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Cowboy Bebop

Studio : Sunrise

Licenced by : Bandai Entertainment

Length : 26 Episodes

Year : 2000

Genre : Science-Fiction - Drama - Comedy - Action - Adventure

Synopsis :
What happens when a group of misfits with their own dark past end up on one spaceship, the Cowboy Bebop? Working together as bounty hunters they end up in interesting situations until finally their pasts catch up to them. Stylish and crisp, each episode dives into a segment of their lives creating a colourful mosaic of them without a linear plot. Coupled with an awesome jazz soundtrack, this is an artistic achievement and pioneering.

Added : 2002-08-14
Synopsis by : Kaiser
Last update : 2010-03-04
Last update details : Image modified
Score : 9.24 Ranked #8 by users
Number of reviews : 107

Link(s) :

Official #1 : 3-2-1..Let's Jam! - Emily's Cowboy Bebop Fansite (English)
Official #2 : The Jazz Messengers: A Viewers' Guide to Cowboy Bebop Fansite (English)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Seatbelts - Tank!

ED1 : Seatbelts (featuring Mai Yamane) - The Real Folk Blues
ED2 : Seatbelts - Space Lion
ED3 : Seatbelts (featuring Mai Yamane) - Blue

Release(s) :

2017-11-23 -- Episode(s) 1-26 by -. BT Link
2013-08-06 -- Episode(s) 1-26 by Encodergasm. BT Link
2013-08-06 -- Episode(s) 26 by Encodergasm. BT Link

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Character Design
Kawamoto Toshihiro

 Spiegel, Spike Black, Jet Valentine, Faye Tivruski, Ed Ein Vicious Julia

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Posted by : MrSentimental
Posted on : 2012-04-04        

I had seen my share of random episodes here and there, like on Cartoon Network. But I had never seen the whole series... ...until now.

I had always liked what I saw of Spike, Jet, Faye, and Ed, and I liked finding out even more about them. I have to admit, I'd like to see even more. And it's too bad we haven't seen a second season.

A lot of the episodes seemed to tie in to the over-all plot which unfolded towards the end (which I found interesting). There were quite a few "stand alone" episodes that were entertaining. The "Cowboy Andy" episode was probably my favorite. I was laughing alot! I found the end, which made up the last two episodes, to actually be somewhat... ...abrupt. I felt there should have been more to it, like more on Vicious and on Julia.

I liked the artwork style. It made the characters appealing, did very well with their facial expressions, made for well-done sceneries, and worked well with the many cool action scenes. This was one of those series where I was immersed in the story-lines and interesting characters, so I didn't think much about the artwork. When I did, I was enjoying it.

The music and sound quality was one of the best in Anime! "Tank" has always been one of my all-time favorite Anime theme songs, and the cool blues and actiony jazz worked fantastically and helped give the series its unique style.

So, after finally seeing the whole series, I have to put it up there with alot of my other favorites that have interesting plots & characters, well-done artwork and sound, and cool action like Ghost in the Shell, FMP, FMA, and EVA. Enjoy if you haven't already. 4 1/2 STARS. 9 out of 10 rating.

Posted by : joem20
Posted on : 2010-05-04        

This is definitely one of the biggest anime series of all time. I ranked it 3rd in my all time list and for me it serves to be one of the foundations for the development of anime that we are watching today.

Even if this anime doesn't follow a long storyline and it's different from episode by episode I still find the uniqueness of their adventures amazing. The writers' predictions about the future are very original and the way that citizens "planet-hop" is cool. I have to consider the main storyline as perhaps one of anime's greatest mafia-related plots ever devised.

It is a masterpiece in terms of animation. The fight scenes are really cool and even though it may be outdated, I still can’t believe that this anime was released way way back in time.

Spike is one of the best characters ever developed of all time. Everything about his past and how he chased his only love Julia makes him one standout as one of the very best. Faye Valentine is one of my all time crushes in anime, and Edward is just crazy.

Its opening theme Tank is one of the greatest instrumentals I ever heard, and really defined what this anime was all about.

