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Studio : Madhouse Studios

Length : 74 Episodes

Year : 2004

Genre : Drama - Horror - Mystery

Synopsis :
In 1986, Tenma, a Japanese neurosurgeon in Germany saved a boy who was shot in the head. He did this against the orders of his patron who had wanted him to operate on a politician then. He had done it out of guilt (for not saving a patient earlier in a similar situation). Thus his career sank. Years later, a series of mysterious murders put rise to Tenma's career. Tenma starts to investigate these events.

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : Yebyosh
Last update : 2007-03-02
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Score : 9.18 Ranked #11 by users
Number of reviews : 33

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Kaze's Monster Website (French)
Official #2 : NTV's Monster Website (Japanese)
Official #3 : VAP's Monster Website (Japanese)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Kuniaki Haishima - Grain

ED1 : David Sylvian - For the Love of Life
ED2 : Fujiko Heming - Make it Home

Release(s) :

2013-06-26 -- Episode(s) 1-74 by CBM. BT Link
2013-05-17 -- Episode(s) 31-45 by CBM. BT Link
2013-05-10 -- Episode(s) 16-30 by CBM. BT Link

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Original Work
Urasawa, Naoki

 Tenma, Kenzou Liebert, Johan Liebert, Anna Inspector Runge Heinemann, Eve  

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Posted by : miestersean
Posted on : 2009-05-09        

Anime gets looked down upon primarily because of its clichés. In almost all series, there's a loner-ish hero, an idealized love interest, a villain, and a smattering of one-dimensional supporting characters, who are either attractive and/or funny. Monster has all of these character molds filled. But it also puts a hyper-realistic spin on them, with every character having a believable backstory and rational motivation behind their actions. Granted, the series does take a long time to flesh out its enormous cast, but Monster still remains a unique anime.

Going along with the accurate portrayal of people are the locations that the plot visits. The story moves all over Europe, from Germany to the Czech Republic to France, and the settings are actually more realistic than the characters. In simply watching the show, you get a real feel for what the life was like in the different places and even get to learn history about the politics of the era (mostly the 1990s).

But there's also an entirely different side of the show. Interspersed with the believable action and drama are many cut-scenes of children’s fairy tales, almost all of which have a morbid twist. These do feel a little out of place for much of the series, but they do end up tying in nicely at the end.

The biggest flaw of Monster is its pacing. The beginning of the show, spanning the first 10 or so episodes, drags. The reason for this is that the show is depressing: unlike the rest of the anime, which is similarly filled with tragedy, there is no hope or positivity to be found. After this initial hole, though, show recovers. Once the hero gets going, the show becomes moderately enjoyable as he acts out his ideals. However, none of the episodes come to any sort of significant conclusion and they are therefore a little underwhelming.

The series then hits a long mid-season lull, with many arcs would be fillers except that the new characters end up having a small impact on the main plot. There's a good deal of emotion here, but it's all ultimately unsatisfying because of how little any of the events have to do with the main plot of the show -- there is some progression for the main storyline made, but a lot of it is just treading water.

Once the show reaches its final locale, things really accelerate. Tensions rise and the action scales up dramatically. In particular, the ending sequence really builds up anticipation and is a lot of fun. The very last episode is a little disappointing because of its overused format, but the overall feeling when it all ends is above average, considering how abruptly many other series end.

I would recommend Monster to those who like mysteries, because much of the plot remains shrouded and undeveloped until the last chunk of episodes. Also, those who like realistic shows should give this a try. I should reiterate, though, that this show is nowhere near perfect. It lacks emotion in many parts, and meanders and stalls in advancing its story. Still, you'll be at least moderately entertained and educated if give this one a go.

Posted by : Veld
Posted on : 2009-04-23        

In a nutshell: This is as dark as humanity can go. Monster is about what happens when people become as dark as they can and become absolutely evil and the fight that the evil has with the true good.

