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Elfen Lied

Studio : Arms Corporation

Licenced by : ADV Films

Length : 13 Episodes

Year : 2004

Genre : Drama - Horror - Mature - Romance - Gore - Science-Fiction

Synopsis :
Diclonius, a strange two-horned humanoid, a mutant of mankind... sporting a pair of horns growing from the head, it can be said that they possess the ability to harness the Sixth Sense. For these mutants, who are the selected among mankind to have this hidden potential, they are isolated and researched on, in a government laboratory because of their dangerous ability.

However, in an accident, the young female Diclonius, Lucy broke loose from her restraints, slaughtering the guards as she made her escape out of the laboratory. But she completely lost her memory in this endeavor. Without her memories, Lucy drifted along the Kamakura Yuigahama and here, she was chanced upon by Kouta and Yuka upon the beach. Named "Nyu" by them, it was arranged for her to stay at Kouta's home...

Note: Adapted from the manga by Okamoto Lynn. The special episode can only be found so far on the last volume of the R2 DVD.

Added : 2004-07-31
Synopsis by : Yebyosh
Last update : 2008-03-05
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Score : 9.04 Ranked #27 by users
Number of reviews : 184

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Official #1 : ADV Films' Elfen Lied Website (English)
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Song(s) :

OP1 : Kumiko Noma - Lilium

ED1 : Chieko Kawabe - Be Your Girl

Release(s) :

2017-10-05 -- Episode(s) 1-13 by Dark Dreams. BT Link
2017-10-01 -- Episode(s) 1-13 by Dark Dreams. BT Link
2017-09-26 -- Episode(s) 1-13 by Fansubber. BT Link

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Theme Song Arrangement
Kawabe, Chieko
Noma, Kumiko

Original Work
Okamoto, Rin

 Lucy / Nyu Kota Yuka Kurama Nana Mayu Bando Mariko

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Posted by : illu
Posted on : 2013-01-19        

Lucy, a "Diclonius" (a type of mutant) who scientists believe will eventually destroy humankind escapes from a research facility but is shot in the head. With her memory wiped out she encounters Kouta and Yuka who take her in.

The animation for this series was really inconsistent and truly disappointed me especially with all the good reviews surrounding it. So many things wrong with the animation, it's ridiculous. The horns on the diclonius' looked like cat ears which did not make any sense at all regardless of whether that was purposely done for some strange reason or not it was completely unnecessary . And their invisible hands were also unnecessary and looked so out of place and could've easily been substituted with some kind of hyper-psychokinesis. The nudity was also another unnecessary part of this show and was just really disgusting seeing as their little girls and not even full grown women and could've done better with out it. The only parts I enjoyed animation wise was the scenery and landscape and also the gore which was pretty well done. The intro was also matched well with this series and was pretty unique but the ending credits were too simple. Their were some consistent parts of this anime but overall was average at best.

The dialogue for this show was what it needed at times and obviously helped with character development but Nyu was really annoying and also another part of the show that didn't make any sense. Lucy and Nyu are one and the same but Nyu constantly repeating "nyu, nyu" was so annoying and the show would've done better with her just being mute and nodding with an occasional "uh-huh". The diclonius' were the only ones I had issues with as far dialogue goes, mind you I did watch this in dubbed so that could be heavily affecting my opinion on the dialogue.

The flow and drama was definitely carried well with the music that was selected for this series. Intro music was also done well which was also included in the story so it made a lot of sense and was definitely catchy. Music for the ending credits made no sense at all and again another thing that this show could've done better with out.

