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Staff Interview - xenocrisis0153

Introduce yourself

Watashi wa xeno desu. Hajimemashite!! Douzo yoroshiku!! ::bows::

How old are you?

I am 26.798 years old...

Ninjas or Pirates?

Ninjas... so stealthy, so skilled... well, except for the ninjas in 2x2=Shinobuden. Oh, those silly ninjas.

Where do you live?

I live in a small community about 35 miles outside of Boston Massachusetts USA

ABOVE: Minagi Tohno (Air TV), one of my favorite anime characters ever!

Favorite Colour?

I'm partial to all shades of blue... I'm somewhat ashamed to admit I really like purple... especially as an anime-girl's hair color

Favorite flavor of Ice-Cream?

a tie between chocolate-chip and coffee-fudge swirl... I could combine them, but that would be MADNESS!!

Favorite flavor of chips?


LEFT: Kotomi Ichinose (CLANNAD TV), I'm a sucker for purple-hair.

How did you come to find Anime-Source?

I had just started getting into watching anime via DVD and TV and I had a huge craving for more and more, but I didn't know what was good. So one day, back in 2004, I had been searching for fan reviews and I came across Anime-Source's reviews database. I got hooked on a few series and also decided to try out fansubs. I started with Air, Tsukiyomi Moon Phase and Mai-HiME... from then on out, my life has been nothing but anime.

If you could describe your personality in 3 words, what would they be?

oh geez... hmmmmmm... "industrious" "organized" "insane"?

RIGHT: The cast of Mahoraba ~ Heartful Days, best romantic-dramedy evor

Outside of Anime, what other hobbies interests you?

I love photography. I just bought myself a new Canon digital camera last Christmas, though I have a lot to learn about it. What else... I like professional football. I've been a fan of the New England Patriots since 1997 and even though their stadium is about 15 miles from where I live, I've never been to a game. I like the Boston Red Sox, but I'm more of a casual fan. Those tickets used to be easy to get, but not since they won the World Series in 2004.

What movies are you looking forward to this coming year?

The next Harry Potter movie... whatever it's called. I don't read the books, but I'm a sucker for magic-users' series. Geez, I don't even know what else is coming out. The next Batman movie is the only other thing on my radar right now. Anything with tons of action usually attracts my interest.

What other websites/forums do you frequent?

Believe it or not, but I don't have many favorite sites. I check the forums at quite a bit, but that's mostly because I work for that convention and I have a lot of friends on staff there. Other than that, I just swing by facebook and livejournal every now and then to check on messages people leave me.

LEFT: One of my most favorite photos I've ever taken. Madoka was my chopsticks tutor at the Showa Junior High School festival.

What are some dreams/aspirations you have in life?

My mind is always changing... it's rather bothersome actually. Right now, all my focus is on trying to get to Japan, whether it's as a tourist or as an English teacher. I have an application pending right now that will require me to attend an interview in NYC. I have a nice job and home right now, but I'd really like to have my career straightened out before I settle down and start a family.

What are your views on 'fansubs' and the whole piracy issue flogging the anime community and industry?

Ooh, a loaded question... my view is fansubs are fine if you want to preview-before-purchase, but once the series is available on DVD in your area, you really should buy the official merchandise... even if it's just buying the cheaper complete-collections. The industry needs the money to support itself and if a big portion of the market isn't helping out, it creates serious problems. Support the anime you love! Plus, the more everyone buys, the cheaper the prices will get.

Bringing my Japanese exchange-students to the fire station where I work. More info on the program

What's one odd-observance about yourself?

Odd? I guess I would say my house is covered from carpet to ceiling with anime posters, magazine cut-outs, books, DVDs, and figures... which is certainly odd in general, but to the people here reading this interview, it's seen as more of a positive thing. Meh... it's just funny when non-anime fans visit and there's always something new and interesting to gawk at, especially when my parents stop by, hahah.

Your username, xenocrisis0153, any particular reason for choosing that as your net alias?