The good:

Plot: The story was excellent. I really came to identify with the characters as the plot progressed. It really had many cleverly written parts.

Characters: The characters were all deep and very well portrayed. You get a lot of history for each and nearly every character. Some of the characters can come across as so real that it's disturbing.

Music: The music was very fitting for Monster. It was generally very dark for the dark situations and lightened up when it needed to.

Animation: The animation was pretty clean and fairly well drawn. Not the best I've seen, but still solid.

This anime really got me for the real life factor. Everyone appears like real people do with real amounts of reason and they all live with realism. Johann was so real and disturbing that it scared me just because I knew that someone like him could actually exist. Monster goes about as deep and dark as the imagination can make it. It is really touching, but quite serious and very dark.

The Bad:

What really hurt this series was that it lasted forever. It really could have easily pushed all the plot into forty episodes and removed a few of the characters. There were way too many characters and each and every person's story was drawn out, and it took way longer than it could hold my attention. The whole series seems like it could end within five or six episodes the whole time. It was very well done and quite interesting, but it couldn't keep my attention after twenty episodes or so. I had to come back after a few months and finish the whole thing.

Overall, a really good anime. It just dragged pretty bad in the middle. The characters that were important definitely got a perfect amount of story and screen time, but most of the lesser characters got more screen and story time than they needed. The whole anime could have been paced a lot better and have gotten a 9 or a 10, but the pacing slowed it down pretty bad. I give it an 8 / 10.

Posted by : xkrazydog
Posted on : 2008-06-04        

Monster is an incredible anime that has no parallel when it comes to psychological and philosophical thrill. Although the art may be a turnoff for younger viewers, the story is incredibly thought-out, deep and touching. Keep your kids at home though, for the story is a bit more mature. This is one gem that is overlooked but most precious.

The story is complex, it starts with a Japanese neurosurgeon genius, whose almost perfect life in Germany is twisted dramatically for the worst when he decides to save a young boy's life rather than a politician's. The boy he saves is not who we think he is, and the good-hearted Doctor Tenma is trapped in a spiral of events that is beyond his control. Guilty of bringing life to what starts this calamity, Tenma journeys to fix the wrong the boy commits, and at the same time bring a stop to the boy himself.

The story is very mature, and very thrilling. It has its slow moments but all episodes are relevant to the grand scheme, like ants moving at the boy's will.

Character- I have never seen a more thought out cast before, There's a lot of characters, all who have relevance to the story. Although Tenma is the main character, we'll see a lot of people who are just as determined to stop the monster for their own reasons and all of them change throughout the story. The character development is INCREDIBLE for a story with such a large cast. You'll definitely find someone to sympathize with, from the good hearted Doctor Tenma, who must commit a crime to right his wrong, to Nina Fortner, a girl who has a connection to the boy, and even the boy himself.

Artwork- People seem to complain about the quality of the artwork, the story is more MATURE, so the characters are far more REALISTIC looking than your typical anime. Asians look like Asians, Germans look like Germans and Turks look like Turks. Its VERY well done and stays faithful to the manga's art style. All of the characters are very different, looking just like real people. Also the colors aren't as vibrant due to the setting, It takes place in Europe during its recovery years from the cold war. Obviously you wont see multi-colored hair and ZOMG colorful cities.

The Pacing is slow at times but its meant to create a down period and tension rises at just the right time. The timing is perfect. Also, there are hardly any filler episodes, for all characters have some impact on the story. Whether it be a townsperson that Tenma saves or a humble body guard. It's beautifully done how many threads and different characters all come together due to the monster.

This anime is definitely worth a shot. The story gets quite intense and its a VERY faithful anime adaption to the original manga. I daresay its one of the best anime I've run into in a long time.

Posted by : jayou521
Posted on : 2008-04-21        

When it comes to Psychological/Horror anime, Monster is a step above them all. It is an anime that delves into the human mind. It causes us to question our own beliefs. Why do bad things have to happen to good people, people who have such good intentions? This is a question you will think about a lot throughout the series.