Now mostly all the characters in this show were developed to some extent and I can respect that but the only characters likable were Mayu, Bando and Mariko in my opinion. The reason being is that they seemed to be the only ones with an interesting character and sense of strength. Mayu, being this abused, out casted little girl turns out to be really mature and also quite perceptive in moments through out the show which was refreshing to watch and definitely grew on me. Bando, had an interesting place in this story being this animalistic, arrogant mercenary who's trying to kill Lucy and just ends up getting injured when he could've easily been killed. I really love what the creator did here with him because through out the show its made clear that Lucy doesnt kill animals and although she couldve easily killed Bando more than once she ends up just leaving him injured. This was definitely a highlight for me in the show. The reason why I liked Mariko was cause she would softly express how she thought killing was fun yet she was just a little girl crippled in a wheelchair. Kota and Yuka were good characters and were needed as they were pretty much just a normal boy and girl but also showed some emotion at the right moments. Their incest relationship was really weird and was yet another unnecessary thing in this show. Nyu and Nana were annoying and couldve been slightly adjusted for a more mature audience as they are little girls but werent portrayed in the right way in my opinion. Lucy, as a young girl just wanted to have friends but then as harsh realities got thrown at her and she grew up grew to resent the human race and wanted to kill everyone. Lucy's character was what it was and wasn't anything special in other words it just worked. Kurama, had little development and played what I thought was a neutral character not unlikable nor likable. His actions were understandable but could be detested by some though his actions were exactly what helped this show move along so he was just another character that worked.

This series had a good idea but was executed poorly. I understand this was meant to be a horror/drama type of anime but as I said their were so many unnecessary things put into this anime its ridiculous. Clearly this series did well for others which I'm still struggling to understand. The only thing likable about this series was the intro music, the gore, Mayu, Bando and Mariko everything else is weird or boring. I honestly felt like turning it off every episode up until episode 8 and even then did it continue to fail me. Overall this anime is terribly done, really weird, has no replay value and I honestly don't know where the passion to create it came from. I usually don't do reviews for shows that already have a number of reviews especially if put together they say pretty much what I would say but surprisingly to me in this case I felt id'e introduce a slightly different perspective.

Score: I give this horror/drama a .5 for effort*

Posted by : joem20
Posted on : 2010-04-27        

For me, this is the most unforgettable anime of all time. How can you forget the brutality of the scenes, and how tragic the story is.

One of the most original plot in an anime series. They tell exactly how human nature changes when a more dominant being exists in their world. It is sad to say that even the other species called diclonius are very kind, humans can still just kill them off. This series just explains who the real monster is, and who is not.

When I'm watching the very first scenes of this anime, I knew that this is not an ordinary series and will be one of the best. The animation was so real that every tearing of the skin, heads and bodies cut out, bones broken one by one, you can feel how painful it is. Even if the animation is not that consistent, they never failed to surprise me with what was going on in the next scene.

Lucy, or Nyuu was one of the greatest characters ever developed in a series. So much pain and agony in her past made her a killing machine, and all she desired was to be loved and accepted by others.

Its opening and ending themes are one of the best, and still after a very long time, you can see me humming the tune of Lilium when I'm alone.

One of the greatest anime of all time and deserves all the praise that it has. Just a warning, this anime is not intended for kids.

Posted by : Veld
Posted on : 2010-04-05        

In a nutshell: Superhuman in government facility escapes and slaughters a bunch of people.


The good:

The animation was quite good. The characters are well drawn and there is a lot of detail with the eyes. The animations are well done and there is a good amount of detail in the action scenes. Better than the majority of anime.

The music added very well to the tone. It was somber, sad, and serious. It added perfectly to the feel of the characters and the story.

The story was good. Many characters have their own in-depth story and each of these stories is brought out very well. The stories are touching, mesmerizing, and even disturbing.

The bad:

The blatant problem with this anime was the excessive use of gore. Yeah, I get that the Diclonius like to kill a lot of people but seeing people get torn in half continuously over the length of the series is overdoing it a bit.

The ecchi humor in Elfen Lied was not very well done. The story did not really have much room for humor in my opinion. It's not that I think serious shows shouldn't have humor, but rather that the humor did not really fit the feel of the show.

*Spoiler Alert* : Finally, the ending just did not end anything. The whole
* plot comes up to a climax and you wonder what is going to happen
* next and nothing resolves at all. I'm just left with a two antagonists
* and no resolution to their plans or actions.


