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Bakuretsu Tenshi

Alternate title : Burst Angel

Studio : GONZO

Licenced by : FUNimation

Length : 24 Episodes

Year : 2004

Genre : Action - Comedy - Ecchi - Mecha

Synopsis :
(by Idjota)
In the year 2050 a group of vigilantes, consisted of four females raging from 11 to 19 years old fight against crime in the future Tokyo. 17 year old Jo is a crack shot and expert pilot of combat robot , 15 year old Meg is a mechanic, the 11 year old Amy is a computer genius and the oldest 19 year old Sei is the leader.

Alternative Synopsis :
(by Yebyosh)
The year is 20XX. In an attempt to allow individuals to maintain their own security, the government has implemented controlled gun rights. In the streets of Tokyo, lawlessness reign. Shinjuku, Shibuya, Roppongi and Akhibara are all under the reigns of individual gangland bosses, with the rule of the streets and survival being through violence. These syndicates cooperate with each other at one moment, then backstab each other the next.

But as harsh and cruel as these people are, there are others that still make them shiver. A group of four young ladies named Joe, Meg, Ami and Sei. Their skills and courage surpass their youthful appearance. Those that stand in their way get swept away with their guns without hesitation. Silent Joe pilots a dual-pistol wielding robot whose amazing battle prowess destroys all enemies. Where they come from, who they are and why they are here....

Nobody knows...
  • Joe: Mysterious highly skilled sharpshooter. Usually found sleeping in Sei's trailer. But when she works, she's like a changed person, full of energy. Skills with firearms, robot piloting and reflexes are beyond belief.

  • Meg: Previously rescued by Joe, she became Joe's inseparable assistant. Usually found accompanying Joe in Sei's trailer, she only ventures out to do grocery shopping. She still cannot work alone and tends to get captured often.

  • Ami: Computer genius and information specialist. If she's not hacking into surveillance satellites, military and police information webs, she'll be found in the nearest convenience stores. Her cold and calm thinking contradicts her cute exterior. Has a very smart mouth as well...

  • Sei: The leader responsible for Joe's work. All equipment and funds are provided by her. She's the daughter of the head of "White Orchid", a powerful Chinese group. In this chaotic times, she's using Joe and gang for "White Orchid"'s benefit. Trapped between loyalty to "White Orchid" and to Joe and friends, her pain and suffering grows.
  • Kyohei: He is studying in a culinary school to become a desert chef. But before he could achieve this, he got onto Sei's trailer and became embroiled in their affairs. He plans to just prepare one dinner before fleeing but his excellent meal left too strong an impression on the girls to let him just leave. Frequent abductions by the girls to prepare just one more meal have become a regularity...

  • Added : 2005-10-30
    Synopsis by : Idjota / Yebyosh
    Last update : 2007-01-26
    Last update details : Link added
    Score : 6.25
    Number of reviews : 12

    Link(s) :

    Official #1 : Bandai Channel's Bakuretsu Tenshi Website (Japanese)
    Official #2 : FUNimation's Burst Angel Website (English)
    Official #3 : Madman's Burst Angel Website (English)
    Official #4 : Official Bakuretsu Tenshi Website (Japanese)
    Official #5 : Victor Entertainment's Bakuretsu Tenshi Website (Japanese)

    Song(s) :

    OP1 : The Stripes - Loosey

    ED1 : Cloudica - Under the Sky

    Release(s) :

    2004-10-31 -- Episode(s) 3 by KickAssAnime. BT Link
    2004-10-08 -- Episode(s) 24 by AnimeONE. BT Link
    2004-10-07 -- Episode(s) 23 by AnimeONE. BT Link

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    Posted by : kevinchaosvs
    Posted on : 2008-05-19        

    To begin with, I initially got attracted to this anime due the graphics/animation design– which seemed rather interesting and the robots that look kinda cool.

    Story/Dev: 30%
    The plot was shallow and almost non-existent, seeing as how the first half of the series was wasted on the cast fighting those random villains abandoned by the "research faculty", which are rather repetitive and don't really contribute to the main plot. Anyway, I wasn’t really expecting any decent plot to begin with – I was looking forward more to the good visual treats offered by the actions and mechas (also the gunfights the trailer seemed promising).

    Animation/Graphics/Design : 60%
    While they did put in notable effort for the design and animation quality for the characters in the main cast, the background is rather neglected. The most disappointing part however, is the fight scenes: the pacing of the mecha’s battles are unrealistically slow. The gunfights (by Jo), while good, are too short.

    The characters are pretty much fixed throughout the series, with Kyohei being redundant to the cast. Meg is the typical damsel in distress and main provider of fanservice and Jo the silent, cool fighter.