It tells the story of an innocent doctor who is trying to find the person who ruined his life, while at the same time, being chased by an obsessed detective. The beliefs of certain characters in this anime are very deranged, and show how ugly humans can be. The anime does a very good job at portraying this, mainly through the use of facial expressions. The animation is an improvement when compared with the manga, though the character design may take some time getting used to.

All of the characters are well developed, and you really learn a lot about them, even the ones who only appear for a short period of time. The background of a few characters, including the villain, are mostly unknown. This is another way in which Monster grabs your attention. You are learning at practically same pace as the main characters, and whenever they discover something, you share the same expression as they do.

There are 74 episodes, filled with great intelligence that will keep you guessing until the very end. Despite the number of episodes, none of them are filler; in fact, this anime is one of the few in which every scene is taken directly from the manga. The music fits the anime very well, but it isn't all that memorable for the most part. The ending song is pretty creepy, but that's a good thing considering the nature of the anime. I like the opening a lot, especially the choir part at the beginning, mostly because it reminds me of Death Note. (In fact, if I could make a comparison between this and another anime, I would say it is like Death Note without the supernatural powers.)

The story itself has a strange conclusion. I would never have expected it to end the way it did. But, no matter how I think about it though, I cannot think of any other way it should have ended.

After 74 episodes, Monster has taken its place as one of my favorite anime. 10/10

Posted by : nbefort
Posted on : 2008-04-16        

Monster is completely unique within the anime world. Using Germany and Prague as central locations, a historical background focusing on eastern Germany and the Berlin Wall falling - a monster being born - It reminded me a lot of Herman Hesse's book Damien - drawing parallels between nihilism and optimism. Overall, watching Doctor Tenma and the rest of the varied and developed cast within Monster slowly solve the mystery was completely captivating... don't let the 74 episodes scare you - it is worth every second. WATCH THIS ANIME.

Posted by : haosama
Posted on : 2008-04-15        

With 74 episodes under its belt, Monster can’t help but be long and slow. While the series does an excellent job of introducing new characters and providing good development, the series essentially pushes the viewer’s patience as it takes it "merry time" progressing the story little by little by little. The plot is really fragmented, switching from different scenes and lacks focus, at times confusing or boring the audience. The biggest problem is the main antagonist, Johan, whose motivations to ensue rampant killings and chaos aren’t given proper explanation.

But Monster still succeeds despite all its flaws. The anime does a superfluous job in tying everything together; the length of the series works towards its advantage to allow ample time to explain and develop its story. Plot progression is skillfully managed, allowing the anime to feel eerily suspenseful and mysterious. The biggest highlight of Monster is its style and theme, how the series is able to intrigue viewers with its dark, mature tone. Monster is truly a marvelous masterpiece full of surprises and thrills.


Posted by : Terentius
Posted on : 2008-03-07        

As a final year medical student, I was intrigued by a character who is a highly skilled surgeon. Having not read the manga, I went into this cold without a clue as to what I was getting myself into.

After 74 episodes here is what I thought.

Monumental, as expected from something of this length. The story, back-story and characterization are so deep that even if they were talking about stamps, you'd still be interested. So can you imagine a cat and mouse chase spanning an entire continent and involving a surgical genius and a maniacal sociopath. When I first looked at the number of episodes I was almost tempted to drop it there and then. But once I started I just couldn't stop. For a huge cast of characters, it majestically looked into each one in such detail. By the end, you could say you felt attached to every single one of them. It took me a week to watch this from start to finish (I was attached to Accident and Emergency at the time and would have finished it sooner - ER to those from North America). It never lets up from the word go. It was painfully slow to watch, mostly because I couldn't wait for the next episode. Incredibly intelligent with plenty of plot, you'd have to be brain dead not to find the story intriguing.

