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Alternate title : Count of Monte Cristo, The

Studio : GONZO

Licenced by : Geneon Entertainment (USA)

Length : 24 Episodes

Year : 2004

Genre : Adventure - Drama - Mystery - Romance - Science-Fiction

Synopsis :
Now for those of you that have actually read The Count of Monte Cristo by Dumas, you'll immediately notice that the flamboyant settings and colors contrast the darkness in the beginning of the actual novel. The anime series takes place in a futuristic place called "Luna", where all desires can be fulfilled. The anime plot is derived from an idea proposed in the original book when an Italian countess suspected that the Count of Monte Cristo might be a vampire.

As the story begins, you're introduced to two young gentlemen, a blonde and a brunette. They parade through the festive streets of Luna in some sort of car.. and then meet a countess ( possibly Madame Villefort ) who calls the blonde Franz. You'll then realize that the blonde is Franz D'epinay and the brunette is his good friend Albert de Morcef. The countess tells the two young men that the Count of Monte Cristo is very famous in Luna and they are immediately intrigued by him.

That night at the Rospoli Hotel, Mondego and Franz receive an invitation from Monte Cristo to dine with him. During their dinner, Monte Cristo reveals that he once had a lover but his happiness is now a dream, traded for the life he has now. The plot follows that of the book from hereafter, where the young men witness a public execution. The Count gives Albert 3 cards representing the three men about to be executed. He also states that he has 1 pardon from the Cardinal and asks Albert to choose one of the men to be saved by picking a card.

After a mental struggle, Albert picks a card and saves Peppino, a man who boasted that he has killed 10 women and children. Albert is stunned at his choice but at the same time fascinated with the fact that he had the chance to "play God" as Monte Cristo said. The next scene we see Monte Cristo furiously fencing with his servant Marti. After a flash of swords, Monte Cristo chillingly reveals that his revenge is already in action...

Added : 2004-09-25
Synopsis by : Shin Hayashi
Last update : 2008-05-01
Last update details : Song modified
Score : 8.16
Number of reviews : 19

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Official #1 : Official Gankutsuou Website (Japanese)

A-Source #1 : In-Depth Review by Strongbad87
A-Source #2 : Spotlight Review by Kaiser

Song(s) :

OP1 : Jean-Jacques Burnel - We Were Lovers

ED1 : Jean-Jacques Burnel - You Won't See Me Coming

Release(s) :

2017-10-26 -- Episode(s) 1-24 by DorianHD. BT Link
2014-07-22 -- Episode(s) 1-24 by Anime-Kraze. BT Link
2005-04-16 -- Episode(s) 24 by Anime-Keep. BT Link

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 Dantès, Edmond   De Morcerf, Mercédès De Morcerf, Fernand D'Epinay, Franz De Danglars, Claire-Marie-Eugénie Haydée
 De Morcerf, Albert 

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Posted by : Terentius
Posted on : 2008-09-08        

I had heard many great things from a friend about this show. His claim: "Best thing since GTO!" Naturally, I was curious to see if his excitement was warranted.

As always from GONZO, the quality of the animation was truly top notch. What really stood out, was the uniqueness of the visuals. I had never seen a show where the colours and patterns themselves played a part almost as important as the story. I couldn't help but be 'wowed' by the sheer scope and temerity of it. Even something as mundane as Albert's plaid tunic/jacket had a life all of its own. The vibrancy and richness brought to life the character designs, so much so that the clothes were a literal reflection of the character's personalities. The dark, brooding attire matched the malicous intent of the Count; whlist the strong white dresses of Mercedes were a reflection of her acquired nobility. Brilliantly done!

Ahh... perhaps the main reason why I watched Gankutsuou. At first I took offence at the idea of an animated version of one of literature's greatest works. Alexandre Dumas' book was one of my all-time favourites and I almost considered this show an affront to his work. I was so glad that I took the time and effort to watch this. The book itself was a monstrosity at over 1200 pages, yet it was so engrossing that I finished it within 4 days. Gankutsuou had the exact same effect. Admittedly, the start was almost tedious but the introduction of the incredibly charming Count moved the plot and story on quite nicely. The real joy was seeing how the long laid plans of the Count finally came to fruition. Seeing it on screen was both exhilirating and terrifying.

