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Studio : Pierrot

Licenced by : Viz Media, LLC.

Length : 366 Episodes

Year : 2004

Genre : Action - Comedy - Fantasy - Shounen - Supernatural

Synopsis :
Ichigo Kurosaki is a normal high school kid. Well mostly, since he has always been able to see, talk and touch ghosts. One day after school, while Ichigo was relaxing in his room, a mysterious person appeared in front of him. Her name was Rukia Kuchiki, a shinigami (soul reaper). She showed up to bring a lost soul to the Soul Society while a Hollow (evil soul) appeared and attacked Ichigo's family. She got injured while fighting the Hollow and the only way for Ichigo to save his family is to become a shinigami himself!

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : Idjota
Last update : 2012-03-31
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Score : 8.97 Ranked #34 by users
Number of reviews : 196

Link(s) :

Official #1 : Official Bleach Website (Japanese)
Official #2 : Pierrot's Bleach Website (Japanese)
Official #3 : TV Tokyo's Bleach Website (Japanese)
Official #4 : Viz Media's Bleach Website (English)

A-Source #1 : Anime-Source Spotlight Preview by animevgirl

Song(s) :

OP1 : Orange Range - *~Asterisk
OP2 : UVERworld - D-tecnolife
OP3 : High and Mighty Color - Ichirin no Hana
OP4 : Beat Crusaders - Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
OP5 : Yui - Rolling Star
OP6 : Aqua Timez - Alones
OP7 : Asian Kung-Fu Generation - After Dark
OP8 : Kelon - CHU-BURA
OP9 : Aqua Timez - Velonica
OP10 : Scandal - Shoujo S

ED1 : Rie Fu - Life is Like a Boat
ED2 : Home Made Kazoku - Thank You!
ED3 : Younha - Houkiboushi
ED4 : Skoop on Somebody - Happy People
ED5 : Yui - Life
ED6 : SunSet Swish - My Pace
ED7 : Ikimono-gakari - Hanabi
ED8 : Takacha - Movin'!!
ED9 : JUNE - Baby it's you
ED10 : Mai Hoshimura - Sakura Hiyori
ED11 : Ore Ska Band - Tsumasaki
ED12 : Chatmonchy - Daidai
ED13 : Kousuke Atari - Tane wo Maku Hibi
ED14 : R.S.P. - Kansha
ED15 : Lil'B - Orange
ED16 : Pe'zmoku - Gallop
ED17 : Stereopony - Hitohira no Hanabira
ED18 : Tsuji Shion - Sky chord - Otona ni Naru Kimi e
ED19 : Sambomaster - Kimi wo Mamotte, Kimi wo Aishite

Release(s) :

2017-11-06 -- Episode(s) 42-63 by Koten Gars. BT Link
2017-10-27 -- Episode(s) 42-63 by Koten Gars. BT Link
2017-08-16 -- Episode(s) 21-41 by Koten Gars. BT Link

