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Eden's Bowy

Studio : Unknown

Licenced by : ADV Films

Length : 26 Episodes

Year : 1999

Genre : Adventure - Romance

Synopsis :
In a world ruled by those on a floating city, a peasant boy farmer named Yorun is pursued by assassins. A girl, Ellysis, protects him with her healing powers and her ability to turn into a warrior named Sita. Yorun is actually a "God-Hunter," and is destined to kill those on the floating city of Eden. If that wasn't enough, a twisted love triangle forms between Yorun, Ellysis, and Sita. Can Yorun kill the evildoers on Eden while succeeding with his love life?

Added : 2002-08-14
Synopsis by : SleepyLafiel
Last update : 2007-03-25
Last update details : Link added
Score : 9.6
Number of reviews : 5

Link(s) :

Official #1 : EX's Eden's Bowy Review (English)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Hekiru Shiina - ~Owarinaki Tabibito~ / Everlasting Train
OP2 : Hekiru Shiina - Akai Hana / You're Gonna Change to the Flower

ED1 : Yasue Satou - Save My Heart
ED2 : The Water Of Life - Kuroru / Crawl

Release(s) :

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Posted by : Jowy
Posted on : 2007-08-16        

This anime is one of my favorites!!! I really love thi show.
It's about a boy named Jorrne (pronounced as Yorun) who is hunted by people who live in Eden (a floating land), but was saved by a girl named Seida (the alter ego of a little girl named Elissis). Elissis is a god (or goddess) who ran away from her father, Lumezavia (he's a gigantic fish who rules Eurgoha, one of the Edens). Later on in the story, Yorun discovers that he's a god hunter, one who kills gods, and he's not the only one.
So there. Basically the story revolves around Jorrne and his adventures. ^_^ He and Elissis become friends (after she saves him from people who tried to kill him), but will Jorrne's being a god hunter hinder their friendship? I recommend this anime to everyone! It's not just for kids.. ^_^
First, the music's nice. The 1st and 2nd op song and the ending songs too. Plot is great. Character development, ok. And animation, considering that this anime was made during the 90's, it's great too. It's far from the quality of the animation of nge and saber marionette (but the latter 's also nice!).
2 words: watch it!

Posted by : Gaia1
Posted on : 2005-12-02        

Wow really wow this is an amazing anime I recommended anyone to watch. The graphics are really good considering that is was made in 1998 and the character really well draw and colorful, and most characters are funny however they do get serious sometimes when action comes. The graphic on the cities really capture the image of the old days. The romance between the two characters is great and loveable even though sometimes awkward but it’s still pretty nice and cute. The storyline was really good how god want to controlled earth and the conflicts between two Eden’s. It also has a lot of twist and turns and makes you wonder what’s going to happen next and when will the characters meet. Also the music was really nice for both openings. The plot was somewhat about gods who are not perfect and want to create a prefect world that they can control human and force them to follow him rules and try to make humans perfect. I think the gods in anime is really similar to gods in Greek mythology, anyway the plot is really good and if u like mythology you’re going to love this. However the ending was somewhat sad but sometimes a sad ending makes a really good storyline. Anyway I think this animes was just amazing, one of the best animes I have ever seem.

However I think ppl who are crazy about religion and god might find this offensive. (Its just my opinion not really sure how they will react).

Posted by : p0505716
Posted on : 2005-11-05        

I really, really like this series. The art is beautiful. The storyline progressed at an appropriate rate. The characters were lovable.

Being one of the first anime I ever watched, the graphics just blew me away. Even in a jungle, different scenes had different backgrounds, although using the same template would have saved the artist lots of time. Secondly, the fight scenes were cleverly played out and usually doesn't last for more than two episodes unlike other fighting anime. This leaves more time for the story to progress which is good.

Lastly, however, the plot was very complicated and, unless you've watched most of the final episodes, getting lost in the storyline is highly probable. But then again, who would enjoy a simple plot in this type of anime genre?

I highly recommend this anime to anyone except those who like yaoi. No such connotations. Btw, the manga to Edens Bowy has terrible art but it explains the plot more clearly. Cheers

Posted by : Yuki-san
Posted on : 2005-08-08        

The thing that I like about this story is that it was different then the other typical fantasy stories. Sure it starts really lame, girl meets boy and go together on a journey but there is where it starts to differ.There are many mysteries that get you addicted like why did she give the sword to him when she knows he might kill her and why is that big white cat following them.What happens in the end is sad

All in all this anime is great. The storytelling is welldone as the characters' past are throughly explained.

I like all the characters, especially the goddess who follows the hero. She is so cute.

The opening song is very catchy and easy to memorise. That is another reason I like this anime.The whole soundtrack is great

This is one anime Id advise you to watch.You will not regret it!

Posted by : Mr_Vincent
Posted on : 2005-05-29        

This anime might be not very interesting to a lot of people due to the way the story goes. Well, it's true enough that Yorun is a "God Hunter". However, his ability to fight with so little training so well really is not realistic at all. Actually, the only thing that had me continue following this anime is one of the opening songs. Well, I mean the one with Ellysis flying around. The biggest joke in the story is "God Hunter" are not actually to kill Gods. Imagine, how did a "God Hunter" get his or her sword? By slaying a God? Impossible! Therefore, the Gods must be giving "God Hunter" the sword. However, why would a God give "God Hunter" the sword to kill Gods?

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