It was pretty well animated. Most of the time, you'd just see individuals talking or walking, picking up clues along the way, or just eating. In other words, nothing much happened on screen bar the odd explosion or gun shooting. It's a show that didn't need excellent animation, but nevertheless the scenes that did involve something were drawn excellently. I have never grown in love with animated rain until watching this show!

There wasn't much at all. The haunting opening set the tone for the show along with the sad and melancholic ending pieces. The soundtrack in the show was atmospheric without bombasting the audience. As expected from a show involving much dialogue, there wasn't much in the way of music but that which was used, wasn't over-the-top.

This is a monster. It's one hell of a ride with twists and turns along the way. It could've been so easy to have turned off after 30 or so episodes, but for Madhouse to make something that captivated you from start to finish is indeed something special. You explore a huge mystery and look into the past and background of a huge cast of characters that you'll never be able to say you were bored. I thoroughly enjoyed it but I was glad I finished watching. Why? Because I was working nights on A&E and my sleep suffered as a result of this!!

Posted by : ErwinRommel
Posted on : 2008-02-14        

Monster is a very faithful adaptation of the manga and an excellent anime worth watching again. It has perhaps the most intricate plot of all the animes and it is very satisfying. This anime is a drama make no mistake about that so I recommend this to those who enjoy a slow paced story more focused on character history and development then on fighting.

The story revolves around this one doctor who broke against his hospital's rule to help the rich and famous first only to find out he revived an emotionless killer. The pacing is very slow and it may not be to everyone taste but if given the time this story will draw you in. It leaves no stone unturned so by the end everything will feel completely wrapped up.

The characters were detailed and their personalities are equally diverse. No two characters appear to be alike. They aren't drawn from the same stereotype. Lastly I noticed the author is very detailed about the European locations and mannerism so it's great we don't see out of place mannerisms. This really keeps the characters and story believable.

There were confusing moments where the character's actions never made sense. For instance I never understood what the whole importance of the "final scene" that one character Roberto was willing to risk everything for. Secondly how that final scene ties into Johan's actions at Ruhenheim remains quite obscure. Another thing I found difficult is that this is an EXTREMELY faithful adaptation. It seemed at times to drag the series and it gets boring when every little action is already known right from the get-go. Hence 9/10 and not a 10/10

Posted by : MrSentimental
Posted on : 2007-09-08        

Wow! I was reluctant to dive into this one because it's so long. But after several episodes, I was hooked! It took me a couple weeks to finish, but I just couldn't wait to see each upcoming episode!

A real smart, intriguing plot with lots of interesting, strong, and likeable characters that just kept coming and coming. I had quite a few "Wow!" and "No Way!" moments as the plot unfolded and the characters' lives became intertwined. There were quite a few of those episode endings where I just couldn't resist going onto the next (even at crazy early morning hours).

The artwork was fine. I really didn't pay much attention to it because the story and characters were just so captivating. But this really did not have to be an Anime to be enjoyable. There weren't really any crazy slap-stick scenes or (despite the Anime's title) fantasy-land monster/mutant/alien types that would need special effects in Live-action. I hope this is made into a live-action TV series or something like that. Let's see, the actors and actresses could be....

The music was perfectly eerie, but nothing catchy where I'm rushing out to get the OST or anything.

So, if you'e got the guts to dive into a longer series, give this a try! The intensity, violence, and rare sex scenes make this one for the older crowd. 5 STARS! 10 out of 10 Rating!

