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Seikai no Monshou

Alternate title : Crest of the Stars

Studio : Sunrise

Also involved: BeSTACK

Licenced by : Bandai Entertainment

Also involved : FUNimation

Length : 13 Episodes

Year : 1999

Genre : Science-Fiction - Action - Romance - Military

Synopsis :
The Humankind Empire Abh spans tens of thousands of planets. The Abh have done extensive genetic engineering, characterized by their blue hair, their extended longetivity and youthful elven appearance. Jinto Lin is the son of the leader of the planet Martine, when the humankind of Abh appears with their fleet to take over the planet, his father surrenders without a fight, but in exchange he gains a royal title in the Abh empire.A few years later, Jinto is to join the Star Forces for mandatory military service. There he meets Lafiel, one of the Abh royal family. When the both of them are shot down during a patrol flight, they strand on a planet controlled by the enemy. They have to work together in order to survive in this hostile territory.

Added : 2002-08-14
Synopsis by : Haunted
Last update : 2017-10-05
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Score : 8.33
Number of reviews : 9

Song(s) :

ED1 : TimeSlip-Rendzvous - Ushinawareta Aozora

Release(s) :

2004-11-06 -- Episode(s) 13 by AnimeOverture. BT Link

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Posted by : Molenir
Posted on : 2008-04-16        

Crest of the Stars is an anime Space Opera. But while it is telling a story on a grand stage, it is also focusing in on 2 characters who are caught up in events greater then themselves, and showing the part they play in these great events. The basis of the story is that the Abh are a genetically modified branch of humanity, who have conquered half the galaxy, 3 other empires who are allied together comprise the other half. When one of the 3, attacks the Abh empire, the others are drawn in, and the Abh who aren't in the habit of making peace until the conflict is resolves, are set on a course to conquer the rest of the galaxy. Lafiel, is an Abh princess, while Jinto is a human, who due to his father selling out his world, is an Abh as well. The central focus of the story is on them, and their escape from those who are pursuing them as the war begins.

Made in the late 90s, the animation is not very good, especially considering how recently it was made. While it is not outstanding, neither is it bad. Though they occasionally reuse action scenes. While the animation is a bit subpar, the music is quite frankly outstanding. The plot is also terrific. The only problem I had, with the story was with how certain of the characters behaved, and how Lafiel could almost literally take on an army by herself. That seemed a bit unrealistic. Even still, I thoroughly enjoyed the story. And especially the relationship between Jin and Lafiel, around which the story is based.

Overall I definitely recommend this show. It was a fun enjoyable story. Worth spending an evening or 2 to watch. Keep in mind though, that Crest of the Stars is only the first in a series of 3. The story doesn't end with just this show.

Posted by : Leuconoe
Posted on : 2007-11-06        

Space-opera. World-building. Rayguns. Romance. Warfare. That's Crest of the Stars for you. Allow me to elaborate. This is a novel adaption following the story of two young people caught up in a galactic conflict between the Abh, a semi-human, genetically modified race, and much of the rest of humanity.

We encounter the Abh through the eyes of Jinto, a normal human who is thrust into their world. Jinto befriends (by accident) Lafiel, a member of the Abh royalty, before they find themselves behind enemy lines, seeking to get home. The story spends two episodes winding up, and then sets off at a rapid, rattling pace, replete with intrigue, large-scale battles, tense dogfights and of course a burgeoning relationship between the two main characters. It also (somehow) finds time to squeeze in some decidedly surreal and/or noir elements as it races towards its conclusion. With only thirteen episodes to play with, there's really no time for filler. All-in-all a rather fine plot; it's not especially complex but it's involving, wide-ranging and rapid, which is just as a space opera should be. It is important to note that the series has sequels, and therefore the ending is more of a nod to what is coming than a decisive rounding-off.

