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Tenshi na Konamaiki

Alternate title : Cheeky Angel

Studio : TMS Entertainment

Length : 50 Episodes

Year : 2002

Genre : Action - Comedy - Drama - Fantasy - Romance

Synopsis :
A Cheeky Angel (Tenshi na Konamaiki) is about the high school girl Megumi. She's no ordinary girl... in fact, she's only been a girl for 6 of her 16 years of life. A mostly lighthearted anime with plenty of humor, slapstick and some ecchi thrown in for good measure. Follow Megumi as she constantly fights against her more and more evident femininity, dump boy after boy who declare their love to her, all while searching for a way for her to turn back into a guy.

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : kuzals
Last update : 2011-09-25
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Score : 8
Number of reviews : 10

Link(s) :

Official #1 : TMS Entertainment's Tenshi na Konamaiki Site

A-Source #1 : Spotlight Review by Kaiser

Other #1 : Megumi's Cheeky Angel Fansite (English)

Song(s) :

OP1 : Aiko Kitahara - "Grand Blue"
OP2 : Aiko Kitahara - "Sun rise train"

ED1 : db [decibel] - "Whenever I Think of You"
ED2 : U-ka Saegusa in db - "It's For You"
ED3 : U-ka Saegusa in db - "Tears Go By"
ED4 : U-ka Saegusa in db - "Secret and Lies"
ED5 : Aiko Kitahara - "Grand Blue"

Release(s) :

2011-11-07 -- Episode(s) 1-50 by Anime-Empire. BT Link
2010-03-30 -- Episode(s) 1-50 by Anime-Empire. BT Link
2005-04-09 -- Episode(s) 50 by Anime-Empire. BT Link

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Original Work
Nishimori, Hiroyuki

Character Design
Motohashi, Hideyuki

Kojima, Testu

 Amatsuka, Megumi Hanakain, Miki Souga, Genzo Kobayashi, Hitomoji Fujiki, Ichiro Yasuda, Tasuke Tanaka, Keiko

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Posted by : Himitsu
Posted on : 2011-09-24        

A Cheeky Angel was a refreshing comedy-romance series that had some funny moments. The characters are always offering zany personalities and situations. I found myself laughing quite a bit with this series.

The obvious downfall for this series is the unattractive and inconsistent art. Aesthetics of this anime is below average. A Cheeky Angel has a very poor first impression. The character designs are strange-looking, the colour/tones are dull and simple respectively, and animation has minimal detail. The OP video is also subpar. Hence, whenever characters would gawk at Megumi's beauty, I really wouldn't see it. Her level of attractiveness seemed no different from the other females.

If you were to start this anime, I would recommend that you watch it all the way through. That is, try your best not to linger towards other anime, as you will forget about the poor art eventually. Just stick to this anime and you'll appreciate the other aspects of the series more.

What this series was good at was the drama and comedy. I wasn't really in it for the romance because it was a bit strange. For one, Megumi as a character is "too perfect". There are pretty much no flaws in her. This whole anime series felt like a biography on how great Megumi was. Secondly, even when the guys (fanclub) knew about Megumi's past as a boy, they still felt attracted to her AND they offered to help her find the Magic Book that will reverse her curse. Isn't that a little messed up? Are they truly blinded by her beauty?

It was a strange, but entrancing gender bending plot. I watched this hoping to know the end result. Luckily the episodes between were entertaining and funny. Sure, most episodes felt like fillers, but the moments where the plot was not advancing, you'll get to know the characters more. You'll learn that Yasuda is a true pervert and Genzo's devotion is very overbearing.

Comedy was good. The music during dramatic moments was a good choice. Personally, I liked the songs in the OP and EDs. It was suitable for the series. They're not extraordinary, but the songs are easy to listen to. Lastly, the romance was cute too. Kobayashi was hilarious.

Posted by : jajajajaja07
Posted on : 2007-07-23        

Review - Tenshi Na Konamaiki

39 episodes watched.