Posted by : shrimpmaster
Posted on : 2007-08-19        

When first watching this anime, I was in for a big surprise. I didn't know what to expect, but I was instantly hooked. This is a must see for those who don't enjoy the constantly disappointing animes like Naruto and Bleach, and (sorta) DBZ. The anime listed were some of my favorites, but when watching one at a time, they were horrible with inconsistant animations.
Monster, however, is a different type of anime, it has no crazy strong people powering up a secret attack throughout a whole episode, but rather tries to be an anime that concentrates on the psyche of the characters.
Monster is a great thriller that I give a 9/10 overall score to due to its amazing story and characters.
I was amazed at the art of this anime: the animators made everyone seem more realistic, no big shiny eyes and perfect noses, and hair that goes everywhere, but rather fat short people with oddly shaped noses and eyes, and faces that reflect what condition these people are in.
All these things add together to create a great anime that makes you want to stop and watch all 74 episodes in one sitting :P

Posted by : Shinigami35
Posted on : 2007-07-31        

Animation: Different from every other anime. I've been to Prague and I liked seeing it in Monster. It`s really well done! It brought back good memories.

Sound: The score itself is good because it fits the series. I purchased it to listen on my cd player, but it sounds awful without the image. The opening theme is horrible, though both the first and second ending themes are fine.

Story: One of the best stories ever done. It's stupidly intelligent! It's completely bewildering how the author could develop such a plot around the same characters and the same situations. I thought: "OMFG! This was ingenious!" Almost every episode. The plot is slow and many people who like more childish and violent shows will find this boring.

Character: Tenma is the perfect hero. I wish he was my best friend. Johan is the perfect villain and he is very calm and good-looking and has suck a soft voice, what is even more impressing! Eva is a bitch! I wish I could kill her! Lunge is stupid, but in the last episodes he shows how good he is.

"Monster" is a collection of heart-breaking and heart-warming, thought-provoking and intense stories. One of my personal favorites. WATCH IT!

Posted by : strawberries
Posted on : 2007-06-03        

Overall - 9.0

Heck. When I first watched this anime, I told myself "What's so great about this?", and then I stopped. After a while, there came a time when I was bored and decided and force myself to watch at least 3 more episodes. And since it was already late night, I decided to go to bed...

But I couldn't sleep. My mind was yearning for the next episode. That day, I haven't slept even for an hour. IT WAS THAT GOOD and Intriguing... I ended up 3:00 am, in front of my pc, watching everything for 3 days straight (of course I got work).

That's what it was. It's not that one of a kind anime, but something in it, pulls you. It's magnetic.

Animation - 8.0

Not that spectacular. It's just a regular anime. Although I kind of like animation of the "fairy tale" that Johann read.

Sound - 9.0

Good!!!. I like it. not too much extravagance but has the creepiness (esp. the Ending). It made me even sing it.

Story - 9.5

From the plot, to the mysteries, to the creepiness, to the freaky fairy tales, it was the best. It made my blood curl even though it's not really a horror story. It's more of a suspense and mystery, but yet, the way they used words to describe something as if something out of this world happened is simply exquisite... Although, I was kind of queasy with the ending though... it's just didn't satisfy me.

Character - 10.0
What can I say. I loved both the protagonist and Antagonist... and came to the point that I didn't know who I was rooting for.

Enjoyment - 9.0

As I've said, it pulls you. Once you watched it, you can never stop thinking about it.. well, that was the case for me. :)

Posted by : glouche88
Posted on : 2007-02-02        

A thriller always keeping you wanting more out of pure suspense!

Story 9: A long, but always captivating thriller. Great presentation of horror and detective elements, as well as a big influence on German and Czech culture.

Characters 10: The characters change along with the events, and there are plenty to remember. Tenma makes for a great lead hero who suffers for his work. And the main antagonist is a fascinating case study.

Visuals 9: People actually look German! Not anime-ish! And backgrounds and details are well put together and finely done. It could be perfect, but the animation isn’t always moving, alive.

Music 9: Terrific horror movie themes, and then at least some suspenseful and action scenes suited for a detective show. The opening credit as well is a great song, one reflecting the show’s mysterious atmosphere.

Overall 9: Often seems to be built with filler, but always has some kind of point for all 74 episodes. And the surprises always keep on coming as do characters. You’re never bored.

