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Studio : Unknown

Licenced by : Media Blasters

Length : 1 OVA

Year : 1998

Genre : Drama - Action

Synopsis :
This is a synopsis for the CUT version of Kite... the uncut version of Kite is a hentai so don't get it (unless of course you like hentai.. then do get it hehe).

Sawa was orphaned when she was young, and was taken in by Akai, a corrupt cop who prefers to takes matters into his own hands. He trains her and others as brutal killing machines and uses her as a tool of vigilante justice.

She meets Oburi, another one of Akai's teenage assassins, who is starting to become disillusioned with Akai's motives. Sawa is then conflicted in her loyalty to her new friend and Akai, her guardian and lover.

It can be rather violent at times, and there are some hardcore hentai scenes in the uncut version that don't seem to mesh completely with the show. The character designs are rather impressive and with the mood set by the interesting story, prove to be quite irregular for "mature" anime features.

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : Revchu
Last update : 2017-09-12
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Score : 5.4
Number of reviews : 5

Release(s) :

2017-09-12 -- Episode(s) 0 by WaLMaRT. BT Link

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Posted by : Molenir
Posted on : 2008-04-27        

This review is for the hentai version of Kite. Its a story about a girl named Sawa whose parents are murdered by a cop when she is just a young girl, she is then raised by her parents killer. As he is raising her, he rapes her repeatedly, all the while teaching her to be a cold blooded killer, and to take out whatever scumbag he designates. As she gets a little older, a ray of light appears in the form of a young man, who is performing a similar duty for another equally onerous dirty cop who is friends with the girls rapist. With their common profession, they befriend one another, and seek to escape from their tormentors.

First let me say, that I've watched both versions, and to put it simply, the sex scenes were unnecessary. Having to watch Sawa be raped repeatedly didn't add anything to the story, apart from making us feel even worse about an already abused girl.

The animation was fairly well done, as were the characters. Though this was made in 98, so its obviously dated. It was good even still. The music was forgettable. Nothing worth mentioning. The biggest problem with the show was in the plot. Apart from the obvious plotholes and how if a girl is trained to be a killer and given a gun, why wouldn't she simply kill her rapist the moment she can... the relationship between Sawa and her boyfriend wasn't very well done.

Overall, I cannot recommend this show. Not to anyone. Great action sure, dramatic story, definitely yes. However it was terrible to see as well, and not in a good way. Unless you get off watching scenes of rape, or horrible abuse, then avoid this title like the plague.

Posted by : darcembrace
Posted on : 2005-10-10        

This review is of the uncut / uncensored version. While most people say that this movie didn't need the sex scenes, I only partially agree. While not all of the scenes were necessary, some were used to show the beginning of how Akai began controlling Sawa. I gree with the other posts that this anime could have used a lot more character development, but for what it was, it was okay.
The action scenes, were for the most part excellently done. Some of it was definitely unrealistic, whereas other parts of it were believable. It had the potential to be a great anime, but it was too short and I felt like it was rushed. This anime, or hentai, depending on your view is not one that I would recommend. IF there had been more substance to it, then maybe.

Posted by : unkown
Posted on : 2005-05-17        

This review is for the newly released edition; entitled "Kite: Uncut". The past releases were about 45 minutes long, with all the sexually explicit material taken out. However, Kite Uncut is the exact same DVD as the previous ones; except that it is 60 min long and has all the sexually explicit material (15 min of sexual material replaced back). Kite: Uncut is also uncensored and unedited.

With all the hype surrounding Kite, I was very eager to watch this new edition. For the most part, I've heard good things. I was hoping that Kite would have a well crafted story and good animation. However, Kite very much disappointed me.

The story itself isn't necessarily bad; it's just poorly executed. The story centers on a 16 year old girl whose parents were murdered when she was young (10 or so). She is a very, very tragic character who is tossed into the world of crime and sex at a very early age. Her master, or boss, and his friend are both total thugs and pigs. Her boss took her in, manipulated, and shaped her into a cold- blooded assassin. He assigns Sawa and Oburi missions, which involve killing certain people for different reasons. Ironically, all the people she kills are either child molesters or cocky T.V. stars with raging hormones. Her boss, a sick and perverted man himself, is just as bad as the targets themselves; yet he is condemning those who are just like him.