Simply unforgettable and a must watch if you are really an anime fan. Its ending is truly one of the most unforgettable and was very satisfying. Perhaps one of the very best anime ending's ever.

Posted by : miestersean
Posted on : 2008-12-23        

It’s amazing how all over the place the plot is in this anime. It has some episodes which are pure fillers, but it also has some which are completely focused on plot development. What surprised me was that I actually liked the filler better. The show is best when it’s as creative as possible, and it only achieves this when it strays from its plot almost completely. I noticed this because two episodes with total filler plots, Pierrot le Fou and Mushroom Samba, are my favorites.

Bebop hits its stride in the third quarter of the show when the characters are fleshed out enough and before the show feels compelled to wrap up its plot. This part of the show is most definitely worth a watch, but the rest is only borderline.

Posted by : seefutbow
Posted on : 2008-07-21        

Cowboy Bebop has all the right aspects for a great series, and the series doesn't disappoint.


-Though the animation is visibly dated, CB has very good animation quality. The characters are all well differentiated from each other, the animation quality is very consistent, the character movement is very fluid (especially the fight scenes), and the backgrounds contain a surprising amount of detail. Even though the series does look dated, some scenes are so amazingly well done that even contemporary anime series don't hold a candle to CB. For a series that is a decade old, CB stands up very well against the test of time.
-The story telling was well done. Other than the ending, the viewer learns all the necessary information about each character's past. The episodic nature of the CB didn't hinder the story, for it assisted in building the characters' personalities and development.
-The characters themselves were just a joy to watch. Spike's carefree attitude, Faye's gambling ways, Ed's eccentric behavior, Ein's unnoticed intelligence, and Jet's practical ways all mixed together for an amazing ride.
-CB's music was also very well done. The opening's cool jazz sound lent to the overall cool nature of the entire crew. The ending's more emotional feel really captured the underlying emotions that the crew felt for each other that almost was never expressed. The entire score was well done for the series.


-I didn't enjoy the very last part of the series too much. I kind of wish it was different.


-No interesting side comments this time.

I was simply blown away by how good of a series CB is. I can't believe it took me this long to watch it. The most important part of a series for me would be the enjoyment factor. If a series can keep me interested throughout the entire episode and make me want to watch another episode right afterward, that series usually gets a good rating. CB was an amazing ride throughout, and I would recommend it to anyone. CB is definitely a classic that no one should miss out on.

Posted by : Battousai78
Posted on : 2008-03-29        

Cowboy Bebop is one of the most well known anime series in the west. The show provides interesting characters, great animation and an amazing soundtrack.

Animation 9/10: I really do not see anything wrong with the animation. Some people will say its looks dated so they think I can't give it near top marks, but the dated looks contribute to the style to make the space atmosphere more grim at times to really convey the feel of the show. The art style is one of my favorites with plenty of detail which puts modern shows to a shame. Everything looks fluid and cool.

Sound 10/10: The English dub is very good, some of the voices and lines sounding something out of a movie, not an anime. What really makes this show good is the soundtrack that accompanies the fighting and does so in a very good way, surpassing its successor Samurai Champloo by far. The intro is a masterpiece, very artistic and the music composition is awesome. Who could hate the Green Bird church sequence?

Characters 7/10: Had the show or episodes been longer, this could have gotten higher. Nearly all the episodes are self-contained, which is good (if you just want to jump in on a episode, you can), but some of the characters in the self-contained episodes could have really developed into amazing characters, which is a shame. I also hated Edward who is quite annoying.

Story 7/10: Since most of the episodes are self-contained, the stories are quite short and not very developed but in a show like this the characters make up for this by being a story themselves. The whole relationship of Spike to the Syndicate I say is the real story and it’s a shame that not enough episodes are dedicated to this plot because it could have developed into something very interesting but instead it turns into something that seems rushed.

Overall: Cowboy Bebop is a great anime that people who are mature enough to handle the themes and violence of it can really enjoy. That’s why it’s a Seinen (Young Man) after all.