Elfen Lied was a solid anime. Characters and stories are interesting and well developed, but it was not implemented as well as it could have been. If this had not attempted to be a harem anime, the tone would have been much better in my opinion. If there would have been a resolution and some better implementation, it could have been truly amazing, but it ended up being good anyway in light of the drawbacks. 8/10

Posted by : nitrojin
Posted on : 2008-10-22        

Elfen Lied is an excellent piece of work. Very mature (Gore, Mild Nudity) and dramatic. I can't remember enjoying a Drama/Horror work this much... Erhm, there is no shortage to the fan-service here (Just to let you know). Anyhow -- Here is the review:

Story: (8/10), Elfen Lied is a mixture of Gore, Romance, Horror and Sci-fi with a dash of Ecchi. The story revolves around several mutant girls with strong ESP-like power (As I perceived it to be). The main focus of the story falls on Nyu/Lucy, a mutant girl, who is living among two humans. The plot is very intricate and the characters are weaved together through many past experiences that are exposed through out the story.

Music/Soundtrack: (7/10), The music went incredibly well with the story; Pretty good.

Art: (8/10), Smooth, clear, and nice…. Moe? Yes, very Moe indeed.

Characters: (8/10), The characters all have their own personalities and develop nicely. I like both Nyu/Lucy and Yuka but Kouta was a bit boring…

Overall: (8/10) This was the first Horror anime I watched, but now after watching several I have come to realize that it was probably the most enjoyable. It had very a catchy story and many tear jerking moments. I suggest you give it a shot.

Posted by : miestersean
Posted on : 2008-07-21        

Plot: Intricate and gripping but flawed. The emotion and intensity are off the charts in several points; humanity and loss are themes that are employed masterfully. However, the pacing is off with uneven flashbacks and key plot elements left unrevealed for too long. Also, the harem motif employed and is uninspired -- it rips off Love Hina (and maybe other animes too). It is full of surprises, which does get annoying with the constant cliffhanger episode endings.

Music/sound: The OP is gripping at first and in some of its in-episode variations, but it gets overused and stale too. The ED isn't a great fit, but it's catchy and high quality. The BGM is well-produced, and most of the time, nice. The gore-related effects aren't anything special, but the tension-building sounds are effective.

Voice acting: Great. All of the characters sound convincing and are brimming with feeling. Older Lucy's and Kurama's are wonderful.

Art: Polished and at times awesome. The scenic vistas are beautiful and the characters are consistently drawn. Gore and fighting scenes, notably the vectors, are sometimes underwhelming but don't detract much from the intense action. The character design is good, but the moe style is overused.

Emotional impact: Excellent. There are numerous high-drama scenes that vary in mood from tragic to touching. There is a dry spell in the middle of the series, however.

Overall: Recommended. It has obvious weaknesses, but the sheer emotion it packs is unmatched.

Posted by : Gen3s1s
Posted on : 2008-05-16        

Man Elfen Lied is one brilliant anime, not only are there amazing fight scenes full of gore, but the storyline is simply nothing short of a masterpiece. I originally found this anime for my brother, because he mostly enjoys gory types of anime, but he complained about it so I gave it a go to see if I would enjoy it... and boy did I.

The Story is simply brilliant. Its; touching, funny, sad, happy, unique and most of all epic. This is something I didn't expect. I assumed it to be an action anime filled with gore and violence with a pointless story. It's something amazing, something that can rival many other animes.

The Animation is nice and crystal although, the background can look a little shoddy. The character designs are awesome especially Lucy and Nyu there is such a big difference in personality and, you tell when there switched thanks to a tiny difference, the size of there eyes. The rest of them all look kind of plain really.

The Characters Lucy and Nyu are the best, i know there the same person but i consider them separate. They all differ from one another, but Kota is pretty boring he's nothing out of the ordinary. Character development is done well however it does take a while, it's all very deep and not a single moment of it is boring.