    Music: 30%
    The OP, although not to my liking, does make the OP sequence look promising—way more promising than the series itself—as it gave the series a funky, groovy and wild feel. The BGM, however is really lacking and also rather repetitive. I didn’t like the BGM at all, which I find very irritating.

    Not worth watching and I really regret being drawn in by the trailers and posters. The most disappointing part was that the synopsis seemed to promise a rather complex plot, which they barely covered towards the end of the series.

    Personal overall rating: 30%

    Posted by : Terentius
    Posted on : 2008-02-29        

    I can remember watching the trailers for this when it became licensed here in the UK. I thought: "Hmm... Guns + Girls + Mecha + Explosions + Short attention span = Hotness!"

    Unfortunately I was left short. The animation at times was good to watch as is expected from Gonzo. The characters were drawn pretty well. Even though the fight scenes were at times annoyingly short, they were drawn well.

    My real qualm is the plot/story or shall I say absence of one and this was the main reason why I haven't awarded a higher score. All the gang just do, is take on a job, fight the enemy, and that's it. The idea of looking back at Joe's background later on was perhaps the only real saving grace, but it was too little too late for me. Quite simply, I found it very bland and shallow.

    The opening theme was rather funky and I quite enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I found the OST quite forgettable and it didn't leave any impression whatsoever.

    Generally, I found this show to be rather generic. Nothing new or exciting I'm afraid. Not even nice looking girls can save a show without a soul. Not poor, but not very good either.

    Posted by : MrSentimental
    Posted on : 2006-09-24        

    I thought the artwork and colors were very good. This is what attracted me to the series in the first place. But the good stuff stops there.
    Jo was interesting and could be a cool, kick-butt heroine type. Meg was pretty much annoying. No one else held my interest. Lots of boobs and scantily clad girls. Ho hum.
    There wasn't much in the way of an interesting plot here. I was hitting the fast forward button alot. Again, ho hum.
    The opening and closing themes weren't all that good. The music during the episodes was uneven, sometimes adding to things, and sometimes not.
    The pretty packaging hides a series that just didn't have alot to offer. 3 STARS. 6 out of 10 rating.

    Posted by : OrangeRage
    Posted on : 2005-12-14        

    This was one KRAZY anime.

    Filled with girls, filled with guns, filled with explosions, filled with mechs, and absolutely no story included!! AWESOME!! Ahem...

    Story- ...nothing really. Rei, oh I mean Joe, has some sort of past; one of the experiments OF them crazy scientists or something. So, nothing really. She just blew everything up in the end. Did I mention Brains?

    Characters- Well, there are a lot of girls. They wear funny looking clothes, and some seem just useless (Meg) but have a use. Some are just plain USELESS (Koyuki or something...). Joe was my favorite, I guess.

    Music- One heck of a crazy OP. but I liked it. The ED was ok. Not much to say here since I didn't get the OSTs

    Tech- Well... There are a lot of explosions. Giant mechs are everywhere. Some even have brains... anyways, there were lotsa cool fights here, but I didn't really like the style of it. It was like... Gungrave or something. Cool though; the up thing here for me.

    Overall to put it simply, it's one heck of a KRAZY anime. So if you like girls, explosions, KRAZY, then you'll LOVE this!!...I think 7/10

    Posted by : fRoZeNhEaRt
    Posted on : 2005-10-29        

    Bakuretsu Tenshi showcases alot of action, alot of mechas, and alot of BABES. And speaking of gals in sexy outfits, Jo is definitely my pick (She's got the guns, she's got the attitude, she's got the Rei Ayanami look, heck she even got the mecha named Jango!).

    Although Bakuretsu Tenshi do have an arrray of characters that you can't help but fall in love with, it does have a weakness when it comes to the story.

    Some episodes give you the feeling that the series could have done well even without it. It also lacked the ability to make an audience stick to the screen and to watch what will happen next. The greatest flaw would have to be the ending of the series, which I believe leaves a big question mark on the part of the viewer. Well, it could have ended more gracefully, rather than just showing Meg wearing Jo's scarf (a bit of a spoiler...).

    So if you're looking for a series that has alot of action and has a lot of girls, but isn't an average cheezy romance-drama genre, this one is a must have.

    Posted by : Yuun
    Posted on : 2005-10-04        

    Sexy Cute Girls + Revealing Clothes + Mechs + Explosions + Terrorist = Bakuretsu Tenshi. (BT)

    Basically these explain the entire series

    Posted by : 0ni-
    Posted on : 2005-07-16        

    Animation: great animation as expected of Gonzo. Looks like a lot of effort has been put into making the animation good - and it is!