It may not be fair to compare this series to newer anime series, but since I've watched newer comedies, such as School Rumble and Host Club, I just have to compare this series to them.

What I liked about this series.
The plot, always a fan of gender switching animes, hehe.
Most of the characters, except Genzo.
Miki and Kobayashi is my favorite couple in this series, especially liked that one moment where Kobayashi was testing Miki's reflex with a pinecone xD.

Ranking of Characters
1. Megumi - the bum-bum kicking beauty; acts cute sometimes, but mostly acts quite tough for a "girl"; overall, a great main character.
2. Yasuda - perverts always make me laugh.
3. Miki - acts cute sometimes and is a very kind person.
4. Megumi's Father - pervert # 2.
5. Megumi's Maid - Pervert # 3.
6. Kobayashi - Martial artist. Mongolian joker o.o
7. Ichiro Fujiki - Average guy, not that funny, but he has his moments.
8. Keiko - rival of Megumi; don't like her much, actually.
9. Genzo - Child beater, pervert #4 (sometimes), man of many personalities. Pisses me off.

What I hated about this series.
Genzo. His character is all messed up. Sometimes he's all childish, sometimes he's perverted, sometimes he's a child beater (in the episode where a kid was being bullied, he hit the kid, I still can't believe he got away with that); he's the kind of guy that acts kind only to people he likes and is harsh to people who he doesn't know, even if it's a kid. Very immature.He may try to act nice around Megu when he's dealing with other people, such as delinquents, but deep inside he wants to beat them up; I guess he needs Megu around to be a decent person, heh.
There were some pointless episodes, better known as fillers, like episode 39; most people said it was funny, but compared to more recent comedies it was completely not funny; maybe it would've been funnier if I had not watch Host Club or School Rumble before watching this, who knows.

Artwork is below average, even Azumanga Daioh looks better (BTW both series came out in the same year, so its a fair comparison).

Music is below average, I've always just fast forwarded the intro and ending themes since they sound so boring.

Overall, if Genzo didn't exist in this series, this series is average; I definitely would not even consider re watching this series. It's suppose to be a comedy, but sometimes they're just trying too hard to be funny, when they're not, especially Genzo; nothing he did made me laugh. But, people seem to find him funny, so I don't know. Could someone explain to me what makes him so funny?
Honestly, I really didn't mind the filler episodes; what I really hated about this series is Genzo; Genzo = -2.5 points for this 7.5 point series.
If you don't mind Genzo, then your in for a very average comedy romance series.

Posted by : Molenir
Posted on : 2006-11-29        

This anime is about a boy, trapped in the body of a beautiful girl. She having been transformed via magic when she was young. This genderbending theme is used in many other animes, so much so that it's almost become a subtype of its own, IE. Ranma and many others of various flavors and varieties. What really sets this apart is not the genderbending issue, but rather the reaction the main character has to it. She is constantly fighting to maintain her masculinity, despite her obvious femininity. The large part of the humor of this show, comes from her agonizing over whether a particular action or thought is feminine or not. Fearing that if she goes too far, she will never be able to go back to being a man. Trying to behave like a guy despite obviously being a girl. Fearing boys, dates, kisses, hugs etc.

The artwork in my opinion was for the most part sub par. With the character designs deserving particular mention. Also the opening sequence was so poorly done that had I not read the manga first, I might not have bothered to watch this show.

Regarding the manga, I was very impressed how well this series followed it. So much so that in some resepects it actually followed it too closely. Essentially, if you've read the Manga, there really isn't anything new here. A lot of the silly situations that were in the manga, would have been better being changed, but they stuck with them even still. The plot could have been improved in several episodes, but the humor of the Manga carried over, in many cases, the anime format even accentuated the humor.

Sound was decent, though none of the opening or closing songs was really good. I ended up skipping them in nearly every episode.

Deserving particular mention. At the end of nearly every episode, after the credits, but before the next episode preview, there is a little short anime, that continues from where the episode left off. It's basically filler stuff that you don't need to watch, but it's frequently hilarious.