Now this was perhaps where I wasn't too happy with the series. Albert I felt was marginalised in the book, but Gankutsuou swung things towards the other extreme. The epicentre of the story should have been Edmond's quest for vengeance. Instead, we are left with a main character who complains and whinges about his noble lifestyle. I'm certain more fans out there would have loved to have seen more of the Count and his past. Aside from this criticism I found the cast to be very well-balanced. Most crucially they were believably human with their associated faults and weaknesses.

The OP and ED were just brilliant. The OP had an almost childlike romanticism that was rather misleading. It was only when the identity and previously care-free life of the Count was revealed that I understood why such a beautiful song was chosen. The greatest show-stopper had to be Jean-Jacques Burnel's ED though. Gankutsuou remains one of those very rare shows where I have watched in full, every ED. If there was a survey for the best anime ED's "You won't see me coming" will definitely be within my top 5 choices. The score itself was very moving with some pleasant use of orchestral pieces.

I would recommend watching this just purely for the unique visuals alone. Some might not be impressed with the story and characters, but that won't detract from what I regard as one of the bravest productions I've seen. GONZO really went all out trying to create/match the masterpiece of Dumas' work. In my opinion, they almost did. I can never fault anyone for trying their best and I feel terrible for not being able to award a perfect 10. The reason it isn't perfect? Albert Morcerf. Aside from that, Gankutsuou was an excellent show and should be seen by as many people as possible.

Posted by : Kitsilver
Posted on : 2007-12-05        

Gankutsuou possess a unique style in this colorful retelling of the Count of Monte Cristo. It’s been heralded a must see, but the annoying main character and plot’s basis in revenge ensure that I cannot like it.

The good: The visuals are impressive, vibrant, and unique though it takes an episode or two to get used to it. Retelling the story through the eyes of Albert, son of the man who betrayed Edmond Dantes, is interesting. And Eugenie, the love interest, is the highlight of the show for me.

The bad: Albert is annoyingly naïve until the very end. His failure to see the truth even when it is spelled out for him makes me want to hit him. Hard. And more than once. Then there is the Count, whose dark and sinister persona appeal to many, but for me, is just the sad product of a life twisted by hatred. I can't identify with either of them so can't be swept away by their story. That the story hinges on revenge is another weakness. Those stories tend to paint opposing sides as black and white, and always end in predictable tragedy.

This anime is often daring and unique in its retelling of a classic. But beyond the art and a single side character, there is little that actually appeals to me.

Posted by : Himitsu
Posted on : 2007-10-13        

I had mixed feelings with this anime. The beginning was quite boring to me, I didn't follow the storyline thoroughly, nor was I interested in all of the political dialogue. So what kept me going? I'd say it was the fact that I simply wanted to finish this title. Good thing I kept at it. Things became much more mouth-gapingly dramatic, and I really paid attention to all the efforts put into this title.

Look closely, the artwork is beautiful and very creative. There are extraordinary imagination and details in the background. The visual effects are stunning, and you really feel at awe at some moments. Gonzo is always full of surprises. The music is also something to be mentioned, it was really moving; within my tastes.

The characters had an enormous amount of depth and were very human. I personally didn't like Albert too much, but he developed quite a bit as the ending came near. Franz was definitely the better character. Haydee was very attractive in a lot of scenes.

The story was very in-depth, though I haven't read the famous novel yet to determine how well-played out Gankutsuou was compared to its origin. There was so much going on and this is probably one of the top dramatic titles. Still, with all the events occuring, for some reason I wasn't too engaged, perhaps because there wasn't a character I was attached to, or that genre wasn't in my tastes. Gankutsuou is still a well equiped anime though, and I enjoyed the later half of it.

Posted by : onizukapwns
Posted on : 2007-03-14        

Once again, Gonzo proves itself capable of ruining the ending of a great storyline.

Gankutsuou is based on the novel The Count of Monte Cristo. Although the general idea is the same, the entire storyline is different. Instead of centering around the count and his revenge, this story centers more around Albert as the protaganist who becomes a victim of the count's revenge.

Characters - Albert is annoying and a horrible main character. He is naive, immature and weak. Although this storyline seems to revolve around developing Albert's character, it's still just very annoying.

The Count is cool. Uber cool. "Pimp" even (literally). The count is so damn cool, that he sucks in all of Albert's crappiness and puts everything back in balance.

All other side characters were pretty cool too, like Franz and Maximilian.

A few side characters get no development whatsoever. Gonzo could have made the series more interesting if they developed some of the other characters who seemed like they were going to be important.

