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Tekkaman Blade

Alternate title :
  • Space Knight Tekkaman
  • Uchuu no Kishi Tekkaman

    Studio :

    Length : 49 Episodes

    Year : 1992

    Genre : Action - Mecha - Science-Fiction

    Synopsis :
    In a near future, inside a battle station called the Orbital Ring above the earth, a humanoid-shaped armored mecha is battling huge spider shaped aliens. Then it is attacked by a similar mecha, and the second one names the first one "Tekkaman Blade" and "Traitor." The second mecha is identified by the first as "Tekkaman Dagger." As a result of the battle, Blade is damaged and falls into a descending orbit.

    The Space Knight team goes to investigate the resulting meteoric fireball. A naked humanoid crawls out of the crater and collapses. This is how Tekkaman Blade comes into contact with his future allies, the Space Knights...

    Other Notes : Only 26 episodes have been licensed by Saba

    Added : 2005-10-30
    Synopsis by : Juan Pablo Contreras
    Last update : 2005-11-28
    Last update details : Modifyinfo
    Score : 9.67
    Number of reviews : 3

    Release(s) :

    2017-11-09 -- Episode(s) 36-42 by Beatrice-Raws. BT Link
    2017-11-01 -- Episode(s) 29-35 by Beatrice-Raws. BT Link
    2017-10-22 -- Episode(s) 22-28 by Beatrice-Raws. BT Link

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    Posted by : ethylenediamine
    Posted on : 2005-12-08        

    I watched the "bad" North American version when I was young. However, it was still a mighty good series, though I think it was called "Technoman" instead. I still remember the transformation scenes when Blade, the main character, became this armored warrior, defending the Earth from the invading aliens. These were the aliens who intended to enslave humanity into other robotic-human weapons.

    The anime is quite action-packed, especially when Blade fights his siblings. Also the change in Blade's personality while he interacts with his new human friends is also interesting. In any case, this is an anime that should not be forgotten or ignored.

    Posted by : Kashi
    Posted on : 2005-05-09        

    Tekkaman Blade is in my opinion one of the best SF animes. Even if it

    Posted by : the_matrix
    Posted on : 2004-07-01        

    Tekkaman Blade, one of the first anime series i saw. the title sounds like mecha-anime (This one is also known as 'Teknoman' in the US). It is! this is just one of the best Mecha-Anime Series i've ever seen, in spite of being a quite old series, the mecha designs are beautiful, spectacular fighting scenes plus a very interesting love story, amazing and amusing plot, this anime has all what it takes to become a favorite! in my opinion this is one of the best Mecha-Anime series ever made, so if you like Mecha-Anime, you must see this one, and make your own opinion about it!, totally recommended!


    Well, this one was made back in 1992 (almost a classic, isn't it?), but in spite of that, the style of the animation is excellent, the characters are very well designed and they look realistic. in animation what is most impressive about this series, is the Tekkamen designs. (in this series, a Tekkaman is a humanoid-shaped fighting robot, with very powerful energy weapons) they did an excellent and fine design for these mechas, human sized, cool looking armor, powerful energy weapons, and very fast and agile performance, are some of the facts that makes the mecha desings for Tekkaman Blade one of my favorites!. Another great success in this anime making, are the fighting scenes between Tekammen, they fight in every imaginable place and conditions, and it's worthy to mention, the combat is very amazing, very agile and fast fighting (better than 'The Matrix' ^_^), i think that the combat sequences are the best achievement in animation for this Anime.


    Excellent plot! it's one of the best futuristic anime series i've ever seen, the story develops in a near future, the earth is being invaded by spider-shaped green aliens, what is left of mankind is in complete chaos, militar power is not enough to stop these creatures, and the best part, There are evil Tekkammen trying to destroy the earth, in alliance with the aliens!, and there's only one earth-defender Tekkaman, D-Boy (the 'Hero'), who fights next to the Space Knights, a few member crew trying to stop the aliens and the evil Tekkamen!. the story is a lot deeper that that, begining with a very 'interesting' origin of all the Tekkamen, (wich i won't spoil in here! n_n), complicated love story between D-Boy and Aki (Aki is one of the Space Knight's, she's the good lookin' pilot of the 'Blue Earth', a cool battle spaceship), some spy story, and a Very, very, very cool Tekkaman as the main bad guy!. so for these reasons and many more, this is one of the best futuristic style plot i've ever seen, it's made in a smart way, the story is amusing with non-stop action and battling, each character has a story of it's own, and some unexpected (but not stupid) story turns!


    D-Boy is the main character, a cool main character not like many others, he is a normal human capable of transforming into a deadly battle machine known as Tekkaman, a lonely person, who likes to talk only to Aki a very strong girl, who takes D-boy out of trouble and helps him to fight the other Tekkamen, the relationship between the two main characters is flooded with problems, (war, enemy tekkamen and all that) makes their living really hard. Ringo Star, the co-pilot of the Blue Earth, a ready for action guy! he enjoys going to battle on the 'Space Ring' (the Space Ring is a vacated battle station around the Earth, it was built to stop the incoming alien strikes, but it wasn't enough), and there are many other interesting characters in this anime (like the main villain), but to find out who he is,(if i tell you it'll be a major spoiler!) you'll have to watch this Anime!

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