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Too much Fan service?
By kaiser

Fan service... in Gundam Seed?

Fan service turned Love Hina OAVs to shit.

Fan service.

You can find it in almost all Anime series... (look at our anime encyclopedia if you don't know what this word means). Most anime fans don't mind fan service since its used as a comedic relief sometimes... but what if there is no point for fan service?

I for one don't mind some fan service as long as there is a situation for it... or some comedic point... but fan service just for the hell of it? I will be the first to admit it does make the show a bit more interesting for us lonely guys sitting behind that computer monitor watching anime but seriously.. when is enough too much?

In the new Gundam Seed series that just came out Fall 2002, in the intro you'll see this silhouette of a girl with really bouncy boobs.. I mean jeez.. I thought the Gundam series was marketed for the younger generation of anime viewers.

Now fan service is interesting and funny to an extent when coupled with embarrassing situations.. prime example of this would be Love Hina.. where poor Keitarou unwittingly and accidentally peeks into the girls spa and often gets his sorry ass beat up by those same girls. Yes.. funny but with a point and story. Now I will stress the point with the original manga (comic) series there was much more fan service.. and the studio riding on the success of the TV series decided to do an OAV series continuing on the manga story arc. They also incorporated much more unnecessary fan service and made a very crappy series.. oh yes.. awesome animation with fan service.. but missed out important part... THE STORY LINE.

What made the Love Hina manga great was the story.. the hilarious situations that poor Keitarou got himself into.. not the fan service!

Now GONZO also did a series with a lot of its content based on fan service. Mainly in the series called Vandread. A quick plot summary of the series showed that men and women lived on totally different planets and feared each other enough to the point of going to war. Now this is a great premise for a series based on hilarious incidents between men and women who knew nothing about the other sex. Fan service? definitely.. but done well and was part of the story.

Now then we have all the other COMPLETELY useless fan service that we encounter... the utterly useless and disturbing type...

Yes.. I'm talking about those French maids with short skirts and guns!


I mean... come on.. did the director really need to set the camera angles so low? a level face shot of the maid would of been just as effective in communicating the message... this is total blatant fan service and it's shows like this that give all of anime a bad rap.

Most people who haven't seen anime before think of hentai or something like that when you say the word anime. They usually say something like "You watch that Japanese cartoon porn?!?!"

With anime shows like this.. I can see why people would say that..

The director, studio, art team would off been better off doing a hentai series instead of some pointless 'lets see how many times we can do panty flashes in 5 min' anime series.

But even the mainstream shows have some of it, which can be distracting sometimes. For example Ghost in the Shell always had some nudity in the movie but it was done artistically..

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.. Major Kusanagi seems to like to walk around in a G string type of Section 9 uniform? And there is fan service in this series when it is clearly not needed... most people don't associate Ghost in the Shell with kawaii fan service girls.

Your own opinions and comments about Fan service in Anime? Write in the forum

funny but so horribly true in a lot of cases.

Vandread.. where all girls have cameras between their legs =)

Typical fan service crap - Najica

The camera angle isn't low enough I tell ya.

Better probe them in the ass to make sure they're down.

more unnecessary crap.

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Published on: 2002-10-30 (77512 reads)

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