There wasn't enough relationship development between some characters. Relations that were fully developed tuned out great. The interaction between Albert and the Count were all completely miserable though.

There's a transvestite/ homosexual cross-dresser (I'm still confused.. WAS she/he a he/she?). I found this idea insanely random, but the transvestite/homo was likable at least... when you get used to being disturbed by him/her.

Storyline was excellent, great, superb.. up until... (because it's Gonzo of course) the ending. Specifically, around the last 4 episodes. Those who watched Samurai 7 or Last Exile should know how horribly Gonzo makes their endings. Everything becomes random, stupid, and puts you into the edge of your seat going: "Who the hell has a brain distorted enough to come up with this intolerable crap?"

What the hell is "Gankutsuou"? It was such a steamy question throughout the whole show, and at the very end, we're still asking ourselves "What the hell is Gankutsuou?" "How come person X and old man Y are so familiar with Gankutsuou?" Gonzo needs to learn how to organize storyboards or something because they really didn't answer any of these juicy questions.

Bleh. If it weren't for those 3 or 4 pitiful pitiful ending episodes, Gankutsuou would be seeing a 5 star. This series left a horrible feeling at the end. It's the most disappointing ending in anime history as I know it. And by the way, it did NOT follow the novel ending.

If you don't let a bad ending ruin a good story, that is, if you can still consider a plot line with a horrible falling action and resolution "excellent", then watch Gankutsuou and consider this rating a five star.

Posted by : kauldron26
Posted on : 2006-08-17        

Wow.... this anime shattered all my expectations and found its way into my top 10. Where do i begin? I downloaded this anime out of boredom and purely random. I had heard about it and seen some glances, but i did not listen or pay attention, until one morning when i woke up thinking i was supposed to have class but it was cancelled. Pissed off, i came back and watched this anime for no reason.

I kept on thinking before i watched it, how can the count of monte cristo aguably the greatest book ever written IMO being made into an anime be interesting when i have seen and read the story many many times.

And then i watched it. Holy shit. That is all i said after each episode. This anime gets all 10s because it is perfect in every way. Each episode left me dying for more... and lo and behold, i watched every single episode in a row. I have only done such a thing twice. Planet ES being the other time.

The animation is just astounding, breath taking and original. The animation transported you to their time and world.

The sound was just incredible. every episode began with someone speaking fluent french summarizing the previous episode. And the impact of the ED after the last scene of an episode hits u like a shovel on the head.

The characters in this anime depict humanity in such a way, that the concept of art is transformed into reality. I loved every single character through their flaws and greatness.

The story of this anime is the crown Jewel. Animes like Cowboy Bebop, Wolf's rain, Berserk and Planet ES show us why anime to most of us has surpassed hollywood and their bullshit. Gankutsuou's Story though an adaptation is simply phenomenal in its truth and embodiment. You will laugh, you will awe, you will thrill and you will cry. Not only does this anime surpass the concept of its genre, it stands on its own and it stands tall.

I wish more people would give this a chance and get their heads out of crap like naruto and bleach (which i used to like) and watch an anime that touches, stimulates and exhilerates you.

Gankutsuou is a masterpiece. A pure masterpiece.

Posted by : narcoleptic
Posted on : 2006-08-04        

Wow, wow, wow. I have to say Gankutsuou is one of the best anime I have ever seen. It's a shame that such a great work has been overlooked. Truthfully, I also didn't think much of it at first, but I gave it a try and was unexpectedly enraptured by it.

One of the things that grabbed my attention was the CG, which was absolutely amazing and quite refreshing in the sense that it was unique. Although some may have thought the CG was too flamboyant and colourful in contrast to the dark atmosphere of the plot, I believe that it rather ehanced the grim setting.

The plot was obviously amazing. It was probably due to the fact that I was unware of the storyline that it was so suspenseful and dramatic. Almost every episode ended as a cliffhanger and I couldn't wait to watch the next one.

The only setback was the main character, Albert, who was rather irritating and pitiful throughout much of the story, but he did come around halfway and I didn't dislike him as much.

ANYWAYS thumbs up to the creators and I recommend this to everybody!

Posted by : Jblackshear
Posted on : 2006-01-15        

Gankutsuou, in my opinion, follows the novel of 'The Count of Monte Cristo' a little too closely. That's bad, because the novel does not end well for the Count. Anyone familar with the story will instantly know that the Count has lost all human compassion and seeks the ultimate destruction of his ancient enemies, often at the cost of those who love him.