Posted by : Cavalier
Posted on : 2007-01-16        

Rarely do anime that reach episode counts so high deserve ratings this high, but this one does it and does it well.

Story: 10/10

Its the story, the best part of this anime is the plot and all its twists, turns, and revelations. It centers around Dr. Tenma, a prodigy of neurosurgery, a modern medical genius. On one fateful night a young boy arrives at the hospital with a gunshot wound to the head, Tenma disobeys his superiors and decides to perform the surgery on the boy himself, and thus begins Tenma's long downward spiral. The boy is no ordinary boy, his name is Johann and is nothing less than a genius, but very what, you'll have to watch to find out. He grows up to be a terrible serial killer obsessed with his long lost sister and Dr. Tenma, the constant conflict between Johann and Dr. Tenma drives the story to the limits, not to mention Dr Tenma's conflict with himself for he blames himself for saving Johann's life and unleashing this monster upon the world, but Johann is always just out of reach as Tenma searches all of Europe to finally put a stop to Johann's reign of terror and eventually finds out what is really behind everything that drives Johann to kill.

Characters: 9/10

There is a large cast of characters, and you could say none of them are completely useless, they all play their part in the story in some way. In Tenma's long arduous journey to put an end to Johann he runs into many people, and most have some connection to Johann's past in some way, each of them holds the piece to a massive puzzle. There are more than one character that i really started to care about by the end of the series.

Visuals: 8/10

Nothing exceedingly special but it definitely has its shining moments, nothing sends chills down my spine like Johann's cold stare. The character designs are definitely good.

Sound: 8/10

Same as visuals, nothing bad but not much of the music really stands out, but the opening theme definitely fits the show like a glove.

Overall: 9/10

A stellar series, you can't ask much more from a psycho-thriller with a deep and engaging plot.

Posted by : GRC
Posted on : 2006-12-28        

Overall - 9.0
Animation - 7.0
Sound - 8.0
Story - 10.0
Character - 10.0
Value - 10.0
Enjoyment - 9.0

Because humans' minds are so fragile. Because people are raised so differently. Because childhood experiences can have so much influence on one's perspective, it is difficult to pinpoint each invididuals whether they are good or bad. We will never know whether a man will steal or not if he never starves. We will never know if one politician is honest or corrupted until he has a chance to cheat. Monster tests its various characters' morals and virtues through many merciless events. Raising them to the highest point of their lives before tearing their futures, careers, and reputations apart. Would those people still be able to retain their moralistic perspectives through their difficult times, or will they hate the whole world for their misfortunes and allow their 'inner monsters' to take control of them ?

Tenma, kind as a person and outstanding as a surgeon, is an excellent character. Though he had been through so many bad incidents in his life, he never allowed his 'inner monster' to take control of him. Be it normal or crucial situations, he always think of others' well-beings before his own, regardless of who they are. For example, there is one scene when Tenma found the injured Lunge who was shot. Although Tenma knew that Lunge wanted to 'capture' him, he still treated Lunge's wound and gave him a proper first aid. Tenma is so altruistic and sincere that everyone who had met him will know that he cannot be a murderer like he was framed. Viewers can't help but to root for Tenma and his journey : will he be able to clear his name ? Will he be able to find and destroy the 'Monster' ? When and how would this good man be proved innocent ?

Apart from the excellent protagonists, Monster also has outstanding supporting casts. Eva, Nina, and Dieter are among the best supporting characters in the story. Eva, spoiled by her father's wealth and his employees, became an ignorant and selfish woman who did not realize how precious her fiance is until she lost him. Nina and Dieter are similarly admirable. Though both of them encountered terrible experiences in their childhoods, they both tried to move on with their lives and did not change to become 'bad' because of their pasts. And let's not forget Martin, who is my favorite character in this series. Forced to become a killer in a 'dark world', Martin tried to let go of his emotions. But at the end, he could not get rid of his feelings and sympathies. Despite of his very short appearance, I must admit that I really felt sorry for Martin at the end of his arc.