    Sound:I actually liked all the music I think it's one of the most important part when it comes to the action and the mood in the story although it the animation and sound seemed like such waste

    Plot: not much to say about the plot really, just the team accepting missions and accomplishing them and during the process they encounter shiny evil brains that connects with the roots of the curruption of the city

    Characters: not much to say about the characters either, the main male character Kyohei, who I thought was going to have more impact to the story, is really just the cook and as for the character designs for Joe and Meg are very similar to Evangelion, just look at their picture. Joe who resembles Rei is a cold, but highly skilled in combat. Meg who resembles Asuka has a cheerful personality but always gets in the way. Kyohei who is just a cook with a goal. Sei who is mature and is sort of the one who pulls all the strings for missions etc. Finally we have Ami who is a computer genius and does all the backup support for the missions.

    Overall I would still recommend this if you like to see something funny, that doesn't require much thinking. Something that is just flatout boobs and action! but if you want to go any deeper than that, then I wouldn't suggest this.

    Posted by : sychaotic
    Posted on : 2005-07-01        

    I liked this anime. It has a well structured plot (although not the best), you get hints every now and then about the mysterious character, Joe's past, and info on the shining brains and who's the 'shadow' behind it all.

    The animation was, I thought, very well done, the characters are well planned.

    The downside is definitely the character of 'the cook' (I forgot his name, koyhei or something), he seemed very out of place in this anime. I didn't like the ending very much, it doesn't say much, it left too many unanswered questions. The last scene of Meg just confused me even more. Unless of course there will be a second season continuing on from this one, then it might all make sense.

    Posted by : kaiser
    Posted on : 2005-04-15        

    Looked somewhat promising after a few episodes but there are a few things that you notice as the series goes on.

    1) The plot goes nowhere really. They just keep fighting various badguys

    2) Their boobs grow larger and larger, I wish I had a screenshot of the girls in the beginning and them at the end. I'm not sure why they did this... to get ratings? I dunno but it started to get disgusting.

    3) The ending sucks.

    With all these flaws, the show quickly degenerated into some useless babble that I wouldn't waste my time watching unless I really had nothing else better to watch. The only redeeming thing from this show was probably the hilarious OP song which had the chorus of "everyone get loosey" or some bad 'engrish' like that.

    Much better anime out there than this folks.

    Posted by : Guido
    Posted on : 2005-01-14        

    When I saw the promo art for both Meg and Jo in the official website, just about two months before this show began airing, I became hooked up with it and waited for the ride.

    GONZO hast this kind of magic to produce fantastic, original titles that overwhelm the viewer's visual senses and storytelling imagination. Both fortunately/unfortunately BakuTen achieves/falls flat on short on them.

    The settings seemed a splicing among cyberpunk and western which somehow I felt they nicely fitted together like proper pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. They employed a lot the use of techno and western tunes but effective for the climatic points of each episode.

    BakuTen results like if I blend BubbleGum Crisis + Gunslinger Girl + Cowboy Bebop together.

    Second strong point were the cast:
    The four supergirls each with different skills and remarked personalities.
    Joe always my time fav character in this show. Silent and reserved behaving like ice, but when her friends (mainly Meg) are endangered, then she lets loose on the steam of rage and burning inferno to do all possible to save them.
    Sei, leader and oldest sister-like in all girl family. She's cunning, assertive, intuitive; more of a diplomat than a fighter. Fully adult for being just 19.
    Amy whose the only child but exerts a frivolous prodigy as a praised genius hacker, however, she always exerts an infantile behavior to obtain what she wants: mainly from poor Kouhei.
    Then we have Meg who mostly played the role of postmodern, cyberpunk damsel in distress routine, though she carries big guns.

    And finally we have Kouhei, the cook and only male. Meg and Amy always tease him and view him lowly because being a stranger within their all girl family. But thanks to his culinary genius, he wins them over, but just because the girls don't know anything about cooking.
    Joe initially viewed him useless but certain situations and his helpful attitude made Kouhei to win Joe's respect, even to the point that she allowed him to call her by her name of Jo.

    Many people discussed that this title was of the type of harem anime, but I disagree. The chemistry of these five characters are funny to watch, especially the interaction when caught in the middle of a dangerous or unexpected situation.
    Kouhei's the first loser boy in all protagonic female anime for guys that I've ever seen, he is acknowledged to be weak from the start.

    Then finally we get to see lots of breast shots in tight clothing. The fanservice is highly bountiful in this title but thankfully is never used in overboard ways, unlike in Grenadier.

