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Girls Bravo

Studio : Anime International Company, Inc.

Length : 11 Episodes

Year : 2004

Genre : Comedy - Romance

Synopsis :
Yukinari Sasaki is your average high school boy with a bad case of gynophobia (fear of women). As a child, he had many bad experiences that involved girls picking on him for his lack of height. Because of these experiences, Yukinari is now not only scared of women, but he also has an allergic reaction whenever he is touched by one of them!

Things get strange then when in the bathroom one day, he is suddenly whisked away to the alternate world of Seilen. To Yukinari’s luck, the ratio of women to men in this world is 9:1 — so what would be most men’s dream turns out to be his nightmare!

Ironically, the first girl he meets in Seilen is Miharu Sena Kanaka, whose touch does not have a devastating effect on him. What will be the results of this fortunate encounter?

Added : 2004-06-05
Synopsis by : Kasumi
Last update : 2006-09-09
Last update details : Production staff added to studd
Score : 7.78
Number of reviews : 9

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Fuji TV's Girls Bravo Website (Japanese)
Official #2 : Official Girls Bravo Website (Japanese)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Going My Way

ED1 : Koko ni Irukara... / Because I am Here...

Release(s) :

2005-03-02 -- Episode(s) 11 by AnimeZona. BT Link
2004-10-04 -- Episode(s) 11 by LunarAnime. BT Link
2004-09-25 -- Episode(s) 10 by LunarAnime. BT Link

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 Kanaka, Miharu Sena Kozame Stacy, Lillica Judo, Tomoka Rana Nanaka, Koyomi Hare Fukuyama, Lisa Fukuyama, Kazuhara Kojima, Kirie
 Sasaki, Yukinari Hayate

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Posted by : Evanku
Posted on : 2013-03-14        

I loved watching this show. Too bad it didn't come out with another season with just them having fun with no worries about anything. I loved the animation and the characters' emotions and how the story line went. Too bad that Yukanari never got in a fight with someone and won, I was hoping to see him kick Fukuyama's ass at least once lol.

Posted by : xenocrisis0153
Posted on : 2006-02-28        

Review based on all 11 English-dubbed episodes...

ANIMATION: Of all the animes I have seen so far, this series is one of the most visually appealing. Colors are vibrant and attractive, background and foregrounds are drawn with great detail, character-design is well done, and action is animated beautifully. (10/10)

MUSIC: Not far behind animation as far as quality goes, the music is quite good as well. The opening theme, "Going My Way," is lively and energetic while the ending theme, "Koko ni Irukara" is soft and sweet. In-episode music is appropriate during both comedic and dramatic scenes. (9/10)

CHARACTERS: Although the nearly all-female cast is small, it is in no way lacking. Characters' personalities are real and likable. They mesh together nicely when interacting but also have enough merit to stand on their own when in situations by themselves. The main character, Miharu, is amoung my top favorite characters of all time, though the supporting cast is just as enjoyable. (10/10)

STORY: Despite the first season being constructed mainly of standalone incidents (filler, if you will), the episodic adventures are utilized to flesh out the characters and the lives they live. There is a main story arc, but unfortunately it gets lost too easily. Granted, the first season is being used mainly to build itself up for the second season, it could have stuck to the main plot a little closer. (8/10)

OVERALL: Most people are turned off by the overabundant fan-service. Personally, I could have done without so much of the gratuitous nudity. However, those who saw past that were rewarded with a fantastically hilarious and equally dramatic series. The biggest draw is the cast of characters, especially the eternally adorable Miharu. Altogether, it's a fun ride that anime fans will enjoy. (9/10... 4 and a half stars)

YOU'LL LIKE THIS IF YOU LIKED: Love Hina, Chobits, DearS

Posted by : derfman1963
Posted on : 2006-02-08        

Girls Bravo is my guilty pleasure. I found it funny and entertaining throughout. There is two versions of this anime. Censored and Un-censored. Avoid the censored one, the mist they use to cover up the naughty bits is just to distracting. Yes, the characters are one dimensional, and the girls are overly three dimensional. Yes, the hero’s allergy is very contrived. Add in the over the top sexual harrasment of the antagonist and you have what would normally be a bad show. And yet I found the site gags very funny. I laughed more during this show then I ever did during Excel Saga. The clueless heroine, the cute seal looking creature, the planet where there are many more women then men. Somehow they just work.

Animation: Very Good. The limited amount of action is well done. The hero’s so called best friend comes up with some real painful ways to punish him and the antagonist. The female characters are all very pleasant to the eye, but the manga designs where better.

Plot: Good. The mayhem caused by the heroine from time to time is just very funny. The beatings the hero takes at the hands of his female best friend are better than even Love Hina. But the relationship between him and her is very touching at times. Her jelousy over the new girl in his life sets up some of the funniest moments.

Music: Good. There is really nothing much to say here. It’s neither annoying or memorable.

Overall: Good. Some things in this anime are annoying. The antagonist gets away with too much just because he is rich. His sister is only marginally better. But other than that it was good.