Both the main characters are likeable, and both undergo some development (which is more than some series manage with double or quadruple the episode count). Jinto isn't the deepest character ever, but in a world of anime stereotypes he distinguishes himself with the occasional piece of dry wit. Lafiel's alien thought structures make her a sometimes unpredictable character, and her voice actor, Kawasumi, conveys her (usually unshakeable) confidence and authority rather well.

The elfin Abh are covered in fascinating detail - the author of the original novels invented an entire language and script for them, in a Tolkienesque manner. The fascination of learning about their unusual technology, deadpan humour, patterns of thought and social structures is perhaps the series' unique highlight.

Some of the battle sequences are suitably impressive, and the design of the striking Abh spaceships is excellent, but overall the animation is average-to-good (for 1999), rather than stunning. The character designs are sometimes perhaps a little simplistic, and there are moments when money was definitely being saved on animators' time, but we're not talking anything like Gundam SEED levels of recycled footage. The music aims for 'sweeping Classical' and generally hits the mark, though it may not be to everyone's taste. The sci-fi sound effects are suitably zap-tastic, and I've no quibbles with the voice acting.

Crest of the Stars is very good at what it does. What it doesn't have - and doesn't attempt to achieve - is cross-genre appeal. If you're irritated by (for example) the incompetency of Star Wars' Stormtroopers, or Star Trek's Redshirts, then you might not find this to your liking; regardless of the situation, you can rely on Lafiel to hit with every shot she fires from her raygun, just like Han Solo. But if you want to sit back and watch a proper space opera (admittedly, in anime form), with a detailed setting, then give this a try.

Posted by : GRC
Posted on : 2007-05-09        

Overall - 8.7
Animation - 8.0
Sound - 9.0
Story - 10.0
Character - 9.0
Value - 8.0
Enjoyment - 8.0

One of the news I remember quite well few years ago is a story of a man who used to win the first prize of the American lottery. This man placed an ad in the newspaper that he used to win the first prize lottery and he was looking for a partner. However, he set one specific criterion in which his potential dating partner must comply: she must have been a winner of the first prize lottery before as well. His reason? Because he wasn’t dared to have a relationship with any other woman who are not as rich as he is. He was afraid that they would only love his money, so to speak. Sometimes I wonder as well whether it’s a fortunate thing for one to born in a royal family or to be so famous and rich. True, luxury is a thing which we all love. Nevertheless, how can one cope in a situation when others are uncomfortable to befriend with them? How could one trust others around them if they don’t know if those people want friendship or money? How would one feel to be a person whom normal people are even afraid to initiate a conversation with? Crest of the Stars is a story of two nobles who are destined to meet one another and their relationship which develops through the tough times. Consisting of excellent characters and an outstanding political story, this is a few anime which is indeed deserving of its glowing praises.

It’s not an easy task for anime creators to create anime characters who are both 3-D and likeable. Well, Crest of the Stars managed to succeed in both. Jinto is a very likeable character. He is a noble; nonetheless, he is not a snob. In fact, when he was at school, his classmates loved him. It was not until when everyone found out about who he is that they became reluctant to speak to him. I mean, most people wouldn’t know how they should behave when they are talking to a noble, after all. It is no surprise that Jinto’s informal approach to Lafiel made her develop a good impression of him. Lafiel, a noble who never had any ‘true’ friend, had always felt obsolete by her inability to ‘blend’ with people around her because of her royal status. It’s a fortunate coincidence that Jinto did not know who Lafiel is when they first met; thus, his approach to her was unpretentious and sincere. Because of this, Lafiel was able to ‘open’ herself to Jinto. The relationship development between Jinto and Lafiel is the best part of this series. The supporting casts in Crest of the Stars are great as well, especially Lexshue, Baron, and Admiral Spoor. Among these three, Spoor is my favorite. Her sadistic military strategy and her sarcastic commentary compliment one another perfectly; I feel sorry for those ‘prisoners of war’ whose destinies were in her hands, though.