    I just how to figure out the animation design incoherence to increase the girls' breasts from the initial episodes to the last ones?

    Now to the negative stuff.

    GONZO is renowned for its cutting edge 3-D, CGI enhanced animation; citing Vandread as an example. However, I was just totally down when watching in action the CGI designs for the mechas, especially Jo's mecha called Jango.
    It's crappy and really bugged me out. The 3-D animation looks as poor as that one for Zoids.
    But I cannot deny that I loved the effect that the animators gave to Jo's mecha everytime that it skids and skates at full speed on the highways, that's a cool effect.

    And then ending for the final episode which is of a sudden and abrupt, leaving many inconsistencies about the main characters whereabouts and the role of the secret organization behind the glowing brains.

    Luckily, we'll just have to wait for the OVA to reply us back.

    Posted by : idjota
    Posted on : 2004-10-22        

    Chicks, robots, and glowing brains, that's what this show is about. Which isn't bad at all.

    Even though I don't like mecha anime, this one only showed the robots and fighting every once in a while so I could live with that. Also there is a lot of fanservice where even though the girls are young, their bodies are developed rather well. All the action and fighting was done well but for some reason the story was very vague. Find some one, capture or kill them, a gigantic mecha shows up, fight, see a glowing brain. That's how most of the episodes went and some of the stories behind the characters weren't too extensive.

    Music was good, fast and energetic for most of the time. Art was also done really well, the girls and Jango looked great.

    Overall I gave this show a 7 because it was entertaining and had good action.

    Posted by : Yebyosh
    Posted on : 2004-09-26        

    "Yeah, yeah party people
    Let's go, up we go,
    Run swiftly, (More and more Engrish)
    Everybody Loosey~"

    Yep, the title opener does show what kind of attitude you need to take to watch this show. A brainless fun show to whittle your time away with. Let us check out what this show offers.

    The most prominant theme presented is, of course, girls with mechs. It is therefore not surprising to see fanservice offered here, a lot. Freely admitting that it is overly done, it is obvious that this is no 'sly on the moment' freebie but rather as if purposefully done by the anime studio to say "Yes, we know most males watch for fanservice, so here it is. BAH! HAHA!" A self-mocking humourous intent. While I did enjoy some moments of their corny efforts to feature such service, sometimes it comes across as bad (in mid-series) with grotesque exaggerations of physical features.

    What is most enjoyable for me of Baku Ten is that it really did not take itself seriously. That is evident in all the corny presentations and stereotypes you can find here. It is such that if you adopt the brainless attitude, you will simply laugh at the corny scenarios which makes it enjoyable to watch. Conversely if you try too hard to put your thinking cap on while watching, you will simply groan (which is why I advise the former attitude to adopt while watching).

    The episodes of the show are mainly episodic spoofs of other shows (TV, movie or otherwise). As such, you can have a fun time trying to feel how well it spoofed them. Most of the times, it mixes well several genres to spoof together (e.g. sentai and WWF) with hilarious results. A few times, some spoofs really come off weird (mid-series' samurai psycho-babble, if it really can be a spoof at all). In the end, some of the episodes do tie pretty well into the overall plot, which is pretty much your standard evil organisation doing some weird things to take over the protaganists' city.

    Animation-wise, this show is good in its use of slow-down, speed-up sequences, i.e. sequence where the film goes at normal speed, then at times of intense action, it suddenly slows down seamlessly, then speeds up to normal after it's over. Some people might find that weird, distracting or turn-off but not me, especially since this is a signature of Tsui Hark's films which I had watched quite a lot of.

    The mecha designs are not bad as well. The character designs are good as well except that in mid-series, two of them suddenly got humongous mammary implants. True, this series did intend to explicitly show fanservice for the fun of it. However such grosteque depictions become a yucky turn-off rather than something you would howl in laughter at. (If you want titillation, there are better materials than regular anime to look at).

    Music is pretty much standard fare. The main opener is a stupid catchy tune, which follows the corny spoofy feel of the series. One of the background music pieces suits the spaghetti Western genre and was really used very well in the finale battle scene. Let me talk more about that. That final battle was the peak of Baku Ten. In other words, all the funny corniness was exemplified in that finale. The way the battle was set up, the way it was fought with that BGM playing and the conclusion, all spoofed the spaghetti Western in corniness. In short, the final episode was really fun.

    However, this show is not of the enjoyment that makes you remember for its contents but rather presentation which can be forgotten. Thus I cannot give it a high score though I enjoyed it (except for those mid-series episodes). The content alone would be a disaster but the presentation really makes up for it, pushing it way up to a 6.

    A good show to watch and while away in brainless slobber. Fun.

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