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Yokote, Michiko

Original Work
Kubo, Taito

 Kurosaki, Ichigo Kuchiki, Rukia Inoue, Orihime Ishida, Uryuu Sado, Yasutora (Chad) Kon Kurosaki, Isshin Kurosaki, Karin
 Kurosaki, Yuzu Asano, Keigo Kojima, Mizuiro Arisawa, Tatsuki Honsho, Chizuru Urahara, Kisuke Shihouin, Yoruichi Tsukabishi, Tessai
 Tsumugiya, Ururu Hanakari, Jinta Zangetsu Abarai, Renji Kuchiki, Byakuya Zaraki, Kenpachi Aizen, Sousuke Ichimaru, Gin
 Tousen, Kaname Hitsugaya, Toushiro Matsumoto, Rangiku Soi, Fong Kurotsuchi, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Nemu Hinamori, Momo Yamamoto, Genryuusai
 Kyouraku, Shunsui Ukitake, Jyuushirou Komamura, Sajin Unohana, Retsu Madarame, Ikkaku Yumichika, Ayasegawa Kira, Izuru Hisagi, Shuuhei
 Kusajika, Yachiru Yamada, Hanataro Nanao, Ise Iba, Tetsuzaemon Kotetsu, Isane Oomaeda, Marechiyo Sasakibe, Choujirou Shiba, Kaien
 Shiba, Ganjyu Shiba, Kuukaku Ririn Cloud Nova Kariya, Jin Gou, Koga Ichinose, Maki
 Ishida, Ryuuken Cifer, Ulquiorra Jaegerjaquez, Grimmjow Llargo, Yammy Arruruerie, Aaroniero Granz, Szayel Aporro Rureaux, Zomari Gilga, Nnoitra
 Halibel, Tier Louisenbairn, Baraggan Starrk, Coyote Margela, Wonderweiss Tu, Nelliel Guatiche, Pesche Bilstin, Dondochakka Kano, Ashido
 Hirako, Shinji Sarugaki, Hiyori Aikawa, Love Otoribashi, Rojuro (Rose) Muguruma, Kensei Kuna, Mashiro Yadomaru, Lisa Ushoda, Hachigen
 Amagai, Shusuke Kibune, Makoto Kasumioji, Rurichiyo Enkogawa, Rusaburo (Enryu) Kenzaki, Ryusei (Kenryu) Muramasa

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Posted by : CherrynKinnz
Posted on : 2011-03-13        

First off... many will be shocked to see a whopping 9 as a score.
Let me get straight to the point and say the story is extremely unique and most of all, INTERESTING. There were several points in the anime where it just HOOKED you so bad, it was like Bleach was my drug. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the story was that amazing, I had to give it a 9.

Of course, like any other anime with a billion episodes, it had many fillers (many pointless ones at that), which is why it lost a point.

I was immensely surprised by this anime because when I first started watching it, I couldn't understand the rave about it. But as you keep watching, you will be enthralled at how many secrets and stories there are to tell within one huge anime. The wide range of characters are the reason for this, but they all mingle insanely well. You just can't help but keep watching it.

Posted by : Lightningcount12
Posted on : 2009-11-29        

Story (6/10): The story starts off basic. Guy with untapped power meets girl with power. Girl fights monster, injured protecting guy, so guy is given power to kill monster and thus starts his journey. The first arc is just fighting random hollows to develop Ichigo and introduce his friends. The second arc is the cream of Bleach's crop. Ichigo's going to Soul Society is where Bleach becomes exciting, especially with the introduction of the other Shinigami (Soul Reapers). Rescuing the girl from a large white tower is nothing new, but the mystery behind her imprisonment and the fighting along the way make the story great. Unfortunately, this arc is later recycled with a different girl getting taken to a different dimension and then Ichigo and co. have to go save her. After the Soul Society arc the story pretty much goes downhill, with just one excuse to fight after another. There are still surprises, solid character development and good action along the way, but the plot turns to nothing special and sometimes boring. Honestly, the filler arcs have stories on par or better than the main one. I will give Bleach credit for having decent filler arcs.

Characters (7/10): A large cast does not translate to a great cast. Ichigo tries to be different from typical SJ heroes, but fails. He says he only cares about those around him, but constantly goes out of his way to save the world or rather do the right thing. He is not a bad hero, but I see him more as either a typecast cool hero or a bargain basement Yusuke Urameshi. I found Hitsugaya Toshiro, who at many times acts as the deuteragonist, cooler and more compelling. Other standouts are the sadistic Zakari Kenpachi, the feeble but dependable Hanataro, the cute Hinamori, the conflicted but collected Byakuya, and the arrancars Ulquiorra and Starrk. Arguably the best character is the magnificent bastard of a main villain. His manipulative mind, which provides boosts to the story, and his overwhelming power plus completely confident demeanor make him a perfect villain. With everyone else I am more interested in their abilities than their stories. But Bleach does do good with taking time with character development, utilizing episodes dedicated to character flashbacks a lot. Bleach also has characters I HATE. While I was fine with the comedic stuffed animals, like Kon, I HATE the "comedic" arrancar duo Dondochakka and Pesche. They are NOT funny; they are terrible, lame, and bland slapstick characters.