Posted by : mstice
Posted on : 2008-03-26        

Cowboy Bebop is one of the most popular and influential anime of all time. Half the anime fans I know here in the States got their real start watching Bebop; the other half are still watching the current half-baked episodes of Bleach. That being said, let’s break it down.

Animation: 10/10- I know that by today’s standards it’s far from the top, but when it was made it was absolutely one of the best. Great character design, great mecha design, and the directing skills of Watanabe, one of the greats. The cinematography in episodes like Ballad of Fallen Angels and Pierrot le Fout is absolutely outstanding, and the fight scenes were spectacular. At times it even looks cliché from our modern perspective because it’s been imitated so often.

Characters: 10/10- Once again, an aspect that was so well crafted it too has been repeatedly copied. The characters are complex, with mysterious and checkered pasts that are only partially revealed to us as we watch. They interact and play off of each other extremely well, providing contrast and furthering each others’ depths. Spike Spiegel may still be my favorite character of all time.

Music: 10/10- Yoko Kanno is a small, soft spoken woman who creates memorable ballads, moving arrangements, and fast jazz that’s so intense it could slap your mama. Her resume is a who’s who of anime and her reputation is well earned. From the first fight sequence on Mars, to the final scenes of Jupiter Jazz, to the very end her compositions are incredible and absolutely flawless.

Plot: 9/10- I attribute this minor flaw more to myself than the show. I wanted to know more about each character’s past. The glimpses given throughout the series were tremendously intriguing and always left you wanting more. In the end, you never get the whole story. This, of course, is also what makes the series so strong. It left you wanting more. Outside of the core plot, each episode was interesting, well done, and could stand on its own entirely.

So there you have it. One of the very best because in every aspect it’s one of the very best. It’s been imitated. It’s been copied. It’s never been reproduced.

Posted by : PlasmaXwisp
Posted on : 2008-02-22        

I just finished watching Cowboy Bebop for the second time… and there's a reason I watched it twice. This anime is one of the great ones, the classics, and one that is not meant to be missed. Want proof? Go to any list of "the greatest animes", and Cowboy Bebop is always on there, most likely in the top ten. Quite simply, Cowboy Bebop is the anime…and I'll tell you why.

Plot – 10/10
The plot (if you don’t know it by now) is about these three bounty hunters aboard a ship called the Bebop. This anime contains a different bounty in almost every episode, while simultaneously interweaving the back-stories of the characters. The chases for the bounties are usually very exciting and action-packed. It's straight-forward enough so that you don't get lost, but a little mystery is added in so you can still ask questions in the end.

Characters – 10/10
Cowboy Bebop contains one of the best casts of colorful characters in all of anime. Spike is the conventional bad-ass who loves to take risks. Jet is the classic side-kick who knows everything about ships and bonsai. Faye is a gambler with an attitude. Ed is an eccentric hacker, and Ein is the world’s cutest animated Corgi. The bulk of the characters have a great sense of humor, and a dark past. These characters balance each other out in the best ways.

Music – 10/10
Quite simply, Cowboy Bebop has the best anime soundtrack I’ve ever heard (even better than Evangelion). The type of music is in the title of the show, "Bebop", which is a type of jazz. The upbeat jazz and the downbeat blues help to mesh with the mood and tone of the show. On a side note, the series is jam-packed with an endless amount of musical and cultural references, mostly American rock.

Style – 8/10
Cowboy Bebop has the best type of tone, which is serious with a sarcastic edge to it. There even episodes that are meant for pure comedy (Ex. Mushroom Samba). The three categories above combine to create a slick and smooth style to the series. In this way, it’s unique. However, I've seen better. All of the cultural references make for a long list of Easter Eggs.

Overall – 10/10
I hold this anime at an incredibly high standard that has yet to be matched by animes of the same category. Cowboy Bebop is the anime that Black Lagoon wishes it was. The only thing it’s missing is a message (at least for me). I have it rated as a 9.5 on paper, but for the sake of this review, it’s a 10. This anime is great, meaningful, and just a blast to watch.