The music suit the anime perfectly it's incredible how they can use one soundtrack for every single emotion in the anime. The OP just freaked me out i immediately just skip through it whenever it's played, i do however love the ED it's kinda happy compared to many, many parts of anime.

This Anime Isn't to far from perfect, however I didn't like the way it ended it isn't too bad it's happy and sad, but more over it's very fitting, which is actually kind of the problem (weird huh). I would totally recommend it to anyone, you will not be disappointed.

Posted by : SleepyLafiel
Posted on : 2008-05-15        

Murderous rampaging evolutionary girl + .50 caliber bullet to the side of the head = Instant moe! God, I love anime.

Quite possibly the most popular dark/guro anime in recent memory, Elfen Lied is anime at its near best. Its mature handling of serious issues such as child-abuse, mass murder, and the worth of modern humans in light of evolution would have pushed it into the realm of true classics, but because of its misguided "instant moe" device and the presence of Nyu, it loses a lot of the gravitas that it could have had. It just makes me wonder; why put in comedy in such a serious and dark show? It's completely unnecessary, and it's not like Lucy didn't show enough tit to please the adolescents that they would need to scream for a moe-type character. It would have been better if she was catatonic when out of Lucy mode, because the light parts of this anime were by far the weakest aspect of it.

Still, the plot is stellar and is reminiscent of a Greek tragedy, complete with repressed memories, sacrificial characters, and an ambiguous (but not really) ending. It makes us question; what are we worth and how would we respond if the next step in human evolution were to show up? Repress it? Research it? Contain it using giant metal walls while implanting bombs inside in order to keep it from going out of control? Only in anime! But all joking aside, the majority of the series embraces its serious tone, and although it leaves numerous questions unanswered (hello manga!), it doesn't make the audience feel like a groom left at the altar. It is gripping and unpredictable, and while the guro and nudity might turn off a few people (a great first episode to establish the overall mood, I might add), it's certainly worth watching till the end.

The characters, with the exception of Nyu, are all well done and carry with them a sense of purpose in context of the show. Another thing about her that irks me so strongly is that she was unnecessary; Lucy is not without her good sides, and for them to use such a weak plot device (split personality induced by blunt trauma of all things; would have been more believable if the mental pressure of experimentation and captivity had caused it to happen) to create Nyu... ah, enough, I could write an essay on how comedic characters ruined many great anime. But, even with all that, the bravery and maturity the series showed with the rest of the character developments lifts it out of the mediocre, and infuses the experience with legitimacy. It would have felt cheap if the plotlines for the characters were laced with "shock" devices, but it felt more genuine than forced, and is a major plus.

The production values are also quite good, even if it seemed inconsistent in some places. The opening, a haunting semi-replica of Gustav Klimt's more famous works with the background music of a seasoned soprano, is terrific and unforgettable; easily one of the more distinct openings of all time. The characters are well drawn, and although there is an overabundance of fanservice (thanks to you-know-who!), it is counterbalanced by the overabundance of child violence, always delicious.

All in all, this is a mature and dark series that kids should avoid. Although the childish/comedy aspect of the series and the short length keeps it from being an timeless classic, the strengths of the plot and characters makes Elfen Lied an unforgettable anime.

Plot: A-
Characters: B+
Production Values: A-
Enjoyment: B+
Overall: B+

Posted by : Akixix
Posted on : 2008-04-24        

This show isn't for those that can't understand a deep meaning anime. Don't let the gore and nudity scare you away like it has others, there's a brilliant anime hiding behind it all.

Yes, I must admit that the nudity ticked me off for practically ruining a worth watching show(I'm a girl...I'd rather not see boobs.), I let myself enjoy the rest of the show. Yep, there's gore...But its animated, there's a difference ;)

The art design was amazing, one of the reasons I decided to give this anime a try. The wild colors actually made the anime seem more alive. I like how the characters had full bodies, instead of shows that have characters that have stick-like legs and arms. I would've liked the art designer to give hair creativity a shot but, beautiful nature scenes like the tree's were good enough for me.