Animation (8/10): I feel like Bleach still looks the same as when it started. This is not necessarily a bad thing, since I like the style, but other long-running shows usually improve their animation quality along the way. The overwhelming use of black and white lent well, but it gets tiring. I liked how Bleach really shows the baron Hueco Mundo and Rukongai districts, to illustrate the difficulty in living in those areas. I was kind of disappointed with Soul Society, as I would like to have seen some more detail apart from lots of boring white buildings. In fact, giant white fortress structures seem to be a theme; not exciting, but they suffice. The most impressively drawn world is the one that exists within Ichigo. It is interesting to see Ichigo battle his inner-hollow and Zanpakuto sideways on a huge skyscraper.

Music (9/10): A long series like this has many openings and endings. I cannot expect all of them to be good and they are not. But more often then not I like the openings, especially the second OP. Most of the endings give a nice and melodramatic feel. There is some very good insert music, some of which was used at the beginning and still sounds great in use even now. Sound is pretty basic for an action Shounen show. The music at the beginning is much better, but later scores are more often good than not.

Entertainment (8/10): In spite of all its flaws Bleach can be very entertaining. Zanpakuto abilities are diverse and make the battles fun. Unfortunately, there is an issue with power balance. Ichigo struggles with a weaker opponent such as Grimmjaw, then holds his own against a much stronger opponent in Ulquiorra without any training. There were times I got tired of Bleach and stopped watching. It is not good when the fillers are more interesting than the main story. If your looking for a deep story with Shounen action I recommend Naruto. I would recommend YuYu Hakusho over Bleach (one of the filler arcs starts by ripping off a YuYu Hakusho arc), as I feel creator Tite Kubo borrowed a lot from the earlier title. But for good action-packed fun, especially for Shounen action fans, Bleach is a must watch title.

Posted by : joem20
Posted on : 2009-09-22        

Story: 7/10
The inconsistency of the story makes it a grade of 7. It has a great start in the first arcs but after the Soul Society arc, it turns out bad. They then recover in the Vizard and Espada’s Arc but again in the next arc failed to reach my expectations. For me, they lack to have a solid storyline and they keep making long fillers that is not related to the main plot.

Animation: 9/10
The biggest asset of this anime is their animation. They continue to be one of the three big animes in Japan (the others are Naruto and One Piece) because of their unequalled animation in terms of fighting scenes. Everytime Ichigo goes wild, hold on to your seats and surely you will enjoy what will you witness. Even if the animation is not consistent in every scene, when it comes to serious arcs they always make a comeback.

Characters: 9/10
All the characters are strong! And they are many to choose from. Ichigo is very strong and his Bankai is simply one of the best. When he turns into a Vizard, he is the strongest. The captains of Soul Society are also strong and lovable.

Music: 9/10
Great sets of opening and closing songs. I can't stop myself rom listening to the music in Bleach over and over again.

Overall: 8/10
A very great piece. Maybe it has flaws in it but still they manage to have huge numbers of fans around the globe. I enjoy it very well.

Posted by : Scamp
Posted on : 2009-06-04        

In some ways I envy those folk who enjoy the pure shounen genre. Every week they can enjoy and episode of Naruto or One Piece, along with all those older shounens such as Yu Yu Hakusho, Inuyasha or D Gray-Man. And then there’s Bleach, which does everything it’s genre requires and does it with flair and finesse but it also get’s bogged down for doing exactly what it’s genre entails, which includes long, drawn-out fights, fillers and extremely dull flashbacks.

