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Staff Interview - Frundock

Please introduce yourself

Hoy, my name's Vincent, I'm 26 and I'm one of the co-founder of Anime-Source.Com where I work as the Lead Coder.

Where do you live?

I live in Quebec City, Canada. International capital of the snow. I swear, there is so much snow in the winter you would not beleive. Last winter : 463 cm.

This is autumn... Yes, it's december 12th, 2007

What do your weekdays consist of?

In my normal life, I work as a software engineer for an R&D firm. I'm a specialist in embedded computing but I also work on more general application.

Ninjas or Pirates?

A ninja would weep then beg for his life in front of any real pirate. ARrRrR ! Come on, let's kill those silly kitty fighters.

Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii?

I own an 360 and a Wii, and I really regret buying the later. It's sitting there waiting for a game which it receives once in a while... But let's be honest... Once the initial buzz "woohoo it moves" goes away, all you'Re left with is Mario Soccer... baseball... walking... bluargh !

Puzzles, crosswords, or riddles?

Riddle, because you learn something out of them. Crossword lack actions...

What's your favourite colour?

Gery-Dark-blue-ish ? My color ! What does that tell you?

Looks like this :

R: 22
G: 38
B: 70

What do you love to eat and drink?

Bread and water are probably my most "common" meals. But what I love to eat is what we call in french a "raclette". Basicly it takes a small portable oven and you make small portions of cheese and meat. You eat this with too many bottles of wines and voilà, you're both satisfied and partly drunk.

What were your favourite subjects in school?

Favorite subject was history. I've always been a fan of history and still to this day read some books about interresting stuff.

How did you get into anime? Which anime title was your first?

First, very first anime would have been Macross Plus, Ninja Scroll and Pat Labor. Actually it was a special "manga" week on television and they broadcasts those movies. My first anime would have been Escaflowne. I rented it on VHS, niiiice !

What motivated you to create Anime-Source?

Hard question. First I loved and still do love making website. It's an interresting blend where you have to mix databases, code and usability. Doing the best code there isn't worth much if it's hard to discover.

Second would be the then difficulty to find anime and to have information on them. Being part lazy, I didn't know any website where I could learn about anime. I used to lurk Hotline servers for anime (BitTorrent had yet to really take off) but I didn't know what to watch. Sure there was the occasional Noir (awsome)! But you could always stumble by error on some really bad stuff. With bandwidth so precious, what could we do to find stuff?

Well create a website of course! Our first attempt was named Anime-CAAM. Named for Canadian Allied Anime Mafia. You could find a lot of information on series and on which Hotline server to find them. Nifty eh? All done in HTML, very basic stuff! Suffice to say we wanted more, something more.. dynamic. Databases, PHP, modern stuff easy to add and modify stuff. Thus, we began a more "general" website, Anime-Source.

So I guess you could say my main motivation at the time was "How can I get more of the good stuff easily?". Yup, pretty simple minded.

Bebop Goodness

Those weird looking images with a shadow are actually memories from the very first layout for Anime-CAAM

Outside of anime, what other hobbies interest you?

I like video editing but I never had the time to really push that hobby. Other then that I rather enjoy cooking. Pretty simple guy neh ?

Do you frequent any other websites or forums?

I visit tons of websites but I'm not an avid forumers anymore. I mostly enjoy reading stuff now, blogs, webcomics, news, etc.

What is the most geekiest thing about you?

I code website... for fun! Is that enough ? No ? I did a video game event in a movie theater a few years ago, now theater are CHARGING for this... Gimme money you idea stealers !!!

What is the most geekiest thing that you own?

I own 3 computers and 5 computer screen. Okay that's not "one" thing, but that counts is a whole "area" in my stuff.

Dilbert time is happy time!

If you can describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Lazy, Creative, Warm

Your username, Frundock, how did it originate?

It originated about... 15 years ago when playing Warcraft (the first one) with a friend. Old school 14.4 kbps modem game (wait 'till I get a hold of those 33.6 kbps, I'll have NO lag).

Basicly it's a twist around my family name, Frederick. FReDeriCK... FR D CK... Frundock. Yeah pretty simple. I'm still proud of it because I never had any issue registring anywhere. Yahoo, Google, MSN, you name it, I got it.

What kind of things do you do as the Lead Coder of Anime-Source?

I'm in charge of fxing the errors I make :p. Basically, my job is to maintain A-Source code and database. I'm also in charge of new projects that would blow your socks off.

Do you enjoy website coding for A-S?

Yes I do! It's fun and it pushes me sometimes. Because of the high visitor lead we have, I have to optimize things quite a bit.

What frustrates you most about coding?

Getting things done quickly. I really don't like the fact that I'm often late on projects.

When you visit A-S, what's the first thing that you do? Which page do you visit most?

That would be modules.php?name=Forums ! First I check the admin forums to see if anybody dared enter "my" forum. Then I give a quick look at the "Suggestions/Questions" forum to see if there's suggestion or a question and I lurk around.

Second stop is the "Daily Releases" because I do watch some anime. Not as much as before, but I like to download the first 1-2 episodes of as many new shows as possible. Just to give myself an idea of what's new.

Best work or proudest accomplishment on Anime-Source?

Best work : By far the "Anime" module. It holds thousands of animes, reviews, studd infos. About 110 000 lines of code and 23 tables.

Proudest : It would have to be the "Manga" module. Because it was a very good idea at the time. Now it's been copied all over the Internet.

What's the most memorable moment or event at Anime-Source?

My most memorable moment would be when we tried to give a shot at fansubbing. Althought I wasn't part of the actual project I was astounished at the visitor boost this gave us.

Is there any info you can reveal at this time about any upcoming events, contests, applications, etc... concerning A-S?

Sure, we have an upcoming project called HATTS which stands for

Highly Advanced Television Technical Scheduler

This should give you a fair idea of what it does. I really hope you will like this modules, which is the "baby" of Atikin/Kaiser/King Roxas.

That are some of your favourite anime and manga of all time?

Best manga of all time for me is Gunnm. A great manga and I was trilled when I learned James Cameron is doing a trilogy about those manga. In the US, it's called Battle Angel Alita.

Best anime is a LOT harder. I would have to give the crown to Cowboy Bebop for mixing so many genres and cultures so successfully. A truly grate one of a kind anime.

Have you met any members from A-S?

Yes, I've met lots of them at the team gathering for Otakon 2K7. Atikin, Kaiser, Xeno, Lexojim (haha sorry), Ddog, Rhysticon and Alexiel.

Otakon Lobby - Anime-Source Baltimore HQ - Random Cosplay

Where do you see Anime-Source headed for the future?

Again, you hit me with though questions. Humm, I guess my hope for A-Source would be to be a massive information hub maintained and fueled by fans of anime around the world.

Before we finish, is the glass half-full or half-empty?

I'm a realist !

Any final messages, comments, etc?

I would like to thanks everyone on the team. You are all doing a fantastic job! The fact to you help create such an amazing community on your free time is mind blowing

A big thanks also goes to this community without whom this website would be a lot less actrictive. Thank you all !

Copyright by Anime-Source.Com All Right Reserved.

Published on: 2008-08-16 (2979 reads)

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