Music was alright, the opera-like opening kinda turned me off. The ending I loved though. :)

The plot was amazing, even though there are some anime's like it; This ugly yet beautiful world. Its a emotionl rollercoaster, especially the ending.

I recommend Elfen Lied, its beautiful. :3

Posted by : primula
Posted on : 2008-04-20        

Story - 10
Elfen Lied combines gore, ecchi, and romance all into one amazing story in only 13 episodes; the end leaves you wanting more. The series is about mutants called Diclonius and their struggles to live as normal humans.
Animation - 10
Gorgeous landscapes and realistic blood are just two characteristics of the beautiful animation in this series.
Sound - 9
The music and sound effects really go well with the series, from creepy to romantic.
Characters - 9
The character development in Elfen Lied is nice, the bond between Kouta and Lucy with her split personality. Yuka and Nana compliment the story very nicely.
Overall - 10
I can't rate this anything besides a 10. Personally one of my favorite anime, I highly recommend it if you don't mind gore and nudity.

Posted by : Terentius
Posted on : 2008-04-11        

I had heard that there was a fair amount of violence in this show, but at the same time there was a deep an intriguing story behind it. Could it be a match made in heaven? A gore-fest with a good story behind it?

The animation was of a good standard and I haven’t got any complaints about it. For a violent show, I sometimes felt that the characters were inappropriately cute. Nevertheless the fight scenes were animated well with plenty of gore and blood. Not for the faint hearted.

One of the more original stories I’ve encountered recently. For a 13 episode long show, I was grateful to see some semblance of a back-story and history to Elfen Lied and this further enriched the show. Overall, in spite of the occasional laugh along the way, it is indeed a tragic story of misunderstandings, distrust and betrayal. The one criticism I have is that it felt incredibly short.

When we first encountered Lucy/Nyu, I was at first horrified at what she did, but after seeing another side of her amnesiac/split personality you can’t help but fall in love with her. The same can be said about the other main characters in the show. Even though they’re all essentially ‘good’ characters, they’ve all been tainted by hardship and suffering and it was interesting viewing to see this aspect of their persona/past.

Apart from the haunting (and beautifully animated) opening sequence, there wasn’t all that much that really interested me. It was adequate, but nothing outstanding.

Elfen Lied is a very solid and entertaining show. I expected more in the way of story and episodes, but it still told enough to have kept me glued to the screen. Not perfect, but neither is it poor. Overall, a very decent series.

Posted by : ambuchaay
Posted on : 2008-04-07        

I'd have given it a higher score if not for the nudity, perversion, and unrealistic character behaviors. Sheesh, i only felt saddened in the last episode.
What made me consider to give it a top-half score is the action and gore. Amazing. in the first episode, i only noticed that my mouth was hanging open after Lucy twisted off the secretary's head off; that's when i whispered an adoring "wow."
I didn't expect the fight scenes to be great, not when it seemed to me by the first episode that this series would only be about pink-haired naked girls- what every pedophile and sadist-masochist would dream of. But the fight scenes were, like i said, unexpectedly nice.
I do think they should have delved into the scientist and his family, especially the freakishly-evil-but-appearing-sweet-and-lovable daughter. That's a challenging villain right there. But then I guess the father-and-son pair of egotistical pedophile maniacs was enough for me to focus my loathing on.
But then again there's this two-timing innocent(?!) lead guy. uh, Kouta i think. What's up with him? This big-boobed girl killed his sister and father, practically sliced his sister in two and took his father's head off, and he's like: "oh. okay, I still love you." What??? Sheesh, there's something wrong with his head.
The ending is absolutely hanging. No, let me rephrase that. There is no ending. Ah, never mind. I guess maybe an ending would've ruined it, so leaving it like that made the viewers think for themselves and gave them a sort of hope that everything ended well for the characters.
Still, its one of a kind, so despite all that I've typed in so far, if you're looking for something else...this series is something else.