For quite a while though, Bleach was very enjoyable. The tale of Ichigo becoming a (substitute) shinigami and the mysteries behind the world of the dead was interesting and full of well thought-out ideas. Character interactions were fun and flowed nicely, especially between the main two of Rukia and Ichigo. The villains of the earlier episodes, the hollows, were pretty creepy creatures, especially when you figured out what they actually were. Even when the cast reached the Soul Society around episode 20ish, the show kept it’s flair to a certain degree.

The best thing about Bleach is how undeniably cool it is. It’s difficult to find another anime that consistently produces quality opening songs and the BGM fit’s perfectly to make the fights appear more exciting than what is actually happening on screen. Because, while Bleach’s main attraction is it’s kick-ass fights, many of them are drawn out and dull with far too many panning shots of someone panting heavily or grimacing at their most recent wound, which they probably received last episode and have been whinging about it since then.

As I’ve pointed out, Bleach does a lot of things right but it also has a lot of problems. The creepy hollows which they spent much of the earlier episodes explaining and building up, were later reduced to cannon fodder, ruining their appeal completely. The fights, as I said before, are dull and drawn-out, punctuated with macho-speak and dull flashbacks that only serve to draw the fight out even longer.

But most of the main problems stem from the explosion of characters when they enter the soul society. There must be around 50 characters, all of which with their corresponding flashbacks and screentime they need to fill. While some of these new characters are a welcome addition to the cast, such as the fantastically brutal Kenpachi, for the most part the only succeed in bogging down the pace of the show so much that you sometimes won’t see the main character for several episodes, and when you do it’s probably just another training scene.

While I enjoyed the first part of Bleach immensely, by the end of the Soul Society arc around episode 60 I was bored. Then the filler arc kicked in and I knew there was no way I was going to be able to keep watching. Shounen fanboys may love this stuff but for people like me, Bleach can get very tiresome indeed. Oh well, at least I got some catchy music out of it.

Posted by : AJtheFourth
Posted on : 2008-11-10        

There once was a time when I would have rated Bleach as an 8 or 9, immediately following the Soul Society arc.

Then the Bount filler episodes began.

Although Bleach fillers have nothing on Naruto fillers, at the very least Naruto provided some excess character development, particularly with the periphery characters.

Animation: The animation is slick and fairly well-done. It didn't blow me away, but it was consistent. 6/10

Story: Up to the end of the Soul Society arc, the story is highly entertaining with a great mixture of comedic and dramatic elements. The only thing that drags the story out are the endless power ups and drawn-out fight scenes. By the end of the Soul Society arc, it becomes tedious, and during the Bount arc it becomes awful. 5/10

Characters: Ichigo, the protagonist, is a fairly standard alpha male character. He is allowed to show a few caring moments, the scenes with his father are always touching and hilarious at the same time, but his constant bravado can get annoying. His immediate supporting cast is interesting enough, especially Uruhara, although the most intriguing characters in Bleach are the leaders of the Soul Society. Unfortunately, these characters get the least amount of back story. Kon is supremely annoying, due to his far too many appearances in episodes for brief fanservice moments, usually involving Orihime or Matsumoto. 5/10

Music: The music in Bleach is good. The opening and closing themes, especially 'Asterisk' by Orange Range, add a lot to this series, while the background music is okay. It didn't vary itself enough for my tastes, and I found the weird 'plinky' song that sounds like it was played on a children's piano grating at times. 7/10

Overall: If you love Naruto, you'll probably love this series too, and the first two story arcs are both entertaining and interesting to watch. I'm going to wait the fillers out, and hope for the best when they pick up on Tite Kubo's original storyline. 6/10

Posted by : blade40
Posted on : 2008-08-19        

Story-10: The story of a a young man becoming a soul reaper, or an arch angel in a sense, who becomes one of the protectors of a town filled with violent ghosts and vampires is every kid's dream. Truly intoxicating.
Animation-10: The action sequences that are involved with this show call for a great amount of talent as well as hard work to contain the large scale effects that this series uses - a feat not easily reached. But Bleach pulls it off.
Sound-10: The sheer destruction and ominous tones this series employs requires some serious attention to detail, but it is reached at a enjoyable standpoint, and is even breathtaking at points.
Characters-10: Ichigo, a young man who stands up for what he believes in and fights the good fight to his last breath, is an inspiration to all young men.
Overall-10: It is a must see show enjoyable for all ages.

