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Cowboy Bebop: The Movie

Alternate title : Knockin' on Heaven's Door

Studio : Sunrise

Also involved: BONES

Length : 1 Movie

Year : 2001

Genre : Drama - Adventure - Action - Science-Fiction

Synopsis :
Old ghosts turn up to haunt our group of friends as a sinister plot to kill an entire populace during an old traditional festival "Halloween." This movie takes place sometime in the middle of the TV series.. i.e., before episode 26.

Added : 2002-08-14
Synopsis by : Kaiser
Last update : 2007-03-04
Last update details : Modify info
Score : 9.11 Ranked #18 by users
Number of reviews : 45

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Sony Pictures' Cowboy Bebop Movie Website (English)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Kanno, Yoko - Ask DNA

ED1 : Kanno, Yoko - Gotta Knock a Little Harder

Release(s) :

2017-06-05 -- Episode(s) 0 by Thora. BT Link

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Character Design
Kawamoto Toshihiro

 Spiegel, Spike Volaju, Vincent Valentine, Faye Ovilo, Electra Black, Jet Tivruski, Ed

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Posted by : MrSentimental
Posted on : 2011-05-30        

I'm like du5K where I haven't seen the whole original series yet, but I've seen enough to find the main characters interesting and likeable. The price was right for this movie (recently made free "on demand"; can't beat it!).

First off, it looked like the creators gave a little extra with the artwork. It was the good style similar to the shows, and a bit more which was appealing.

There was nothing exceptional about the plot or character development here. All the main characters were "the usual": Jet was the straight guy; Edward and the dog were kooky; Faye had attitude and boobs; Spike was cool and kicked some butt. I didn't find the main bad guy to be all that interesting. I was hoping for a little more to develop with Electra, and the first scene where Spike meets Electra was interesting enough, but not much else happened afterwards. There seemed to be a good amount of filler/ boring scenes which did not add to the appeal here.

I was disappointed in the music. "Tank" is one of my all-time favorite anime theme songs, and nothing in the Movie came close. The music in the series was definitely cooler.

So, of course you'd want to see this movie if you're a fan of the series, but it was like one of the "just so-so" episodes which, well, you'd hope for better in a Movie. 7 out of 10 Rating. 3 1/2 STARS.

Posted by : du5k
Posted on : 2009-01-20        

I couldn’t quite understand how the Cowboy Bebop stands to high in the ranking, so I thought I’ll give it a try. Granted, I didn’t really watch most of Cowboy Bebop, so I might not appreciate characters like Spike and Ed as much as Cowboy Bebop fans did, but I thought this movie should be also excellent by itself to achieve this rank.

Well, I do enjoy the movie, but I didn’t think there was anything extraordinary about it. The story’s not really that complicated and there aren’t any major twist in the storyline. I suppose this movie sells off mainly on Spike and the action scenes, but well, there are good, but not that good. I mean, there was nothing unique about it compared to movies like 300, Wanted and Matrix, though of course I don’t mean they need to achieve that kind of standard in an anime movie.

I’ll do give it credit though, the gunfights and martial arts are interesting to watch, the animation quality is superb, and together with the Cowboy Bebop style of music playing in the background, it does kind of have style of its own. The plot is nothing amazing though, so I can’t justify its high rank in A-S’s top 50.

Posted by : phalseprofet
Posted on : 2008-02-20        

I was a pretty big fan of the series, so when I spotted a CB movie I had to at least check it out. The CB Universe was unique to me in the sense that it uses (good) music as a backdrop to a mind-numbingly realized Sci-Fi universe.

I was surprised to find out that not only does it retain the humor, musical sense, and action of the series, but it introduces a couple new villains and reintroduces the main characters as a marginally wiser and more tightly knit group than before. . .

. . .All without ruining that classic Bebop feel.

The animation is some of the most beautiful I've seen. Everything from the fighting scenes to the ships flying around the jutting Sci-Fi architecture was executed to near perfection.

My only complaint is that I wanted it to be longer.

There's not a moment in this film where I was bored. My ears danced happily to the music while my eyes seized uncontrollably in their sockets. It's one of those movies I enjoy watching with the original Japanese voices just as much as the English dub. I would recommend it to anybody new to the series or any Anime fan in general.

Posted by : blade40
Posted on : 2007-08-25        

This show is a stand alone achievement that has its own sense of humor and style of story telling. It combines the things men love best guns, girls, and violence.

The animation is stunning and captures the beauty of the world and the filth at the same time.