I went through about 10 nethandles before I finally settled on this one. It's a simple equation:
xeno = XENOsaga, a popular sci-fi PS2 RPG franchise
crisis = bubblegum CRISIS tokyo 2040, a cyberpunk sci-fi mechsuit-fighting anime series
0153 = my high school ID number ^___^

What are some of your favourite anime/manga of all time?

wow, this list could go on forever... I'll try to list them in priority, but a lot of them are too close to call:
  • - the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (call me a fanboy, but this anime is 100% win in all facets of entertainment!!!!)
  • - Air TV (the animation and dramatic emotion blew me away)
  • - Neon Genesis Evangelion (this anime will dominate fandom forever!!)
  • - Mahoraba ~ Heartful Days (best romantic anime ever!!)
  • - CLANNAD TV (one of the most compelling casts of the new millennium)
  • - Galaxy Angel (LOLZ... it's the only comedy I know of that actually got funnier as it progressed)
  • - Excel Saga (one of my first ever)
  • - Mai-HiME (awesomest fighting anime and a suspenseful story)
  • - School Days TV (wasn't afraid to show the ugly side of human life)
  • - Last Exile (incredibly imaginative, great story pacing)
  • - Voices of a Distant Star (so much emotion in just 24 minutes... just wow!)
  • - Stellvia of the Universe (great story-telling.... iiinnn spaaaaace!)
  • - Please! Twins (its touching drama greatly underestimated)
  • - Cowboy Bebop (a timeless classic)
  • - Mahou Sensei Negima (31 girls + magic = win!!)

What are you currently watching (anime, TV, etc...)?

another big list coming up! In no particular order...
  • - Kanon 2006
  • - Welcome to the NHK
  • - Simoun
  • - To LoveRU ~ Trouble
  • - Vampire Knight
  • - Wagaya no Oinarisama
  • - The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye
  • - Burst Angel
  • - Death Note
  • - Venus Versus Virus
  • - Ultramaniac
  • - Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
  • - One: True Stories (OVA)

    on tv I'm watching:
  • - the Simpsons
  • - Family Guy
  • - South Park
  • - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
  • - Late Night with Conan O'Brien
  • - Jericho
  • - Ghost Hunters
  • - Futurama (new episodes plz!!)

ABOVE: I love Makie Sasaki (Negima!?) for her perpetual cheerfulness

Favorite anime quote?

so many quotes have made me laugh hysterically or made me think realy hard. The ones that stood out most in my mind:

Comedic: "You Fail!! You fail as Makie Sasaki!! You're a Makie Sasaki failure!!!!!"
- Ayaka berating Makie Sasaki, Negima!?, EP??

Comedic: "I am the balls-flicker from Hell!!"
"Did you say 'balls licker from Hell??'"
- Bowling Alley Terrorist and Excel, Excel Saga, EP08

Comedic: "Hey Miyako, remember when you told me that you saw a UFO the other day and that turned out to be a lie? Well, that makes you a LIAR!!! Did you know that "liar" and "lighter" kinda sound the same? That makes you a LIGHTER!!!"
- Himeko Katagiri , Pani Poni Dash, EP05 (say that whole thing in about 4 seconds)

Comedic: "I'm sunbathing... just kidding... it's night out."
- Minagi Tohno (and her very dry humor), Air TV, EP05

Comedic: "You don't have to worry. There aren't any dead cats or anything like that in there."
- Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga, Azumanga Daioh, EP16

Serious: "The time we have to live is finite; so spread your wings open wide. Even if the rainbow breaks; the sky will be waiting."
- KOTOKO, "Second Flight", Please! Twins, OP

Serious: "I'm not scared of my disappearance. The feeling of fear will disappear, as well. It's just that, what I am truly scared of is not the disappearance of my own memories... but my disappearance from everyone else's memories."
- Chihiro Shindou, ef: A Tale of Memories, EP03

Serious: "If the results (of the horoscope) come true, it's as if there is only one future. But if it fails, we can think that other futures exist. We never know how the future shifts because of the slighest change."
- Ryou Fujibayashi, CLANNAD TV, EP18

Favorite movie/tv quote?