Posted by : reiphes
Posted on : 2008-03-05        

I have got to give this anime top marks, although it was short. It is 1 of the most best things I have ever seen. This anime is best for the sappy type, and the blood and guts type.

My likes and dislikes are:
1. It didn't hold back on the blood
2. The story for the characters were amazing
3. The ending episode was touching for the romantic type (me mate told me that)
4. The music sticks with you till the end as a remembrance
5. Some people may not agree, but the split personality is a good part as it shows people can show 2 sides of their selves

I will not continue with my likes as there are too many.

1. I don't like the shortness of the series
2. I think that kouta should have had his memories in it more
3. The scientists daughter should have had a bigger part
4. Some of the music sounds a lot like Evangelion, which is in a lot of anime for some reason

It is a really great anime, but hearing some music over and over again is getting a bit boring for me.
If you want a 10/10 anime then this is what you want to watch as it has the romance/gore side of it.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Posted by : FragranceOfDarkness
Posted on : 2007-12-13        

I have no idea what words to describe this anime. There are a ton of them. The first thing that comes into my mind is 'Amazing'. This series truly is just that. It is one of the most stunning animes I have every watched. Like many I was attracted to this series by the gore. Which is what usually the people come to check out. The gore and nudity. True, the first episode is totally disturbing and will make you freak out in the beginning. I believe I was quiet pale when I watched the first episode. Though after that it gets better, and the bloodshed and nudity take a back seat to the real beauty of this show. Mainly its story line, and amazing art work.

The story starts out with two college students, who are cousins and haven't seen each other since they were young. They are finally going to meet again, attending the same school. Though when one of the main characters Kouta finally arrives things aren't as quiet as he expected. On the same day a very strange girl had just escaped from some large facility like place. Which she was kept under heavy lock and key. Do to her deadly power, which at first seems to be just simple move objects with mind or something. Who while escaping was shot aiming for her head, though luckily missed, and was bounced off her helmet she had on. Causing her to fall down into the ocean and make her escape. While the two cousins are at the beach, remembering this from their child hood. The strange girl with pink hair, horns, and one hell of a deadly power wides up on shore. Though after a slight pause it seems she has changed from the blood thirsty killer she once was into a adorable girl who runs around every place saying 'Nyu.' With the escape of this seemingly killer on the looser, who had killed 23 people in the facility in 5 minutes. It is obvious they are not going to just leave her alone. Soon people start showing to capture her and bring her back. While this seems like a pretty simple plot at first it later comes to be a chilling tell with many twists and turns.

Now for the review.

Story: 10/10 This is by far one of the most addicting story lines I have ever read, and watched. Seeming rather simple at first, turns into something deep, with many smaller themes such as hurt, love, forgiveness, human nature, evil, and so on. Just when you think you have it figured out it turns and tells you something else. With much tear jerking moments, and moments you will question your own nature.

Characters: 9/10 I loved all of them the characters of this series are surely ones to be remembered. Each having their own personality. That have similarities and differences from one another. Though I would give this section a nine out nine if some moments Kouta could be a little brighter than he was.

Music: 10/10 The music of this anime was simply beautiful. It was dark when it needed to be dark, and happy when it needed to be happy. Music was a major part of the story, with a music box that holds many heart wrenching memories. Each episode starts out with the beautiful opening song Lilium. Which is rather dark, and moving. And ended with Be your girl. A rather upbeat, more cheery tune.

Art: 9.5/10 Elfen Lied has some of the most beautiful scenes I have every watched. Even Nyuu's naked body is a work of art. Though some of the scene's can be a bit bad. It's usually the character drawing that could use some slight improvement though not by much.

