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Favorite Anime Series of 2008 - Wave 4

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Skip Beat!


Skip Beat takes a place in my top 5 just because of Mogami Kyoko. Out of all the new and old anime I've ever watched, her personality is the best one of all. She works hard to get her revenge at first but in the latest episodes you can see she is trying to find herself, and live for herself for the first time in her life. The greatest part of the anime is her relation with Tsuruga Ren wich we cans all see there will be something at some point and I'm looking forward to it.


Kyoko alone makes this an anime I've never seen. She gets her heart broken at the start and a bit like Utena from Revolutionary Girl Utena, she takes an alternate path at finding herself, by NOT becoming the damsel in distress or the waiting lover, but here she became an angry, emotional, yet talented idol in the making to get back at Sho and Ren; 2 idols who made her the crazy gal she is. It's ongoing so it's a bit hard to call it the top of 2008, but I'd be remissed to omit it since from episode one Kyoko keeps drawing me back to show how to think outside the box in a cruel entertainment world. How can you not root for her, or at least be scared as most of the cast on this show when her inner "evil intent" comes out?


Skip Beat is my number one anime choice for 2008. I really enjoy Skip Beat more then any other 2008 shows. It kept me anxious, excited, and always wanting more every episode. Hands down, 1st for 2008.


The Main character is like a split personality: one moment cheerful and content, the next she is cursing her life- all while starting out her career in acting to get back at her idol. Everything she does seems to turn out for the best even though the path she takes seems really messed up every time. You get too see her inner demons a lot of times wooping her inner angels.


Xam'd Lost Memories


This might be the most underrated anime of 2008. Great animation, great music (ED song is now my all time favorite), and great cast of characters. Although it does feel like a bit like Last Exile, things pick up rather quickly.


Xamd was made available only to Americans who had PS3s and then charged each episode at a stupid price. And yet people still flocked to watch this show. Why? Because it is bloody amazing. Bones do some of the greatest animation there is, but with Xam'd they pushed their quality even higher than before. It may not have quite as much action as I would liked for it to have, but this still is an amazing show.


The most complete anime of the year in my opinion from all aspects. I am pretty much certain that anyone that has seen this series agrees with that. Too bad it wasn't aired on TV, I suppose it would have been really widespread cause it's really worth it. If you haven't seen it yet don't hesitate at all... a must see.


To keep it short, Xam'd has everything, though that would be expected from a Bones series. BnX has great animation, a good story, though a little similar to other series, great music, good pacing, and good character development. Overall a great quality series from Bones yet again.


Macross Frontier


Plot-oriented series like Code Geass can make us all forget how much a good cast of characters can do for a mecha anime, and then something like Macross Frontier comes along to grant us an emphatic reminder. Although each individual aspect (save for of course the music) has been done better by some mecha past, none of those series just did a good job with everything the way Macross Frontier does. A strong, well-rounded mecha series.


Although I have yet to finish Macross Frontier I felt I just had to give it a vote for top series. The story of Macross Frontier was quite interesting and the character development between the main three characters is quite fun to watch unfold. This is also one of the few series that I've seen a love triangle unfold where the viewer cant easily tell who the char will end up with and have both female leads seem to have an equal chance of ending up with the main character. The animation, story and characters are all good but the thing that stands out the most in this series for me is the music. I rarely notice music in anime unless its the intro/ending but this series has at least 8 songs that I've become addicted to after only hearing them a few times each. so even though it may not be the best series out there I believe that it at least receive an honorable mention for its simply epic sound track.


There are shows with incredibly brain twisting plots. But it seems like once you know the story, there's no fun in watching it again. Macross Frontier, however is the opposite, it has a simple story... love triangle, alien invasions, a worm, a cure... Yeah, we've seen that many times. But the directing and execution was so magnificently pulled off, you'll never get bored watching it over and over, this is why I'm giving mighty high marks for Macross Frontier and it gets my vote for top anime 08.


After years of waiting the comeback of the saga was just perfect. Beautifully done theme songs at the start followed by good design characters, leading to just perfect insert songs and the lots of wow factor of space skirmishes. All in all it kept the Macross series intact; just perfect plot provided some answers which was in the mind of fans, good pick up after what the other Macross series left, and a touch of Minmay and Fire Bomber tracks just made me remember back the insert songs of their time as well. As a fan since my early child hood this installment didn't let me down.

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