Posted by : mangaddict_reborn
Posted on : 2008-06-19        

It's almost the same as YuYu Hakusho, except the battles have no excitement. It's the same boring battle after another. Its basically Dragon Ball Z except with swords. But the swordsmanship is so bad, Kenshin rolls in his grave. Ichigo is like the most generic character there is. He's practically an Inu Yasha with orange hair. Orange hair, yeah, nothing odd about that. The rest of the family has black and brown hair, and their eye colors don't match. It's almost like they're a makeshift cast of sitcom actors.
There's nothing special about Ichigo, other than the fact that he doesn't back down, and because of it, he becomes magically more powerful. There's no reason to like Ichigo. He undergoes no transformations, and remains a stationary character. He relies on his cool personality throughout the entire anime, and it's enough for a lot of anime watchers.
The lines are really corny, I mean really really really corny, and almost the same in every episode. Whenever the girls start talking, I pretty much fast forward. They're so unbelievably annoying, more so than in any other anime.

Plot wise, there's a few revelations. Kudos to them for trying to shock and awe us, but, I didn't care, like, at all.
I'd say the majority of the show is fillers. I liked the Rukia's rescue season, but the Bount season is where it all collapsed. The hollow season was okay. When the show introduces new characters, it becomes exciting, but Bleach can't develop characters, so it instead introduces more characters with more powers and bright flashing lights. A real let down. Without bankai, no one would watch this show. In fact, I'd say most of the excitement in this show would be the anticipation of bankai.

Basically, Ichigo's badass attitude, bright flashing energy blasts, inner demon, coming back to life stronger, it's all been done before, except much better.

Posted by : Gen3s1s
Posted on : 2008-05-06        

Bleach Starts off great hooking me in using mostly comedy, after a few episodes it gets more serious and thats when the real action starts.

The action is awesome with unique abilities and such, the downside to it all is that its pretty repetitive especially Ichigo what with him using one skill also there's a lot of talking which gets irritating.

Character development is also repetitive they draw out one story from a characters past and continue to bring it up like it was the only major event in there life. But more then that you're going to see a lot of training you know the sort, lets get stronger to kick the other guys ass it's actually just an annoyance. The characters themselves are impressive there's so many some are annoying, but there mostly likable each with there own personalities and mannerisms.

The OP and ED are always good rolling star especially, however background music never gets me its noticeable at best and if you notice the action music which your bound to do you'll realize that its lame.

The fillers aren't as bad as you'd think they'd be. You won't see character development just kick ass fighting mostly, though again the fights will have long conversations. However I cant deem it any worse then what goes on in the actual story. The story is so and so. Nothing amazing really just something you'd expect from an action anime the whole idea of it is cool but other then that its mundane.

So to sum up its great in terms of action, character development is lame, the story is hardly noticeable and lacks depth your more likely to watch it because of the fights.

Posted by : farmeryang
Posted on : 2008-04-09        

For me, watching Bleach bought back many good and not so good memories of Dragon Ball Z. Thinking back on the first season, I would consider bleach as a very good anime. However it was inevitable for it to suffer the trend of downward spiral as with many long-running animes.

The main story and character development started to recycle themselves. Not to take credit away from the first part of the show, as this was bursting with creativity. After so many episodes we are presented with characters simply empowering themselves into the next stage. For a typical viewer that stuff will get old.

