Otherworld and how they softened the Third Reich satire with comic book graphics. There are so many familiar places detailed like the city and Goku's house that the scenery is plentiful. The weird minded Paikuhan/Pikkon and those endless bobbles increase the childish atmosphere.

The whole concept of having another power-up trick is a bit wasted. Why would they make a fusion just for a single episode? I think it is better this way, to have something not-well-known in store to add some variation to the common Kamehameha's and the "unfair plot device" Ryuken's. Bringing Vegeta back is a sugary idea for pleasing the fans. The fusion script seems to be copied from somewhere before, just replace the 'Gogeta' with 'Vegito/Vegetto' and you got it. I know how I hate the stupidity of those fusions, but there's some appeal in Vegito and Gogeta that Gotenks never had. It's most likely for showing of for fans, some non-fanatic DBZ fans might be displeased, but if a well-animated shonen movie is anywhere near your interests, you will like this.

I would like to declare this the DBZ movie number one, the first and last. I fail to see why they made so many cheap movies with one common plot and no contents. Fans want new gadgets, not rehashing the same. It could be deeper, some fans will say it's ok but nothing new, that's why. But as a DBZ scale (you couldn't find anything lower since it's a joke like a good plot and DBZ together) it's 9, otherwise it would be 7 because of the lack of ground-breaking and new stuff.

Posted by : fresh_no_concept
Posted on : 2004-05-11        

More DBZ reviews. Probably isn't too relevant here, since a LOT of the anime fans straight up just lost interest for this franchise. I can see why this movie is the favorite amongst all the DBZ movies. It just has a certain something that none of the other movies were ever able to acquire.

It starts off innocently enough with our DBZ crew searching for the Dragonballs yet again. This is happening because someone let loose the gates of purgatory and the dead are rising and causing havoc. And some fat dude named Janenba is causing chaos in the World of the Dead where Goku and Vegeta are residing for the moment. Fighting ensues. Super Saiyans come and go. Fusions everywhere. More excuses for our DBZ crew to kick some random ass...

What makes this movie so great is in its attempts to just have a good time. I enjoyed Trunks and Goten handling the dead people. Especially when they go against Hitler and his army. Great stuff. Frieza's little cameo was great as well. This going along with whatever Janenba is doing, makes it a funny DBZ movie to watch. But then, DBZ is also known for those fight scenes huh? No complaints here. In fact, this is one of the better DBZ movies in terms of fight animations. Very few reused cells and some well thought out fighting schemes makes this "fusion movie" what it is... just plain fun to watch.

Good DBZ movie. If only Krillin was in it more. Oh well, you can't have everything now, can you... =P

Posted by : persecutedsmoker
Posted on : 2003-04-01        

This movie has some of the best action/fight scenes ever. I almost crapped my pants at the climax of the big main fight when Gogeta finally gets to fight Janenba. Hey... they are fighting for the existence of Hell and the battle was certainly big enough to show all of it. Even though this movie had its quirky moments, it still managed to be an entertaining movie.

Posted by : macerboy
Posted on : 2003-03-28        

Yes, you aren't seeing things wrong... I've actually given a Dragonball Z movie a score above 5!!! I actually don't mind watching this movie... even when today after my Dragonball Z loving phase had passed. The reason I liked it so much is because the fighting in this one is actually pretty cool. It's not just random flashing in the air like you see in the later episodes of the series. You can actually watch them flying around kicking each other... even with their high power levels. Also I actually found a few things that happened in the movie pretty funny, ie: Hitler coming back to live and fighting Goten and Trunks. The animation was also pretty good.

If there was one thing that can really take away from this movie, it's the fact that it's from the Dragonball franchise and that it has the damn annoying Dragonball characters.

I don't recommend this to most anime watchers because most of you don't like DBZ... but to DBZ fans this is a must watch movie. I give it a 6 out of 10.

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