That is my main complaint, but that in its entirely does not affect the actual score. Gankutsuou is a masterpiece in the making. The backgrounds it uses for cloth filler are top notch and eye catching. Because it is new (or rarely applied) to the anime scene, it takes a little getting used to. But, I can appreciate the texture it brings out in the artwork. The one thing I do have against this is that the background texture tends to stand still as the character moves. It's like the character and their clothes are transparent and you can see the wallpaper behind them.

Other than the obvious complaint with the ending, I have to give kudos to the creators for keeping me glued to each episode, watching the Count sink further and further into his depravity. The story can be depressing, but not completely. Good things happen to good people, but bad things happen to them as well.

This is a good anime adaption, but not the best. Everything tied together neatly and brought the Count's final revenge to a bitter-sweet close.

Posted by : nanson43
Posted on : 2006-01-08        

Based off off of The Count of Monte Cristo, Gankutsuou is a very superb presentation of the story. It revolves around Albert, a rich aristocrat who happens to run into the Count of Monte Cristo, a man seeking revenge. The animation is completely out of this world and is nothing like you've ever seen. The characters are nicely developed and while the plot does get a little slow at some points, one cannot help but become drawn into this story. There are some very interesting fight seens and the concept of this plot taking place in the future on the moon and all over the Paris is refreshing. Definitely worth a watch if you are looking for something different.

Posted by : Egeria
Posted on : 2005-10-31        

Albert Morcerf is a young man born into high society, the son of a war hero. Sheltered from the daily struggles of lower-class life, Albert comes to age in a world of wealth, surrounded by economic equals.

On a trip to Luna with his good friend Franz d'Epinay, Albert meets a man unlike any other. A man of great wealth and mystery--the Count of Monte Cristo. When fortune made Albert and the Count fast friends, the Count asks of Albert a small favor. To be an intermediary for the Count to Parisian high society. Excited about this chance to help his new friend, Albert quickly agrees.

Unbeknownst to young Albert is the Count's tragic past. A past marked by the betrayal of his closest companions, who had greatly profitted from his misfortunes. Each currently holding a seat of power in Parisian society. The wounds still fresh in his mind, the Count returns to settle the score.

The graphics for this series is very different from most other anime. Colors were very bright and disorderly yet strangely fitting. There were also patterns that showed up often in the clothing and sometimes even the hair of the characters. The graphics is something that might take some getting used to but it's very creative and doesn't distract too much from the series.

The music was decent. Nothing really stands out here. The opening song is pretty much the theme song throughout the series, played in variations.

This was an okay series for me. The storyline itself was good despite being different from the original story. Other aspects of this anime fell below expectations. The events surrounding the characters were horrible. Although it can be argued that the rampant corruption is a statement about high society's flaws, it was a bit overdone. In regards to the characters I was sympathetic of the Count at first. What with all the events that came about which practically forced him to accept a pact with the devil, the Count deserved all the sympathy in the world. But as the story went on the Count became a horrible person. It peaked out and dropped towards the end. Too many innocent people were tossed in and the entire series just sunk. Nearly all of the female characters were an eyesore. My favorite character was Franz, one of the few characters that weren't self-centered. He's born into the high class just like Albert but he seems to be a more rounded character. He's educated, understanding, considerate of others. He holds his friendship with Albert in high regards and thinks of others ever before he thinks of himself. Episode 18 still ticks me off. At any rate, this series wasn't bad enough for me to say that I wish I hadn't even wasted the time. It was a worthwhile watch but definitely not something I would watch again.

Posted by : glia
Posted on : 2005-10-15        

As mentioned in previous reviews, the visuals in Gankutsuou are spectacular. I especially liked the CG used on the mechas.

Though I am unfamiliar with the novel this series was apparently based on, there did not seem to be anything too special in terms of the general story. It follows a fairly simple betrayal and revenge sequence with smatterings of mecha, murder, sex, violence, incest, rape, adultery and homoeroticism to spice things up. While there may not be much originality in this department, it is certainly not boring.

The character development appeared to be almost nonexistant, at least until the very end (arguably), although it might be too much to ask for in a 26 episode series with a fairly long plot. This is not neccessarily a bad thing as the characters are diverse.

In my opinion the conclusion seemed lacking. In particular the final events that contribute to the Count's demise at the end of the series appeared to be contrived for the purpose of emotional impact rather than from any logical progression.

