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Linebarrels of Suck
Or "How you can ruin an otherwise neat manga"

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Written by leoxjm
November 28th, 2008


Well, let's take a short break of Xeno's JP adventures and let's focus instead on some good old anime blogging, courtesy of yours truly. The topic of the day: Linebarrels. But not just any Linebarrels: Linebarrels of Suck.

(Click on the image to go to the series' profile)

On a more serious note, GONZO's adaptation of this manga fails at everything. I mean, Linebarrels joins the shamed ranks of perfectly fun, interesting manga series that just seem unable to be animated properly. Doubtless there is no need to remind you of the poor excuse for storyline and character development that Hellsing (Gonzo TV series, not RondoRobe OVA) had. The Hellsing manga was all about Alucard kicking ass; the TV series is about him pretending to act cryptic and the police girl wandering aimlessly. WTF? And need I remind you of the end? Yeah, so he finally kicks ass, but the oh-so-mysterious substance that the show supposedly had was a puff of intestinal gas. Seeing that "In teh end, nobody really knows who was responsible" was like giving whoever cared the finger and saying "YHBT!". Sad... Just sad. At least the soundtrack was nice.

But I digress, Linebarrels... well, If you haven't seen it you can watch it on Crunchyroll, where it streams for free with subs. Or don't, because you'll want those minutes of your life back. Why? Well, it's Generic Mecha action at best, coupled with unimpressive animation (I think Gonzo could have done a lot better there). Koichi remains and asshole longer than he probably should; while in the manga he takes his first growing up steps from fairly early on even when he still acts like one more often than not. Emi's forceful persona is tossed out the window with the "lol, she's amnesiac" (needless) plot devise. We get our obnoxious loli with Rachel, who doesn't exist in the manga. The addition of Miu, so far, seems just meant to attract Aya Hirano's fans by her take over the voice but giving her character no role. We also get our food chewed for us, since by episode 8 the cast is already introduced with the good guys on one side and the bad guys on another (tip: those are not the same allegiances as the Manga's, in some cases). And given how Koichi has developed from main character to punching bag, I'm fairly skeptical on the character development department for the future. By this point I've given up on it trying to stick to its source in more than the loosest of ways. Moritsugu's fight with Jack is ruined, Sobi is introduced prematurely and in the wrong setting. Shizuna is annoying. Emi is fanservice-fodder, and poorly introduced one at that, and so is Miu (albeit to a lesser extent... for the moment, anyway). The music is unimpressive and it doesn't help that the OP is by ALI Project (not a fan). The ED is alright, I guess. Just about all the battles go in the most predictable direction possible. At least in the manga they were more elegantly placed and designed. I haven't been so disappointed by seeing robots beating each other up since Macross 7.

Seriously, what's wrong here? In such a crappy show, not only is the source material debased, but also the awesome cast is just a waste. And when I mean good cast, I mean good cast. Aside from the aforementioned Ms, Hirano we have Jun Fukuyama (Code Geass' Lelouch), Tetsuya Kakihara, (TTGL's Simon), and Mamiko Noto (if you don't know who she is, you haven't watched enough anime). Wait, how do I know so much about a show I'm trying to pound into the ground? I know because I've maintained the character DB for that show, and I happen to like doing that kind of work regardless of what show I work on. (Shameless self-promotion: at the time of this posting, our series profile is probably the most complete listing of the cast available in English. I can claim this because some info was nowhere to be found other than at the JP website or JP wikipedia. I did that page. I know.)

It'd be easy to jump in the "lol, Gonzo sucks at adapting" bandwagon, but I'm not sure that's the case. I have not read the Full Metal Panic!, Chrno Crusade or Basilisk mangas, yet I found Gonzo's work on those animes commendable or, at the very least, "not bad". Yet Linebarrels, even if considered just as an anime, simply fails. It doesn't have Hellsing's glaring plot holes (not yet, too soon), but the action is unimpressive, the characters are uninteresting, and the story so far has only inspired me to write an angry blog entry about it. "Is that bad?" You bet.

If you're one of the poor mecha-loving souls that has felt ripped off by this travesty, I strongly recommend reading the manga. Currently it is hosted here at A-S. While as the resident manga admin it should be my job to encourage you to read it here, I'll make an exception on this one. I truly don't care where you read it, as long as you do. At lest, I bet you'll be compelled to say "yeah, it is better", even if you don't like it. And I mean that. And if you don't like mecha or haven't tried a mecha-based manga before, I think it's at least worth the shot. Don't be narrow-minded! If you wanna read it here, here's your LINK

So, class dismissed. Here, grab some fan service on the way out. It's on the house.

Ok, maybe not EVERYTHING about Linebarrels sucks.

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Maybe not EVERYTHING about Linebarrels sucks? SURE it does!

I'm pretty sure those girls will suck if I slipped them a 50


2008-11-28 23:08:59


Happy that you posted this '' angry blog entry '' leoxjm. It had a very clear angry message but I still found it amusing to read at the same time ^^

Feels good to know that it's just not me thinking that this anime is epic fail, IT realy is epic fail.

2008-11-29 03:07:04


Thanks for saving me many minutes of my life. I'm a big mecha fan, and I really liked a lot of Gonzo's work (didn't realized they did Hellsing. That was just..horrible). I'll be sure to check out the manga!

2008-12-02 04:17:56


Reminds me of dragonauts, another terribad mecha fan-service anime.

2008-12-04 01:15:40


yeah linebarrels sucks... before the anime was release i've already read about 4-5 chapters already. in the few episode we can say not so far with the manga but in the later part, you could say where this part go!!!

i've stop watching it on the 4th or 5th episode because of my disappointment!!!

2008-12-04 18:43:02

you are totally right. the anime sucked butt.

i agree with every single word about this blog. except i never noticed fukuyama jun or aya hirano (i NEVER notice her, even tho she voiced some of my favorite characters, i cant EVER notice its her.. i wonder why..) voicing characters in here.. and i didnt know the other seiyuu.. i dont know many seiyuus by name.

2008-12-11 15:05:53

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