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School Rumble

Studio : Studio Comet

Licenced by : FUNimation

Length : 26 Episodes

Year : 2004

Genre : Comedy - Slice of Life - Drama - Romance

Synopsis :
Tsukamoto Tenma, a normal second year high-school student, has decided that this is the year she will finally have some success in love. She falls for fellow classmate Karasuma Ooji who, much to Tenma's dismay, has plans to move away after the first days of school. Little did Tenma know that someone has the same burning love for her as she does for Karasuma: the notorious delinquent of her high school, Harima Kenji!

Added : 2005-10-30
Synopsis by : Shin Hayashi
Last update : 2009-05-28
Last update details : Seiyuu modified
Score : 8.86 Ranked #45 by users
Number of reviews : 69

Link(s) :

A-Source #1 : DVD Review by XenoCrisis0153 (Vols. 1 & 2)
A-Source #2 : Spotlight Review by Kaiser

Song(s) :

OP1 : Yui Horie with UNSCANDAL - Scramble
OP2 : Kikoukumaru's Man Chorus Group - Umi no Otoko wa yo

ED1 : Yuko Ogura - Girls and Boys
ED2 : Tenma Tsukamoto, Mikoto, Akira, Yakumo, Karen, etc - School Rumble 4 Ever

Release(s) :

2012-12-18 -- Episode(s) 1-2 by KAA. BT Link
2006-04-01 -- Episode(s) 27 by WannabeFansubs. BT Link
2005-12-08 -- Episode(s) 26 by WannabeFansubs. BT Link

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Theme Song Arrangement
Omori, Toshiyuki

Original Work
Kobayashi, Jin

Character Design
Watanabe, Hajime

 Tsukamoto, Tenma Takano, Akira Suou, Mikoto Sawachika, Eri Tsukamoto, Yakumo Harima, Kenji Karasuma, Ooji 
 Osabe, Itoko  Gonzalez, Lala McKenzie, Harry Adiemus, Sarah Ichijou, Karen Kyousuke, Imadori Haruki, Hanai

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Posted by : ashcraft1
Posted on : 2011-02-17        

This is one of the few titles that made me addicted to Romantic Comedy Animes and became a full-blown Otaku.

Storyline (Synopsis): (★) The story is great and creative, even though the story tells about high school students, their quest for love, and the funny side of it all. It moved me yet tickled me. How many episodes can you narrate just how to confess a girl/boy you like? One full season.

Storyline (Development): (★) Parody Genre Shows have dull storylines or no story at all, but when you watch this after a few episodes, you'll feel that the story has sense and adds to the humor, especially the evolution of Harima's hairstyle.

Characters: (★) Tenma and Harima are very good example of round characters, especially Tenma, who surprises me in every episode. Also, Tenma, for me, is the tallest lolicon. She may not really be a lolicon, but she acts like one, a breakthrough in Anime. And Harima? Completely an antagonist in face, yet the impact is very main character like.

Message: (★) The message of this title? The anti-cliche of stereotype of love stories. Yet I didn't feel it, and only realized it during the second season.

Animation/Graphics: (★) If you're saying the animation, you'll realize while watching it online or at DVD and suddenly pause it. You'll rewind it back and say, "Is that ...?" Their spoofing is almost the same as the same Anime they spoofed. Especially the Initial D Parody where Tenma, Harima and Karasuma are on a bike pursuit; amazing.

Music: (★) The OP and ED are two of the most creative songs. Exquisite, and perfect to the Romantic Comedy theme. Also, the insert songs are very coherent and emphasize some of the skits of the show. Perfect choice of song sang by Yui Horie. It's very brain itching and catchy. Guruguru mawaru!

Charisma: (★) Because it is an anti-cliche and unique, it has a certain charisma that moves not just me but even you. I bet that you didn't watch this title once. And unlike other RomCom Animes, even when you watch it again, there is a certain factor that you can laugh out again.

Theme: (★) The School Life RomCom is best suited and the main substance of this Anime. It really collaborated all the other elements; that's why this Anime is very well done.

Style: (★) From all the Parody Animes I watched, this is the second best anime I've ever watched. The first is the second season of School Rumble itself. It spoofed and goofed perfectly every Anime that they parodied, and none are lame and corny.