While Crest of the Stars’ characters are impressive, the story is also outstanding…as well. Although only thirteen episodes long, there are a number of incidents in this series which are excellently done. The Battle of Gosroth and the incident at the Baron planet, to be precise. The Battle of Gosroth is great that it shows the love that Lafiel’s mother has to her daughter. After realizing how dangerous this battle was going to be, she insisted that Lafiel should not be joining her in the battle. In fact, the scene when Lafiel said good bye to her mother in a ‘military’ manner is my favorite scene in this series. The incident at the Baron planet is also excellent being that it shows the viewers that there is no absolute loyalty when it comes to politics. The Baron had been loyal to the Abh for years; nevertheless, when he felt uncertain about Abh’s protection to his territory, he decided to shift his loyalty to other side. Though what he did is unfair to the Abh, but his decision was not without a reasonable cause. His kingdom is weak; hence, he must do anything even if it means abandoning the long-established political relationship for the survival of his territory. The third part of the series is not as outstanding as these two aforementioned incidents; nonetheless, it is still very engaging. Moreover, if we are to consider the rather short length of this series, the story of this quality is about as good as it gets.

Unfortunately, this is only the first part of the trilogy. Fortunately for me, however, I knew beforehand about it. As a result, I was not slightly disappointed when I found that the ending is not very conclusive. In fact, I must say that for a series that is only the first part of the trilogy, this ending is excellent. Crest of the Stars’ political aspects are impressive, and the development between the two main characters are outstanding. This anime established a strong foundation for people to enjoy the subsequent parts of the trilogy. I was indeed pleased, and I will definitely watch Banner of the Stars because of it. If you want to watch a war drama which is actually impressive, give this a go.

Very good for 1999 standard. I gave an eight instead of a nine because of a few space battle scenes which look like they were done by CGI, especially during the battle of Gosroth. The Abh’s ears also look kinda weird; nonetheless, I got used to them after a while.

The opening theme is magnificent and brilliantly orchestrated; I love it. The ending theme is decent, as well as the voice acting. Jinto’s seiyuu is a female, but she did a good job. Hence, I didn’t mind. However, I took off one point in sound category because of that alien language spoken by a narrator in the beginning of each episode. What’s the point of babbling those incoherent drivel? Apart from that, I have no complaints.

Crest of the Stars is an excellent work and I recommend it as long as you know beforehand that it is just the first part of the trilogy. Bandai already released the inexpensive Anime Legends boxsets for these series; nevertheless, it took a long while for me to get all these three boxes because I waited until each boxes were on specials before buying. By the time I finished Crest, I still didn't have the Banner I & II boxsets. The impatient side of me told myself to get the subsequent series at a no discount price; however, the stingy side of me (which is apparently much more powerful) held myself from doing so :p…anyway, watch this. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a cheap deal, keep an eye on and wait until they have the next Bandai sale :)

Posted by : seefutbow
Posted on : 2006-02-06        

Having seen some very good reviews for this series, I decided to check it out. I was expecting a pretty good sci-fi action series with a bit of romance, but it seems Crest of the Stars delivers a good amount of both. The series revolves around Jinto and Lafiel as what was supposed to have been a routine escort mission to the capital, turns into more than either of the two could ever have imagined. Jinto is a young teenage Terran (who seem to be humans that haven't genetically modified themselves in any way and live on planets) boy that due to special circumstances has become Abh nobility. The Abh are humans who have genetically modified themselves to suit living in space. Jinto meets Lafiel, who is a young teenage Abh girl, as Lafiel is escorting him to a ship. The two soon run into trouble, which turns out to only be the beginning of their problems.


-The character development was very good. Jinto, who had no experience with Abh's, begins to learn about Abh behavior and life as he journeys through space with Lafiel. Lafiel in turn also learns about Terran behavior. Each developed from each other's knowledge and emotions.
-The setting and story were quite interesting. The Abh way of life and whole hierarchy was very well thought out.