The two things that heavily disappointed me were its length and character development. Although it is obvious that Sawa's situation is very sad and depressing, not a lot of background information is explained. Only scenes of her parent's crime scene and scenes of rape involving Sawa and her boss were shown. It would have been very nice to see what it was like for Sawa growing up and how she was molded into what she is today.

I also didn't like how she fell in love with Oburi after only seeing him once or twice. Sure, they have rather deep discussions, but seeing their relationship grow and develop through a series of encounters would have been nice. Kite is only 60 minutes and answers very few questions. I think that this is way too short, given that Kite has a lot of story to it. Instead of taking time to explore the different elements of the story, viewers get to see mindless sex and violence. The violence is SO graphic and bloody. Expect exploding heads, limbs and the sticking of needles through one's hand.

The animation is average (okay; nothing great), that's it. Everybody except Sawa looks very ugly and disturbing. When people talked, it looked like they were fishes stranded ashore; opening and closing their mouths while gasping for air. (I am being 100% serious.) Like I said, Sawa looks extremely good looking. She has a gorgeous body; which by the way, looks like the body of a 21 year old in every adult (adult being that she is 16 and not 14) sex scene. When she is not being raped or beaten, however, she has the body of a 16 year old. (I know that she in fact does have the body of a 16 year old) It is very strange how different her body looks from time to time. The issue of child pornography was big when Kite was first released. Scenes involving Sawa as a child were taken out of the DVD's early releases. However, like I mentioned early on, this DVD is completely uncut and does have those controversial scenes. I personally do not see what the big deal is. The legal age of consent in Japan is 14. (In terms of rape, I do. If people are going to protest about a certain issue, they should make sure that they have the facts straight. In no way am I saying that a 14 year-old girl getting raped by a man twice her age is okay. I'm saying that people should have argued the issue of rape, just rape, not child pornography). Sawa does look like she is 14 though and it is very disturbing to see a girl looking like 14-year-olds getting raped by a man twice her age.

The action sequences are very exciting to watch, but very unrealistic. The scenes involving Sawa and the child molester are so over the top. Sawa gets thrown out of a broken window, manages to grab hold of sign that is located on the building from which she is falling; the sign then breaks loose and she falls through the roof of a bridge and lands on a car. The car then falls through the bridge and lands on a tanker, which is stuck in the middle of traffic. The tanker breaks through the pavement, with the car and Sawa still intact, and lands in a subway station. Finally, as if that wasn't enough, the sign from which Sawa was hanging comes crashing down and lands on the two vehicles, causing the tanker to explode. Sawa makes it out without a scratch. Talk about over the top.

Very graphic/explicit scenes of rape and sex are shown. Penetration and the flying of liquids are visually represented. Sawa is fondled, groped and raped quite a number of times as well. Strong language can be heard too.

Note: In a post that I put up a while ago, I said that Kite was my favorite hentai show. This review, on the other hand, is of an opinion that says Kite is bad. So that I don't confuse anyone, I see hentai and anime as two different things. Hentai is usually just mindless sex and violence. Anime is the one with story and character development that will provoke thoughts and feelings. As a hentai, Kite is good. As an anime, it is bad.

Posted by : Tevesh
Posted on : 2005-03-01        

This anime is incredibly colourful, in gore, in sex, and the animation. Everything is incredibly fluid, and also incredibly well drawn.

I would say that some of the sex scenes could be called necessary, while others were not. In the uncut version, the villain is shown to rape women, and also commands the main character to have sex with him. These scenes aren

Posted by : atikiN
Posted on : 2004-10-25        

I happen to watch the directors cut of this movie >< (naughty naughty). With that being said, the hentai scenes in the directors cut were pointless. They were just thrown in there for no real reason so if you watch the

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