Posted by : jayou521
Posted on : 2007-12-04        

Bebop is one of the best animes of all time. Loaded with action, comedy, drama, romance, all in a sci-fi setting; it is a classic. Best english dub ever... I don't think I've ever seen an entire episode in Japanese.

Memorable characters. Spike is my favorite anime character of all time; my Spike Spiegel Messenger Bag might just be one of the best purchases I've ever made.

Awesome music. I listen to the soundtrack every single day. The jazz is amazing, as only Yoko Kanno and The Seatbelts could make such a spectacle. It's the main reason for my favorite radio station being CD101.9

Do I need to say more? Cowboy Bebop. . . You're missing out if you haven't already seen it.

Posted by : Terentius
Posted on : 2007-11-05        

I came across this show sometime in 2002 with some trepidation. I heard many good things but I just wasn't impressed. It seemed really generic with little in the way of original characters and premises. Bounty-hunters in space??

After watching the first episode, this re-affirmed my belief that this was going to be another average show. Something however spurred me on to the second episode.

It was one of the best anime related decisions I've ever made.

Story (10/10) - There's a very good story arc here which encompasses all the major characters. Seeing the show grow from it's bare foundations always made for enjoyable viewing. Yes, it had a very slow start, but it picks up from there. In effect (and this is something not easily accomplished), each episode can be both viewed either mutually inclusive or exclusive of each other. Viewed chronologically, it made fascinating viewing, but it can easily be enjoyed if you pick an episode at random. Most importantly, it takes a 'been there, done that' story and improves on it.

Characters (10/10) - From the start, I had a feeling that if I had met these people in real life, I wouldn't give these guys a second glance. If I were to make the effort to get to know them, then I'd discover their extraordinary backgrounds. Despite the usual stereotypical character types, there is a depth to their persona that makes watching Cowboy Bebop such a joy. What at first seems like a superficial antipathy, is actually a facade to mask their deep empathy with each other. They're all outcasts in their previous life and seeing them find a certain degree of camaraderie and understanding with each other was really refreshing. One of the main draws to the show is this depth of characterization.

Music (10/10) - I am about to say something so blindingly obvious, I shouldn't need saying it. Yoko Kanno is a genius. She is to anime music what John Williams is to Hollywood. She has made so many superb soundtracks and scores over the years, it just beggars belief. Yet out of all of her audiography, Cowboy Bebop is perhaps one of her greatest works. Every single episode almost has a unique track or theme to it. the fusion of jazz and soul was a masterstroke. It is very rare indeed for a show to have a score that is BETTER than the show itself. Bebop is one of them. Finally, it has one of the all-time greatest opening credit scenes in anime history. My previous winner was Gunsmith Cats.

Animation (10/10) - I consider this to be the weakest of the areas I'm reviewing. So why have i still awarded a 10? Well, here I go... The animation manages to capture so many different scenes and set-pieces excellently. The dog-fights in space = Excellent. Hand to hand combat and footchases = Superb. The almost 'film noir' moments of memory flashbacks = Great. Best of all, the mood is captured brilliantly. The quiet moments where little is going on is often when an animator would put his feet up. Not here!

Voice Acting (10/10) - I might get slated for this, but that 10 you see? That's for the English VAs as well. I normally am a traditionalist when it comes to choices of soundtrack, but I always make the effort to at least sample the english dub. It's one of the best I've heard for a TV series. Casting for both languages was excellent. I was really impressed for the two VAs who did Spike, in particular the English language VA. He captured his character's 'essence' as much as the Japanese VA. Credit also to Megumi Hayashibara for her portrayal as Faye Valentine.


This is a first. My first review where I've awarded a score of 10 stars. The first review where all the sub-sections were 10 white-washes. No one is happy to say they're wrong, but I am. I'm glad that I was wrong in pre-judging this show. This truly is a gem and is quite rightfully a firm fan favorite across the board.

If you didn't like the story, then at least the music would make up for it. I normally don't place much emphasis on the score/soundtrack, but after watching this, I went out and bought the CD-BOX limited edition set. The only other show where I've purchased the soundtrack is EVA. That says it all about the quality of music here.