Comedic: "If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis."
- old lady at the field trip destination, Billy Madison

Comedic: "The question I am asked most often is.... OJ Simpson: why are you stabbing me?"
- Conan O'Brien's Celebrity Survey

Serious: "Emotion is the true enemy of justice."
- Two-Face, Batman Forever

How did you end up becoming the Website Content Administrator for Anime-Source?

It was a long, slow-moving path... honestly, it took me by surprise. I had joined A-S as a member in Nov 2004. I was just a regular fan who played around in the forums for a while and submitted a few fan reviews here and there. Around April 2006, I got a PM from ASRT staffer Yuun saying he liked my style of writing and encouraged me to apply for writing staff, which I did. I submitted an application essay on Mahoraba ~ Heartful Days, to which I was approved to be hired by Kaiser and Frundock. From there, I just kept writing and writing, and mingling with the rest of the staff. Sometime in September 2006, I got a PM from atikiN saying they were looking for a new Writing Team Leader and they wanted to offer me the position. I instantly jumped at the offer, and ever since then, I've been looking for more ways of getting the staff and members involved in all sorts of cool projects to keep everyone happy.

So, what are some of your duties?

My main duty is to hire and help the writers. I approve projects, edit drafts, and monitor website projects. It is also my job to come up with and facilitate miscellaneous ideas to keep stuff fresh around here. Some of our more recent major projects have been the Fan Surveys (which now has a fully-functioning staff on its own) and the Staff Blogs (the brainchild of former-writer strongbad87). Of course, I also keep writing my own articles, mainly spotlights and DVD reviews, but from time to time, I do put together some massive anime-fandom articles like my Japanese Education System in Anime article.

RIGHT: One of my favorite seiyuu, Yui Horie, provides the voice for the tempermental Yoko from Inukami!

BELOW: My first anime love, Magical Maid Koyori
(Nurse Witch Komugi)

Is there any info you can reveal at this time about any upcoming events, contests, etc... concerning Anime-Source?

We just hired a new News Editor to watch the newsfeeds and talk to the big companies about the latest happenings in the industry. We also hired an additional staff writer to help us with the upcoming Spring 2008 anime season. As for myself, I just got back from Anime Central and now have with plenty of photos for the report that will be ready by this coming weekend. And as always, Fan Surveys and random reviews/articles are always in process, so be sure to watch the homepage!

What's one thing you love and hate about Anime-Source?

I love how this place is purely 100% by fans for fans! No one here gets paid for their work, so to see so many volunteer staff members putting hours and hours of effort into the various projects around here is just astounding. And the users are great, too. A lot of forums I used to visit were full of raging elitists who would challenge anything you say. We don't have that problem here. Everyone using the forums and everyone leaving comments does so on a positive beat and it really makes this place very warm and pleasant. A lot of websites can't make that claim.

What do I hate about A-Source? It has stolen my soul!!! I haven't seen the sun in years!!!! :O

Best Work or Proudest Accomplishment on this Site:

my in-depth article on School Days TV. It turned into an impressive piece that surpassed the quality of anything else I've written here. It got me a lot of kudos from a lot of our members and visitors.

Before we finish, is that glass over there half-full or half-empty?

It's fully empty... I drank all of whatever was in it. Wait... what was in it??? O_____O;

ABOVE: Forum users here may recognize this image... this is the full-screen version of my Makie avatar. She's poking at a gachapan dispenser.

Do you have any final messages, comments, etc ...?

Leave comments whenever you can!! We don't get paid for the work we do, so we feed off the love!! Just a simple "nice article" is enough to make this all worthwhile in the end.

And as I always say... thanks for readin' ^____^V

Copyright by Anime-Source.Com All Right Reserved.

Published on: 2008-04-06 (7771 reads)

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