The characters all have individual stories that tie into to each other in beautiful harmony.

An all around must see of the anime market.

Posted by : Terentius
Posted on : 2007-07-05        

After watching (and loving) the TV show, I was extremely sceptical about a movie adaptation of this beloved show.

How wrong I was. For starters, the opening credits are perhaps some of the coolest in anime. I'd only place the CB:TV show and GunSmith Cats OAV credits above it. The song was perfect (Ask DNA) for the setting of a 'pseudo-NYC'. I won't spoil the movie for you, but seeing the old crew back in a new adventure was a joy.

The animation was top-notch, the music as expected from Yoko Kanno ( composer of Macross Plus' soundtrack) was brilliant, and the story itself wouldn't have looked out of place at all from the TV show. Some of the set-pieces were both haunting and beautiful (wait till the end and you'll see what I mean).

A fine addition to the Cowboy Bebop universe. Will there be another series or movie? Time will tell, but they'll have to surpass this masterpiece first.

Posted by : chile25
Posted on : 2007-06-01        

This is such a great movie in every aspect of looking at it. The main thing i notice is that the story is very good but you dont have to watch the entire series to get it. You could e a newcomer to anime and still understand it. This is a big plus in my book.

10/10 story- The story is simple and very complex at the same time. The movie is about the cowboy gang going after vincent who plans to release a deadly nanomachine to the public. But deeper in the story we find how vicent came to become what he is. It is very interesting

10/10 animation- I absolutely love the animation of cowboy bebop. It has a very good feel to it that i just love. The movies animation is even greater than the series. The fights are brilliant, a true marvel in my opinion. I absolutely love the animation in this movie.

10/10 music- Cowboy Bebop is very special because of its music. I love jazz and this shows music is brilliant to anyonen who likes any kind of music. Songs like "aske DNA" and "What Planet is This" are simply brilliant and instant classics to add to the cowboy bebop collection.

This movie is just a must see for anyone, anime lover or not. I recommend this movie to all and i know you will like it if you see it.

Posted by : theflame
Posted on : 2007-02-23        

This Is the first anime movie that I'd bought so I am kind of fond of it.
This movie is cool it realy brings out the CowBoy Bebop style. The story is great you don't have to be a fan of the show to under stand the movie. I give it a 10/10.

The art work is great, they stuck with the same style instead of doing something new so you get the Bebop feel.10/10

The chracters are the same except the two new faces (you have to watch to know who). The voice acting is the same and it wasn't dubish (where it looked liked they would say anything to match the lips).10/10

All in all, the movie is great. It is a must have for the fans or an action anime fan. I give the whole thing a 10/10.
P.S. the fight sence is like the best part of the movie so if you watch please enjoy.

Posted by : b_cuup
Posted on : 2006-10-15        

So, I remember seeing this movie months ago and I set my expectations low because I didn't want to be that disappointed. Boy, was I amazed at what I saw! The movie delivers an incredibly stylistic, jazzy, retro-futuristic, fast-paced romp through its sci-fi/comedy world. I think that Knockin' on Heaven's Door was done really well. The animation is also top-notch. The fights are fluid and camera angles perfect. It has all the stuff you love about Bebop the series.This movie is just as good, if not better, than most of the episodes in the series. Ultimately, this film boils down to the centerpiece of the series, Spike Spiegel, and his final meeting with his kindred spirit. I really like the reality of the storyline. The plot is involving and keeps the viewer involved in the story. I think it is definitely worth a watch. I thought Spike had meet his match at the end of the movie, which by the way was the best scene. The villain, Vincent, is superb and has a very (nay, extremely) odd motivation. Yet at the end of the movie you still can't help to feel sorry for the guy.

Posted by : van_maniac
Posted on : 2006-07-17        

Though I am a big Cowboy Bebop fan I must give the movie an 8 out of 10.

The art falls a bit short from the great quality that is well known in the anime series but that doesn't bring the overall quality of it down.

The story is just what you would expect from Cowboy Bebop, its full of action, suspense, and killer moves. The movie was a bit more at a faster pace at least in the catching the bad guy thing. The way the bad guy tried to spread the virus was pretty nifty. It was very entertaining to watch the pieces fall in place as Spike and the others raced against time to try and stop the bad guy.

The characters are just themselves, just as in the series. Though if you haven't seen the series it would be a bit hard to actually understand them pretty good just by watching the movie. Overall I think they did a pretty good portrayal of them in the movie, especially Spike's attitude. It’s hard not to like it. The only character I felt was left out in the cold was Faye Valentine, not much is told about her and her part in the story does help to explain what character she is but it also left it kind of vague.

