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Galaxy Angel - Season 2

Alternate title : Galaxy Angel Z

Studio : Broccoli

Also involved: Madhouse Studios

Licenced by : Bandai Entertainment

Length : 18 Episodes

Year : 2002

Genre : Science-Fiction - Mecha - Comedy

Synopsis :
Nearly the same as Galaxy Angel prequel with a whole lot more fun and craziness. Same old 5 characters that will rock your world:

- Milfeulle --- A very, very, very lucky girl
- Mint --- A genius that likes cosplay
- Ranpha --- A girl that really likes hot guys/hunks
- Forte --- A girl that's crazy with guns
- Vanilla --- A quite girl but very religious

Well, completely different set of stories, but with the same comedy packed characters.

Added : 2004-08-12
Synopsis by : jsy3k
Last update : 2006-12-10
Last update details : Modify info
Score : 8
Number of reviews : 2

Song(s) :

OP1 : Want to See the Dream, Angel Team

ED1 : Happy Question

Release(s) :

There are no release available for this anime.

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Seiyuu [View Complete Seiyuu Data]

 Sakuraba, Milfeulle Franboise, Ranpha Stollen, Forte Blancmanche, Mint H, Vanilla Normad Volcott, Commander Huey O.

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Posted by : kevinchaosvs
Posted on : 2009-05-14        

The best description I can have of GA is that it’s silly and cute at the same time – and that seems to be its charm as well. GA did not have any distinct storyline. Every episode is essentially a standalone. It thus backs on its cast of wacky characters to deliver its gags, particularly with Normad (forerunning mascot plushy of Kon from Bleach) and Vanilla (the archetypical silent girl) with her occasional one-liners. Because of its standalone nature, you don’t have to have watched the previous seasons. The humor style is essentially the same. Heck, this review of mine can qualify as a review for season 1 as much as for season 2.

The animation style was pretty good considering the year of production. The music was just all right for me though; a little too cute to my liking though it was pretty funny, what with all the mash of onomatopoeia and (somewhat) nonsense lyrics.

Galaxy Angel won’t be on my list of favorites (sorry Xeno lol). It was a rather enjoyable series, with chuckles here and there but it didn’t really have a high re-watch value. The gags, while no doubt funny, weren’t the sort that would last long in the mind or having the viewer laughing off the chair. Nevertheless, it’s worth giving this series a try.

Posted by : xenocrisis0153
Posted on : 2006-11-15        

Review Based on all 9 English-subtitles episodes...

Animation: This anime is a couple years old, so I didn't have high expectations when I opened the DVD case. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how crisp and bright the colors are. There are even some incredibly stunning 3-D scenes involving the space craft that rival many of the top-notch series coming out today. Very impressive. (10/10)

Music: The music of the Galaxy Angel franchise is always fun and lively. The second season is no different. The opening song really gets you up and ready for the zany wackiness that is to follow and the closing theme keeps the party going on just as much. The in-episode music soundtrack is perfect. They tend to recycle the same 4 or 5 songs, but since they are, in themselves, pleasing and appropriate, that makes it a big plus overall. (9/10)

Characters: Truly the shining element of the whole G.A.-universe is its cast. The five girls form such an entertaining ensemble that it doesn't really matter what situation they are in, as long as they're together, it's going to be fun. Sometimes they work together, but more often than not they're at eachother's throats. Either way, the results are usually hysterical. The girls are incredibly cute and their personalities are so varied that it's difficult not to like at least one of them. Adding Normad and Volcott to the equation also help propel this series. (10/10)

Story: Considering that the girls' job is to find and recover Lost Technology which can turn out to be anything, we have a pretty open-ended synopsis. The range of what can happen is infinite and that's exactly why you can always expect the unexpected with each 12-minute half-episode. There's no real linearity overall, but the more you watch, the more you get a feeling for the setting and the characters, and thus will enjoy the anime more. (9/10)

Overall: I always look forward to any time that I'm about to watch any of the Galaxy Angel episodes and that feeling continues throughout this season. Rewatchability is somewhat of trouble-spot since once you know the punch-line of each episode, it loses its appeal, but I'm sure if you revisit them after a period of time, the magic will return. It's hard to pick a favorite character and it's just as hard not to burst out in laughter at most of the jokes and gags (well, some are understood only culturally, so there will be a few occassions in which you'll feel like you missed something, but that's the japanese for ya). I highly recommend this series to anyone who wants a quick laugh and be invited along for a fun ride. (9 out of 10... 4 and a half stars)

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