Overall, if you enjoyed the Manga, or if you like Genderbending humor, then this show is definitely worth watching. Even if that's not the kind of thing you enjoy I'd recommend this. Just try to overlook the opening and closing, as well as some of the artwork and plot. It's worth it.

Posted by : sssl0202
Posted on : 2006-08-03        

Ahh another transexual anime. Well not really because it might be a sexually confused character, but anyway this is a can't fail formula in the anime industry and considering there is 50 episodes in this anime, I have to say it is a success.

Well, how can I explain it? Think of it as mix of Ranma 1/2 and GTO and it might come close. After all both voice actress and voice actor from each anime is in this one. Once again Megumi Hayashibara plays a role of boy who turned into a girl (or is it a girl who thinks she's a boy? this was never really answered in anime) with excellent fighting ability, while Wataru Takagi plays a role of gangster student who also excels at fighting (not to mention this character looks almost IDENTICAL to Onizuka before he becomes a teacher, read Bad Company or GTO manga for the reference =P)

In other words, it is romantic comedy with the mix of high school violence with the theme of being a man. When you watch this anime you will end up hearing the word "Otoko" quite alot.

The story is about a boy(?) named Megumi recieving a magic book. From the book, a little clown comes out and says he will grant a wish. Megumi asks to be man among the men, and the clown being a clown, turns him into a girl. Then Megumi gets so angry and decides to throw the book into the river and lived 6 years as a girl while going through his puberty as a girl and looking for the book to turn him back into a boy. Well that's where the story begins and you will have to watch the anime to find out the rest of the story =P

Well, the story isn't very original, and most of the gags and themes or just about anything has been used before. However, Tenshi no Konamaiki does good job to reuse the formula well to entertain the fans very well.

Still, it should be pointed out that plot of this anime is quite poor. The story doesn't follow its nature quite well, and by the end of the anime you will end up seeing some characters not really fitting their description. For instance there is female character Miki who often is used as a character to be rescued for most of the anime, but near the end of the anime she suddenly defeats number of fighters and is given very poor explanation for her sudden ability to fight. With such unplanned plot, the story never becomes the strong point of Tenshi na Konamaiki,

For a fairly recently made anime, the drawing is rather crude and animation is bit stiff. I haven't read the manga so I'll guess that the drawing is done this way on purpose to capture the original manga style, but lack of fluid animation shouldn't be part of it. Anyhow, visually this anime is bit lacking but it does what it has to do to get by. To put it simply, you won't be impressed, but the lack of visuals won't annoy you.

The best part about Tenshi na Konamaiki would be sound. The opening music for both seasons is fairly catchy. I wouldn't say they are great songs, but they are fairly pleasant when you listen. The highlight of the sound and anime would be voice acting. With two famous seiyu playing two main characters, the characters comes alive with personalities.

This is an anime that is full of gags to never stop being entertaining and does have few dramatic moments to keep it interesting, but in the end the lack of strong plots and memoriable moments (which made Ranma 1/2 so lovable), leaves Tenshi na Konamaiki nothing more than quick fun.

Posted by : CGY
Posted on : 2005-07-19        

Tenshi na Konamaiki (Cheeky Angel)

Rate: 8/10

This is one of the funniest anime series ever! I just can't stop laughing when I'm watching! LOL! Some improvement would be great for the show.

She is a beauty, as beautiful as an angel; she is a warrior, as strong as a samurai; she is Megumi Amatsuka, a seemingly normal high school girl. All men turn their heads as she walks by, and all of them dream as she smiles at them, but she has a big secret, for she was a boy, and she will never be like a boy! The fun begins as a tough bully, Genzou Soga, enters the story with other not-so-normal people. Will their loves for Megumi finally change her mind, and grant them their wildest dream, or will she find a way to turn back to her once "the manlist man in the world", and turn all men's heart cold? Find it out!