The villain choice was really good, it fit the storyline very well and pretty much ran along the types of villains seen in the series. Though it did make me feel a bit sad about him and kind of wished he didn't have to die.

So at the end, the movie did the series justice. The only thing I found a bit lacking was the art. And the ending was full of action, the movie was pure action from start to end.

Cowboy Bebop fans will definitely like the movie! Worth watching and having in your collection. A collection isn't a collection without Cowboy Bebop movie in it. Action fans will love this movie!

Posted by : NeverFinding
Posted on : 2006-01-13        

Guys, this is COWBOY BEBOP here.
You know it's gonna be good.

Once again, the creators of Cowboy Bebop have managed to dive straight into deep questions and portraits of intimate human elements. This anime dares to question what pain, time, life and sanity truly are.

Here you will find not only an engaging and wonderfully wrought image of fantastic, human, imaginative characters and situations juxtaposed against a tarnished and realistic future, you will find an action and compelling emotional force that, in a super-cool, offbeat, light yet totally serious way, will carry you easily from start to finish.

The art and animation are, as always, gorgeous in a unique way. There are clean and pictueresque Madonnas, and lush imagyer for its own sake never makes an appearance. But the tone and perspective brought by color choice and perfect execution of vision never fail the story.

If you're looking for the surrealistic, knock you out of your seat, jaw-dropping, I'm-the-main-attraction-and-I-know-it kind of graphics from either of the Final Fantasy movies, or more correctly, from Ghost in the Shell II: Innocece, then you won't necessarily be satisfied.

But the movement in action sequences are great.

But more than anything else, the two elements that set Bebop apart are its fun, super cool characters, and the music. They have been copied, sure, and they've got their roots. But they are yet unique, and just so addicting.

Overall, if you've never seen any Bebop, buy, watch it, and then go get the series.
If you love Bebop, and haven't seen the movies, then you won't want to miss it.
Because Cowboy Bebop is definitely a masterpiece.

Posted by : praxisilver
Posted on : 2005-12-11        

With any great show, anime, or movie, when there is a sequel or spinoff, the biggest question is: Will it live up to the name? Too many of these have fallen into the rule "All sequels suck." This movie openly defies that stereotype.
This is actually what triggered my interest in Cowboy Bebop; I saw this movie on Adult Swim, and thought it was pretty cool. I started watching the series, and the rest is history.
Storyline: Knocking on Heaven's Door happens sometime in the middle of the show, between episodes 9 and 23. The crew of the Bebop is low on money, and they are starving (again). So Faye goes to check out a hacker with a bounty on his head. What she finds is a terrorist attack: someone crashed a truck, and then blew it up, spreading an unknown, deadly contaminant. As the hospitals rush to treat the victims and figure out what it is, the government places a massive bounty on the culprit. Dollar signs go off in their heads. And the chase after Vincent starts.
Characters: Spike is his carefree, ass-kicking usual self, Jet is still the brains of the outfit, Ed is as wacky as ever, and Faye still as aloof as ever. The new characters are just as detaild. Vincent has a crazy look about him (think old man Zangetsu from Bleach, but with a sinister air), and his empty eyes portray his character well. He is ruthless, and doesn't seem to care about anything... not even his own life. He just wants to escape from this world. Electra seems to be the perfect soldier, neutral and without feeling. But she is human, and as more about her is revealed, she opens up to show us her true self, and more about the man she once knew. And there's Rashid, quite possibly my fave new character. He lives in a more run-down part of town, and he is the next in a long line of eccentric old men with more to them than at first glance. At first he's just a bean seller, with beans for every occasion. But he may know a bit more about what that truck was carrying than others.
Music: Come on, this is Bebop for crying out loud! The music does not disappoint. Ask DNA, the opening song, is excellent. But that's not all, among other great in-show songs, this movie has my nomination for best in-show song EVER: What Planet Is This?! If you liked Bebop music, you will love this.
Animation: I'm not going to waste a bunch of words on this. It's perfect. End of story.

Posted by : Sepherz
Posted on : 2005-10-31        

I have watched Cowboy Bebop: Knocking on Heaven's Door only after finishing watching the series, so it might have had a greater affect on me than it should've, seeing Spike Spiegel, one of my all-time favorite characters, alive and kicking.