Otaku Factor: (★) It is very addictive. It has an essence which drove out Otakus. The chibi mode of Tenma and Harima is very comical and very Anime. Another is Imadori's letter "D" that made it an Ecchi-ful without the Ecchi essence.

Overall: This Anime is not just the one of the best Parody Animes, but also one of the most successful Romantic Comedy Animes. Worth watching even when you watch it three or more times.

Total Stars: 9

Posted by : AJtheFourth
Posted on : 2009-06-04        

I finally finished School Rumble awhile ago, but have been mulling over what exactly to say about it. Most of what I can come up with is, ' wasn't bad, and it was kind of funny.'

Animation: The animation isn't the greatest, but doesn't take away from the series at all. For a comedic series like this, animation isn't really that important. In fact, one could almost say that the deformed animation during the more comedic parts was the most well-done out of all of the animation for this series. 6/10

Characters: It isn't necessary to like all of the characters in a comedic series either, the way how they play off of each other is what really matters, and in this way, the characters of School Rumble deliver. Unfortunately, for me personally and possibly for others, I prefer to watch series with at least one character that I like and/or can identify with. None of the characters of this series did it for me: the perfect younger sister, the airhead older sister, and what exactly is attractive about Karasuma at all? He has the personality of raw tofu, and there is no reason why he should attract anyone's attention, never mind the female lead of the series. Harima was the only character that I felt anything resembling 'like' towards, and even then, I was trying to convince him out of his horrible decisions while chasing after Tenma. 5/10

Story: There are a lot of things right with the story of School Rumble, but for me there were far more things wrong. The strong points of this series all come from various over-the-top comedic gags. As mentioned before, it really isn't necessary to like the characters of this series to appreciate its humor. When this show is more focused on comedy, it packs a delightful punch.

Unfortunately, that brings us to the romance part. Although it initiates much of the comedy in this series, the love triangle-turned-semi-hate-rhombus was far too repetitive and dull. Oh, Tenma is trying to attract Karasuma's attention, again. Oh, Harima is trying to attract Tenma's attention, again. Oh wait, their original intentions were misunderstood? No way! I totally didn't see that coming!

Sarcasm aside, I found that the more I watched this series, the more frustrated I became with the romantic story, and as it becomes more boring and repetitive it begins to dull the jokes that once seemed so funny and random. By the end, I found myself wishing that School Rumble had chosen to be either random gag comedy, or romance, and not this awful mixture of the two. 5/10

Music: The music was okay, and the voice acting was, at times, subpar. The first opening theme 'Scramble,' performed by Yui Horie and UNSCANDAL, was the most fitting piece of music for this series, almost creating a fifties vibe. 6/10

Overall: It's probably because I prefer things that are more character-based, but this series bugged me in a lot of ways. I found myself wondering why people had compared it to other shows I loved like Lucky * Star, or Azumanga Daioh. True, the style of the source material is different, but for the top echelon of random comedy, I would recommend either of those series before I would recommend School Rumble. 6/10

Posted by : joem20
Posted on : 2009-05-17        

One of the funniest anime I ever watched. I watched it many times and it still didn’t fail to make me laugh.

As the title says, it is totally rumbled! It is not a love triangle, or even a love square, it is School Rumble. Haha! They totally manage to create a story that is very enjoyable. It happens that the person they like also like somebody else and they didn't know when to give up. I'’s very funny and romantic.

Some comedy anime don't care about their animation, but this is way too different. It has very good quality and I can say they are serious in doing this. They also added 3D effects that make some scenes funnier.

All the characters are easy to love. The girls have also lovable personalities. This is the first time I've been in-love in an anime character, Sawachika Eri! She is the best!

All the songs represents the whole series. Enjoyable and fast paced. I like it very much.

Hands up to this one. Truly a must see anime if you really need to laugh.

Posted by : Scamp
Posted on : 2009-05-12        

You ready? So Eri thinks she likes Harima but everyone thinks Harima is going out with Yakumo because he gets he to proof-read his manga secretly which makes Hanai angry because he likes Yakumo even though people think he would be better suited to his childhood friend Mikito but Imadori likes Mikito’s D-cup so much that he doesn’t notice that Ichijo so she gets romantic advice off Temna but Temna isn’t exactly great at romance as she can’t spot that Harima is in love with her because she is in love with Karasuma who is in love with…curry?