Bleach started off very strong and I think the anime should have ended a season back or so. On top of that, I don’t know how many people liked the filler season in between the main story. With that said, considering the entire anime as a whole package, I would give a 6/10.

However I would highly recommend the first 70 episodes or so. That's where the golden part of this anime is.

Posted by : Battousai78
Posted on : 2008-03-29        

Bleach is a Shounen title about Shinigami fighting evil souls and the like. I would like to say that if I was reviewing just up to the soul society arc, this would have been 1 star higher. But after that arc the series declines in all forms.

Animation 5/10: The colors used are very bright and toning is used to a good effect. The character designs are average. I don't really like the designs for most of the characters, but the ones I like, I think are great. It's more fluid than Naruto

Sound 6/10: The soundtrack used in the first arc is good, but the voices in the Japanese dub and English dubs aren't very impressive.

Story 4/10: This story has been tried many times before and their executions are better than this one. There is a major plot twist that sets off another arc that just seems copy-and-pasted from the previous arc.

Characters 6/10 : Bad story is made up by having interesting characters, unlike their designs. They are developed well, but supporting characters in my opinion are expendable and are just extras.

Overall: If you want a anime to pass the time look no further, this anime has style but no too much substance, which is a shame.

Posted by : jaja123
Posted on : 2007-11-20        

Plot: The plot is interesting from the beginning. A proper introduction and generating circumstance. The action starts off with a bang very early on. Lots of conflict occurs between the Ichigo, the protagonist, and the environment and the enemies. Each ark has their ups and downs. The fillers may bore you BUT keep in mind that it is still part of the plot.
Note: The plot is what happens to the characters or the cause and effect. 8/10

Characters: The characters develop over time, both in strength and in personality and such. The characters seem to be based on musicians/artist that play for Bleach. Each of the characters reflect a strong trait and make an effect on the plot. 9/10

Animation: Bleach uses high quality animations for many of the fight scenes and the opening and ending. The animation surpasses many other shonen anime. 10/10

Music: The music is usually well suited for the part of the ark. The music is excellent. 9.5/10

Posted by : sukebesama
Posted on : 2007-10-10        

Overall rating: 8

Although you may see many people giving this a pretty decent score (not that an 8 is a bad score in my opinion), this series is going into a downward spiral as it progresses.

In the beginning of the story of Bleach, there are very simple character development and many interesting ideas strung together into a strange yet surprisingly entertaining story. One might think at first, "Big sword, big power, and big kick ass," in street lingo, but Bleach introduces deeper relationships of family and friends. An interesting difference between this story and many others is that, through Kurosaki Ichigo, the protagonist of this story, it introduces the different mindset of many oriental cultures.

However great the story may have started out to be, it does take a deep nosedive in the later parts of the story. All sarcasm aside, if you do not like most of the Dragon ball Z series, do not pick up the later parts of this Anime or Manga. The familiar plot of having a stronger antagonist appear right after the last, only greater in "power levels", and the strange need of "getting to the next level of power" seem to have became a recurring theme here.

Although I personally did not like the BGM, the opening theme song was very appealing. The ending theme is like all other Anime type ending themes, it leaves much to be desired in comparison with the opening. An interesting fact about this series. If you look closely, almost all of the names in this series is based off of music, mostly from the post-hippies' era.

If you are looking for action, and episodes that stretch out longer and longer on people trying to raise their power levels, this is the series for you. However, if you are looking for deeper personal relationships, move right along.

Posted by : jajajajaja07
Posted on : 2007-09-07        

Some people are confused/don't understand why I rank Bleach so low; let me tell you why.

