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Naked child pic?!?!

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Written by Lucifer
October 26th, 2007


I received an email from a reader yesterday. He told me it's inappropriate to use a picture of naked child as my credits page. I think he's referring to the case of Canadian who was arrested in Thailand recently.

It didn't occur to me that people would view that image as something inappropriate. I just thought the drawing was suitable to be a credits page, that's all. So I replied him that it all depends on the individual. For example, some people may think it's cute when they see kids running around the house naked after taking a bath, while others may think of something different.

I agree that he's right in a way but in the end, it all depends on how you see things. If you have a pure mindset, you have nothing to fear about what people thinks about you.

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I can understand your position and I agree that it's a matter of perspective, but if changing the credits page with an alternate image isn't too much trouble, why step on someone's toes?

2007-10-26 22:19:52

Naked child pic?!?!

the problem may not be whether one have a pervet mind or not the problem is that many people that comes here are in the USA, and if by any chance some one else sees the computer image may just be condem by authorities and general public, I do understand you point on the runing around the house coment, but again usualy people keep those picture in an album with other picture for close family menber to see.

2007-10-27 00:15:08

naked picture

sorry my bad, I shut have check the picture before making the comment, thats just a drawing of the rear, it is tasteful and apropiate, for manga or anime.

2007-10-27 00:18:21


Actually it has to do with a religious midset more then anything else bro. In my family we look down at kids running around naked after a bath haha, we cloth them.

For instance you may consider it a drawing, which it is, but within that drawing may be something we consider harmful to the human mind. Like for instance seeing too much naked children from a grown man's mind will cause a higher change that he will want to go out and have sex with a child. That is just an example.

Other examples could be drawing lots of violent pictures with people killing each other, some cultures say kids shouldn't see that while others do.

In this case with the child drawing in most cultures that read this site that im guessing is american cultures consider that type of stuff morally wrong, so yea remove it as it bothers people :) Not too hard to do anyways, it's just a picture afterall.

2007-10-27 00:33:16


I honestly didn't even remember seeing the pick...after all its not that important... I remember only the great story not some pointless nudity that you would see in DBZ or any other normal shonen jump manga.
Then again I was brought up not caring about that stuff at all and the pick was not bad or anything just a pick... Now if there was something explicit I could understand why you would be unhappy.

2007-10-27 13:48:00


well, just change the pic to something else, problem solve right?

isnt that right Lucifer?

2007-10-27 14:28:33


Well for one, a real living child was not made to pose for the picture. There's a significant difference between taking naked photos of real children, and drawing a child naked in a completely artistically tasteful picture. The picture used in that credits page is a fine example of an illustrated representation of a child's innocence. No one's taking advantage of her, no one's exploiting her. It's a drawing from behind.

Even in North America, bare bottoms of all ages and genders have been perfectly acceptable in the media for advertisements. Heck, think of the Coppertone girl. That ad started out in 1959, and she was topless too! omgz! Child pr0nz! Sorry, but no. There's nothing "morally wrong" with that picture.

And if anyone for some reason decides he wants to criticize my view by asking "Then what was morally wrong about the pictures that guy took?" then I suggest he thinks a little more carefuly before arguing just for the sake of arguing. Child pornography is made with the intention of exploiting its pornographic value. Some pictures are obviously meant for this reason. Others are not. This can apply to drawings as well. Drawings positively depicting obviously underage individuals engaging in sexual activities is morally wrong. (I must emphasize the word "positively", as I'm part of the side that supports the Kodomo no Jikan manga, since it clearly distinguishes the main character's actions as inappropriate and unacceptable.)

Pictures that are created without the intention of depicting anything sexual or pornographic, cannot and should not be deemed morally wrong or inappropriate, simply because people who are attracted to underage children would find the picture arousing. That's their problem, and not what was intended. Consider for example how some fetishists use produce as sexual aids and are aroused by it. Should groceries specifically avoid selling certain vegetables simply because some people will see them as phallic? That's ridiculous. If a picture is not intended to be sexual, a person should not be held responsible simply because some people will find it sexually arousing.

2007-10-27 16:33:34


thats pretty stupid... its a drawing.. its not like its an actual person or anything.. and hell, its not like hes forcing u to look at it... if u dont like it dont look. seriously..

2007-10-27 18:04:21


That picture is actually the cover of volume 4. I can change the credits page but I can't change the cover, can't I? So, I've decided to keep it despite some protest.

Like some of you, I think it's just an innocent drawing from the rear of a naked child. I brought this up because I wanted to see how people would react to this case. Would you think the same if the character in that drawing isn't a child?

Everyone has their own perspective, that I agree but can you go making others to follow your thoughts? I don't think so and I don't expect people to agree to mine.

2007-10-27 19:24:32

Credits Picture

I just looked at the pic. It is fine to me. People need to liten=up and get a life. I'm am one person that likes to step on toes and am very un-pc. Also my nine year old daughter run around the house in her underwear all the time. It' not the picture but how a person looks at it. If all you see is a nude girl then you will not like it. But if you see a young girl and look at the skill it took to draw it then you have intelegance.

2007-10-27 20:38:20

Nostalgic Feeling....

Naked child picture....I dun see anything wrong with it...Besides, we have been naked before once in our lifetime be it a boy or a girl....Makes us remember the days when we were so innocent and dun really care about anything then....

We were like white handkerchief back then....But now most of us are stained handkerchief.....though I believe that most of us still have our values and know how to judge what is right and what is wrong...Unlike mass murderers, pedophile and rapist out there....who are stained beyond recovery....

2007-10-27 21:04:41


Uhhhhhhhh, is'nt that you have the right to draw or write whatever you want? I mean it just a person own freedom and it not violate or using other people right? The annoying reader who send the message maybe never watch TV, turn any US channel that have animate show and you will see(i.e comedy central,adultswim....) those stuff they show in there even more disturb.