Hilarity ensues.

School Rumble is a romance comedy taken to the extreme, I mean really extreme. Characters will get involved in massive gunfights to decide what to do for the cultural festival while others will disappear for an episode to train on a fishing boat/in the mountains/in a jungle. Yup, the School Rumble class will turn something even as simple as cleaning the swimming pool into a giant game of hockey involving many personal battles and sexual tension and, most importantly, sheer hilarity.

School Rumble’s trick is a very simple one yet it is something that most comedies can’t achieve. It can make you laugh simply by the right character appearing at the right time. They often don’t need to spout any wonderful quotable lines (although they occasionally will), they just need to be there and get hit in the head with a mop with a suitable humorous expression on their face. This gift that School Rumble has is down to a mixture of fantastic comic timing and an awesome set of characters.

Ah, the characters. I am not lying when I say School Rumble has possibly the greatest cast of characters in any anime. It is these people who make these ridiculous love-triangles/squares/dodecahedron’s work so seamlessly. The chemistry and dialogue between them any of the characters is so superb that, if the writer decides that these two characters will get romantically involved in some sort of misunderstanding, it will happen so seamlessly that its completely believable. And, of course, you’ll laugh your socks off at the same time.

The only problem with School Rumble would be the fact that it’s a comedy. The romance is so fun to watch that the lack of development in the relationships can be frustrating. On the other hand if they focused more on the romance you wouldn’t get that side-splitting comedy I keep harping on about. It’s a bit of a catch 22 all right.

School Rumble is hilarious yet you can still get into the story because the cast is so strong. It will be a long time before you forget the likes of Yakumo, Eri and Harima. So long as you remember that, at heart, it’s a comedy, you can sit back in your seat (then proceed to fall out of it because your laughing so hard) and watch School Rumble!

Posted by : Veld
Posted on : 2009-04-21        

In a nutshell: Funny comedy with no plot progression almost at all.

The good:

Humor: There were a lot of parodies going on in School Rumble. They were extremely funny for the most part, but if you didn't see the shows that they were parodying, it would have just been confusing most of the time. The rest of the humor was pretty original, clever, and very funny. The humor is really what kept me watching.

Characters: The characters are pretty decent and generally funny.

Music: Alright. It doesn't really stick out as good or bad. Fitting.

Animation: Pretty good. Nothing specifically amazing, but still well done and fairly attractive animation.

The bad:

What really makes this series fail is the lack of plot progression. If something is supposed to be a romance anime, it shouldn't have the two main characters waiting to confess their feelings for the entire season. I really couldn't stand how the characters kept developing, but the plot did not change or develop whatsoever until the very end. The whole thing just kept driving me nuts until the last couple of episodes where I did feel some decent plot resolution.

Overall, I really thought the series was quite funny, but the lack of a plot was a definite drawback. Though this happens in some comedies, I kept feeling like something was supposed to happen every episode, but nothing did. It drove me nuts that nothing happened almost at all. I kept anticipating some plot progression, even a little, but got nothing for like twenty episodes. That really took this series down a few notches. It was really funny, but the humor was the only thing that kept me watching. 7/10

Posted by : Chikage_Shampoo
Posted on : 2008-08-11        

After I stopped watching it back in 2005, I've finally finished School Rumble.

Generally, I think well of this show - the spoofs are continuous, and though they are repetitive, the familiarity of each one presented in a different scenario is humorous. Rather, it doesn't exactly feel like repetition, even though you've probably watched the same thing over and over again - Tenma chases after Karasuma, Harima after Tenma, etc. etc.

Every scenario presents some sort of humor. We have the occasional pensive romantic scene, but in the end, there's always something amusing to try to push away the thoughtfulness. This is an anime whose tone is constantly lighthearted, showing the "fun" side of high school romance.

Perhaps I can attribute this charm to the characters. Granted, I can't stand a lot of them - Tenma is an unlikable blockhead, Eri a spoiled tsundere. There's just something about some of the characters that I strongly dislike, and, unfortunately, this constitutes most of the cast. They exhibit a sort of superficiality at first glance, and since the show doesn't really go in depth into most of the characters, they remain that way - shallow, stockpile characters. They mill around to continue the series, but only to cause more and more laughter. It doesn't help that Karasuma, the guy who Tenma likes, is a complete doll of a character. His voice is monotone, his eyes strange, his face emotionless. Worst of all, he hardly appears in the series, which is probably an excellent choice for the writers - if I had to see any more of Karasuma than I did, I'd probably drop the show. That presented a problem, though - where did the "main" storyline go? It just shifted from character to character, then once they were done with something with one character, they switched to another. This - if we were to go into deeper pondering - reflects the zany, random thoughts of ordinary people, and especially the confusion of love and confession.

