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Staff Interview - Faebinder

Please Introduce yourself:

Mmm... my profession is a semi-secret here. I'm married. I got hooked on anime while in med school.

Where do you live?

New Jersey, USA

Your height?


Ninjas or Pirates?

Ninja without a doubt.

Crosswords, Puzzles, or Riddles?


What's your favourite food and beverage?

Food would be Middle-Eastern, beverage is coffee.

Favourite flavour of ice-cream or chips?

Spicy Chili Doritos are to die for.

What were your favourite subjects in school?

Err... which school? Highschool? Physics, Bachelors? Process Engineering. Masters? Biomedical Engineering Principles. Medical School? Neuroscience.

Spicy Chili Doritos... mmmmm

Describe your typical weekday

Admit 3-5 patients to the hospital, discharge 4, see 15 patients a day.

If you can describe your personality in 3 words, what would they be?

Caring, Easy-going, Manipulative.

Are you afraid of anything?


Do you have any other hobbies outside of anime?

Medicine, D&D (yes I'm a dork!)

The first anime that opened the anime world to me... Ninja Scrolls.

What are some dreams/aspirations you have in life?

It involves my career currently so it's difficult to declare my dreams on the web.

What are some of your favourite anime of all time?

Ninja Scrolls, Basilisk, Samurai X Trust/Betrayal.

How did you get into Anime in general?

I watched dubbed anime as a child and never realized the origin of the anime till one day for some odd reason I decided to buy Street Fighter II the anime and Ninja Scrolls... but that still didn't do it. One day in med school I was so bored to death from studying anatomy, I wanted some entertainment. A friend of mine hooked me with Samurai X Trust/Betrayal then Naruto... I was dead hooked from then on. I have to thank those two for the hook.

What are your views on 'fansubs' and the whole piracy issue flogging the anime community and industry?

It's difficult to say. I buy original DVDs but there is sooo much garbage out there and they are squeezed into multiple DVDs that I understand the piracy. Still I feel that if you watch the anime fansubbed and like it you should make an effort to buy the original to support the industry. I try to do my part but I understand when others don't do it... I just hope they don't spoil it for everyone else.

How did you find Anime-Source?

I was looking for a website to download Torrents to watch my anime after the last one went down.

The Black Rising Sun, the first book of the Coldfire Trilogy.

Your username, Faebinder, any particular reason for choosing that as your net alias?

Fae was the power/magic in the book Black Rising Sun from the series The Coldfire Trilogy. Gerald Tarrant the man antihero of the book wielded a sword that helped him bind the Fae. I needed a unique name and that's how I made this one up.

How did you end up becoming part of the Anime Reviews Team?

I wrote a lot of reviews and Himitsu needed staff to edit and check reviews for quality. I was happy to accept.

What kind of things do you do as part of the Anime-Source Reviews Staff?

I edit pictures for anime characters and the staff in animes as part of the STUDD. I also write reviews. I also accept/deny reviews submitted by reviewers. Occasionally I edit screen shot pictures in the screen shots of anime.

What's your favourite thing to do on Anime-Source?

Probably, write a review.

What's the most memorable moment for you in A-S?

When I saw my in-depth review of Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust posted.

What's your favourite feature or section of Anime-Source?


Where do you see Anime-Source headed for the future?

I'm unsure. It's a solid website and I feel it will continue to be a great source of anime.

Have you attended an anime convention?

No, too busy saving lives.

The first anime I ever watched....
Conan, the Boy of the Future
(truly a beautiful anime back in its days).

Before we leave, is the glass half-empty or half-full?

Half-empty. My cynical side is alive and well.

Any final messages, comments, etc?

In life, the things that help keep you sane are the things you enjoy doing and do in moderation. Don't let the anime stand in the way of your real relationships outside.

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Published on: 2008-09-14 (2453 reads)

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