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Ninja Scroll TV

Alternate title : Jubei Ninpuu Chou TV

Studio : Madhouse Studios

Licenced by : Urban Vision Entertainment

Length : 13 Episodes

Year : 2003

Genre : Fantasy - Action - Mature

Synopsis :
Kibagami Jubei is a wandering vagabond swordsman. He wanders the countryside taking on odd jobs for the right price, and gives a trusting look about them. When Jubei falls in with Roga, he discovers that Roga has stolen the Hirukoshu’s sacred jewel, and is being hunted by their elite ninjas. Can Jubei protect this sacred jewel, and will he even care to hear the story of its importance?

This TV series is set to run the gamut of a Ninja Spagetti Western, not meant to raise deep philosophical reasoning, but to get you excited with the constant action, and different superhuman ninja characters that Jubei must face along his new found path.

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : Specky
Last update : 2014-01-11
Last update details : Modify info
Score : 2.88
Number of reviews : 8

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Official Ninja Scroll TV Website (Japanese)
Official #2 : Wowow Ninja Scroll TV Website (Japanese)

A-Source #1 : Ninja Scroll Movie

Song(s) :

OP1 : Kitaro, Peter McEvilley - Juubei no Theme / Juubei's Theme

ED1 : Kitaro, Peter McEvilley - Shigure no Theme / Shigure's Theme

Release(s) :

2004-02-20 -- Episode(s) 8 by AniWorld. BT Link

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Posted by : Faebinder
Posted on : 2006-01-12        

First off, this series was written/designed/scripted and even voice acted by completely different people than the OVA. What a disappointing series. Compared to the OVA, this series is trash. I am horrified at how bad they messed this up.... details.

Art/Graphics: 6/10. Mediocre at best. They did a good job with character drawings but the fights were very flash cut scenes and nothing special. So monsters were drawn all messed up... more funny than horrific.

Music/Sounds: 8/10. They did a better job with that one, the opening and endings were pretty decent and the intraepisode music was appropriate.

Story: 1/10. WTH happened here? Did they even have a story? Just random things happening? What's with the mechanical/technologically oriented bad guy? How come a new bad guy every episode? What's with the cheesy side stories? I can sum up the whole series in 3 sentences.

Characters: 3/10. Other than Jubei, all the other characters (even the old) are completely unbelievable in their style. They are unrealistically set up and go after a story in an unrealistic fashion... None sense pretty much.

Garbage, I am so disappointed. Don't bother watching beyond episode 1.

Posted by : MrSentimental
Posted on : 2005-09-05        

I would highly recommend the original movie, which had some of the best action in Anime! I believe this series did make one improvement over the movie, believe it or not, where it did not have the "shock" rape/ sexual scenes that brought the original movie down just a little from a perfect "10" score. The TV series, though, only rarely delivered the quality action and intensity of the original.
I must admit that the DVDs I watched had very poor subs, but still it seemed Jubei said little. He was a somewhat more aloof and less interesting character this time around. There were some interesting villians, although it would be very difficult to reach the level of coolness achieved by those from the movie. The plot was OK. But, for the most part, it was hard to stay interested in the characters here, and the action was OK, but not as crazy as in the original.
The artwork was OK, but the characters seemed a bit stiffer, and the facial expressions amd emotions were only so-so. The music was sub-par, at times not being as intense as it needed to be.
If you've seen the movie, you will probably want to see this for the heck of it, but no big rush. 5 stars.

Posted by : WeeBey
Posted on : 2005-06-20        

This TV show is okay, but nowhere near as good as the movie. After watching the 1st 4 episodes, I was not very entertained. The characters are nowhere near as cool and innovative as the movie, but try too hard to be, and the story is pretty mediocre. Jubei has this new power where all he has to do is draw his sword and people are sliced in half. And there's all these pointless duels by characters who have lame powers (tree girl, girl with long hair that can control her hair, translucent glowing guy who controls moths, cat girl etc.) They even have robots and all this other crap that shouldn't be in Ninja Scroll. Every villain in the movie was really cool. Sadly everyone on the show is lame.

Posted by : Tevesh
Posted on : 2005-03-01        

If you create a series from a film, it should be similar. Unfortunately, what was good in the Ninja Scroll movie was ditched in the series, but what was bad was most definitely kept. The Ninja Scroll series is garbage compared to the movie, as the only thing that the movie had was its incredibly fast tempo. The series has a much slower pace, rightfully because of its status as a series, but it loses the edge that the movie had.

The main character in Ninja Scroll movie barely overcame his demonic adversaries, surviving barely due to skill alone. In this Ninja Scroll, Jubei is superhuman and can take on a million demons without a sweat. These superhuman abilities were inappropriate for a wandering warrior such as Jubei. He can be modeled after a few historic people named the same, and last time I checked they couldn

Posted by : idjota
Posted on : 2004-02-22        

I don't really know what to say about this anime so first I will say what I liked about it:
I thought that the music was fitting to the anime
I liked the character designs
and I liked the art
what I didn't like was:
the music (the opening and the ending) did get on my nerves after a while
the characters looked good but that's about it
there was pretty much no story
fight scenes lasted only couple of seconds and got repetitive rather quickly

I think that's it, if I would say anything else about it, its that I would not recommend this to anyone, unless you don't care and want to watch it anyway, it still would be a waste of time

Posted by : macerboy
Posted on : 2003-12-23        

This has got to of been the biggest let down in a looong time for me. What the hell was this anyways? There was hardly any plot to it at all! I know that I shouldn't really complain about plot considering this is Ninja scroll but still! The movie at least had neat fight scenes to make up for it... this had horrible fight scenes. There was hardly a battle that took longer then 10 seconds and it was always finished with an air slash of some sort. Another thing that annoyed me was the horrible excuses for bad guys! The demons in the movie though they were weirder then your normal anime bad guys were still tolerable and in some cases kind of cool. In this the best bad guy I saw was a millipede thing that wore a barrel on it's head. It's like they gathered a bunch of random words and threw them together to create their bad guys... barrel + millipede = Millipede with barrel on head an big hammer yay!

I can go on for a long time with the problems this anime has but I won't... 2 out of 10.

Posted by : atikiN
Posted on : 2003-12-20        

This anime is "eh" at best. When I first started watching it I had allot of hope for it but unfortunately it was a big let down.

I stopped watching around episode 5 because this series went no where and fast. It was filled with pointless battles and barely any character development.

Don't expect this to be anything like the movie. Don't waste you're time watching this one.

Posted by : Kaiser
Posted on : 2003-07-29        

I don't know what they are trying to do with this... but so far outta 5 episodes this show has been extremely disappointing... maybe they were trying to sell on the Ninja Scroll name.. but the enemies in Ninja Scroll are kinda cheesy and the story line so far is a minimum (ie nothing).

This show was licensed by Urban Vision and there was the whole fiasco regarding AnimeJunkies subbing their licensed show which they turned a big deal out of it.... One has to think maybe there was such a big fuss about fansubbing was that the fansubs gave us a taste of what the show would be like... and quite frankly... in my opinion and many others... it sucked.

Don't get fooled by the title or by having the same characters. This show is no where comparable to its predecessor, Ninja Scroll (the movie)... watch the movie, forget the TV series. The only thing going for the TV series is its animation which is drawn pretty smoothly and fluid action... but gosh ... the episodes need to go somewhere....

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