But the characters that they did feature were interesting, especially the combination of Hanai and Harima. The antics of these two were the most noticeable throughout the series because of their constant misunderstandings and their outrageous competitions. Hanai was loud, obnoxious, but in reality an idealistic and moralistic guy. Harima, on the other hand, concealed his sensitive self through his tough, delinquent exterior - and let's not forget the fact that he drew "children's comics" - manga - in order to vent his frustrations.

Besides these two, however, I didn't really find much in the rest of the cast, except in Yakumo, Ichijou, Imadori, and Lala. I don't even think I like Yakumo much - she's sweet, polite, and shy, which is what I usually like in anime girls, but she didn't seem to have much substance. Rather, she just seemed like another "perfect wife" sort of character. Ichijou, on the on the other hand, was refreshing, as her gentle and fragile demeanor concealed her powerful strength, which gave her the name "Ichi-san," or Number 1. What she sees in Imadori - the ever-playboy and pervert - is a wonder to many, but, well, I found it to be the "cutest" relationship pair in the series. And Lala - the violent Mexican girl - is somewhat like Hulk - destroying everything she doesn't like (particularly Imadori). I did NOT like her personality at all, but I DID like her voice, especially when she said, "I-CHI-JOU!" There's something rough and powerful about it, matching her character well.

As a side note - this series, after all the amusement, tells a message: "Don't be afraid to speak out, or else nothing gets done." This is proven over and over again, what with Harima and Tenma. They're just left wondering, while the other classmates who are not even main characters manage to form "lovey-dovey" relationships. On the same token, don't jump to conclusions. Who knows how many times the characters in this series misunderstood one another.

The animation of this series was average. I thought the school outfits were bland, with their sand-yellow color and their red. Many of the girls' eyes also seemed the same. Thankfully, fan-service was more sparse than expected, though characters like Imadori and Nishimoto brought some more about.

I didn't really notice anything about the music except the ending, which went well with its chibi sequence. I found many of the voices lacking, especially Tenma's, though I can't say the same for Hanai and Harima. Those two were probably the main reason I kept watching.

Overall, School Rumble is among my favorite comedies. But I just can't stand the characters.

Posted by : Molenir
Posted on : 2008-05-25        

Based on a manga, School Rumble is about 2 people, and their inability to confess their love to the people they like. Harima is in love with Tenma, who is in love with Karasuma. Its a story of teenange angst and desire, as this unusual love triangle plays itself out, on a backdrop of humor.

The music during the show was excellent. The ED was likewise particularly enjoyable. I didn't however enjoy the OP, though by the time I got to episode 26, it had grown on me a bit. Overall, I rate the music positively. The animation is probably about standard for its time, though towards the end, they used chibi figures a bit more, perhaps in a move to cut costs. Still, quite well done.

The characters were fun and interesting, and were all well drawn. It was easy to tell between them. However while it was easy to tell them apart, one of my few problems with this show, is simply how many characters there are. Apart from the 3 main characters, there are 6 lesser characters, and a host of others as well. Its easy enough to remember the 6 lesser characters, but remembering the 2 dozen or so additional ones becomes difficult as the story progresses.

The plot is simply entertainment. Definitely nothing serious, though there are occasional serious moments. What it comes down to is, this is a school love comedy, about the daily lives of these students, and how difficult it can be to simply tell the person you are enamored of, that you love them. After 26 episodes, you'd think you might get sick of the characters. And if the story was told in a standard way, you'd probably be right. You want to scream at the characters: "Just tell them already." However this is not a standard type story. Its one based on Humor. Sure there are the usual missed opportunities. The usual events blocking the characters. However its mostly the situations that provide the humor.

Overall I really enjoyed School Rumble. Its a fun, enjoyable series that provides hours of entertainment. With a follow-up season, there is more to the story as well. If you're looking for something fun to watch, this is one I highly recommend. It's not perfect, but its definitely worth a look.

