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Staff Interview - Leoxjm

-What is your name?

Leonardo X. Jaramillo. Everyone calls me just Leo.

-How old are you? I'm 24 years old. Or 6, since I was born on February 29th. Fun stuff.

- Ninjas or Pirates? I never really knew... It used to depend on my mood. Then I started thinking about it as a choice between this and this, and got stumped for good.

- Where do you live? Quito, Ecuador, South America, Planet Earth, Sol System, Milky Way, Universe... ?

- Favorite Colour? I'd say green, though blue and black are also good.

- Xbox, PS3, or Wii? Who knows? I've never been much of a console gamer. I'd go with PC, though that's not an option here.

- Favorite quote? None right now. It changes often. My latest one was the "shining finger" speech from G-Gundam.

- How did you come to find Anime-Source? I noticed that a friend got his anime torrents from here. I was new to anime then, so I thought the place was convenient for all my anime needs, and I started doing the same. Eventually I found out that the site had manga forums, and other stuff. Although I joined at the time when people joined en masse to read Ichigo 100%, that was not my motivation. Really.

-If you could describe your personality in 3 words, what would they be? Introverted, procrastinating and pragmatic.

- Outside of Anime, what other hobbies interests you? Reading (novels, not just manga). I also like playing computer games, but I've been doing much less of that lately. And even then it is usually older games.

- What movies are you looking forward to this coming year? None really. The last time I looked forward to a movie was Star Wars III. Right now I just go to whatever catches my eye. I let the theaters surprise me.

-What other websites/forums do you frequent? None really. I just like to go where my curiosity takes me. Do webcomics count? I do read some of those.

-What are your views on 'fansubs' and the whole piracy issue flogging the anime community and industry? I can't say I favor either side absolutely. I see both merits and flaws with both sides' arguments and reasoning. I certainly would prefer to get all my anime from an "official" source where the makers get their money, I get my anime, and everyone wins. Personally, I think such would be ideal, but right now I won't claim virtue either. I do get fansubs "because they're there" too. The reason why I download and watch fansubs is because of their accessibility, but that's not to say that I think anime should be free or distributed worldwide because the Japanese have it. If the industry comes up with a marketing scheme that is more optimal to them and to the fans than the current standard, I'm all for it. Perhaps a paid subscription service?
I live in South America (R-4), in a country where licensed anime is extremely rare (the only official DVDs I recall seeing are the R-1 ones I own). The reason I'm partial to downloading fansubs is because it's impossible to get anime otherwise here, unless you want to buy bootlegs or fansubs burned to DVD for $2 a disc. R-4 DVDs and broadcasting are a myth, at least in my experience. The salaries here are also smaller than in North America, so if you thought R-1 Anime was expensive for your area, for mine it costs an arm and a leg (Bandai Visual might as well have charged you your firstborn). I don't mean to say "anime should be cheap" either, but it should be cheaper. Cheaper would do it for me, especially since I have to buy it from North America and have it shipped here; which increases the expense by 20-50% the product's price. As things are right now, I really can't support the industry all that much, although I try and still look forward to a few DVD releases to buy. As many as my meager salary allows.
I'm optimistic about the status of the industry, though. I think that both Japanese and R-1 companies have started to realize that change is necessary for both their sake and ours, and are starting to look for alternatives to get everyone what they want, within reason. I hope my poor R-4 doesn't get left forgotten, but I won't hold my breath. If the new deals include some form of distribution that doesn't cut my area out of the loop, I don't mind throwing my hard-earned bucks in it, since I already kind of do as much as I can. Even if I still have to re-direct R-1 material to where I live for a bit extra. Sometimes that's the price to pay.

-What's one odd-observant about yourself? I sometimes repeat stuff I just said under my breath. Usually people don't notice it, but they give me a weird look when they do.

- Your username, leoxjm any particular reason for choosing that as your net alias? Neh. Mine's probably the lamest you'll find anywhere. Looking back, I wish I had used something else. I just lumped together my real-life nickname (Leo) along with the rest of my initials (X,J,M). The result: leoxjm. I know, it's lame. Since it doesn't make a lot of sense it's not easy to remember and people tend to get it wrong (like, lexojim or something along those lines). I'm used to it now, though, and no matter how lame it is, I refuse to change it.

- What are some of your favourite anime/manga of all time? My favorite anime are Code Geass, Ghost in the Shell (all of them), Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, and Fafner. I like the Gundam franchise as a whole too, though I really wouldn't say that any single of its products is among my favorites. Maybe Gundam 0080, but it's a bit of a stretch.

For manga, I'd say Hellsing and Berserk. Ghost in the Shell too. As you might have noticed already, I'm quite partial to Masamune Shirow's work. Of course, I also like the mangas we host in A-S very much. How couldn't I?

- What are you currently watching (anime, TV, etc...)? Haha, I hardly watch stuff on TV anymore (other than the news). In Anime I follow Code Geass R2, Maid Guy, Real Drive, Zettai Karen Children and I recently got through Gundam ZZ and 00. I sort of dropped Bleach recently because I watched it more out of habit than anything, but maybe I'll pick it up again.
On DVD I look forward to the release of Code Geass and for someone to take over Hellsing Ultimate and When They Cry (you shall be missed, Geneon).