2007-10-27 22:32:28


This one For REC.

You classed pedo's with murders and rapist. Read you dictionary. Websters say's (pe"dophilia) sexual perversion of which children are the object of desire (pe'dophile) one who practices this.

If you had said child molester you would have been right. I also reserve the right to hang all child molesters.

2007-10-29 22:00:39


People get too wound up on this kind of thing. I highly doubt that there is any real link between people seeing pictures like that and becoming child molesters and will continue to doubt any link untill someone somewhere provides me with some conclusive evidence to suggest it rather than just picking the idea out of the air. Also (controversy) I don't think peadophillia in itself is wrong as such, it's a fetish for children, the person in question can't help it. What IS wrong is when they start to act on it and abuse and exploit children. It's like the difference between prejudice and discrimination which people seem to forget.

All that said, it's not even a particularly bad picture. Remember, we're all naked under our cloathes. If that kind of picture offends you then don't look at it. It's much like some of the art work that includes penises and such. It's just a peice of artwork. Get over it. It's fine to have your personal belief that it's wrong but don't then go trying to ban it everywhere.

(I'd like to point out that I do still think actual child porn is wrong as children are harmed and exploited before anyone gets the idea that I'm arguing that child porn is ok.)

2007-10-30 11:30:13


change the pic...ewwwwww

2007-10-31 20:17:35

naked pic

uhhh, i don't think this is inappropriate it only shows a rear nothing else so i think its alright theres nothing bad in it.

2007-11-01 22:43:11


What's even the appeal of this picture? It's a naked child! I can believe that whoever put it up thought it to be innocuous because they don't dig naked children that way, but if you don't dig naked children why are you using a picture of a naked child? It's pretty durn creepy if you ask me

2007-11-02 17:39:24


I looked at the picture... It doesn't even look like a kid to me O_O. Just felt like saying that because I'm bored. Bye

2007-11-03 13:48:16


Well, the head looks a bit too large for her body... Bit of an adult head, child's body thing going on... (Which brings me back to why are you using this pic? At least use a GOOD naked child pic, hehe)

2007-11-03 23:14:14


@ Craze
Luce said that it was on the cover and that's why it ought to be appropriate.

I think that it's a beautiful picture, and I doubt many people place any sexual value in it. Though I'd imagine some people (like those crazed christians you see on tv?) may think others place sexual values in pictures like it.

One of the things that makes manga so good, is the fact that there are no limits to the content in any way. You do not have to consider if a particular effect is doable with CGI, and you not have to worry about the physical or mental wellbeing of the actors, in this case children.

Which puts us at the fact that this image can't possibly do any harm in any way, simply because the person in the picture doesn't exist, and thus obviously doesn't feel uncomfortable. '>.>

Meh...The stupidity of the statement that that image is harmful reminds me of the theory that the reason Mona Lisa's smile, is that Leonardo was fondling her... -_____-"

2007-11-05 11:06:18


Well, i never said it was harmful. I just personally didn't like the picture; kind of a societal gag reflex i suppose but anything close to nekkin children creeps me the heck out. I think because it's a picture it poses no threat, but still, "meh" on even using it (even besides the fact it was showcased in the manga itself) imho.

2007-11-05 11:49:25


I 'm so sick of of these kinds of debates. If the people who complain about this little pic would spend that energy on something worthwhile like bringing the military home or actually helping those that have been abused life would be easier for us all.
Besides in some areas of the world still today as soon as a girl is able to get pregnant they are married off. Look at those in Colorado city. Also it's in our base nature to look at young girls as FUTURE mates. It eas to ensure the species. Now we don't need to do that anymore but the instinct is still there. It's ok to look but keep them hands off.

2007-11-05 20:41:01

nude child pic

to tell the truth when it comes manga and anime it is usually hard to tell how old there are supposed to be . . .nad a lot of people would also have to argue whether drawing pictures of lurid ladies would be pornographic in which case most mangas should be taken off the shelf or wrapped in plastic with an AO label or 17andUP sticker because of the partial nudity or just plain lack of clothing on the main female characters.

some people will just do about anything to wanna seem important . . .heck the person will probably gloat to their little online troll buddies how they got something changed because they have the "power"

2007-11-07 15:17:39

Really? I mean, really?

@wolfgrey: If the people who complain about this little pic would spend that energy on something worthwhile like bringing the military home or actually helping those that have been abused life would be easier for us all.

Really? I mean, I don't believe expressing mild distaste for a picture really retracts from my extensive charity and political activist efforts... (i gave $2 to a breast cancer charity the other day and i plan on voting for the next president...which is likely the extent that normal people actually go for)

2007-11-07 22:08:57

Well then I am not in the most catagory

I am very non-pc in my life. I give to several charaties and help out at a wildlife refuge plus I teach and have five girls from 9 to 15 and a my 15 yr old son. One of the girls is mine. my life is chaos and I love it this way. So I as long as it's artwork and not a real child No big deal.

2007-11-10 19:00:40


I must say I agree with Wolf. If there's no harm done the the person actually in question, in this case a picture, then there's no harm done at all. In cases such as this, where the 'harm factor' is extremely debatable, I really don't think the artist or anyone else is obliged to take into consideration the feelings of single individuals who might find it offensive. When the people who think that it might actually do harm is such an extreme minority, the rule 'if you don't like it, don't read it' works like a charm. ^.^;

*Anyone who finds that image even remotely 'bothersome', don't even think of watching Kodomo no Jikan* O.o;

2007-11-11 18:57:28


some people's P.C. filter needs to be turned down. i didn't see anything wrong with that pic

2007-12-05 05:35:25

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