Posted by : Sae
Posted on : 2008-05-22        

"Karasuma-kun? What do you like better? Curry or plain rice?"
"Curry or ramen then?
"Well then, Karasuma-kun? What do you like better? Curry or me?"

One of the more common jokes in School Rumble..Tenma's neverending struggle to get the attention of the class weirdo, whom she has a big crush on. And what's more..she is absolutely 100% oblivious about the class delinquent that has a crush on her!

Sounds like another shoujo-high-school-drama-love triangle-thingie? Nope, School Rumble is actually one of the funniest anime I've seen!
Here's why:

The story might not be so special (just a love triangle told in a very funny way), but the characters are absolutely lovable. Tenma, the dim-witted protagonist. Harima, the high school delinquent that definitely has a soft side (and not just for Tenma, but in general), Eri, the spoiled little rich kid, Lala Gonzalez, the tomboyish Mexican exchange student and many many more. Though there isn't very much character development (after all, stupidity can't really be developed ^^), the characters themselves provide us with enough entertainment that there really isn't any need for character development.

The animation isn't top notch, there are better animated shows in 2004, but it is animated in a style that suits the anime. Light colors, simple character designs, and a nice overall feel to it.

The music is all right. The OP is really upbeat, and the ending has lyrics that'll have you on the floor laughing. The seiyuu are very well chosen. Especially Hiroki Takahashi as Harima blew me away!

Well, the only reason why I didn't give this anime 5 stars but only 4,5 is because, no matter how funny it DOES get a little repetitive after, say, 20 episodes.

Posted by : kevinchaosvs
Posted on : 2008-05-17        

Yet another simple school life comedy, but one of the best ones so far, as School Rumble is just so hilarious. The gags are exaggerated, but nevertheless funny, especially all those language based puns and the ridiculous misunderstanding between Tenma and Harima.

Also, the characters are pretty interesting, especially Harima the repentant delinquent. It’s the highlight of the series, seeing him swing from being poetic to ruffian and back to being sentimental and emotional, and trying and failing miserably to confess to Tenma. Of course, how can one forget to mention the other main character that compliments Harima’s silliness? Tenma, if not equally klutzy, is often seen as being dimmer than Harima, whose character is further made livelier by her seiyuu, Koshimizu Ami. Indeed, the characters are what made this series memorable and constantly had me in fits of laughter after laughter. Oddball Karasuma with his weird actions, seemingly "invincible" Akira etc...

Animation/Graphics/Design :65%
Good, but rather average in design.

The OP, Scramble, has got to be one of my all time favorites. Its very energetic and up beat, and really suits the series very well. Makes the viewers want to sing along with it. (The happy and light hearted mood. The lyrics are rather funny to.)

Despite being a rather classic example of school life romance comedy, this one SR is very hilarious and memorable, with lovable casts and amusing settings. In fact, I consider this way funnier than Azumanga Daioh

Personal overall rating: 90%

Posted by : Gen3s1s
Posted on : 2008-05-01        

School Rumble is funny as hell but it's a little poor on the romantic part. It is still ridiculously funny, a little weird sometimes, but again, funny as hell.

The animation is very toon-like, it changes from time to time mostly during comedic moments I suppose it's the way it's supposed to be because it does suit it.

The characters are awesome. All are so kewl, but some are annoying. Actually two of them are, to be exact. But you know I didn't expect it to be perfect. Harima and Imadori have to be my favorites, funniest ones there in my opinion. Their all different and all have their own part in this humorous anime.

The OP is a total sing along, the ED is too. The music played during the anime goes well with it emphasizing on the supposedly romantic parts, funny parts and even training moments.

In total, this anime is mostly funny more than it is romantic. I guess you should expect more along the next seasons, but watch it and don't eat or drink anything while doing so. Seriously don't. Because this is one of the funniest anime's EVER!

Posted by : pavyisku
Posted on : 2007-10-07        

What defines a good anime? Well, for me it's one that keeps me saying, "okay, maybe another one", "mmmmmm maybe just one more", and "I promised myself only one more, but it looks like I'm not trustworthy cuz I GOTTA watch another one." This is how much I LOVED this anime. I fell in love with all the characters, and although it took me a little time for some to get under my skin, they were all there before I knew it. It was interesting how there were ridiculous situations created by ridiculously minded characters, which were only results of little misunderstandings. Pretty ridiculous, but that's what makes School Rumble a hysterically funny anime.