Knocking on Heaven's Doors is an excellent, touching movie. It features a very solid plot line that got me very excited as well as somewhat sad. While anime movies tend to squeeze way too much into 90 minutes, Knocking on Heaven's Doors elegantly evades such a mistake. It seems to be just right in length: not rushed, and definitely not stretched.

The main characters are the ones we've come to know and love in the series. What amazes me though is how excellently they were introduced and acted in this movie. You can actually watch the movie, without watching Cowboy Bebop beforehand, and pretty much guess what is typical of Spike to do, and what is a principal charecteristic of Faye! The character introduction, development, and acting was very masterfully done, loyal to the series.

Just like the series, this movie has one of the best soundtracks I've run into. It really is amazing how great the music of Cowboy Bebop, both the series and movie, is. 5 levels above any other I've ever seen. The music in this movie is employed very beautifully. It greatly emphasizes the dramatic moments, and leaves you (combined with a solid plot, of course) as attached as you would've been after spending 20 hours with the characters.

The animation is just as good as Cowboy Bebop's. It's nothing brilliant, but it sure is great, and the character designs are very unique and beautiful. Unlike certain series, like most harem-romance series (from Love Hina to Shuffle!) or X, in which most characters look very much alike, Cowboy Bebop features a very differentiating designing technique. None of the characters even remind one another, and still all are drawn very beautifully and look highly aesthetic. Even Ed. Really!

Overall, after watching the series I was not expecting the movie to be able to maintain the level of quality. However, Cowboy Bebop: Knocking on Heaven's Doors surprised me with a soundtrack as amazing as the series', a great script allowing the unique characters of Cowboy Bebop to properly express themselves, excellent animation, and a very solid plot. It is a sure bet and a must watch for any Cowboy Bebop fan out there, and even for people who didn't especially adore the series!

Posted by : Kerushi
Posted on : 2005-10-22        

If you loved the series, or you're wondering whether to see the series, this is a great movie for it. Some of the best music I've ever heard, and the best animation I've seen. Unlike with the series, more time was able to go into the overall story, and the flow of it. Never is there a dull moment, and the fight scenes! Oh, I wish I could write a review just on the flow, and brilliance of it. With new angsty, hot characters, and more music, this anime will keep you jazzed up without hurting the actual series.

And the opening theme song is "Ask D.N.A." by Kanno Yoko.

Posted by : wutang44
Posted on : 2005-08-24        

Cowboy Bebop has quickly joined the ranks of the classics; many people around the world were first introduced to anime because of this near-legendary series. While I may disagree, and believe the series does not quite live up to expectations, the movie is another matter entirely.
The Art is definitely better in the movie than in the series, and the storyline is just as good as the series; the only thing that makes it great is that, unlike in most of the series, the movie provides closure of a reliable, one that you don't have to ponder about for a while.
All right, review out of the way, synopsis coming up.
Basically, this Soldier, I believe he was Mars Special Forces or something along that line, contracted some odd type of man-made virus. Out of his entire platoon, he was the only one to survive it. He lives with it constantly, and it seems to put him in a dream0like state of mind. He plans to, for some reason or another, give this virus to the world, and it is once again up to our beloved self-centered Cowboy Crew to put aside their love of money (temporarily) and save the world. Sound interesting? Despite not being much of a Cowboy Bebop fan, I would have to agree with you.

Posted by : evil_kenshin
Posted on : 2005-08-08        

The basic premise of the plot is quite simple. A record breaking 300 million woolong bounty is offered on a bio-terrorist behind a virus attack. However, as Spike and his crew investigate further into the incident, Spike realizes that he and Vincent are not as far apart as they seem...

The story does not stray far from the basic plot line, which is good. Instead of heading off into different tangents and side storylines, the entire movie is focused on building up the main story behind Vincent Volaju and what will happen. Even the minor side stories contribute small bits of information as well as help in plot progression. The four main characters all play a role in the movie, as expected, and like the anime, most of the spotlight is on Spike. Overall the storyline is easy to follow and comprehensive. Yet there are themes and concepts which are quite thought invoking, examined thoroughly and as underlying themes in the story and plot.

Animation wise, the quality is excellent. Each movement is fluid and natural, with no attention spared to details. As this is a movie as opposed to an OVA, there is no change in animation or character art style, aside from a general improvement in quality. Definitely a plus.

Typical to the anime, the soundtrack follows the same general jazz/bebop theme. As with musical influences, one only needs to look at the movie title to see an obvious one. However the number of tracks is not considered scarce by all accounts, but aside from themes such as

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