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Di Gi Charat

Studio : Unknown

Licenced by : Synch-Point

Length : 16 Episodes

Year : 1999

Genre : Comedy - Science-Fiction

Synopsis :
Digiko, and her two companions Gemma and Puchiko land on Earth in Akihabara. Digiko's goal? Become famous!

Unfortunately, they soon realize that living in Akihabara can be very expensive. They manage to find a place to live in an apartment above one of the best and most talked about anime/game/comic/model/music/shop in Japan, Gamers (which in actuality is a very popular shop in Japan as well). Thus the misadventures begin.

This anime contains short little stories with quite a bit of humor.

Added : 2002-08-14
Synopsis by : Specky
Last update : 2007-04-05
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Score : 7.5
Number of reviews : 4

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Chibi Di*Gi*Charat: A DiGiCharat Fansite (English)
Official #2 : Hitoshi Doi's DiGiCharat Fansite (English)
Official #3 : Official DiGiCharat Website (Japanese)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Masami Okui - Only One, No. 1

ED1 : Asami Sanada, Miyuki Sawashiro, and Kyoko Hikami - Happy Day

Release(s) :

2004-04-02 -- Episode(s) 6 by Nyo Coalition. BT Link
2004-04-02 -- Episode(s) 5 by Nyo Coalition. BT Link

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Posted by : Quasispace
Posted on : 2006-06-08        

Cute, Wacky, Random, and Hilarious!

The Story/Plot: There's a Plot? Not really… While Dejiko's plan is to become an Idol, she never does anything to realize this goal in the series. The 16 episodes barely clock in at 50 minutes of actual content. So with an average episode length of 3 minutes, you end up with random complete adventures involving everyday tasks. How random? Episode 11 involves Dejiko dreaming about a bowl of rice.

The Music: Good. Nothing complex, but all of it works. Episode 15 is effectively a Music Video for the song "Party Night".

The Animation: A mixed bag. It's not bad, but it's not going to please everyone. One of the first aesthetic choices is that aside from the main characters, all passersby are drawn like Giant Finger Puppets. This emphasizes the details shown on the main characters, but it might confuse the average viewer. The next thing that you'll notice is the frequent use of SD (Super Deformed) and Minimalist SD styles to reinforce particularly childish behavior.

Pick it up. If you skip the intro, you can watch the entire series during a Lunch break. While the plots are random and wacky, they're also self contained. They don't need much explanation and in most cases almost no background. If you love cute/kawaii animation, you'll get a kick out of this series. For everyone else, you can find out why every anime fan and their sister goes -nyo. Then you can blast them all with a Mekkara beam for running the joke into the ground.

Posted by : KKSlover9
Posted on : 2005-09-19        

Di Gi Charat is an anime for those who really don't care if the story fits together but just want to see a good show. It is particularly crazy and should be viewed with an open mind. The main character is an alien from the planet Di Gi Charat named Di Gi Charat, called Dejiko for short. She comes with her friends Petite Charat, Puchiko for short, and Gema, a blob with arms and legs that floats. Dejiko comes to earth to be a pop idol and lands in Akihabara. Here she meets Usada Hikaru who likes to be called Rabi~en~Rose, who also aspires to be a pop idol. Together they share adventures and make fans. It is definitely crazy and ends on a rather akward note.

Posted by : ladyarakune
Posted on : 2005-07-16        

it's so CUTE! this anime was really funny, and all the main characters are sooo cute. You just want to go up and hug the television! It is impossible not to falll in love witjh this anime and its strange, yet cute characters,even the antagonist, wil have you completely awstruck by her cuteness.

It's funny, but it doesn't really have a plot, but most of the time your too busy laughing/adoring cuteness to notice.

The voice actors are tolerable, but with most anime, the Japnese vesion is better.
I would give this anime an 8/10 because it's funny and cute but it doesn't have a plot.

Posted by : Specky
Posted on : 2002-08-25        

I really wasn

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