While on the subject of negatives, I also found the fact that Albert and especially Franz are actually 15 years old hard to believe in terms of their portrayal, and this disparity irked me for the rest of the series after I learnt of this.

In addition to this, I found the opening theme song to be very cheesy as the lyrics are completely lacking in subtlety.

Despite these drawbacks, the series as a whole was entertaining. The more mature theme and high quality visuals covering a substantial plot make it easy to overlook shortcomings, and overall the series is worthwhile viewing.

Posted by : Kazzuki
Posted on : 2005-09-07        

Edmond Dantes can be acclaimed to be more famous than Sherlock Holmes in Japan I guess. Even in KareKano, a short joke was made out about the Count of MonteCristo. Nevertheless,Gankutsuou brings out the word revenge into a whole new context and accomplishes it with great style!

Animation: This is the very first anime that has ever given me teary eyes from watching too close to the bloody screen. The colors on every animated character are too brillant to describe with words; truly the strongest point of the show!

Sound: Amazing, even now I am listening to the OST. The ending theme by Jean Jacques Burnel, who in fact performed most of the soundtrack for Gankutsuou, is richly vibrating and high upbeat.

Characters/Storyline: I feel the characters should be mentioned with the storyline, as most of us by now know the plot of the novel all too well. Heck, even an American movie was made out from it!
By the way, it's simply amazing with how much we constantly enjoy watching and rewatching the story, and how for each character becomes more intense and real than for other personalities from different shows. Gankutsuou captivates its audience and breathes new life into this old masterpiece using modern technology digimation. To say last, the timeline of the anime is futuristic giving the fight scenes a whole new meaning.

Overall a must watch for all MonteCristo fans and others who are looking for a deep and wonderful storyline. Gets an eight!

Posted by : strongbad87
Posted on : 2005-07-25        

Let me just get this out of the way, this show is without a doubt, one of THE greatest animes ever, period. I don't care whether the plot deviates from the source material, or if some people find the art style distracting, which it is quite the opposite. Gankutsuou is a brilliant, and nearly flawless anime.

Now that I'm done raving, let's talk specifics. The art style will be the first thing that you notice about this show. Many of the clothing, hair, and some of the background isn't colored in and shaded, but filled in with static patterns that don't move with character. Some people found this distracting, but it really adds to the atmosphere of the show, which is very luxurious and regal. CG is also used heavily for the carriages, mecha, and space ships. The shading is gorgeous, and is almost feature film quality. The scenes that take place under the shade of a tree are fantastic. The character design is also wonderful, with each character having a very distinct look. Overall the show is wonderfully animated and has some great imagery overall.

The plot of course is great, as it is taken from a classic. The basic story is of Albert de Morcef and how he discovers that behind the glamour of Parisian aristocracy is a seedy underworld filled with lies and deceit. It's also the tale of a man driven to the brink of insanity and is quest to get revenge on those who took everything away frlom him. The characters range from the naive Albert to the all knowing Count. Every character is multi faceted, like the Count who we think is evil and then someone who we begin to sympathize with. The whole plot is very much melodramatic, but not to the point of being a soap opera. One thing that many people had a problem with was that Franz was made a gay character, which I thought fit well because it made it all the more tragic during the end of the show. This show can get very emotional towards the end, not as much as Grave of the Fireflies, but I have to admit to getting misty eyed towards the end of the show.

The music, now this is where I had a small problem with the show. The opening sequence has to be one of the worst themes I have ever heard. It has awful lyrics and the singer is just plain bad. The closing sequence is also a semi-rock/electronic mish mash and I just didnt like it. Otherwise there are grand orchestral peices that are fitting for the mood of the show. I would have enjoyed more orchestral soundtrack. This is my only gripe with the show, the music isn't always great, but it doesn't detract from the rest of the show.

As you can see I'm totally in love with this show, it is one of my favorites, and I cannot tell enough people about it. If you like anime or would like to see a new take on an old genre, see this show.

Posted by : shimoda
Posted on : 2005-07-07        

To start off, I strongly suggest you to read the original novel by the brilliant Alexandre Dumas AFTER you watch this anime (that is if you have never read it before). For those who have already read the classic, the show may still be enjoyable, though it would be likely to disappoint in comparison to the novel.