Posted by : MrSentimental
Posted on : 2005-12-11        

Well, I can't say I was super impressed by this series. Typical Harem Anime with the nice, thoughtful, but not-so-interesting guy with a bunch of cute, quirky girls who for some reason like him. The characaters were likeable at times, but mostly, well.... ho-hum. It's not like the guy had all kinds of hardships to make you want to route for him. His parents were away on business, and he has an adverse reaction to cute girls (breaks out in a rash). The girls here could have found better, but of course all the other guys in this series are either dummies or crazed pervs, so of course the main man looks real good.
There were some laughs, but no alot. I've been enjoying the Fumoffu slap-stick more, but I guess there's more for the "Fan service" fans in Bravo. I can't say the romance factor was real strong here. There were a couple heart-warming scenes, but not many. The artwork was cute and appealing, but didn't blow me away. The music was OK, but nothing great.
Light and harmless, although probably too much nudity for the younger crowd. I can't say I'm real anxious to see season 2. 6 out of 10 rating. 3 STARS. No rush here.

Posted by : Guido
Posted on : 2005-08-24        

Girls Bravo is a bluntly mix resulted from Love Hina meets Hanaukyo Maid Tai combination.

The show is targeted toward shounen audiences meaning a landslide of slaptick comedy, erotic comedy, and fanservice galore. Perhaps, the latter factor was that drew me into this overboarded, harem sitcom.

Basically, Sasaki Yukinari is the misleading hero that throughout his childhood was systematically abused and moped over by girls. That constant bullying scarred on him a sense of deep phobia toward women, that everytime he gets near one his body negatively reacts by spurting out hives all over him.
Kirie Kojima, his childhood friend, does not makes things sweeter toward humble Yukinari either. She's overly, big-breasted but with the slightest temper, igniting into a bulge of ultra-violent tantrums whenever Yukinari gets out of line toward her by accident.
He's victim of the Keitaro Urashima syndrome, as you can see.

Bizarre happenings stumble upon Yukinari when he's sucked by his own bathtub out from our world and transported into the world of Seiren. There, he's kindly treated by (well-endowed) girl with pink-hair named Miharu. Out of his surprise, Yukinari's body does not reacts adversely toward Miharu's pressence, as she happens to be the only girl (in Yukinari's total lifetime so far) that can actually get close to and touch him without provoking his gynophobic allergy, aside that she's slightly shorter in height compared with him.
However, sweet and big-breasted Miharu does not gets into scene without a catch. Her brain is just as slow and wooden to catch on events, and she's possessed by a gluttunous appetite to deem everything as eatable.
Miharu's metabolism is amazing, as she never gets fat after consuming about 10x her size everyday.

You can imagine that the storyline takes place in Miharu's world when in fact returns the setting into ours, as each day is a battle for Yukinari to overcome his gynophobia, take on the daunting task to teach Miharu of this new world she has come into and learning proper manners of decent behavior*(?), pray for not getting beaten into a bloody-pulp by Kirie, and unexpectedly more girls from Miharu's world dropping at his door.

The series has the distinction like Gantz to run censored during its first season. The obnoxious black/white fog, used to edit or suppress the nude & and sexually suggestive scenes, hindered much my viewing experience for entertainment value. Fortunately, I was able to get my hands into the uncensored DVD version, which allows the male viewers to fully praise and watch the beauty of the anime female bodies in all its charm and glory.

Unfortunately, what makes me to grant Girls Bravo a poor grade was that the staff overtly forced, into such ridiculous measures, the harem clich

Posted by : CGY
Posted on : 2005-06-21        

Girls Bravo

Rate: 10/10

This is another amazing shoujo anime series! I enjoy it a lot.

Enters our hero fo the story, Yukinari Sasaki, a short, small, average high school boy. Yukinari was bully by many girls as a child due to his small size, and that's why he has a weird and rare sickness gynophobia; he is afraid of girls, and whenever he is touched by a girl, an allergic reaction would result.
One day, a weird thing happened: his bath is somehow connected to another world called Seilen. Poor Yukinari, to his luck or horror, the woman to man ration is 9:1, and now Yukinari has to run for his life becasue all the girls there, old or young, are chasing after him, to claim him as their own.
Thankfully, a girl whose name is Miharu Sena Kanaka helped him to escape. But what more shocking is that although she touched Yukinari, he didn't get the allergic reaction. Could she be the one who is destined for Yukinari? Life become more and more interesting for Yukinari.

Good sides:
-Great story.
-Funny, lots of laughters and jokes.
-Good graphics and character desgins.
-Great music.

Bad sides:
-Can't think of any.

Girls Bravo is awsome! Based on the manga of the same name, Girls Bravo is really a great work. The story itself is just too good, funny, and also tender. The graphics are great as well, so is its character designs. Can't wait for more episodes to be released! Anyway, I strongly recommand this anime series to all the anime fans, and I assure you that you'll like it, as I do. So go ahead and enjoy Girls Bravo!

