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Favourite Anime Series of 2013: FINAL STAGE
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Gin no Saji, Arpeggio of Blue Steel, Chihayafuru 2
The Word God Only Knows: Goddesses Arc, Hataraku Maou-sama!

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9th Place (2-way-tie)

Arpeggio of Blue Steel

Aoiki Hagane no Arpeggio * Sanzigen Animation Studio * 12 Episodes
Action/Adventure/Romance/Science-Fiction/Seinen * A-S Link
Great op and end, but the thing that realy stood out was defenetly the story, with action and drama can only be described as a masterpiece.
Great action-sci-fi combo. Interesting universe and plot interwoven with mystery. Overall, an anime worthy of watching.

Das boot

The World God Only Knows: Goddesses Arc

Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen * ManGlobe * 12 Episodes
Comedy/Harem/Fantasy * A-S Link
Whereas the first two seasons were a comedic twist on the tiring harem genre, this third season suddenly gave the series a legitimate overarching storyline that allowed the show to feature some of its better heroines more, and provided some actual compelling emotional moments between the characters, particularly with Chihiro. I never expected The World Only God Knows to be this engaging, and that grateful suprise gives the Goddesses Arc my vote.
This show had a good mix of romance,comedy and drama.A good arc which seemed to get better with each episode.

The story become kind of complex and there is a little action in this anime. Plus the 'Memory of My First Love' is touching to me

8th Place

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic

A-1 Pictures, Inc. * 25 Episodes
Action/Adventure/Comedy/Fan Service/Magic/Shounen * A-S Link
It was a hard call for my top spot, with this and Silver Spoon having many similar aspects: a nice fit of 2 seasons for the most part in 2013, great source material from widely acclaimed manga series that are ongoing still for potentially more entertaining stories to come, a cast you have to root for as they have various ventures to find themselves and the world they live in, and a nice blend of animation and music to help set the mood and tone. Yet both series are also very different, with this set in the wonderful Arabian Nights world to begin, but putting this over the top for me is being able to branch into other worlds seamlessly from worlds you’d see in Harry Potter to Roman Gladiator Battles in season 2. The cast again is one of great appeal with Aladdin in a unique light as a Magi, Alibaba as a conflicted prince and my favourites, the powerful Sinbad who wants the world to find peace while he handles so many branches in that world’s politics and sexually powerful Morgiana who comes out of slavery to find herself, new friends and her inner strength and beauty for an exhilarating fighter. The thing that puts this show as a top show is also how it’s not afraid to tackle some pretty dicey topics without any true answer-the wars being fought have very good cases from all sides involved to fight on even if peace is what everyone wants. Add in some incredibly tragic characters that also gain pathos from the viewer like Ugo the Genie, Cassim who is Alibaba’s friend and burden, Hakuryuu the prince who is both friend to the cast and a tortured soul due to his family’s past, and Titus the magician with a complex life just to name a few. The cast is huge yet this show doesn’t let any of them fall too much to the background as everyone contributes which is a feat itself. Looking forward this is a majestic anime that looks to be even better with more seasons to come, so it’s first 2 seasons make up for my top anime of 2013 that is a pleasure to experience, just like the old Arabian Nights stories it takes some influence from to make its own wonderful adventure.
It's shows like this that stir up the shounen action anime genre. While others may be turned off with their liberal and non-contextual use of various figures from the Arabian Nights tales, I thought of this as just 'alternate universe Aladdin'. Anyways, the show goes far to give us tale after tale of people overcoming hardships and strife, through sheer determination and the reassurance of a better tomorrow being just ahead. There's always light in the darkness!

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic takes full advantage of the world and characters set up by Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. Blending the tales of Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morgiana as they work to learn more about the various forces in the world, the anime takes the viewer on a whirlwind journey. From Colosseum gladiators to pitch black valleys and even an entire country run by magician's, Magi is sure to delight anyone who enjoyed the first series.

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