Good sides:
-The story itself is great!
-Jokes, laughters, a lot of them!

Bad sides:
-Character designs are bad.
-Need better sound-tracks.

Based on the popular manga of the same name, Tenshi na Konamaiki is one of the best comedy/shoujo anime ever. The audineces just can't stop laughing, as the story is filled with all sorts of jokes and funny stuff. The story itself is very interesting, a whole new kind of story.

As for the bad sides of the show, I'd say the graphics and music, they certainly need some improvement. I personally don't find its opening and ending sonds very good, since I enjoy rock music like those ones from Naruto, so I don't really like the soft ones of Tenshi na Konamaiki (no offense if any of you think they are good, just my opinion). As for its graphics, you can exactly call those characters beautiful or handsome. Just watch the show and you'll see. The art style is quite different from the others, a bit childish in some sense. Since the anime show is based on the manga, so it can't make a big change (on its character designs), so I guess it can only stay the way it is.

The good sides about the series is that it is filled with great jokes and funny stuff. Example maybe when Genzou tries to threat Megumi, and everybody suddenly imagine them to be a helpless sheep trying to defend Megumi from the wolfish Genzou, and getting beaten up by him, and then received admiration and love from Megumi (this is one of the funnist parts ever!). The storyline itself is pretty good. A story about a transexual girl certainly attract the audiences' attention, and the great storyline and its endless adventures will definitely entertain the audiences very much!

Anyway, this is definitely one of the must-see anime series. I enjoyed the show very much, and I'm pretty sure the other anime fans would find it very interesting! Enjoy Tenshi na Konamaiki!

Posted by : kaiser
Posted on : 2005-06-25        

Tenshi na Konamaiki or "A Cheeky Angel" is one of those shows that doesn't seem impressive at first glance.

The OP sequence is quite normal/boring looking. The OP songs don't catch your attention and the animation is quite chunky and done in a strange style that people either love or hate.

But then it slowly hooks you in with the hilarious comedy and story. The OP songs get very catchy and you find yourself searching around for the songs. You want to keep watching several episodes in a row and other symptoms of addiction.

Tenshi na Konamaiki isn't outstanding in any one respect, the story line is outrageous, some of the characters are annoying as hell (that witch and her laugh... jeez). Animation is not great, story is alright but somehow it comes together very well and forces you to keep on watching and laughing along the way.

It is definitely worth a watch if you're looking for a fresh romantic comedy with more comedy than romance but still with some action. I have recommended this as a spotlight article and still recommend it to everyone. Good fun, 8/10.

Posted by : Chikage_shampoo
Posted on : 2005-06-11        

Ai, I do not know whether to say I hated, liked, or loved Tenshi na Konamaiki. It seemed to contain elements that made me hate and love it at the same time.

Animation: This is like One Piece. The animation's not really that great, but the style is quite unique and catchy in a simplistic manner. You never know whether to say that "the characters look nice" or whether to say "Eh, they're plain...and ugly...". I'm not really too much of a fan of the "flipping-out-over-beautiful-girl" faces that the boys have, but it added to the overall comedy. The special effects when Megumi entered a room at the beginning were brilliant, but not overdone. Backgrounds, however, sometimes looked as if they were done in an entirely different style and at times looked as if the characters were cartoons in a real life scenario...(Meaning, they didn't blend with each other.)
Storyline: A beautiful girl comes to school. "She's angel!" Everybody says. But little do they now that she was once a boy turned into a girl by a little demon in a magic book...

I must say, I don't know why transexual stuff is so addicting. The storyline intrigued me from the moment I first heard about it, but the animation threw me off. I continued to watch Konamaiki for the sole purpose of the storyline... luckily, over time, I got used to the animation (thus, I cannot complain about it in the section above).

This is a nice comedic anime. Boys swooning over a girl and getting kicked where it counts is used widely throughout the series, but it is timed so that you do not tire of it.

