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Saiyuki Reload

Alternate title : Tale of Journey to the West Reload

Studio : Pierrot

Also involved: Densetsu, Inc.

Licenced by : Geneon Entertainment (USA)

Length : 25 Episodes

Year : 2003

Genre : Adventure - Comedy - Shounen

Synopsis :
Genjou Sanzo is a high rank monk that was summoned by Heaven to stop the revival process of a mystical creature Gyumaou. Sanzo is joined by Son Goku, Sha Gojyo, and Cho Hakkai to help him on his journey.

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : Idjota
Last update : 2005-12-01
Last update details : Song added
Score : 6.8
Number of reviews : 5

Song(s) :

OP1 : Buzzlip - Wild Rock

ED1 : Flow-war - ID
ED2 : Wag - Fukisusabu Kaze no Naka de

Release(s) :

2017-07-07 -- Episode(s) 1-25 by Exiled-Destiny. BT Link
2006-06-03 -- Episode(s) 24-25 by Spectre-Anime. BT Link
2005-09-10 -- Episode(s) 23 by Spectre-Anime. BT Link

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Posted by : xY0U
Posted on : 2006-12-24        

An 8 of this anime because it was really well done. They're really funny when they are travel, but when they are serious in fight it's a "do not mess with me" persona.

Chararters: Each have a different personality, most are the cool type but not of Gouku cause he's really funny. Because of their different personalities, they always quarrel but things that go wrong, they can work together effectively and overcome it.

Plot: It's full with action and demons which really fit the anime, sometimes it's full with different feelings which touch our heart. It's really clever to bring out the teamwork that they have shown here. As their personlities are really different from each other, they still get along.

Music: It's the rock type of music which some are really good. The endings are slow and well done, but I don't understance a word of it LOL.

Overall: 8/10 It well done but look forward more improvement on the pacing of the story it kinda for short for me.

Posted by : mangaddict_reborn
Posted on : 2006-11-10        

I'm not sure whether to take this anime seriously or laught at it. Sterotypical characters, below par plot, this anime is a joke. Four friends on a quest to restore peace to a world of magic, science, humans, and demons- it doesn't sound awful and it isn't- it's god-awful.

An entire episode would be about finding a stray cat or running across a village that throws "bad buns" at the mouths of demons to keep them away. No matter what random episode this anime throws at you, Sanzo and his party always find a way to touch the lives of others- whether it's because a woman is self concious about her cooking skills or a ruler of a desert oasis needs to connect with his son. One episode, they are traveling through a swamp, the next, a desert. This anime always finds a way to distract from its pathetic plot. Atleast pokemon didn't distract from the plot.

As laughable as the plot is, you should get a load of the characters. There's the tough, grumpy, and silent badass that doesn't understand we hangs out with such loud and annoying people (why does he hang out with those loud and annoying people?). There's the whiny little pipsqueek that doesn't stop eating unless he runs out of food or dies. There's the tint of british guy who appears as straight as the line Mel Gibson has to walk after getting pulled over by the police, and the smartallicky adult that gets into semi-humorous quarrels with the brat. Each line that comes out of there mouths is lame and predictable- partly because it sounds like they are reading off scripts.

Don't worry though; they make up for all this crap in the action scenes where demons would come out of nowhere with their strangely fashionable clothes and hairstyles, maybe carrying a knife. Afterwards comes the part where they say "prepare to die" or some other cliche line they learned from pulling the string of the "cliche doll". They charge toward the enemies, only to get shot, blasted by magical light, or hit by a sword (I use "hit" instead of "slash" because no one ever bleeds yet somehow they can say "bastard" every two minutes). It's about as much fun as playing Dead Rising.

I was not surprised by the strangely homoerotic opening theme of an all male cast. I suspect CLAMP has a strong influence on this anime, all the more reason not to watch it.

Posted by : AnimeAnime
Posted on : 2006-10-09        

The first time I saw Saiyuki Reload, I thought that it was just an animated version of the famous Journey to the West, however, when I have watched the first episode, I found out that I was wrong.