Posted by : JaMaJuice
Posted on : 2007-06-11        

Although I haven't read the manga, watching the anime hinders me to find a copy of the School Rumble manga. And I would definitely be grateful if A-S would post it in the Manga Section.

I believe School Rumble follows the steps of Azumanga Diaoh, but I think this anime is much more funnier because of the extreme exaggeration that this anime portrays. It's hilarious, fast-paced, ridiculous, and overall, very...cute. There are also a lot of parodies from other animes which you might say "Oh, isn't that from ____?"

As you watch this anime, you may bump into many different characters that can quickly become a favorite. Either it is: the clutz and ditzy Tenma Tsukamoto, the emotional yet furious deliquent Harima "Hige" Kenji, the rich and beautiful Eri "Ojo" Sawachika, the fully-developed and mature Mikoto "Miko" Suo, or the quiet and weird Oji Karasuma, you'll definitely enjoy this series and most importantly hurt your stomach from laughing too much.

So if you're looking for an anime that requires comedy, school life, romance, and cute animation, School Rumble is for you.

This slice of life comedy has been recommended by JaMaJuice.

Posted by : du5k
Posted on : 2007-05-27        

I feel bad giving this a low score, but even after reading people’s reviews, I still think my opinion is somewhat appropriate. School Rumble has some nice comedy, but it’s better executed in the manga. In the anime, the execution seemed somewhat awkward even without comparing. It practically spoiled the comedic factor of the anime altogether.

Plot Good
While it doesn’t have a serious plot, more like it follows the style somewhat like Azumanga Daioh or Lucky Star. The comedy can be really funny, especially when played by characters like the innocent Tenma, tsundere Eri, quiet Tsukamoto, etc…

Story Style (execution) Bad
This is where it goes horribly wrong. The dumb and dumber pattern of Tenma and Harima get boring when it gets repetitive. And who the hell eat with “ga ga ga�??? Most of the characters have a eccentric personality, but it’s seems to be overdoing it with their senseless dialogue and actions (Hanai and Harima). In the end, it turns out to be more “stupid�? than “funny�?.

Animation Bad
It’s just lame. The characters seem poorly drawn and lack detail. I’m not talking the lack of detail that adds to the comedic factor (lack of seriousness), but in many less noticeable scenes, they didn’t get proportion right. Excessive “sparkling�? effect get irritating.

Music and Sounds Bad
I didn’t like the songs, but the set the mood for the anime. The problem is, how can the VAs sound so wrong when they used so many veteran voice actors? Tenma’s voice doesn’t suit her character; Harima sounds like a wuss trying to act macho. And the animation sounds effects are horrible.

Overall Average
I barely pass this, as animation and sounds isn’t really a big part of such a comedy. But I gotta say that this had been a pretty boring series to me.

Posted by : eidikos46
Posted on : 2007-02-27        

School rumble is definitely one of the best anime to watch it's has all the elements of a good anime love drama (in some extremely rare ocassion) and best of all lot of laughs and I believe that a fair share of guys can understand the pain and frustration of the lead character Harima Kenji the storyline doesn't really progress much in the entire series even at season 2 but due to the comical and hilarious misadventures (so to speak) of the lead character you wouldn't really care if the storyline develops or not you would watch each episode and wonder how far can a man really go for love the music was also superb I especially like the ending song since it gives a little but important message to everyone out there. All in all, School Rumble is a good anime that you wouldn't mind watching more than once.

Posted by : jamesabc
Posted on : 2007-02-17        

School Rumble is one of the funniest and well made animes I have ever seen. The characters are very funny (especially Harima who allways acts in a funny way, he would have to be my favourite character) under the circimstances they are under, like every time Harima trys to confess to Tenma.

The odd copy of other tv programs like The Matrix dodging arrows thing and the Inital D shots add a lot of laughs to the already very funny anime. I have already watched this series 3 times and I am still finding it as funny as when I first watched it. Even though I haven't watched that many comedy animes, I think this is going to stay the funniest one for a long time to come.

I hope that everyone gets to watch this anime, because it is definetly worth it. So watch it now.

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