There were, however, some pointless filler episodes in Tenshi na Konamaiki. (Well, okay, there were some annoying filler arcs, also. What the heck was with the "Most Ladylike" and "Most Manly" competitions that Megumi joined? It was a waste of time, I tell you!) But since this is mainly a story that can be progressed easily, these fillers were used for comedic purposes.

The ending of Tenshi na Konamaiki was a real bummer. It was the exact ending I predicted, and the exact ending I didn't want. I don't like an Inu Yasha type ending in animes... let's just say that.

Characters: What was up with this? Character development wasn't really that big of a deal until one episode in the middle of the series, where everything kind of just turned around and suddenly Megumi matures.

The boys (especially Genzo) really grated on my nerves, but they counterbalanced with each other, making me like them. I was quite undecisive in the area of characters. Genzo's sweetness made up for his stupidity, Fujiki's striving for Megumi made him better than your average loser, the glasses guy's intelligence made up for his pervertedness, and the samurai guy's shyness made up for his almost-perfect image.

However, I still hated Genzo. >.< He was just...too...stupid.... How could anyone be that dumb? Well, I guess it's understandable since he was in love...

Sounds/Music: The opening and ending songs sounded like Latin genre, which I'm very into (from the usual video game and anime songs, of course =)). Catchy beat and catchy guitar tune. What more could you ask for? Of course, after listening to the songs a lot, you tire of them (which is what happened to me).

The voices really matched the characters and their little "mood swings" (Ai, Genzo again... this is one of the first anime guys I've really been annoyed by, for some odd reason.).

BGM ... there wasn't really anything special about the background music that stuck in my mind.

Conclusion: A nice comedic anime that is good to watch any time because it has action, suspense, and (some?) drama also.

Posted by : Craze
Posted on : 2005-02-19        

Tenshi Na Konamaiki = ownzors. Nuff said.

Hah, but I guess I should say more for a review, eh? This has to be one of the most hilarious animes I've ever seen. The plot is indeed quite weird, but it's not your typical male to female comedy, as this female has been a female for 6 years of his/her life and, though he/she won't give up on trying to become a man again, has started to become feminine, with hilarious results.

I think that the animation style was great; it was different from other animes so it was a fresh take on animation in general; I mean, come on, not all anime has to be the cookie cutter definition of japanese animation, a little change is good now and then and I hope others take this direction as well, though of course they must keep up with the high standards of quality and detail.

As for the music, I absolutely LOVED the first themesong, and the other themesongs as well as the ending themes were all quite good.

This has to be my most favorite anime of all time; a must see imho =)

Posted by : SSS
Posted on : 2005-01-25        

This anime is definitely worth watching, but you can't give up after just after a few episodes because the beginning was actually a little slow and boring (which is why I couldnt' give this a perfect 10... that and I haven't finished watching this anime yet). The music is pretty catchy and the story is WIERD, but enjoyable. I mean it's a guy who got turned into a girl... kind of reminds you of Ranma, except this main character isn't able to change with just some hot water, so s/he has to battle between his feminine desires and masculine ones. The characters are well developed, but the drawings were a little funny looking to me when I first started. I think it's the faces that look completely different from the other series that I normally watch, but I got used to it after a while and learned to appreciate this difference. The drawings get really funny later on actually and adds to the effect of this anime as a comedy. To conclude my rambling, check out this anime, I think it's worth your time.

Posted by : keitarou
Posted on : 2003-06-11        

This is a great comedy series. The flow, tempo, and rhythm of the show are perfect for the style. The storyline is intriguing, albeit somewhat contrived at times. Character development is very amusing, with nothing but extremely non-conventional types. The only direct fault I find with this series is in the drawing style from time to time. It can be somewhat... how do I put it... lacking in sharpness at times. And the fact that I have to use "time to time" and "at times" as descriptors for the animation obviously depicts that the style is rather inconsistent between episodes. Trust me when I say that this isn't much of a drawback from the appeal of the show though. Definitely a good watch in my book.

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