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Top 100 Anime Characters Survey
Results October 2006

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20th Place (70 Votes)

Son of Konoha's White Fang, Kakashi is undoubtedly one of the most skilled ninjas in the series. However, it is not just the skills that make the man. His serious, yet carefree, attitude make him one the coolest ninjas as well!

19th Place (75 Votes)

SHANA, Shakugan no Shana
Her character demonstrated such a large change through the storyline. And her seiyuu's performance is nothing but the best. She and Sakai Yuji make a very good team, and I feel that she has a lot more room to expand on character development.

18th Place (77 Votes)

I like Ippo because he is a true underdog character. When I watched the anime, he hooked me, knocked me out and when I got up I became an anime freak. Thanks Ippo!!!!

17th Place (78 Votes)

HARUHI FUJIOKA, Ouran High School Host Club
Wow. How could I write a "short comment" about this amazing character? I loved the anime series Ouran High School Host Club and Haruhi was one of the main reasons why I did. She is not at all stereotypical of the usual heroines used in manga/anime series. Haruhi was a strong personality, loveable and admirable throughout the entire show, without falling for any of the guys in the Host Club (even though I would have loved to see that). Her dry sense of humor and ordinary quality was so endearing and so rare to see in anime these days. I would love to see more females in manga/anime as unique as Haruhi was in Ouran.

16th Place (78 Votes)

KYON, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Kyon is perhaps the most realistic modern-day "normal" character to emerge in anime yet. This however puts him at a disadvantage, for without Haruhi at his side, he really is just "normal." His sarcasm at what most characters would usually get overemotional or reactive towards brings a great, funny new pace to a genre we've seen before, but not quite the way Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu presented it.

15th Place (85 Votes)

TAMAKI SUOU, Ouran High School Host Club
Okay, anyone who watched Ouran High School Host Club would agree with me that Tamaki was a great character. Even if some viewers found him annoying or obnoxious, they would still admit that he had a loveable quality about him. The thing that really drew me to his personality was that, although he had his occasional child-like mannerisms, he also had a thoughtful perceiving side to him. Especially when helping someone, Tamaki was always the first to jump, literally, at the opportunity. Not only was he was essential to the series, but he was also definitely an honorable lord and friend to the Ouran Host Club.

14th Place (89 Votes)

YUKI NAGATO, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Yuki... silent.. and uhh... silent. A lot of people find Yuki very appealing for the odd reason that she's almost always quiet, but when she does react, it's usually very amazing. Other reasons that other fans and I like her would probably be because of her ability to do anything; from playing guitar, to hacking/writing computer programs, to stopping time, to kicking ass. But probably, my biggest person reason of liking Yuki would be how similar she is to me. I feel that I have a connection to Yuki because how I'm also a quiet expressionless person, and as well as my nickname: Pokerface.

13th Place (93 Votes)

SABER, Fate/Stay Night
Her moral fiber in character and unwillingness to yield in the face of defeat are prime characteristics that define heroic people in general. However, her honor and sense of duty hide a deeper character, scarred by the past. She is sensitive, but in combat absolutely pragmatic and calculating. Her duel with Assassin towards the end of the series is one of the better fights in recent times.

12th Place (97 Votes)

OH GOD this is a great guy! He can make you laugh at one moment and then go “THAT KICKS ASS!? the next. He has super speed, perfect accuracy, and the will to do anything for anyone no matter if they are good or evil, even if it costs him his body or his dignity. He is the greatest cowboy to ever live on another planet and he has the greatest goal in life ever to be thought up: LOVE AND PEACE.

11th Place (104 Votes)

LUCY/NYU, Elfen Lied
Nyu is not the most well rounded character, but the evil Lucy is wickedly menacing. Lucy's pain as she struggles to deal with the consequences of her psychotic violent nature, and the pain of her own love are well conveyed and almost make you wish she could be forgiven.

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