Johan is one of the best villains anime has to offer. In fact, he made my personal best three villain list (another two being Griffith of Berserk and Chairman Dullindal of Gundam Seed Destiny). Like Griffith, Johan possesses the Aryan look and charm, and like Dullindal, Johan has an oratory ability to manipulate others to believe in his ideals. What's more, he can also hypnotize. There's a scene when Johan held Schuwald's hands and told the blind man that there is an apple tree in front of them. Because of his voice and his psychic ability, Schuwald was convinced that the apple tree really existed. I also liked how Johan reacted when someone pointed a gun at him. Instead of being scared, he would point his finger to his head, challenging that person to actually 'shoot' him. And it worked, as most people became hesitated because of his daring action. Though Johan made very sporadic appearances, every scenes he appeared are thrilling and memorable. Some reviewers said that they got 'goosebumps' every time Johan appeared. While I did not have that reaction, I knew perfectly well why those people felt that way.

I have some gripes about this series though. First, it's about the second to last episode. Although the story is still undeniably outstanding, but I must say that I did not like the way the climax was resolved. Not to spoil, I will just say that Tenma's decision to that character was, well, too kind. Yes, I know, that dilemma is supposed to be Tenma's final test of whether he is truly good or not. And while Tenma proved himself that he is truly good by making that decision, I still did not like him for doing that. Finally, my initial impression of Monster's ending is not very positive. It was only when I thought back about the dialogue of Johan's mother that I grew to like it more. And I must admit that while the ending is still rather inconclusive, but from a viewpoint of a thriller story, it is an appropriate ending.

There are quite a number of excellent anime from year 2004, but most of them are not suitable for everyone. Koi Kaze will be hated by people who can't stand incest. Mind Game will not be appreciated by people who dislike 'abstract' work. Gundam Seed Destiny is difficult to like unless one expects an irony, and The Place Promised in Our Early Days is likely to put people who disliked slice-of-life to a deep sleep. Monster is one excellent series of 2004 which is suitable for everyone. From its brilliant characters, their outstanding developments, to the well-paced story, Monster's suspense is likely to put its viewers on the edge of their seats. Although notoriously long, the series could hold my attention in entirety. Monster is one of the best thriller anime I have seen and it is indeed one of the best anime ever created.

The animation is the weakest aspect of Monster. For 2004 standard, it is only above average. Still, I must say that I quite liked its 'realistic' character design. In fact, I and my brother had lots of fun on a day after we finished this series from comparing people who walked pass us when we went shopping for groceries to the characters in Monster : "Look, that's Eva Heinemann. Look, that's Franz Bonaparta. Look, that's Dr. Reichwein et.c" XD .. Last, but not least, some 'bloody' scenes in Monster are quite scary. The most notable one is the scene when the Czech police officer was cutting Grimmer's nails in Prague arc. I was trembling in fear when I was watching that scene =(

An anime of this length should have more OP/ED/BGM than this. There are only one opening theme and two ending themes throughout this series. I should have given this anime a lower score in sound category, but I decided to give an eight because of the fitting BGM and voice acting. Monster's BGM could really enhance the atmosphere of this anime to become very thrilling. Voice acting is excellent, especially Johan's. His voice is soft, yet chilling and scary. The song, "Over the Rainbow", which is used for the radio programme of Velkeman's father, is beautiful.

Monster is another series which I deem as an outstanding anime suitable for everyone. As a result, I added one extra 'must see' point to the value category to make it a ten instead of nine. It's a shame that I could not rate Monster higher than this because of its above average animation and lack (in terms of quantity) of music. Nevertheless, it is one of the best anime I have seen and I highly recommend it. I'll definitely buy the DVDs when this series is licensed. I currently own the complete set of the manga series. The anime version of Monster is a very faithful adaptation of its manga counterpart.

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Chapters 27-28

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