Girl Bravo Rules!!!!!

Posted by : Firetears
Posted on : 2005-06-05        

This anime really grew on me the more I watched it. I just love this anime a bunch and can't wait to see the outcome of the main storyline once the anime comes to a closing. Now forword witht he review.

Animation: The animation wasn't too strong nor weak, but I did notice a little ragedy graphics in a few areas of this anime and the blood looks more like sh... Never mind! There is some nudity in the anime but it is all blocked out by highly bright light than could put your poor eyes in harm's way. Best choice would be to watch it uncensored. Trust me, putting yourself in risk of an ass whippin' or a 10 minute gesture about sex will be worth it. The animation isn't worth too much and its problems don't really take away from the experience neither. Nothing special, purely mediocre.

Audio: The audio is very remorable and will randomly play inside your head on wild occasions. The audio really stood out in this anime, something that doesn't really happen quite often with other anime( in my opinion, at least ). I must admit though, I did feel that the audio make small problems seem a bit too drastic... Which may not be a very bad thing when given a lot of thought.

Storyline and Characters: The storyline is very addicting. It's not one of your most complicated animes, but sometimes our brain needs to take a rest and be entertained at the same time, so it's not really a bad thing. I think of this series as a feel good anime with a soft and gentle potential love triangle which really hasn't blossomed this season around.

The characters is my favorite part of this anime. In this anime, Sasaki Yukinaru does have the loser title who gets stuck with countless sexy females. Two of them are potentially his, one is Kirie and another is Miharu. Now the question is where does faith take him. Miharu does seem to be the better choice because she has no negative reaction toward his gynophobia( allegies toward woman ) but unlike most anime, this one leaves the viewers in a tough choice as well.

Kirie is pretty abusive to Yukinaru through mistaken misconseptions, but she is really nice and does have a heart to share with him. Another thing I liked is how everyone gets along and there isn't the typical "under the breath" rivalry between the two girls who could end up with Yukinaru.

This is a highly recommended comedy with enough fanservice to cause a noseblood. Check it out now!

Posted by : baboonbutte
Posted on : 2005-05-17        

Lol!! Thiis anime is really funny! The best is Fukuyama!! The blond rich perverted guy! XD
It's a weird story about Earth and another planet called "Seiren". Seiren is a planet full of females and there's like this bath that links to this boy's bath on Earth. The boy is allergic to girls and this one girl called Miharu is the only girl that he can get close to without getting hives.
His childhood friend is a violent, tall girl with huge breasts and this story is just so random and funny!! heheh~
I can't wait for season 2!!
Also, the drawings ar very pretty!!

The opening theme was a nice song, and I liked this anime because it is very funny the way how everything are. For example, the rich perverted guy Fukuyama is allergic to boys, and the mini main boy character is allergic to girls. Everything also seems to be exaggerated as well, like the wealth of Fukuyama and how Miharu loves to eat. It's also a bit melodramatic how Fukuyama's sister is so in love with the main boy character who is short is not very attractive (I forgot his name!)
Overall, this anime is entertaining as it is very funny! You just want to find out how people are going to pair up!

Posted by : dlingaddict
Posted on : 2005-03-09        

Fanservice, fanservice, and more fanservice. What's that? Yep, T&A galore. That's basically what this show is about. How much booty and booby they can draw within less than half-hour, before they have to save it for the next episode. But let's see if there's anything else to this little show

Animation: The animation is certainly nice. Well you'd figure it'd have to be, considering that the girls are putting on a show every episode, the main reason people are watching it is to watch the beautiful, overly proportioned women bounce around. Colors are bright, outlines are dark, and for some reason every single girl is hot, which isn't necessarily a bad thing... I just had wished I went to that school.
Characters: The cast in here is probably the saving grace to this show. You've got a group of very amusing people here.
1. Miharu: One crazy eating fetish, and with low enough inhibitions to freely jump into baths naked regardless of who is watching or who's she's with.
2. Yukinari: A Lovable loser with the allergy to women (is there such a thing?) who, of course, is completely surrounded by women 24/7. Where else would we find the comedy?
3. Fukuyama: We would find that comedy here. Quite possibly the biggest anime pervert I've ever seen. I don't think a moment goes by when he doesn't grab a handful of women or at least makes an attempt.
4. Kirei: In fact, I really like her. She's the childhood friend character who's exceedingly violent to everyone, including Yukinari. But she has these shy moments that makes her oh so attractive that is really what keeps me coming back for more... to see her in those cute shy moments.
Others: Mostly more women who all revolve around Yukinari, with a few exceptions. If that's what happens when you're allergic to women, I don't see why you would want a cure. The only cure i can think of... overexposure to the symptoms until it goes away, that's my idea.

This is really just a goofy, funny, T&A anime. I'm sure just about every guy will like this anime, not so sure about girls. If you're looking for shamless flaunting of the uppers and lowers, you got it here. If you're looking for some kind of deep meaning to... anything... keep walkin' my friend, cuz it's sure ain't here.

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