Gankutsuou, IMHO, is Gonzo's greatest work, however, their adaptation of the novel was quite different from the original story. There were a few plot differences (including the Morrel story arc being left out), significant character design changes, and the terrible portrayal of the Count of Monte Cristo being a flat character without a single bit of compassion for others. However, do not get me wrong, Gonzo did mess around with Duma's novel quite a bit, but the show they came out with is still incredibly captivating and entertaining and is DEFINITELY worth a download/purchase.

Now, onto the technical aspects of the show!

Animation: Wow! this is Gonzo at it's best. The style of animation definitely does not suit all people, but most would claim that the artwork in this show is a godsend.

Story: Gonzo interestingly set the story in the distant future in which the technology is quite advanced. I suppose they did this on purpose because they are sci-fi/mecha animation junkies but they did a terrific job nevertheless. In comparison to the original story, there are tons of differences between it and this adaptation. Many important subplots were thrown out and new ones were added. The result Gonzo ended up with, was a story mixed with faithful and newly developed plotlines. This left a bitter after-taste in many fans of the book (including myself) but it is undeniable that the company made the necessary changes to suit a general audience and not only for those who have read the novel.

Characters: This show has some incredible characters. They are all drawn with distinct features and fitting to their personalities. However, I did not like Gonzo's portrayal of the Count, they gave him a static, 1-D personality, he is only shown as a twisted and evil man hell-bent on revenge and nothing else. That is not the case in the novel; infact, Dumas conveyed his main character as being very dynamic, he is a haunted man who is not actually evil for he still has shreds of compassion in his heart. To top it off, Gonzo really messed up when they showed the Count to be DIRECTLY responsible for all his past tormentors' predicaments. In the novel, the Count provided his victims with all the available tools for self-destruction, and merely observed their tearing themselves apart.

Last but not least, Peppo + Haydee + Eugenie = best frickin characters in the show. You will soak in their awesomeness if you ever watch Gankutsuou. ALBERT = TOOL

Sound: The OP was well sung, although I frequently skipped it since it is not my type of music. It gives you an idea of what Albert (the main character/protagonist) is feeling when he is around his fiance. The ED song is decent, its lyrics show you what kind of person the Count really is. The voice acting is FRICKIN STELLAR. The man who voices the Count is one talented guy, along with the rest of the amazing Gankutsuou crew.

To make a long story short, this show COULD have a been a masterpiece if Gonzo didn't pull a Gonzo and screw up the ending. The epilogue certainly was happy though and considering that it was a Gonzo ending, it was done quite well. And of course, more faithful plotlines would have been preferred but either way the story blows your mind away anyway. This is definitely one of my top 5, and I would have rated it higher if Gonzo didn't kill the ending.

PS. There seems to be a hell of a lot of shounen-ai implications peppered throughout the show. So fangirls, there IS an incentive for you to watch this too!!!

Posted by : pokermonk
Posted on : 2005-05-13        

At first, I wasn't holding too much faith for this series. The reason was that it's based on a famous novel and I couldn't see how it could be translated into an anime series without compromises that would lead to diminishing the characters of the original novel. Fortunately, this series uses the characters as a stand-up and only recapitulates the main themes from the original and differs enough to stand on its own, therefore, I will judge this series by itself without too much comparisson with the work of Dumas.

First off the animation which captures you instantly, GONZO have really outdone themselves this time. Gankutsuo has a very unique animation style to it and it differs from anything I've seen before. The flashy surroundings and the coloured wardrobe of the characters are moving along with the surroundings which are portayed with alot of visual detail which is something you have to get used to. Personally it was a bit too much at the start but along with the story it got me captivated along the way. The characters aren't the typical anime high-schoolers but possess an undoubtedly, realistic approach to them which suited well with the dark theme of the story.

This series is driven by the in-depth character development, particularly the protagonist Albert Morcerf who starts off as a na

Posted by : kaiser
Posted on : 2005-04-15        

This show started out very strong and classy, the animation was very stylish with the static textures.

Plot is based on the classic novel, The Count of Monte Cristo. A plot about former friends backstabbing each other and a thirst for revenge. The story is quite well told and it certainly wasn't watered down or dumbed down as there are quite a few adult themes through out the story including incest at one point I believe.

Of course this mature content is done is a non explicit and still stylish way that doesn't detract from the overall theme of revenge.

The ending is interesting although everyone can guess what happens, but it keeps your attention till the very end. If you're looking for something fresh and an unique re-telling of a classic story by Dumas (who also wrote The Three Musketeers, i believe) then definitely watch this show.

A very strong 8/10 in my books.

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