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Alternate title : Turn A Gundam

Studio : Sunrise

Length : 50 Episodes

Year : 1999

Genre : Action - Mecha - Science-Fiction

Synopsis :
In the distant future, Correct Century 2345, mankind, once travelers to distant parts of space, have been rebuilding the life that they lost years ago during a great war that destroyed all technology on Earth. They have finally returned to a pre-industrial existence in which the most advance technology are biplanes and archaic automobiles.

However, there existed another branch of humanity, the Moonrace, which has been isolated on the moon with all the space-faring technology that mankind had previously held. Having endured centuries of struggle and isolation, they eye their mother planet with envy and wish for the day where they return to their true homelands once again.

Loran Cehack and his companions, Keith Laijie and Fran Doll are three teenagers whom the Moonrace sent to Earth to scout whether a return by the Moonrace is feasible. Loran and his friends quickly settled down on Earth and learn to cherish the people dwelling there.

Two years later, the Moonrace finally begins their reclamation of the Earth with a full scale invasion using their advanced mobile suits technology. Loran, torn between helping out his new Earth friends and his loyalty to Queen Dianna of the Moonrace, must now pilot the ancient and newly uncovered Turn A Gundam to defend the people of Earth against the far superior technologies of the Moonrace, as well as to try and convince the people of both sides that war can only bring tragedy and will make the war-torn Dark History of Earth a reality again.

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : darkhunger
Last update : 2009-09-06
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Score : 8.5
Number of reviews : 2

Song(s) :

OP1 : Hideki Saijou - Turn A Turn
OP2 : Ray Guns - Century Color

ED1 : Shinji Tanimura - Aura
ED2 : Aki Okui - Tsuki No Mayu (The Moon's Cocoon)
ED3 : Aki Okui - Kagiri Naki Tabiji (The Endless Journey)

Release(s) :

2015-03-17 -- Episode(s) 26-50 by EG. BT Link
2014-10-29 -- Episode(s) 1-25 by EG. BT Link
2010-07-21 -- Episode(s) 39 by Encodergasm. BT Link

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Posted by : leoxjm
Posted on : 2007-01-16        

From what I read in this and other sites, Turn A gundam has been pretty much a hate it or love it anime. Honestly, I can say I see why. The character desings of Turn A are not particularly appealing (especially when compared with the "pretty boy" designs of both Gundam Wing and Gundam SEED). The "unconventional" mecha designs may also be a minus. A Gundam with a mustache? C'mon!!! The unusual visuals, coupled with a slow start (and seriously, a really slow start), are most likely what costs Turn A a lot of viewers.

However, saying that Turn A Gundam is a bad show because of that is really judging a book by its cover. The original concept of putting Mobile Suits against early XX century technology was an interesting one that, in my opinion, was well executed. Seeing the pride and joy of the eathrace military, its big guns and biplanes, go against gigantic mobile suits that wipe them out in one shot gives the viewer a mixture of excitement, futility and desperation. As the storyline progresses things start to balance bit by bit, but how an old-style society copes with a confrontation against a futuristic one is a prevalent and enjoyable theme throughout the show. Story development is slow at first, improving the pace around the middle and becoming yet another strong point later on. It builds to a spectacular climax at the end and delivers a solid, touching and powerful finale that wraps up pretty much all the loose ands and most certainly provides a sense of closure for the anime.

The characters on this show are also a plus. Visually they are not too appealing and take some getting used to. However, their personalities change and develop during the show, Through that process you love them, hate them, feel sympathy for them... certainly one of the best aspects of the show. I was very interested in the romance aspect of the show as well. Loran becomes a ladies' man without realizing it, which leads to some interesting situations and interactions. I also liked the bratty and hardheaded Sochie Heim, who takes the leap from spoiled rich girl to hotheaded but valiant Mobile Suit pilot. She's one of my favorite anime characters.

The animation is a bit of a mixed case. Elaborate action sequences and large-scale battles between Mobile Suits, like those in Gundam SEED and Wing, are nowhere to be seen. The largest engagements are pretty much small-time skirmishes between a handful of Mobile Suits. Although reasonably well animated, they are not particularly attractive. As a plus, the abuse of stock footage, so notorious in Wing and SEED is nowhere to be seen. Same goes for character animations. Not outstanding, but certainly not bad.

In-series music and sound are average. The music suits the mood of the scenes but it doesn't really stand out. It certainly gets the job done without going too many extra miles, although I have to admit that the second ending/last background song played during the finale was one of the most beautiful I've heard and was perfect for the setting, really complementing and enhancing what was going on. Aside from the Second ED,I wasn't very fond of the OPs ands EDs, but since I tend to skip those anyway it wasn't that big a deal.

Turn A Gundam is certainly a show that has to be watched for its story and characters. I'd even go as far as saying that the excellent finale alone justifies watching the whole thing, like it or not. Certainly, the unusual design for the show and initially slow pace will put off viewers early on, but if you can get past the "not good looking" barrier and see Turn A's worth in its stronger, more abstract aspects, you won't be disappointed.

Posted by : corbell
Posted on : 2005-03-25        

Turn-A, despite rather sluggish pacing in the beginning, is to say in the least, a very interesting show. The universal quantifier symbol used for the title represents the fact that the show combines elements (The Zakus, the Gallop, and the Gundam) of many UC shows, but the actual show goes off on an entirely different tangent from the usual angsty Gundam shows.

The character designs are *definitely* an acquired taste, as are Syd Mead's mecha designs, which, after a while, you can generally acknowledge as somewhat cool. The series picks up pace as it gets past the first few episodes, and presents the old colonies vs earth dichotomy in a rather fresh manner.

The actual animation of the mecha is quite good, without so much of the trademark clipshow battles of Gundam Wing; the battles are original without being repetitive.

This show has little in the way of fan service; the scarce nudity mentioned in other reviews of the series is done in a 'tasteful' manner, and presented in a fashion that makes sense given the context of the show.

In any case, where else can you see biplanes go to battle against giant robots in a Gundam series?

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