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Staff Interview - Fission2

Please introduce yourself

Hi, I'm fission2. My real name is Richard Chang. Nice to meet you. Next question.

How old are you?

18, turning 19 in November.

Pirates or Ninjas?

Pirate Ninjas are the preferred choice. Or a Pirate living WITH a Ninja. Or if they're both hot girls, some Pirate on me on Ninja action. Naked.

Where do you live?

What, you want specifics? I love fan-mail and all, but stick to the electronic ones where I can spam-filter you all.

Just kidding... I live in Canada. Which is in the world. Which is in Canada.

Favorite Colour?

Blue. No yel-- Auuuuuuuugh!

Favorite beverage?

Coca-cola Classic. Or Calpis. No, definitely water. Preferably prepared by Coca-cola corp.

Favorite flavor of chips?

Okanomiyaki flavour. Calbee is superior to all other chips. And only trice the amount of saturated fat!

How did you come to find Anime-Source?

Well it all started on November 12, 1989 when I was born...even as a newborn baby, I knew that it was destiny that I would become a staff-writer for Anime-Source...

Oh wait FIND Anime-Source? I was looking for Ichigo 100% the manga. I found it hosted here at the time. Google is win.

If you could describe your personality in 3 words, what would they be?

Cynical. Direct. Self-defeating.

Outside of Anime, what other hobbies interests you?

For one, breathing. I enjoy breathing every once in a while, it keeps me nice and healthy. I know it's rare for someone to actually enjoy the act of breathing, but I'm somewhat of a eccentric. I also enjoy blinking as a hobby.

Besides those two hobbies, I enjoy an occasional walk, reading manga, writing, doing various things on the internet and hanging with my friends.

What movies are you looking forward to this coming year?

Iron man. Who isn't? Oh and movies that I can get off the net. Wait - is this being published on the internet?

What other websites/forums do you frequent?

Anime-eden, AnimeA, mangatraders, stoptazmo. I also like lolcats and the occasional rape by 4chan.

What are some dreams/aspirations you have in life?

I'm not really sure. I've got no direction in life, which may be one of the reasons why I turned into a anime-watching geeky fanboy. I want a job with steady income to start off, then work my way up to owning a grocery store. It depends on the market conditions 10-15 years from now though...

What I must absolutely do in life is raise a proper family. It might be difficult finding a girl to like me though =/

I lack what's known as 'tact' in my diction, syntax and tone of voice.

What's one odd-observance about yourself?

Uh...everything I suppose. I'm an underachiever - if I could only find will-power, I would be an absolute genius. It's the odd side-effect of being a minimalist. Being efficient = being less productive? It can almost be thought of as the paradox of thrift!

Your username, any particular reason for choosing that as your net alias?

I'm not sure why I stuck with this name. I remember it being based off of my brief fandom with star-trek, and the fission nuclear process. It sounds ok doesn't it?

Favorite anime quote?

"Three Gundam Thrones have been determined to be war-inciting targets. Beginning armed intervention. Exia...eliminating targets." Setsuna F. Seiei; Gundam 00

Favorite movie/tv quote?

"I ask you, what could be POSSIBLY be in my eye that would explain all this?" Colonel Jack O'Neill, Stargate SG-1

What are some of your favourite anime/manga of all time?

Shakugan no Shana for certain. That anime is definitely the most memorable one for me. My favorite manga...I've read so many. Does anyone remember which breath was their favorite out of all their breaths?

Flame of Recca, Hayate no Gotoku, Salad Days and Akuma na Eros rings truest in my memory. Pick any of them and I'd tell you that it's my favorite. I like to think of myself as a Mad-lib.

How did you end up becoming a Staff-writer for Anime-Source?

Xeno posted this recruiting add on the front page. There were 3 positions open. I got in, along with Izeque and Long-gun. I'm the only one that's still here...

So, what are some of your duties?

Pissing off xeno for one. Reviewing anime comes second.

Uh...what else is there?

I guess there's also getting on the nerves of other staff members. Trust me - these people totally hate me...that's why they're still keeping me around.

That and adding stuff to keep our content fresh and also to prod at A-S's general upkeep. I'm also a manga admin now. Have you noticed that there are more updates now then there were 2 months ago?

Is there any info you can reveal at this time about any upcoming events, contests, etc... concerning Anime-Source?

Anime-Source (for unknown reasons) has had consistent drops in page-hits ever since late 2006. The reason is unknown, but thought to be caused by reduced visitor activity.

I also think that the winner of the OVA survey will come in first.

What's one thing you love and hate about Anime-Source?

The regulars at the LTE are awesome. I hate hecklers that comment negatively on my reviews. One of the regrets of the internet medium; you don't get the same kind of commentary on print. My reviews are awesome damnit!

Best Work or Proudest Accomplishment on this Site:

Getting on the staff-roaster. Can YOU say that?

Before we finish, is that glass over there half-full or half-empty?

Whichever one has more water.

Do you have any final messages, comments, etc ...?

Hey. I'm single. What's your number? Oh're married? Dang...well... is your mother single? I see...well is your grandmother single? uh...hello?

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Published on: 2008-05-07 (3192 reads)

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