Ending: 8/10 This by far one of the most best yet worst endings I have watched. I loved it because they really knew how to go out with a bang. Full of emotions, violence, and much more! I still cry to this very day whenever I watch the final episode of this series. Especially at the confrontation between Lucy and Kouta. I would give this ending a 10 had it not cut off had it not ended at a terrible spot that only makes you crave for more. Though at the same time I know it is this ending that makes me love it. Leaving it up to the viewers of the show to decide how they think it should end.

Elfen Lied is simply a amazing anime. I highly suggest even people who despise anime to watch this. It is truly a moving series. That makes you question what is evil, and what is good. While throwing in a few laughs, and tear jerking moments. Elfen Lied is my all time favorite anime hands down. There are no comparisons out there. I have yet to find a anime that makes me feel like Elfen Lied does. I love it so much I had someone purchase every volume on DVD for me. Another good thing, I have no complaints on the Dub or the Sub. Though Japanese version catches Nyu's adorable Nyu a little better.

This review may seem a little bland, and doesn't give much to the story though this is what I want. You should go out and watch the anime yourself, and you will see. Anyone who doesn't like this series, most not have a open mind on human nature and good and evil.

Posted by : ErwinRommel
Posted on : 2007-12-10        

So think of the things that you would believe are the most evil and I think this anime has it. If not, then the Manga has it. With that said, enjoy this anime.

I personally do not have such a bleak view of the world but I have no doubt Humans are capable of the atrocities seen in this anime. The anime seems to dwell quite a bit on the acts taking place and reminds me a lot of the movie Hostel. But thankfully the story wasn't one big snuff film. They didn't drag this series with endless fillers and the finale is very powerful. It moved me and the flashbacks actually made it that much more effective (This is how you do flashbacks Naruto!).

The story constantly revolves around humanity, the best and worst of it. Each character in the story suffered such fates that one wonders why they still choose to live. But that’s the beauty of this anime, ultimately no matter what atrocities that occurred they still have the will to live and the story bears this out to the fullest.

I think Lucy is the perfect Anti-Hero. She's not tall, dark, and sexy. She's psychotic, cruel, and kills for far less than money (She once killed an entire family to have a house to sleep in). Yet she is this show's protagonist and every action she takes, every atrocity done, is quite morally ambiguous. She cuts off heads of soldiers on a whim yet they were sent to kill her. She kills many civilians yet at least half of them considered her a monster.

The other characters were good and they do appear to be stereotypes from harem animes but they all have a twisted history that deviates from this stereotype (in fact I think the anime’s making fun of every guys fantasy of each of the stereotype). The range of character is also perfect. The villains are just inhuman and makes Lucy look like a saint while the heroes may be imperfect but they are definitely lovable.

I focus on Lucy because she is the reason I gave this series a 10/10. I think the entire cast of characters definitely makes this series really shine but Lucy is the one character that makes it completely unforgettable. She is very well developed and made this anime one of the best ever.

Posted by : Objectivist
Posted on : 2007-10-22        

Truly one of the most compelling stories I've had the pleasure of experiencing up to this point. At first I thought that the gore and nudity were a bit too overwhelming, but as the story progressed the plot of the storyline became more clear to me and counter balanced the entire series. A truly magnificent work of art visually and intellectually; the message conveyed through this series (in my opinion) is vital to the longevity and progress of humanity: love can counter the most atrocious creations and concepts produced by mankind.

Technically speaking, as far as the integrity of the film goes, I was quite impressed as well. The dialogue was consistant and kept from repeating itself. The series used a wide array of bright colors in contrast to the overall dark settings and story and kept from overwhelming the viewer with them at the same time. I loved the use of the classical music opening "Lilium", it was quite appropriate for the series and compliments the story-line well.

5 stars !

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Manga Updates
October 10th
Hohzuki Island (NEW!)
Chapters 1-26

August 15th
Chapters 30-33

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
Chapters 268-393

Chapters 25-29

Shiki (NEW!)
Chapters 1-22

August 08th
Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer
Chapters 54-64

Yomeiro Choice
Chapters 27-28

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