- How did you end up becoming the Manga Administrator and part of the Reviews Team for Anime-Source? I'm also the official moderator for the manga forum. That's actually where I started. There was an opening to moderate that forum and my name was picked because I was bit bit of a nazi with the rules (at the time posting in the forums granted website points and you needed them to read most mangas; it's all more lax now). From there I've slowly gone up the A-S staffing ranks.
Some time later I started submitting character info and some corrections to the database, so I think Himitsu (our lovely ASRT leader) figured it'd be easier to have me join ASRT and do the stuff myself and invited me to join. I really wasn't sure I'd be that useful, so I joined on a trial basis but ended up accepting permanently shortly afterwards. One of the reasons I was reluctant to join the Reviews Team was because I had only written 2 reviews at the time, so I figured I was a total n00b, though eventually I grew more confident in that aspect and do quite a bit of reviews supervision now as well. For a very long time, I was actually the least prolific in that aspect (not anymore!), so I focused on the anime and characters database work, which I'd say are my forte right now (I still can't compare to Himitsu, though).
Up until recently I only had FTP access to upload manga to the site, and only got promoted to full manga staff status a couple of months ago. This is basically because Lucifer, our manga administrator, has been unable to keep up with the work lately and I was reasonably aware of what needed to be done there. Because of Lucifer's ongoing hiatus, I was finally promoted to replace him in the manga area a couple of months ago, but there hasn't been a need to resign to the other positions.
I guess you can say I'm a jack of all trades.

- So, what are some of your duties? The forum moderation job is the easiest. It's basically make sure people don't flame each other (hardly ever happens anymore), move misplaced threads to the appropriate area, lock threads that are repeated or are no longer needed, and generally uphold forum rules.
For ASRT I accept, correct or reject the reviews and database info that people submit to the website. Look for info myself and add it, and look after the character information of a few specific animes (my choice). This is probably the heaviest job I have, but also the most fun. And it has allowed me to acquire a bunch of anime knowledge I wouldn't have otherwise.
For Manga, I upload the manga chapters to the site, then make them accessible to the members for reading. After finally figuring out how to work the blocks I was able to post the updates on the column, which is good for access but (not surprisingly) has reduced the frequency of my blog entries. Not a real pity, though.
I also do some stuff outside my regular duties sometimes. I wrote the Code Geass In-Depth and I'm currently trying (read: failing) to cook up another one (damn writer's block!). I've participated in all of the website surveys so far, though in some more than in others. Sometimes I also give some suggestions here and there to other staff members with their stuff, and I'm thankful they bear with that. I also updated the information in the conventions module not too long ago as well and wouldn't mind looking after it from now on, especially since the upcoming updates should be smaller.

- What's the hardest part of your job? Right now, I'd say that finding out about new manga chapters to upload to the site, although that is pretty much because I'm not used to it... and after a while it's stopped being "hard". In fact, I wouldn't really say that my work here is "hard", since more often than not I have fun doing it, but it can be quite time-consuming. Especially the character info.

- Is there any info you can reveal at this time about any upcoming events, contests, manga etc... concerning Anime-Source? As for manga, we are indeed planning on adding more titles to the lineup. A couple, at least. I can't really say when or which because I'm not sure myself yet, but we'll be adding at least one shoujo title. You can count on that.

- What's one thing you love and hate about Anime-Source? My biggest joy and frustration comes from peoples' submissions. I like to be exposed to other peoples' viewpoints, and having to read their opinions on different animes is quite an interesting experience. Even if it is a piece I personally disagree with, I like to see people make an argument for themselves about something. Some are really good!
But something that drives me nuts is poor writing, and it has a lot to do with what I do at this site since I read lots of submissions by people, be it reviews, synopses or character profiles, and quality goes all over the spectrum. I sort of wish people were more careful with their grammar when submitting content. It's easier to accept things that way and it certainly leaves a good impression about the submitter. There have been times when I've had to reject submissions thanks to the utter lack of punctuation. It was simply impossible to get what the person was trying to say. Although, coming to think of it, that's something I hate about the net and people's writing in general, not only this site.

- Before we finish, is that glass over there half-full or half-empty? What does it have? I wouldn't mind completely filling or emptying it. I don't like half-done stuff.

- Do you have any final messages, comments, etc ...?
I hope you guys enjoy Anime-Source as much as I do. It is the users' contributions with content that help the site grow and change. I've witnessed much of this evolution myself. This site keeps growing thanks not only to the efforts of the staff, but yours as well.

I'd really like to thank Kaiser and Frundock, the website founders, and the rest of the staff members (Xeno, Himitsu, Lucifer... EVERYONE!) for their hard work as well. And for putting up with me. Sometimes I find myself unbearable! But it is very much thanks to Anime-Source and the people who make it that I have discovered all those things that anime has to offer. And that is something I'm very thankful for. I couldn't have done it without you guys!

Hope you liked my Avatar/Signature Gallery!

Copyright by Anime-Source.Com All Right Reserved.

Published on: 2008-06-18 (3147 reads)

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