If I were to make a recommendation to a a beginner to anime, I would tell them to watch this and GTO. I can't give any higher praise than that to a show.

Posted by : 77Finch77
Posted on : 2007-07-10        

When i first saw this show in late 2003, I didn't like it. ( Granted the first episode I saw was Jupiter Jazz Part 2, and I was a bit put off by the bisexual musicians! hehe) but once I finished watching Outlaw Star (One of my personal favorites) and spent the time to watch it, I saw it was an amazing, well written and brilliantly animated masterpiece! The characters are all so diverse and deep, with brilliant stories and backgrounds, and some high-class fight/comedy scenes that make it so enjoyable!

I would definitely recommend this show to any budding Anime fan, but also warn them to not to get too attached Spike, no matter how cool he may be!


Posted by : sssl0202
Posted on : 2007-05-01        

To be perfectly honest, I don't know why Cowboy Bebop is praised so highly.

First thing that came to my mind while watching this anime was the words such as 'typical' and 'cliche' came into my mind.

Bounty hunters in outer space? Fighting over food? Young tech girl that talks weird? Big boob babe using her looks to get what she wants and is very greedy? Big muscular man who was ex-cop? Mysterious main character that has that cool factor? Smart dog? Is there any way this anime can be more typical than what it is?

Then the nature of anime was another turn off for me at least. The plot doesn't really revolve around a single large event, but it is broken down with multiple events. Usually an event would end in a single episode, so there is lack of plot progression because story is contained in each episodes.

It does have good action sequence and although it is very typical, it does have characters with lively personalities to get attached to, but I can think of many anime that provides what Cowboy Bebop and Cowboy Bebop doesn't do anything to really stand out.

This is an anime I tried to like, especially because Megumi Hayashibara does the voice acting for Faye, but in the end I simply couldn't see what the big deal was about this anime. It is entertaining anime so it is worthy of your time, but there really isn't anything special about it.

Posted by : chile25
Posted on : 2007-04-18        

overall this is one of my all time favorite animes. it is a must see for all who love anime anime.

8/10 story- the story is pretty simple. a group of bounty hunters trying to make a living in space. good humor and very good characters. its all about spike baby!!!

9/10 animation- though others may say that the animation isnt as good i like the way cowboy bebop is drawn. it has a dark side toit as brings out more of the blues and jazz themes of the show

and finally 10/10 MUSIC- the music from cowboy bebop must be some of the greatest music ive heard in my life. i love songs like tank, new york rush, green bird, askdna, call me, especially what planet is this, etc. the music is unique to any other anime and anything going on in the world of music around the world!

one of the greatest anime of all time!!!

Posted by : grfgonza
Posted on : 2007-04-13        

This is one of those animes that set itself apart from the reset.


Cowboys in Space is the best way to describe it. Well too be more specific Bounty Hunters. I know it sounds weird and like a B rate movie but it works and it works well. Along with Jazz music this anime is blast to watch from start to beginning.


The music mostly consisited of Jazz and this works well for the anime. Even if your not a Jazz listener. The music is also different and enjoyable to listen to and the intro in no exception.


Again this is Cowboys in space. The great part is one doesn't over power the other. They some how made it all work. The story begins with two Bounty Hunters. they end up taking on unexpected crew mates on a space ship. They each have their own story to tell and as the series unfolds so does their stories.

Spike: A great Bounty Hunter who has a laid back personality. He is a great fighter and a Ace Jet figher to boot. He is a ex mob member from his home plant Mars. He seems to be always in pain for his lost love.

Jet: A ex-cop with a strong sense of justice. He is the owner of the Bebop (Spaceship), He and Spike are the original members of the Bebop Crew. Jet lost an arm in the line of duty and retired from the force.

Faye: Is sexy, card shark, a kick-ass take names later kind of person. She's also has an intresting sotry to tell. She is over 40 years old due to cyro freezing. Because of the Cyro freeezing she is still young in body and heart. Faye tends to make trouble in this gorup of Bounty hunters, but in the end always comes thru for them. Her past is really something and it is great to watch her story unfold.