***There are minor spoilers...I think***

The story is interesting, at some parts (the big betrayal really got me); however, before and after that betrayal, the story just felt average, even lame at times. Basically, its about a guy with a big sword that runs around saving the day by fighting Arrancar and Hollow. At one time, he fights against shinigami, nearly killing most in his path, yet they can so easily forgive and accept him; very unrealistic in my opinion.
Also, how does this teenager match and even surpass captain class shinigami? They have been fighting for much longer than Ichigo and know more about sword fighting, as far as I know. Even if Ichigo isn't normal, he defeats a vice and two captains; He defeats a vice captain he barely matches in the real world, then he goes on, after losing lots of blood, and beats two captains (not at the same time, and losing lots of blood in both fights)... its just so...stupid.
There are only two or three instances where he got his a** handed to him (not including the times when he's training, because obviously he would want to train with someone stronger than himself), and I am thankful that Ichigo isn't so overpowered that he could beat them; currently he has to work hard to get more power, which makes some sense.

You know, the whole time watching the fights, and seeing Ichigo getting way stronger than he was a few episodes ago really reminded me of another series that I don't like anymore: Dragonball Z (used to like it, first anime series I ever watched, then I didn't want to finish it).

Now I'm not saying I don't enjoy the fighting; it's very intense, but with all the powering up, and yelling while powering up, and blood gushing out without limit, and humans moving faster than a normal person can see... its been done before, though this time it's much better looking, I'll admit.

The characters are not funny or interesting; they're very generic and sometimes boring. Especially Kon, I really hate that character. Most useless character of them all. The only time I ever found something amusing is during the "golden" episode enders. Most of the characters are either overly enthusiastic, or have next to no personality, except Urahara, he's got an alright personality. The characters do have interesting background stories, but their personalities just aren't great at all, ranging from lame to average.

The music, unlike most of this series, is next to perfect. Don't have much else to say; I love all the ending and opening songs.

The animation is also very well done, better than average, especially when they're fighting, though sometimes the quality drops, but mostly during fillers for obvious reasons.

Near perfect music and above average animation can't make up for the fact that this series has a lame story (especially the "Bounto" filler, did I spell that right?) and overall uninteresting characters. As said before, the fighting is very intense, so I guess people who think fight scenes are more important than story and character development/personalities will definitely like this show. Otherwise, not all that great.

Posted by : Solidusnk
Posted on : 2007-08-15        

Based in the first 63 episodes.

Man, this is the best shonen i've seen. Great characters, good laughts, and the important, a nice plot with superb twist that make all the time you expend in the series totally compensated.

Tha animation is very good, totally appropriate for all the action, the fights on this anime are the best iv'e seen, with nice effects, incredible movements, a 10 of value only for the fights :D.

The sound, is the strongest point for me, first all the openings are incredibles, animation and song, and the ost make you. get into the moment (emotion, sadness, happiness, etc)

In the value Bleach is a totally 10, incredible fights, funny moments.

Totally recomended for all who wants nice fights with a good history.

Posted by : Objectivist
Posted on : 2007-08-14        

An excellent series, period. One of the best I've seen in a long while. I think the best term to use to describe this series would be 'well-rounded', in almost all aspects.

First, the art, utilized excellent use of color. Well balanced photographic direction. Excellent animation sequences during action scenes. Overall I thought the art really drew the viewer into the feel of the show.

The story was great, by using all of the major aspects of film (drama, comedy, action, and romance), it made it hard to find something about the series not to like. The only small details that were mildly un-desirable, I would say, would have to be the repetitive dialog and the occasional monologues. Other than that the series really held on to my interest, I could never wait to see what happened next.

Throughout watching this series, I don't think there was one intro or closing theme song that I didn't like. I especially loved the closing music to the final season (Ska in Japanese is bad a#$).

I also like how the characters were introduced and how they maintained their personalities throughout the series. The back stories were always a treat as well.

I would usually recommend a series in direct relation to the genre. But, again, since this series is so well-rounded I'll say this : if you like anime at all, WATCH THIS ONE! I doubt that you will be disappointed by it.

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Chapters 268-393

Chapters 25-29

Shiki (NEW!)
Chapters 1-22

August 08th
Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer
Chapters 54-64

Yomeiro Choice
Chapters 27-28

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