Similar to the original Journey to the West, Sanzo, Son Gouku, Sha Gojyo, and Cho Hakkai were on their way to India. On their journey, they met many human-like demons who wanted to steal Sanzo's scriptures but they continued their journey to reach their ultimate goal, to stop the revival process of a large mystical creature, King of Bull (Gyumaou).

The opening music is fast-paced, rock-style, making it suitable for the show since the characters are cool looking and the show is pretty action packed. The ending song is slower than the opening, its seems to me that the song is for the purpose of calming the viewer down after watching the anime which sometimes makes you "hyper". Despite the differences in the opening and ending song, the anime was not destroyed or anything, instead, the anime leaves a deep impression on viewers and the songs are catchy.

Each characters are unique and have its own personality. The personality which the 4 travellers have, always makes them quarrel but when there's something big happen, they can work together effectively with the few personality and attitude they have in common.

Nicely drawn and animated. The lightning is good and the fighting scene was brillant with some unexpected twist and turns. The 4 travellers are now handsome mans instead of ugly and weird looking demons from the original Journey to the West, which enhance the overall look of the anime.

Overall, I rate this anime 9/10. It is hard to predict what will happen next in this anime which gives a cliff-hanger feeling after each episode, highy recommanded if you like to read Journey to the West.

Posted by : Jacen_333
Posted on : 2006-03-14        

This is the continuation of Sanzo and his comradesí journey to the west after dealing with a fighting God who ran amok just to find a decent place to die in. I absolutely loved Gensomaden Saiyuki so I waited in extreme excitement for this show to come out. Maybe because I enjoyed the first installment so much, that I may have put this one too high up on a pedestal so when I finally did watch the show, I was quite disappointed with how it turned out.

Since this is a sequel to an anime, we canít help but compare everything to the first one. The art on this was not as well done as the one on the first. The art here was sloppier and was not as clean. Also, the clothes of the characters and the overall texture of the colors were also changed, but not for the better unfortunately. When I first watched it, I felt that this change made me quite uncomfortable. Most sequels Iíve watched donít change the way the art is done, this one did. It took me a few episodes to get used to the new art.

The music was not that good either. I particularly enjoyed listening to the first ending song but I thought all the other sounds were just mediocre. They didnít stand out as much as the songs on the first one did.

There are however good things about the show. The very unique and sometimes twisted personalities of the four protagonists still remain the same. I find the personalities of Sanzo, Goku, Hakkai and Gojyo to be the most appealing thing about the show, so what if theyíre the worst possible role models, theyíre still cool.

All in all, I think the show deserves a 7/10. Itís still an anime worth watching. The main flaw with it was just me expecting too much out of it.

Posted by : CGY
Posted on : 2005-05-12        

Saiyuki (A journey to the West)

Rate: 7/10

Quite interesting. Need a bit improvement.

In the far West, a secret plan is under operation. Someone is trying to revive the Demon King Gyumaou with magic and modern science. Due to this, the Yukais (demons) have all start to become berserk. It's all up to the Sanzo party to stop this from happening, thus stop the world destruction. The monkey king Goku, flirtatious Gojyo, gentleman Hakkai, and the hole Genjou Sanzo, they make up the Sanzo party. They smoke, they swear, they drink, they gamble, they are the legenary Sanzo party. Can they stop this outrageous plan of reviving the demon king? Can they prevent the destruction of the balacne of Yukai and human? The story begins!

Good sides:
-Very interesting story.
-Good musics.

Bad sides:
-The character designs aren't great.
-Fighting scenes are bad.
-Need more actions.
-A bit too violent.

Based on the popular manga of the same name, Saiyuki is a very interesting anime series. Although a bit violent, and the main characters are not exactly good examples for the teens (They are monks, and they smoke, drink, gamble, flirt with girls, kill, etc.). Anyway, it's a worthy anime series to watch. Anime fans should try it.

Enjoy Saiyuki!!!

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