-The music was almost a non-factor. I didn't like the ending, opening, or background music. They all didn't really help the overall series. Every episode I watched, I would literally dread having to skip the opening.
-The action scenes were horrible. The army would be shooting at them, and no one would get shot. Lafiel would shoot once or twice, and she would never miss. You'd think the army would have some marksmen.


-The animation was consistent, but I didn't really like the animation style. I didn't dock points because the characters were pretty consistently drawn, which I always like.
-The series is a bit slow at first. They have a lot of boring stuff before the character development and action picks up. It seemed to take a few episodes before I was truly enjoying this series.

Crest of the Stars is a good series. The awkward animation style, bad music, and slow start can turn some off to the series, but if you're willing to give it a chance, it can surprise you with it's strong characters and wonderful interactions. I really liked how Jinto and Lafiel developed alongside one another. If you're like a mix of light action and light romance, this is a definite recommendation.

Posted by : selovare
Posted on : 2005-11-17        

I watched Crest of the Stars on a recommendation of my friend, who was debating whether or not to buy the DVD. So I watched it, and my verdict to him? Buy it. CotS was one of the most simple yet wholly enjoyable anime that I've ever seen. It combined a mixture of comedy, romance, and typical 90s Robotech-ish space combat scenes.

The visual aspect of this series was by no means impressive. The ships look cool, yes, but the characters leave something to be desired, particularly in the chin and cheek areas. A conclusion that one could draw from this department would be that it is not the main attraction, using a simple unimpressive visual element to stress the story or other parts.

The sound in this series wasn't particularly spectacular, either. The characters and sounds (whether ambience or otherwise) were fairly mundane. Again I feel this was not an important part of the anime as a whole.

The story itself isn't some epic tale like many would think is required for a story to be good. CotS presents a simple straight-forward plot with twists that leads to a surprisingly enjoyable love story. The universe where the story takes place in is interesting, to say the least.

The series starts off slow, but you're quickly drawn in by curiosity. This curiosity leads you on a trail through a love story which unfolds in a surprisingly short amount of time. I highly recommend this series, you won't regret it.

Posted by : NagaKarat
Posted on : 2005-05-29        

This is the best anime I ever seen, while the animation could be better; the characters, history, and story are very very strong. The Japanese voice actors are superb. You can feel the connection between Jinto and Lafiel as their relationship progress. While it can be watched on its own, it's better to watch all 3 story arcs (seasons?) I really hope that they will continue it, for the story is far far from being over.

Posted by : truant
Posted on : 2003-05-10        

it's hard to review the content of this show. The execution is flawless and it makes the show seem better than it probably is. This was really enjoyable and it has a greater magnitude scale to it. If you have patience and you like character development and a developing plot you'll enjoy this.

Don't listen to the dub though!!!

Posted by : Danji
Posted on : 2003-03-10        

Crest of the Stars embodies what a great space story is. It has some awesome plot fillers that make total sense when intertwined later on in the series. It's fast paced and enticing. Crest of the Stars was good overall, but the voices in the dubbing could have been done better. That's true for most dubbs though, that's why I usually watch everything subbed :D.

Posted by : phazei
Posted on : 2002-10-30        

Beautifully animated space sci-fi anime. Doesn't come off like most space anime. Plays out very much like a movie. There are a few groups fighting over who controls the resources of all the known galaxy. The series is about the story of a boy who's planet was recently acquisitioned by one of the controlling groups, the Ahb. The Ahb are a race of humans that were genetically engineered to perfection eons ago. The human boy who was son of the president of the new planet is to take the role as a Abh prince in representation of his planet. As the journey begins he meets his first Abh who comes to pick him up from his planet and continues on through their experiences through his trip to the Abh home world.
Its not as action packed and full of lasers like many other space anime, but the story and amazing animation make it a great story and definitely worth a watch.

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