Ed: Is a hacker with unreal skills, "He/She" (I think in the english version they state she is a girl.) can hack any thing thats on line and find anything on the web. Ed is still a kid and loves to play around. He/She is a the main source of laughs for the viewers. Not much is known about her origins, only that she spent some of her earlier childhood in an orphanage after being left there by her father.

Ein: Is a dog that is highly Intelligent. In one part of the series the dog was able to hack a website faster than ED. The Dog has even help out the crew a few times. Unfortunately they never really get into a back story about the dog.


I enjoyed all 26 eps. With all the fun being had watching this series I was sad to see it all end. It seemed to be a bit short. Not sure if that was becasue I really didn't want it to end. It didn't seem rush to me at all. Infact I was pretty happy with the way things turned out. There were a few things they left open but you could pretty much guess the outcome. All good things must come to an end. I give it a 10 out 10.

Posted by : DungeonMaster
Posted on : 2007-04-03        

A very nice action packed anime.

I give it a 10/10. The producters perfectly drew each scene and the back round scenery with the action packed fighting, cool looking ships and very creative landscapes.

I give it a 10/10. They make me laugh, especially Ed and the dog and how they were sort of a team. The characters were drawn very well and they all had there own unique abilities and backgrounds.

I give it a 10/10. Tthe story was great and had everything action, drama asnd comedy; all in a Futuristic old western type setting.

10/10 even though it was mostly jazz type music, it fit perfectly with all the action scenes and intense moments.

Overall, I give this a 10/10. Great anime, I think for mostly anyone.

Posted by : hellxice
Posted on : 2007-03-21        

This is one of the best anime I've seen.

Theme (of the anime)

When I 1st saw this I thought "why would you need bounty hunters in the age of space travel?"
Then I saw its like the old west, the expansion let the bad guy do as they please, so hunters needed to weed out the evil.


Loved it how often do you hear jazz in an anime? (not very) This in itself gives it a life of its own. people who say jazz is out dated is very wrong, jazz is timeless. on the down side after hearing the opening so many times, i must say "Tank!" get a bit bothersome.


You can think of this as a new old west, where the police can't handle the crime and call on bounty hunters to save the day. In this time you meet Spike and co. on the ship Bebop living day by day, bring in the bad guys and collecting (sometimes meager) bountys to still barely make enough to eat.
This gives this anime a very unique favor and leaves you wanting to see the next bounty. How will this turn out?


Spike- laid back, sharp shooter, who's careless adatude sometimes make you think "why is this guy a bounty hunter?" Sure his a ex mob member form his home plant Mars, still he can fight like no ones business

Jet- Strait toothed ex-cop with a wicked sense of justice. owner of the Bebop, a original member of the Bebop's crew (one of two, and Spike was the other). Lost an arm in the line of duty (in his police days). Kind of weird, I can't seem to get how he can get along with Spike being that kind of person...

Faye- Sexy, a vixen, card shark, a kick-ass take names later kind of person. but poeple can't tell she's... over 40 years old due to cyro freezing see has a body of a 20 year old. And can hold her own as a bounty hunter, also very good with a gun. Her past is really something, to me it give this anime a deeper meaning. Also she seems to have a thing for Spike.

Ed- A hacker with unreal skills, "he" can hack any thing thats on line and find anything on the web. but a very weird boy, (or maybe girl, one of the questions never answered) can't sit still and very, very, hyper. but on his way to be a very good hunter, (in a ep. he proved he's a force to fear by trapping a srooms dealer) but still a kid loves to play around a the main source of laughs for the viewers. Also my favorite character, he's simple toughs and joyful personality captured my heart.


Enjoyed all 26 eps. To me it seemed a bit short, don't get me wrong love the ending, (it was so sad but so cool!) even started to read the manga. but all in all it seemed lacking... it leaves so many untied ends. It's a bit staining. So I give this a overall score of 9.75/10

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